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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 21)

NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged

Kya baat hai!! 

typically ShaanROFLROFLROFL

Loved the continuation...from the kissEmbarrassed

Khanak crying all alone was so heart-tugging yaar! Very subtle but expressed wellEmbarrassed
Shaan ke friends toh mashallah! Sabko milne chahiye aise dostROFLROFL

kitne resourceful haiROFL 

And now remains the big question : Why did they separate?

jaldi update kar...or else I'll spam your dabba ROFLROFL

P.S. Love your speed...sabkuch kitni jaldi hota hai ...real life mein aisa hi  hai kyaROFL

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when are going to update dear ?

luv Zara

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sweetsute Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged

@ bonu, thanks, and I hope u always remain in 7th heaven

@ rooji thanks,  keep on guessing the reason, and till you get it, enjoy Shanak romance

@ ramani thanks , be in cloud 9, u will get loads and loads of Shanak romance

@shai thank you ji, aap toh mere guruji ho, aapki hi ashirwad se yeh sab kuch  likha hai maine..keep hooked up for ur curiosity.

@sonali thanks

@ shalu.thank u and muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@angel_9…thanks, sry I forgot ur name

@simi thanks and yeah Shan will always remain the same

@sayni thanks a lot dear..

@sneha thanks..shanak always rock

@ shriya thanks di

@priya thanks for loving everything

@anki thanks,

@shiksha thanks n get hooked up to the updates

@fariba thanks dear

@krithika thanks to u

@may thanks  for enjoying my ff

@zara thanks and yeah, u r right, but flashback is also a part of reality

@vandu thanks and keep on wondering

@deeps thanks for loving everything

@rupali thank u dear

@roshni..thanks and yup! Next part is shadi

@vatty thanks a lot dear..



So, priya and Vatty, dis was my reason for reserving my own thread

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lol.. shili.. y ru reserving in ur thread.. lmao
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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Shilpa!...update kar re!...
NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Why have you reserved your own thread?


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sweetsute Goldie

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Shan was smiling and blushing thinking about what just happened, he closed his eyes , khanak's face flashed before him, this made him more happy, yet excited. He could not wait any longer, he started pacing to and fro. 
Varun was watching everything. He came near Shan and patted him on the shoulders- " agayi"
Shan jerked-" haan, kahan hai"
Varun-" I mean call"
Shan gave him a confused glance
Varun- " dude, ur phone is ringing"
Shan realized his cell was actually ringing, he picked up the call. It was Ashka
Ashka- " hey bro, I never knew u would be so quick in making decisions"
Shan-" yeah'.actually ashi I m sry"
Ashka-" for what"
Shan-"aghhh, woh I have taken d most imp decision in my life without even asking u all'who, I don't  know why, but I didn't felt like leaving Khanak for a moment, may be I having started loving her more than u all''.i m very sry to say that"
Ashka-" hold ur breath bro, its ok'don feel sry, its great u love someone'infact I should be the one saying sorry, for not making to my own brother's wedding"
Shan-" thanks Ashi, u r a gem..and yeah, please do take care of mom"
Ashka-" u don worry abt that, I'll handle everything'take care n remember u r d best bro n u will b the best husband, byee sweetie"
Shan-" byee Ashi"
He kept the phone and was about to think , wen Adil rushed there, informing him  about the arrival of the priest.
Varun adjusted the pagdi on Shan's head.
Varun- " dude! U r looking like a Greek God, now I understand why girls go crazy abt u"
Shan-" ughh! Shut up"
Shan  dismissed him, his eyes were looking for someone else, finally his eyes found their destination- the woman of his dreams was atlast in front of him, his Khanak, his love. Shan couldn't help oggling at her, she was looking as a princess.  He looked at her from top to bottom, She was wearing a cherry red coloured lehenga with golden border and a red coloured blouse , with the dupatta over her head. She was looking absolute gorgeous. 

Shan came near her, he touched her face with his right hand, Khanak shivered at his touch, she looked at him. He slowly removed his hand, folded his fist, except for his index finger, brought it close to her right eye, touched a bit of kajal from her eyelash and gently touched her cheek with that finger, putting the little spot of kajal on her right cheek.

He said in a husky voice-" dis is my way for proclaiming my sole right over this beautiful creation of God, u will always be mine, my bride, my wife, my love, my Khanak, kisi ki buri nazar toh kya, kisi ki nazar tak nahi padne dunga"

Khanak blushed at his gesture and his words, she shly bend her head down , while Shan kept on looking at her, smiling.

Their moment was interrupted with a intentional cough by Diya

Diya-" sry for interruption, but I guess dis is the time for some rituals, romance can wait"
Shan and Khanak both gave her a stunned look

Diya-" what? Did I said nething wrong, comeon, pandit ji is calling you both"

Shan takes khanak's hands and both came together near the sacred fire. The priest then ties Shan's dupatta with Khanak's chunni. They both sit down, with Khanak on Shan's right side. On the priest's advice, Shan takes Khanak's  left  hand on his left palm,  a ritual symbolizing their union. They both look at each other, giving a cute smile to each other.  The priest starts reciting mantras, Both close their eyes, pledging their vows in their own language in their minds.  On the priest's advice, they both get up. They take two rounds around the fire, with Shan leading Khanak.  Then Khanak leads Shan and they both complete the other two rounds.  After completing 4 pheras, the priest handles them the varmalas and both put the varmalas around each other. They then complete the rest of the three pheras.

