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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 3)

-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Shili .... Finallly you started a FF !!!! Gooood !!!

Loving the character sketch ... But dont let so many characters share FF space like our episodes!!!
Hahahhha .... AND whatever happens ...  SHANAK SHANAK SHANAK  !!!!

Update soon !!!

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destinylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Shilpa me too oving the baby touch..and teh characters and the pics Loved ur writing.

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Jessica100 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 1:19am | IP Logged
wow !!! nice and i feel it will be interesting !!!eagerly waiting for ur next updatee !! and shan and khanak are the parent of the ahaan  !!!

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Nice intro !
U have Amna in there? U planning to get in Rajeev opposite her or what?
Haila Shanak Separated coz of his career issues?

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Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
gr8 into shilpa...!!sounds gudd....
cont. soon..gr8 actors...Thumbs Up

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yasharan.love Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
sounds interesting, do continue soon....

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shiksha_03 Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged
i am looking forward to read the 1st part of ur ff seems 2 b pretty interesting so pls continue soon
sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged
It's a cold November morning in Delhi,  where temperature has now fallen to 7 degree celcius. Even then life didn't stopped in the capital of India.

A sample of this could be seen in the Mittal house, in Vasant Vihar..
It was the same morning for Meghna, as she woke up early, had a bath, got ready and after doing the morning prayer , went to wake up her family members, first her dear husband , Anay, then her 4 yr old daughter, n after some nagging, she was indeed successful in her job..Her next target was now her 19 yr old sister in law, Anya

Meghna, opening  the door of Anya's room- "Anya, my dear, get up its already 8 in the morning .sirf tum hi reh gayi ho .get"
She tried  to complete her sentence, but was stunned as she removed the blanket, there was no-one dere . Suddenly a hands pat on her shoulders she jerks, turns back

Meghna-  " Anya!  U awake"

Anya- " yup! Bhabs .becoz today is special..something different .btw how m I looking?"

Meghna  sees her from top to bottom ..Anya was wearing a strapless pink top over a cream colour mini-skirt, hair open 

Meghna " Today is not ur b'day I suppose .phir itna sajna kisliye .r u gonna on a date  early morning one"

Anya- "no Bhabhs but m gonna meet someone special'.jo mere , infact har kisi ladki ke dil mein rehta hai"

Meghna- " I don get u? r u goin to meet ne celebrity?

Anya holds her shoulders in excitement'"arey wah! Meri bhabhi, wat a guessing power u have got'"

Meghna- " so who is dat celebrity?"

Anya takes a deep breath- "okk.. m  gonna give u hint ''he is fair''..uski ankhein'.hayeeeeeee'.it feels like doob jaon''his sharp pointed nose''..uski who dimple wali hasi'''.uske honth'.."

Meghna, stopping- "bas bas, I got it'.he is an handsome actor, is it?"

Anya- "yup!  Who bhi aisa waisa handsome actor nahi-----he is Shantanu Khandelwal''..yes bhabhi he is coming to ur institute for a guest lecture on special invitation"

Meghna , gets shocked n stunned to listen the name'She started staring at Anya , who was busy describing her excitement''suddenly-

Anya, shaking her-" bhabs, o hello! Kahan kho gayi aap'..bro is callin u "

Meghna broke off from her trance and went downstairs

At the break fast table..
Anay  too was stunned to see his rather lazy sister joining the breakfast table..

Anay- "arey kya baat hai..aaj koi bahut khush and excited lag raha hai," he said while taking a bite of the sandwich.

Anya, in a hurry- "bro, dis excitement is becoz'''"

However, before she would complete her sentence, Meghna interrupted- "amm'.Anya, u must be getting late, jao hurry up"

Anya- "yup! Bye bro, bye bhabhs"

Meghna and Anay wave her goodbye'Adjusting his tie, Anay asks- "what was she saying?"
Meghna- "nahi, nothing, why don u hurry up too'.hospital nahi jana hai kya'n u remember today"

Anay, thinks n den says- " aaj koi khas din hai kya?"

Meghna- "no'but koi khas is coming''..got it"

Anay- "ooh! I forgot completely'its Khanak , right"

Meghna- "yeah! She is coming after 1 and half years'..i m so excited to see her, sp Ahaan"
Anay- "yeah, main jaonga use lene Hospital mein'''her flight is gonna arrive at 11am'I think"

Meghna- "haan, and tum jao abhi jaldi".
Anay gives a gentle kiss on her lips and waves her goodbye..

