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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 26)

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Originally posted by priya_cool_123

shillli... yeh kyaa thaaaa......  * faints *
will comment once i get my senses back
* faints again *
Loved it .... jaldi aage part likho aur batao gharwalon ne kya kahan ... waiting for it!!!!!!!!!


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@ all
thanks a lot for your immense love for this FF and supporting me to continue it, encouraging me at every step...

So here we go...

Khanak felt like being in Heaven. She could feel herself at peace in the arms of her lover, sitting on the  swing, their souls silently dancing to d sound of their love, d soothing music of the chirping birds, the cool breeze, as if nature was singing the tune of love.  He gently nibbled her ear, murmuring a sweat 'I love you, she smiled and turned her face, wrapping her arms around him.

Khanak  was smiling, blabbering in sleep, clutching to the side pillow,while sleeping on her back, when the sun rays made her come back to reality, she  slowly opened her eyes,  turned her face sideways, but to her dismay, there was no one around, neither any nightingale singing a song, nor any sign of dancing breeze nor her lover on d swing.

'Was it all a dream,  am I dreaming since yesterday..no, yeh nahi ho sakta'

Terrified, she turned to other side-there was no one there, She got scared, she turned completely, her back  touching the bed, she was about to get upright, when suddenly a voice stopped her, waking her out of her trance, making her realize her actual condition. She looked down at herself,  then at the owner of the voice, who was standing near the bed, holding a tray wid two cups of coffee, smiling at her.
It was none other than Shan, her husband

' Good morning darling'

Shan greeted her , as he kept the tray on the table. But she didn't replied anything, she was just staring at him.  He was amused at her reaction, he waved his hands-' Hello, hello, I said something..okay, I know u must be surprised, but this is first and last time, kal se u will be the one to wake me up, got it, say  yes or no'

There was again no reply from the other side, making him think –' kahin isko bhoolne ki bimari toh nahi hai..no way,  I have to remind her, meri sari zindagi kaise kategi'

He shrugged , composed himself, bends towards Khanak, touches her face with one hand and says in a soft voice-'honey, don't u recognize me, I am Shantanu Khandelwal, your  one and only Husband, and you are Khanak, till yesterday morning ,u were Khanak Shah, only my co-star, but since yesterday night , you are Khanak Khandelwal, who actually we got married, phir hamari suhag raat bhi hui..hope u remember now , Khanak'

She kept on staring at him, just held his hand with one hand and with another, traversed his face from with his forehead to lips, while he closed his eyes, she said softly-' are you in real, aren't u a dream'

He didn't opened his eyes, rather, just held her hand, with his other hand n kissed her hand on his lips.
She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly,  he gently pulled her back, cupped her face in his hands, said softly- " aww!..meri crying baby..no more tears''

She said softly- "I love you"

Shan looked at her from top to bottom, He wishpered into her ears- '' from today, its time for romance, not emotions.

Khanak looked at his gaze, she looked at herself, she realized her condition, she tried to quickly pull d bedsheet over her, but Shan was too clever for her, he removed her hands and rolled on top of her, she blushed, moved her face to other side, said- "Shan, move,"

Shan-"nahi, kyun, sharm aarahi hai.."..his eyes were sometimes on her lips, sometimes on her visible bare neck


He kissed her on the neck, said huskily- " whats the need for bedsheet, when I am here"

Khanak gave him a stunned expression-" Shan!!"

She tried to push him away, but he was too adamant, finally she had succumb to his passionate love, hugged him tightly, He looked up, kissed her deeply on the lips.
After sometime,  They pulled away from each other, she looked at him smiled, said-" hogaya..aab main jaoon"

He pulled her back-" mat jao na, don go"

Khanak-" arey!..nahane jana hai"

Shan got excited, he stood upright- " nahane!...haan chalo chalo"

Khanak got amused- "shutup!..u stay here, I m going alone"

Shan-" I won't let u go"

She gave a thought, then wrapped her arms around him and said in a seductive tone-"hmm, on 1 condition"


Khanak-" close your eyes"

Shan did as she said, without realizing, she was actually slowly moving away from him, d sheet wrapped around her, ran away to the bath room and shouted from there-" Shantanu Khandelwal, open your eyes"

Shan broke off from the trance, looked here and there, then to his dismay, saw her standing in the bathroom, holding the knob of the door, giving him a mischievous smirk. He clinched his fist, tried to grab her, but she was too quick, as she closed the door.