Khanak now changes places and sits to Shan's left (symbolizing her place in Shan's heart).  The priest gives a fistful of rice in Khanak's right hand, Shan places his left palm beneath Khanak's hands and both offer the rice to the fire, together, while the priest chants the mantras.  The priest then gives Shan the mangalsutra and Shan gets up and ties the mangalsutra around Khanak's neck. He then fills Khanak's mang with sindoor, while she keeps her head down. Shan gently raises her chin with his thumb finger, he could see her eyes filled with tears , that was tears of happiness, Shan knew that. He gently took khanak's  in his own hands, she looked at him, he gave her a assuring smile, she reciprocates that.

The marriage ritual then ends after some small chants by the priest.
The priest then announces the end of the ritual, proclaiming them as husband and wife. Shan and Khanak both were very happy.  Both of them proceeded to take the blessings of the priest, bending together to touch his feet. The priest blesses them.

Varun, Adil, Diya and Hitesh congratulat both of them. They got everyone's blessings.  

Thus they became Husband and wife with God's blessings, the moon and the billions of glittering stars being their witness. 
Shan could see Khanak a bit upset. He placed his arms around her- " tum khush ho na Khanak"

Khanak looked at him-"hmmm"

Shan-" apno ko miss kar rahi ho, don worry main hoon na"

Khanak rested her head on his shoulder-"mera koi apna nahi hai Shantanu, other than you"
Their moment was again interrupted, this time by Hitesh, who came there to take them for dinner. However Shan was not hungry, he wanted to take Khanak to his flat, his new home. On his insistence, finally everyone agreed.
Shan and Khanak were now both at the entrance of their home. Diya  stops them from entering, Shan and Khanak both look puzzled, However without answering them, she rather drags Varun inside.
Inside she starts searching for something
Varun-" Diya, wats wrong with you, why aren't u letting them in and yeh yeh kya khoj rahi ho tum"

Diya-" idiot,  will u stop ur questions, Ashi di had told me, we have to welcome the new bride, it's a ritual"
Varun-" ooh! I see, I get it now"
Diya-"thanks, now search for the karpur"
After some search, they finally get some karpurs, Diya places them on a plate and lights them with a match stick.

Both Varun and Diya then come to the entrance door, where Shan and Khanak are waiting for them. Varun places the bowl of rice on floor, in front of Khanak's feet, while Diya takes their arti . Khanak gently kicks the rice bowl with her right feet . She enters the house with Shan, their hands intervened together. 

Shan and Khanak along with their friends rejoice their moment, laughing, chatting . After some time, Shan calls Ashka to tell her the good news, who on the other side congrats him and Khanak both.

Khandelwal Mansion
While in one side, Ashka was happy for her brother, on the other side, she was also scared and worried for her parents.  After mustering some courage, she goes to her mother's room to tell her about the whole matter.  

Ashka's mother Gayathri was busy , arranging for all the stuff, when Ashka enters her room.

Gayathri-" ashi!, tum abhi tak yahin pe ho, beta, go get ready, and haan see of Shan is ready or not, hum waise bhi bahut late ho rahe hain."

Ashka swallows her breath and says-" mom, 'actually I need to talk to you, regarding something, I mean now"

Gayathri gently holds her hand and says-" thik hai beta, I know what you are thinking, yahin na , ki tumhari shadi karne ke bajay, hum Shan ki shadi kyun rahe hain, though he is younger than you"
Ashka-" no, mom, woh'I know that, actually I need to talk about Shan"
Gayathri-" Ashka!, I said na, we will talk later, no go.."
She was about to make Ashka go away from the room, when suddenly a line from Ashka's lips made her stand still , like a frozen stone. She could  not believe her ears when Ashka says-" Mom, Shan left the house".   She narrates everything to her mother.

After sometimes, Gayathri says-"  yeh mazak tha"

Ashka holds her Mom's hands and says-" no, Mom, its true." 

Gayathri-" you helped him" 

Ashka is unable to say anything.

Gayathri  becomes angry, she almost shouts at Ashka-" maine kuch poocha Ashka, kya tumne uski madad ki, haan ya na"

Ashka gets scared, and starts stammering '"mom, mom who, main, i'"

Her sentence gets interrupted by a tight slap on her face by her mother.  
Gayathri rushes out of the room, Ashka goes after her , calling her, but stops when she sees her father coming in front of her mother.

Girish-" kya hua Gayathri, tum itni tensed kyun ho ..and where is Shan"

Gayathri '" Chala gaya hai who"

She looks back at her daughter, who is pleading with her eyes and then towards her husband, who is now puzzled.

She lies-" aah, mera matlab hai ki, uske kisi dost ka phone aaya tha, uska bahut bada accident ho gaya hai, so use urgently jana pada"

Girish-"  what?..does he  has any sense of responsibility, today his is marriage and use apne friend ki phikar hai' let me call him.."