In the Institute'.
Anya comes in a hurry, asks a girl, in a sighing tone- " Niki'..has he arrived"

Niki- "relax..buddy' not yet'.u r too much"

Anya- "thik hai, thik hai'.."

Another girl comes- "hey all'.its still  not the time'.we have to wait"

Anya-  "wat do u wanna say?"

The girl- " I mean Shan is coming at 2 in the afternoon'..just got the news"

Anya- " God! My patience is loosing'neways , dere is no option other than waiting"

Later , in Anay's Hospital'.he is busy in a discussion wid a fellow doctor, wen his phone rings'he picks it up'.Its Meghna..

-" hello'Anay, where r u , honey?"

Anay- " hein! I m in Hospital 'but why r u asking dat"

Meghna- "God! Anay, u r still dere, its 12 '.tum airport nahi gaye'.tum bhi na'just'"

Anay- "hold on, hold on'my dear'..before u say further, let me tell  u , I received her, n now she has gone to attend a urgent meeting at the Irani's "

Meghna- "okkk'..so wen is she gonna come back"

Anay- "usne toh kaha tha , she will be free by 1:00''.its in Gurgaon"

Meghna- " Ahaan bhi gaya hai uske sath"

Anay- "no, he is dere wid me'..u wanna talk to him'.he turns around to look for the kid, finds him'places the phone on the child's ears, says- "bolo, bolo baat karo'say heloooo"

Ahaan-  "ahooooo"

Meghna- "ahaan! My baby''hello'.kya kar rahe ho?"

Ahaan takes the cell in his hands and starts blabbing, n starts playing wid the cell'Ayan gently takes away the cell-" haan Meghna, who actually dere is a problem'''..i have to attend a surgery now, it may take time'agar tum free ho to can u pick her up'.actually I can send ne body, but she won't recognize dem so'
Meghna- " I got it''..but mujhe Tia ko bhi pick up karne jana hai,,I m already late'..u do 1 thing , ask Anya to go n pick her up'Khanak will recognize her, I feel"

Anya'"yeah u r right'.tum ek kaam karo, school se laute waqt Ahaan ko bhi apne sath le jao'.i m calling Anya"

Meghna- "yeah, sure'.byee ,,love u"

Anay- "byee".
He dials Anya n after some arguments , finally manages to pester Anya for the job..

In the Institute,
Anya, in seen moving to and fro'wid the cell in her hands, muttering something..wen a hand touches her shoulders, she turns around-sees no one, the same thing happens again'.for sometime'finally she gets hold of the hands-

-" Ansh! Wat yaar'why r u irritating me"

Ansh- "dats becoz u seem to be in such a gooood mood'."

Anya- "yeah! Its such a freakingly good news dat I m on a high"

Ansh- " I don get u''"

Anya- "its my sibling..my bro'he is hell bent on ruining my day'."

Ansh- "paheliya mat bhujha'.wats the matter"

Anya- "koi miss Shah ayi hai'and I have to be her chauffeur'pick her from Gurgaon.."

Ansh- " so wats the deal, go n pick her up"

Anya- "Huh! Dude'.i have to pay my enjoyment for dat'...i have to miss my fav moment of my life''can u imagine"

Ansh- "chal chal'.nautanki'''.stop ur drama'''I know, u don have ne other option than to obey ur brother 's order'" he smirks while saying'
Anya- "haan, haan weirdo! Its ur day''.poke fun at me'wat else can I expect from u'but lemme tell u, I m not goin alone, even u have to go wid me '"

Ansh, points finger at himself- "me'..u wann me to join u'.nah'wat m I gonna do dere'I m not ur driver.."

Anya- "stop it okay'.i m really pissed off n it may result in something disastrous if I leave alone'.got it.."

Ansh- "okkkkkkk'lets budge off den'"

They reach the Irani's in Gurgaon'It's a 7 storey hotel'''.They enter the lobby'

Ansh, to the receptionist- " hello , young lady..can u  tell me where is the office of Mr. Ehsaan Irani"

The receptionist- " Its in 5th floor'but sir, I m sorry..he is in a meeting"

Ansh- "okk 'no problem'I'l wait''..waise meeting kab khatam hone wali hai"

Receptionist- " it must be ending now, sir"

Ansh- "thanks.."