If on one side, there was happiness on starting a new life, in other side, there was an atmosphere of tension and grief, being evident from the silent in Khandelwal mansion, rather than the usual daily routine in the house.

Dat day, everything seemed to be dead, just crashed. Gayathri came to the breakfast table, no1 was there, she asked the servant abt the others. The servant replied Ashka has left already, and Mr. khandelwal has not yet came down.

Worried, she went up, to her room, saw her Husband, just coming out of the bathroom. She watched him as he got ready all by himself, without even asking for anything, unlike usual days, when she would almost hurry with him, either handing him his suit or helping him to chose the appropriate tie, which he would eventually wear, through his own choice. She had tears in her eyes, as she kept on observing the sudden change in her Husband. She followed him downstairs as he went to have breakfast. There was silence in the whole house, a silence , before a upcoming storm.

Gayathri looked at her Husband, as she remembered what happened last night, which changed everything, in her life.
Last night,
Gayathri was worried about how to convey the actual news to her husband, when suddenly someone informed her about Mr.Agarwal's sudden visit. She hurriedly went outside, only to see Girish already there to receive the unexpected visit.
Girish was surprised to see the father of the bride, standing in front of him- " Ashok, tum yahan..i m sorry..infact I was thinking of calling you, but u came beforehand, anyways.."
Mr.Agarwal looked at him and said in a rather angry tone-" why on earth where you going to call me, to inform me about your son's escape from his own marriage"

Girish was stunned and shocked to listened to what Mr.Agarwal said, he composed himself, said-" you are mistaken, why would Shan escape, actually he has gone to visit his frnd at Hospital"

Mr. Agarwal gave a sarcastic smile-" aha!..is it..den what is it"

He showed a pic from his mobile, Mr.khandelwal was shocked to see that , it was a pic of his son with a girl, he tried to hold the mobile, his hands shaking, when Mr.Agarwal snatched the phone,- " dis, dis, is what your son was doing , consoling his best friend, infact marrying her..hun!"

Girish tried to say something but Mr.Agarwal was in no mood to hear any excuse- " Don u even have any shame that still now, you are trying to conceal your son's faults, okay..wait..now I get it..dis was all your God damn plan, isn't it"

Mr. Khandelwal was shocked to hear the accusation hurled on him,- ' wha..what r u trying to say"

Mr. Agarwal- " kyun, sachayi bolne pe chehre ki hawa udd gayi"

Mr. Khandelwal- " dekho, I am sorry for what my son has done, but believe me, I was unaware of everything, but please don't create a scene here, lets go inside, everyone is watching." 

He tried to hold Mr. Agarwal's hand, but the latter shrugged him off, saying- " scene! Tamasha!..hun! meri beti ki life ke sath jo hua, uska kya, jiski beti ki shadi mein Dulha apne ghar se bhag ke doosri ladki se shadi kar leta hai,  us baap ko tum bol rahe ho ki tamasha mat create karo..great."