He is about to call Shan, when Gayathri stops him saying-" chodiye na, woh jis jagah mein gaya hai wahan network ki problem hai, busy hoga hospital mein' maine baat ki use kuch der pehle, he said he will be coming in the morning"

Girish gets convinced and goes away from there, while Gayathri gives back a angry glare at Ashka, who closes her eyes, and sighs, partly in relief and partly in guilt.

Shan's flat 
Here, in Shan's  home , after some rejoicing, he starts getting bored and pissed off, because of his friends' presence, he looks at the clock, its 11. He started becoming restless, he wanted to spend alone with Khanak. He starts behaving oddly, sometimes urging  Varun, sometimes Adil , bidding them goodbye. However, no one initially understands his intentions, except Diya, who signals Khanak with a small push by her arm. 
Finally Shan succeeds in getting all of his friends out of his house.  He closes the door, bolts it and turns towards Khanak, giving her a naughty smirk. Khanak  blushes.  He goes near Khanak, she moves back, she nods her head while taking a step back for Shan's every single step forward, until she collides with the wall, near the door of their room. Shan comes near her, gives a gentle peck on the cheek. She blushes and moves her face to the other side.  Shan turns her face towards himself, and gently kisses her on the lips. A chill runs down her spine, she closes her eyes , while her lips part away, giving Shan more invitation, his lips gently suck her lower lips, she responds , their kiss deepend, her hands were on his waist and his on her back. 

They then broke away from the kiss.  Shan pulled Khanak towards himself, bending his face down , kissing her neck, she gasps, hugs him tightly. He bend down, helding her waist with one hand , and with the other hand tucking away the duppatta from her lehenga, exposing her bare waist. He kisses her waist, she closes her eyes , grasping  with pleasure. He sucks her skin and licks it. She jerks, moves back, Shan looks at her, stunned. Khanak turns her face and runs inside the room.  

Inside the room, she  stands stil, breathing heavily. Shan enters the room, sees Khanak,  gives a naughty smirk.   He hugs her from behind, removes her earings, kissing her on the ear, then moves to her neck, removes her pallu from her shoulder, Khanak responds by tilting more, giving him more access, Shan sucks and nibbles her skin, repeating the same on her other side.  He turns Khanak towards himself, kisses her on the forehead, and then lifts her in his arms, she closes her eyes and rests her head on his chest.   

He puts her gently on the bed. He then stands upright, removes his Sherwani, Khanak watches him as he  takes off his vest and then his pants, exposing himself totally.  Khanak  gazes at his strong masculine body,  the man who was the heartbeat of thousands of girls , was now in front of her, in his actual look,  if everyone knew him from outside, she was the only one to knew him completely, he was now hers completely, His every breath was hers,  she had right on each part of his body. Khanak blushed , thinking about these things, she turned her face , burying on the pillow. 

Shan kisses her feet, she moves her feet up, with a slight moan. He removed her anklets from both her feet, and gently moves  her lehenga up, kissing her legs. His lips move up on her legs, while his hands slowly moved her lehenga up,  now reaching her thighs, he carrassed her bare thighs, while she grasped, her moans turning loader as his hands reached their destination, exploring her skin.

Khanak could not bear any longer, her  heart beat increases, she moves upright, Shan notices that, he moves up, takes her face in his hands and kisses her passionately on the lips and then breaks off from the kiss, both start breathing, 

Shan then slowly pushes her blouse away from her shoulders, she feels shy, gasps, her hands unknowingly get hold of a small knife nearby, and she naughtly points the knife towards him, Shan smiles at her childishness, He grabs the knife, while sucking her fingers, one by one , and with other hand, he holds her around her neck and pulls her towards himself, she hugs him, he opens the  dori of her blouse with the knife, she gasps, murmering his name, while Shan hugs her exploring her bare back with his hands, she gently nibbles on his ear. 

Shan moves aback by her act, he removes her blouse , lays her back on the bed, kisses her skin from her neck, down to her breast. Khanak moans, as his kiss turns to nibbles and he starts licking her skin, she turns on her back, her heart breathing heavily. His lips explore her  bare back, and then he turns her to face him, he removes her lehenga and then the remaining barrier between them, on both their bodies. They expose themselves completely to each other. He mutters something , which only she could understand. She reciprocated to his kisses, his touches   with her cries and moans, which slowly turned loader as his strong masculinity entered her petite feminity, while their hands intervened into each other. 

Thus their souls met eachother, while their bodies intervened into each other, giving both of them a immense pleasure and happiness, Shan for finally possessing the woman of his dreams and Khanak for finally having someone to address as her and her completely.

Okk, Friends

so this was an attempt to entertain you all, i hope the whole thing stood up to your epectations, specially the whole SR thing
Gosh!.. my besharmi just poured out...
so enjoy dat, and plz do read my whole ff, instead of only that part..warna meri mehnat bekar jayegi, while me running away.

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shillli... yeh kyaa thaaaa......  * faints *
will comment once i get my senses back
* faints again *

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