He goes near Anya- " have u seen her before'I mean dikhti kaisi hai who'"

Anya- " I don know''.hogi koi behenji'.i don care' hogi koi b''''"

Ansh-, stares at her- "girl! U r just impossible'''can't u speak nice abt other girls"

Anya gives an angry glare at him'.Ansh tries to avoid her gaze, looking here and dere, wen his eyes fall on something'.a slim petite figure, descending down the stairs'.It was a girl, she was wearing a black saree with a backless blouse, hair tied '.Her appearance was enough for catching Ansh's attention'he just kept on staring at her with eyes wide open, wen she came near them''She seemed to a woman in her 20s'had beautiful large eyes, pouty lips, wid goggles over her head, holding a purse in her hands''.She was indeed looking like a damsel in disguise'

She asked Anya- "excuse me, dear'...u r Anya, right'.."

Anya, turns  around, sees her- "yeah, its me Anya'.u are'"

The girl answers- " I m Khanak , Khanak Shah''..i think aap Anay ki sis hain"'She extends her hands to Anya

Anya nods, gives a forced smile, and gives a handshake'.She tries hards to avoid her frustration from showing on her face- " agar u r done, to can we leave now'"

Khanak- "yeah sure''.btw sorry, I seem to have troubled u"

Before Anya could respond to her , Ansh interrupted- " No, maam, never'it was our pleasure'."

Khanak- " aap'."

Ansh- " I m Ansh, Ansh Patel'.He excitedly gives his hand to her"

Khanak shakes her hands with him- "nice to meet u.." Ansh still holds her hands and stares at her..
Anya notices Ansh 's flirting, gives him a pinch on his arm, w/o khanak noticing her---" chale dude"
Ansh comes out of the trance- "yeah, yeah , sure'''."

They reach the car , Ansh unlocks the car door, and opens the door opp to his seat, offering for khanak to sit there'but instead Anya, comes and sits there'Khanak sits in the back seat''he gives a angry glare at Anya, who notices dat and signals him to move ahead'
During the Journey, Ansh constantly adjusts the rear view mirror to look at khanak..he kept on asking silly questions to her, to which her replies were mostly yes or no'.She was less interested in chatting with him n more interested in enjoying the view of the capital of her country, her country which she had left 1 n 1/2 yrs back'..After sometime, Anya got frustrated with Ansh's flirting and in a low tone, said- " my dear'it would be nice for all three of us, if u concentrate more on driving, rather than nething else'samjhe"

Khanak looked at the city through the window of the car'It was the same Delhi, which she wanted to visit since her childhood'She was born and brought up in Baroda, Gujrat'her parents died wen she was only 3 yrs old'.She was a mere formality for her maternal uncle'Life would have never been interesting for her, had it not been for that fashion show in Baroda, where she got the best opportunity to interact with  some of the leading persons from the glamour world, which resulted in a big u-turn in her life, ..She left her place for Mumbai ---A city which was a place of dreams and aspirations for every youngster..her life changed there, she saw many ups and downs in her life'eventually the hurdles in her life were to much for her bear, and she left everything, her country for living abroad''..Now, her childhood dream of visiting the capital was coming true, but she always longed to visit dis place with someone special, someone who meant the world to her, someone who  she loved from the core of her heart''..dis was not a personal visit for her, rather a proffesional one.....she was a famous interior designer.

Khanak leaned back on her seat, closed her eyes, a tear escaped her eyes'.Her thoughts were interrupted as the car halted'
Khanak , got out of the car, and followed Anya and Ansh, to their house'

The bell rang' Meghna opened the door'.She stopped'She looked at Khanak, exclaimed- "Khanak!"

She threw her arms around her-'Khanak  hugged her back'

Meghna- "O my God! Look at u'I, I can't believe its u'..u have not changed a bit'on top of dat, u have become more gorgoues".

Khanak- "thanks'.but u have changed hun! '''I mean gained a little weight"

Meghna- "yeah, blame it on the doctor"

Khanak, laughs- " hmmm'so kahan hai doctor saab'.."