He was now almost boiling with rage , his tone was loud, making Mr.Khandelwal, more oblivious of his surroundings as he watched everyone staring at him, he tried to explain- " Ashok , dekho..please, yahan pe sirf mera hi nahi tumhara bhi tamasha ho raha hai"

Mr. Agarwal-" let it be, mera tamasha toh already ho chukka hai, meri beti ka, mere poore  family ka..i don care now..but I won't rest till give you a big thanks for all this"

Mr.Khandelwal, almost folding his hands- " see, I am sorry for what Shan has done,  but tell me, what is there any thing I can do now..tell me, I will do anything you say"

Mr. Agarwal looked at him from top to bottom, then looked here and there, and then said, in low pitch- " actually, you don't need to say or do anything..what your son has done is enough..now I will do, what I should do..give you what you deserve…"… His tone increasing from low to high pitch as he raised his hand, giving MR. Khandelwal, the biggest shock of his life, a tight slap!..amidst the guests, who were now the witness to the insult which Mr.Khandelwal had to bear for what his son had done.

Gayathri came back to the present, crying to herself as she remembered how her husband, didn't even said anything to her, rather became silent and went inside. Even she didn't had the courage to face him, though Ashka did tried to explain things to her Dad, but was unsuccessful as Mr. Khandelwal calmly told his daughter to do another favour, and not even try to speak to him.

In Shan's new home
Shan came back from the bathroom, sulking and murmuring to himself- " samjhti kya hai khud ko..shadi ke pehle din hi smartnes…its too much..i won't talk to her,…but where is she"
He searched for Khanak, only to find her in the kitchen , cooking something and happily singing to herself, she was wearing a pink top and a long cream coloured skirt..looking pretty in the attire.
He thinks to himself- " hmmm, toh madam badi khush lag rahi hai..hayee..what a smile yaar..it just kills me.."

He composes himself- " focus dude, focus, how can you forget, what she did just sometime ago"
However his heart says to go and hug his new bride, while his mind was stopping him..Eventually his heart won, and now he was behind Khanak, his hands sliding behind her waist holding her tightly as she was busy stirring the onions in the pan, for the breakfast. She jerked with his sudden touch, the spoon slipped away from her hands,

" Shantanu!"

" hmmmm"

"Let me cook"

"Karo na"…he said in a husky tone, breathing in her hair.

She felt like loosing , wen suddenly her eyes felt on the knife nearby, she grabbed it, and moved to face him, threatening him with the knife, with a smirk on her face.

He feigned being scared, den gave a naughty smile, and pulled her towards him, held her hand , snatched the knife, and threw it away. He lifted her above the ground, she was not prepared for that, she protested, her hands on his chest- " neeche utaro, mujhe yahan se nahi jaana'
" okay mam..as you wish"

He didn't put her back to ground, but rather made her sit on the slab, held her waist with one hand and with another, held her face, his thumb on her face, her hands around his neck, he bend forward, giving her a small peck on the lips. She pulled him , giving him a peck in return, he smiled, nibbled her lower lip, she responded, he kissed more, dis time passionately. His hand moved on her waist as they continued kissing,  lifting her top, caressing her bare belly. She was swallowing her breath with his gesture, broke away from him, to breathe in air, closed her eyes, moving her face up, unknowingly giving him access to her bare neck, as he kissed her.

She would have been carried away at that moment, when suddenly she smelt something, her eyes opened slightly

" Shan..Shantanu.."

She shouted and pushed him away, and got down hurriedly.

Shan was taken aback by this unexpected reaction- " arey..yeh…kya .."

Khanak-" shutup! Idiot"

Shan gaped-" haww!!!..hello..i am ur husband now, koi co-star nahi, jo u will say whatever u like "

Khanak looked at him, folded her hands and said in a sarcastic tone- " forgive me,  mere pati parmeshwar,  if you are done, can I shift my focus to the rather spilled milk, which unfortunately escaped my attention, thanks to you"

Shan looked at her first, then at the bowl of milk on oven, which was by now burnt completely.
"ooh!! Shit!..yeh toh jal gaya khanak.. Granny used to say ghar mein doodh jalna is inauspicious"

Khanak gave him a stare- " Shan! Sh.."

Shan gave a angry stare back
"okk sorry..but yeh sab tumhare wajeh se, u distracted me"

Shan- " haan thik hai hai…what is this, dis is our first day after marriage, and you haven't yet
 given me breakfast..ur hubby is hungry and tab se tum…."