Meghna- " u must have met him'."

Khanak- "yeah, but I was in such a hurry, I could not even talk properly wid him''btw Aan must be troubling him in the hospital.."

Ansh heard the name and whispered to Anya- "yeh Aan kaun hai"

Anya, made a dirty face- "how do I know?...why don u ask her only"

She leaves off angrily..Meghna  and Khanak notice dat'

Meghna asked Ansh- "kya hua'is ne thing wrong ?"

Ansh- "no, who actually main pooch raha tha ki Aan kaun hai"

Meghna- " u mean Ahaan, okk  ruko, main tumhe use milati hoon'"

After sometime, she came back with a cute 6 months old baby, who was giggling and as soon as he saw his mother, falled down on her'Khanak took the baby'.she kissed on his cheeks'" missed me, my honey..mere Aan'.Aunty ko pareshan to nahi kiya."

Ansh- " yeh  Aan hai'."

Khanak- "yup! My sweet baby..my son"

Meghna- " Khanak, he is very sweet, upar se not like other kids'kitna hasta hain, always cheerful like his''."
She stopped herself from saying further'
In Anya's room
She starts throwing stuff here and there''.her phone rings, she sees ' its Nikki. She cuts the call...thinks to herself- " all BBs'.they must be enjoying now'sare attention to unko mil raha hoga'n here I m '.." again she throws away something'.

The girls finally give up n call Ansh instead, n tells him to inform Anya dat Shan is gonna visit the institute in evening 6'..He went to Anya's room to give the news- "Anni''''"
He made his way through the things scattered around, to the sofa where, she was sitting'

Anya- "kya hai''..aab kisko lane jane hai"

Ansh- "kisiko lane nahi , kisiko dekhne jana hai.."

Anya looks at him- " matlab'."

Ansh- "matlab , ur dream is gonna fulfill at 6 in dis evening''..fate is good wid u"

Anya, opens her mouth in disbelief- " u, u mean, he is coming in 6 in the evening'.noo..u must be kidding..right"

Ansh- "aagar, mera yakin nahi hota to Bajaj sir se pooch lo"

Anya gets up excitedly- "OMG! I knew it, I knew it'"  she took his hands started jumping in joy'den- " okk , dude, its already 4 '..just, gimme an hour'.i have to get ready'''..u wait for me '"
She went, Ansh, sighed- "yeh ladki pagal hain..aisa kya hai us Shantanu khandelwal mein jo asie namoone paida ho jate hain"

In the evening,
Everyone at the Institute is excited''.Every eye is either on his/her watch, or on the entrance gate'Suddenly all eyes move up to see something'A black Skoda Octawa at the entance'..A man steps out---- he is a man of around 28 yrs, wearing a black armani suit, with a cute subtle at his jaw'he was the dream man of thousands of girls standing there, n also n inspiration for every boy'he was Shantanu Khandelwal, whom the world fondly called as Shan----

Anya was overjoyed, she wanted to run n hug him, but could not, thanks to the crowd n his body gaurds ''..He reached the stage- '

All the girls were shouting his name- "Shan, Shan'"

Shan gives a flying kiss to all and waved his hands'.He shouted- " Good Evening New Delhi'''Good evening all the beautiful girls and handsome hunks out there'."

Everyone shouts - " Good evening"

Shan- " so, I m here'banda aap sab ki khidmat mein hazir hai"

Again everyone shouted- " we love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Shan- " thanks''''so do u think I m here for lectures''.."


Shan- "yup! Dats it''..arey I m an actor yaar, my job is to entertain u all''''.agreeee"


Shan- "so, before I say ne thing'''main tahe dil se aap sab se mafi mangna chahta hoon''..for making u all wait for me'.." He bends on his knees, keeps one hand on his heart n extends his other hand and says- " Sorry'my friends"

-everyone shouts- " its okkkkkk'..we loveeeeeeeee  uuuuuuuuuuuuu'.."

Shan gets up , gives a flying kiss- " I love u all too"'..

to be continued.........

so ..............howz dat?........now before u all start throwing chappals at me for more of others n less of Shanak, lemme tel u ..dis is just for bringing Shanak into picture.....next part promises to be only and only of Shanak....

till den ......enjoy reading the first part of my first FF....

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