Khanak  gave him a ' I don believe you look'- " excuse me…"

Shan –" arey seriously, I m very hungry yaar.."..He gestured, holding his stomach, making a baby face.

She pulled his cheeks- " aww!!..just gimme two minutes okk"
At the break fast table
Khanak-" Shan, tum hamesha ghar mein isi time pe breakfast karte ho"

Shan, biting the sandwich in his mouth- " haan, isi time pe"

Khanak-" aren't you missing your family then"

Shan-" haan, thoda sa"

Khanak-" thoda sa?"

Shan- " haan, it would have been more had you been a bad cook..but nahi, you cook well..so , mujhe tumhare hath ke khane ki aadat ho jayegi"

Khanak was amused at his reply- " Shan!..u mean to say you don miss your mom, dad, ur sister..i mean u don feel guilty"

Shan was till then busy applying jam on the bread, he kept back the knife and looked at Khanak-" guilty for what?"

Khanak- " I mean you left your house, married me against your parents wishes, and now we are so happy, while there in your house, there might some tensed atmosphere, afterall their one and only son ran away from his own marriage."

Shan-" hmmm..so what do want me to do now"

Khanak- " what would I want..your parents might be feeling miserable now, may be upset with you, rather pissed off"

Shan- "  why?..maine koi galti nahi ki, I loved you and I married you..n now I am happy.dis is what every parents want..then why will dey be upset yaar"

Khanak- " did you ever said to them, you love me..no naa, u made a quick decision, married me..but Shan, life is not so easy, everytime, u won't be welcomed with open hands, sometimes, you  have to face the hurdles..u can't ignore everyone..ur parents are waiting for your answer, ur reason to their grief"

Shan- " how do u know they are unhappy or not"

Khanak-" Shantanu, becoz you are their only son, and you are away from them"

Shan- " ooh! Aab main samjha.."

He moved a bit, pushed his chair near Khanak- " see, mere parents aisa nahi sochte, infact, they are accustomed to stay away from me…when I was 8 yrs old, Dad send me to a Boarding school..I stayed there till my Higher secondary..haan used to visit home in between, but mostly used to spend time with Ashi or my frnds..then after that went to college, Ashi went abroad, to complete her MBA..meanwhile, I got busy with my new friends, phir this proffesion- acting, phir now currently, marriage..yaar, in sab mein, Dad was always busy with his business and Mom, always busy with caring for Dad..yeah they do love me, but still..they won't feel that bad"

Khanak smiled at his childish answer, she moved forward, cupped his face with one hand and said softly-" Shantanu..kisike paas rehne aur sath rehne mein farak hota hai..u might me near ur loved ones, but not close to them..when in Boarding school or in college, u were not near your parents, but atleast they had the assurance, that their son will be close to them, but now..u r not near them and they might fear, u won't be even close to them..and believe me..i know that, we don want our loved ones to be just near us, we want them to be close to our hearts…so jao, and meet your parents, apologise to them..i m sure they will forgive you"

Shan listened to her, touched her face with his hands and said-" Khanak, I didn't understood a word u said now, but still, for you, for my love..i will go and speak to Mom and Dad..khush!"
Khanak gave him a sweet smile.

Shan thought it would be easy to sort out everything,  After  dropping Khanak at St.Xaviers college, where she was to judge a ramp show, he drove to Khandelwal Mansion.
Shan was about to park his car inside, but was stopped by the security guard at the main gate.
After some argument, he stopped the accelator and came out of the car.
It was too hot outside, he adjusted his goggles down on his eyes.

-" Bahadur, tum thik toh ho yaar, whats wrong with you, why are you stopping me from parking the car inside"

"sorry sir, saab ne strictly bola, outsider ko car andar park nahi karne dene keliye"

Shan was taken aback-" excuse me!..outsider!..i m Shan , Shantanu Khandelwal, son of Girish Khandelwal, heir to Khandelwal empire, not an outsider"

The guard tried to stop him, but Shan ignored him and went inside, though on foot. 
He was about to enter the house, when he was approached by none other than this dad. He tried to say something, but was completely ignored by Girish. He then saw his Mother coming out. Gayathri stopped, she looked at her son, he was looking with pleading eyes at him, she wanted to speak to him, but was bound by the duty of her husband, the wife in her overcoming the emotions of a mother, thus ignoring the person , responsible for her Husband's insult, even though it was her son. Shan stood there shocked for a minute, as he saw his parents get into the car and the driver drove the car away.

He composed himself, thought to himself-" may be mom and dad are too angry…ek kaam karta hoon, Dad ke office jata hoon"

Later, Shan went to his Dad's office.  He went to receptionist, introduced himself. The lady looked at him. In normal occasions, it would have been a moment of gushing and utter happiness, to see Shantanu Khandelwal standing in front, that too in brown shirt and blue jeans , wearing goggles..a persona , completely to die for  that lady. But this time, she had to control her emotions as she had obey her  Boss' strict orders of not allowing Shantanu Khandelwal inside.

Shan was pissed off when she refused to allow him go inside. He controlled his anger and said in a calm yet anger tone-" dekho..i don't want to argue with you, but I want to  meet my Dad and its urgent"

" I can understand sir, but actually Girish sir is busy in meeting and he has strictly ordered me to not allow ne one to disturb him,,esp.."

"Especially what?"
The receptionist looked at her, Shan understood what she wanted to say, he banged his fist angry on the table and muttered- " hell with it"

He left the office, came out, took off his goggles, opened his car door, when suddenly his phone rang

" what?"

He was shocked to hear the news on the other end.

He kicked the door in frustration, got inside and drove straight to Bandra, to Devesh Thakral's house, who was supposed to cast him in his upcoming movie.

He went inside, only to be told, the person was not in his home and gone out of town for vacation.
He called Thakkar and after some time finally managed to get the call.

" hello..who is it"

" Thakral..its Shan here"

" Shan..u mean Shantanu Khandelwal..arey dost..bolo, how are you..read abt ur marriage in net..sudden decision, but congrats"

"thanks..but I need to talk to you..where are you now"

" mere manager ne nahi kaha"

"he said u r in vacation"

Den, it is is, I am in vacation"

"come on Thakral, I know u r not in vacation, rather u r busy in the sets off ur upcoming movie, in which u were supposed to cast me..and you B**…u ditched me…do u even have d idea.."
Shan's tone changed from normal to a angry tone

" hmmm..cool buddy..itna gussa mat kar..i m professional guy yaar, can tolerate anything, but not loss in my projects, u see the only reason for deciding to cast you was first becoz you are Girish Khandelwal's son and second becoz of your vast female fan following..aab the thing is my dear, just becoz you have married, you have lost both your boons, now neither you have ur Dad's support nor your female fans"

" how can you say that"

" kya!..ooh!..media my dear..offline and online both..offline se pata chala ur one and only Dad has banished you from his kingdom, his empire and online pata chala ur female fans have showed their displeasure in your marriage and even quitting their loyality..FB pe dekho ya twitter pe..kisi bhi social networking site pe dekho, majority are against your decision"

"but..things will change"

" I know, but I can't wait for that.. currently, I can't take risk..sorry..dear"

Thakral kept the phone. Shan looked at the cell, angrily he threw away the cell.

Khanak was in the middle of the event, when Varun called him, informing her about Shan, telling her how he saw Shan in the traffic, having a heated argument with the traffic policeman, and how he heloed Shan out of the mess.  Khanak understood the problem, she could sense something was wrong , and she knew the reason.
Without wasting a time, she moved out of the place, took a taxi and went to Girish Khandelwal's office.

This time Khanak was lucky, because she was not stopped in her way, but rather was escorted to Mr.Khandelwal's cabin by his secretary. She was surprised to see the rather warm welcome , because she expected something else.

As she came inside, Mr.Khandelwal greeted her- " good evening, young lady"

" good evening da..sir"

He signaled the secretary to move out.

He  looked at Khanak- "hmm, so you are Khanak..Khanak Shah"

" Khanak Khandelwal"..she corrected him in a confident tone.

" oops..yeah, so you are the newly added member to Khandelwal family right…wife of Shantanu Khandelwal..so tell me how did you met him"

" we were co-stars, we did a show together"

Khanak sounded surprised answering the questions, because she expected Mr.Khandelwal to have knowledge about his son's colleaugues.

" okay..so was it destiny or something planned…agh!..have a seat"

"pardon"…she said while she sat on the chair, and Mr.Khandelwal leaned back.

" I mean ur journey from being just his co-star to his wife..how was dat…I mean how was that planned"..Khanak was taken aback by the stress on the last word mentioned.

But she remained calm and replied- " nothing was planned, we met, felt in love with each other"

" aha! I see, destiny!..so u didn't planned anything..so how come you succeeded to lure Shantanu Khandelwal, making him chose you out of hundreds of eligible girls."

Khanak was now shocked at his statement, specially at the word, lure. Still she beared it calmly and said-" actually, Shan loves me a lot , but he is guilty about what he has done, he wants to apologise to you…"

Before she could complete her sentence, she was interrupted-" arghh!..don't tell me about my own son..i know well about him, come on tell me about yourself…I mean about your parents"

" I am an orphan"

"aha!...so, ur parents are dead!.."

"yeah!..my maternal uncle and aunt took care of me, since I was a child and later as I got a job, I became independent and…."

"aah!!,,wait wait..now I get the whole thing..let me tell you."

She watched him as he got up from the chair, moved out, and sat on the desk, playing with the paper weight-" so, basically, you are similar to that stray puppy, who is picked up on the streets, is taken to a house, fed and taken care of, then after some time dumped again on the streets, becomes independent, now finds another caretaker, rather a master, who pities it, and gives it shelter and…"

Khanak now lost her temper , she could bear no longer, she stood up- " excuse me!..u are insulting me..i.."

Even Mr. Khandelwal  now showed his anger , banged the paper weight on the table and said in a threatening and louder tone-" listen chick..put ur voice down" he signaled with his index finger.
" this is my office, no1 dares to raise voice at me..do you get that…kya laga tumhe , tum mere bte ko apne jaal mein phasaogi and I will welcome you with warm gesture. listen, tumhare jaise lakho models ko main khareed sakta hoon aur bech bhi sakta….so tell me, tell me whats your rate"

Khanak was so shocked that she could say nothing, just stare at him, as he continued-" come on tell me, I can give you anything, any amount..if you are not satisfied, u can have other option, be his muse"

The last word was like nail in the coffin for Khanak. She lost her temper completely, but maintained her tone and said in a calm yet anger tone – " enough is enough….had u not done me a favour of being the father of the person who means the world to me, whom I love more than myself, I would have replied to what you just said with a tight slap, but I won't , because anjane mein hi sahi aapke wajeh se meri zindagi mein khusiyan aayi hai.

She turned back and was about to go, but stopped midway, turned towards him and said-" u asked me my rate hain na..let me tell you sir, each and every breathe your son takes every second, each and every drop of blood which flows in his veins, each and every part of his body, his soul, if you can have a account of that, you will know my rate…because that is where I reside."

Saying this, she rushed out of the office, controlling the tears in her eyes, avoiding everyone's gaze. She didn't knew how she came back to her flat. She wanted to share with Shan, wanted to cry her heart out in front of him, but to her dismay, the door was locked, he still hasn't reached home.  She was worried, it was already 8.  She tried calling him, but his cell was switched off.  She called Varun, but Shan was not there with him.  Finally, at last with Varun and Adil's help, she managed to contact Shan, but her joy was short lived as even Shan showed his anger and vented out his frustration on her as she tried to speak .

She knew the reason why he was frustrated, yet could not help her tears from flowing. She had been controlling her tears since evening and now it was beyond limit. She ran to the bedroom, , took his photo in her hand and felt down on the floor crying and muttering- " I m sorry"
She clutched the photo to her heart and brought her knees closer to her chest and bend her head down, closing her eyes , while the tears kept on flowing from her eyes.

Even Shan was not happy at himself for his behaviour with Khanak. He cursed himself for that. He was a person, who never cared about anyone's feelings, but she was the only one, who mattered the most to him, she was the World to him.

Without wasting a time, he took out his car keys from his pocket, bid adieu to Adil , came out of the club, when he was called back by Varun, who rushed out to give him the call. Shan thought it was Khanak , but what he heard, shocked him out of his wits.

" Dad could do such a thing…Kha…"

Without wasting a second, he drove fastly back to his flat. The caller was none other than the receptionist, who somehow showed her loyality to Shan, informing him about the convo between his Dad and Khanak, which she luckily could hear because of some cross connetion.

Shan rushed to his flat, to his bed room. He felt bad to see Khanak in this condition. He had promised to keep her happy, to never let tears flow from her eyes, but in reality, it was not even 1 day since their marriage and here she was crying because of him. He cursed himself for that.
He came near her, sat down next to her , gently stroked her hair. She looked up, her eyes swollen.

She could only mutter-" Shantanu"

He didn't let her speak anything, he didn't wanted anything between them not even words. He simply hugged her tightly, even she responded with a tight hug.

He moved back, saw tears flowing from her eyes, he sucked them kissed her all over the face.

 He stood up , made her sit on the bed, while she clutched onto his shirt. He removed her top and skirt, kissed  her deeply on her lips, while she clinged to him, fingers on her one hand digging deep into his hair, while the fingers of her other hand, struggled to open his shirt button and succeeded, while he paused from the kiss, only to remove the shirt and the remaining barriers from their bodies as they again became one, completely lost in each other.

After some time, both where in there arms , cuddling to each other like babies, but they were not sleeping.  Shan looked at Khanak, who was busy playing with his fingers, sometimes caressing his chest and sometimes holding him even more tightly.
He smiled at her childishness, hugged her even more tightly, pressing her arms and gave a gentle kiss on the forehead.
She looked up, at him, said in a husky voice-" Shantanu.."

" hmmm"

" I am hungry"

Shan looked at the other side, he smiled to himself, with the other hand, switched on the light, took out his watch and saw the time. It was 10:30.

He got upright.

" toh chalo"

Khanak was amused-" kahan"

" dinner karne"

" nahi, I can't cook now, please"

" who told you to cook…come on get ready , u are hungry right, so we will have dinner."

" u mean , we will go out, now?..but sare restaurents toh band ho chuke honge..hum"

Shan stopped her from asking further questions , by putting a finger on her lips.
" Mrs. Khandelwal, stop troubling your hubby with questions and get ready…u have a surprise in store"

" surprise!"

 okay!..so friends

  i hope dis was upto ur expectations..

hope i succedeed in entertaining you all

For the surprise, stay connected, wait till the next update comes

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Tonguewhat an update!Cry

keep up the great writing!

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angel_9 Goldie

Joined: 12 November 2010
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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
hey Shilpa
wow ...............superb update......................
loved it........................
& emotional too...............

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-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks for update Shili
will be comes Shortly
bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
shilssssssHugHugHugHugHug beautiful update but highly emotional one tooCry

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
hei shilpa,
gr8 update..but girish was too harsh on khanak..how could a man in such position talk to a woman in such a manner..that was too bad of girish..but khanak's reply for her rate was simply superb..when khanak wanted to share this with shaan he too got angry with her..felt bad at that time..but when shaan came rushing to her felt very happy..waiting for the surprise..continue soon..

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 12:43am | IP Logged
 its superb n sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot
 kya likhti hai yaar
 vatty ka asar..lololo
 loved it sweety superb:)

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