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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 18)

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dear plzzzzzzzz update kar do jani i m dieing please safe me LOLupdate soon

luv zara

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@ all

thanks to everybody for loving my ff and encouraging me to write further..

and sry for updating it late n keeping u hooked up...

so this is the next part


Shan got away from the trance, took out his phone, folded his fist n with other hand, just showed the phone to khanak, signaling her to ask whether he should pick d phone or not, khanak was feeling so shy n blushing, dat all she would do was only nod her head. Shan moved back, picked the phone, it was from Varun, one of the actors from their show. Varun was asking Shan about his whereabouts, who on the other side was just stammering, compelling poor Varun at last to end the call in frustration.

Shan, was also feeling shy and he walked near to khanak , keeping both his hands in his pockets, he said-
" Khanak, woh  Varun aur Diya were asking about us..i mean they were calling us…toh shal  we go inside"
Khanak looked at him, she shrugged her shoulders. Shan looked at her-" waise would u mind if we go out for a drive…I mean, don't wry I will drop u home, if it gets late."
Khanak  thought for a while. Though her mind was telling her to go back inside, but her heart was forcing her to spend more time with shan, finally her heart won. She gave her consent to shan's offer .
Khanak  had come to the party with Meghna and Ayan. She called Meghna, to tell her she is goin out with shan.
Initially the drive was a silent one. Khanak was feeling shy and she was just looking outside the window.Finally Shan broke the silence and said- " so, Khanak , where should we go"
Khanak- " as u wish"
Shan-" hmmm..no u tell, where do u wanna go"
Khanak-" marine drive chale"
Shan-" marine drive!…I thought any restaurant"
Khanak-" nahi, I want to spend time in open air….aaj mujhe bahut khushi ho rahi hai"
Shan looked at her , for what she said in the last line. He said-" kyun?"
Khanak realized what she has just said, she softly murmered-" I don't know"
Shan smiled-" okk, phir lets go to Marine Drive"
They drove to Marine Drive. They got down from the car. Though it was evening time, yet the place was shining n glittering . 
Now both were walking on the pavement, initially they were walking at a distance from each other..
Shan- " so u like dis place"
Khanak-" yeah..its so beautiful..i just love it"
Shan-" khanak, is jagah ke sath aaj mausam bhi kuch acha lag raha hai..don't u think so………I mean I never  thought I would be walking here with u."

They stopped at a point. They were glancing at the sea.
Khanak looked at shan, den towards the sea-" haan, Shan..i never thought hum dono istarah, yahan pe is mausam ka maza lenge……….thanks Shantanu, for making me feel happy, I m feeling relaxed, aise lag raha hai jaise dil se koi bada bhoj uttar gaya hai……….thank u very much."
Shan turned to look at her, she had tears in her eyes. He wiped her tears.  She rested her head on his shoulder, He gently kissed her on the forehead. He held her hands.
Now both were walking, this time hand in hand. They were chatting, speaking about themselves, their lives. They shared all their secrets dat evening and were so busy in each other's company that they didn't realized it was already 11 in the night. Finally khanak announced they should be going to home.
Shan and Khanak were now in the car.
Shan-" so, u enjoyed the evening"
Khanak-" off course…….thanks to u"
Shan-" arey  yaar….stop thanking me"
Khanak laughed-" okk…waise can I ask u 1 thing……u r d only son of a business tycoon..phir why are u struggling in this industry"
Shan-" good question, woh kya hai ki bachpan mein mere mama ji ne mujhse kaha tha, beta this life is very short..do something which makes not only u happy, but all the others, the whole world.."
Khanak-" that sounds great…ur uncle must have been a kind hearted guy"
Shan-" arey nahi, aage ka toh suno………..he said beta, hamare Hindustan mein sirf teen tarah ke log hai, jo chahe kuch bhi paap karle, phir bhi public unhe bhagwan se kam nahi samajhti hai"
Khanak was amused, she asked-" aur who teen log kaun hai"
Shan-" 1. Actors, 2. Pandit , 3. Cricket player…………aab option 2 and 3 toh main ban nahi saka, so I opted for option 1."
Khanak could help laughing at Shan's statement..She said-" u mean to say, u wanted to become a actor, to become God in people's eyes"
Shan-" dekha, galat samajh liya na mujhe……….yaar, I want to be famous, but I want to be in good books of the public…agar main business mein chala gaya n start making profits out of other's hard work, and in turn get curses for not paying them well for their contributions, den what is the point of being famous and rich…………I mean mere dad ko hi dekh lo..he is rich, famous..but not in good books of people"
Khanak was now stunned, she looked at Shan-" Shantanu Khandelwal, do u realize what are u saying……….u r too cute"
Shan now blushed- " really, khanak, waise do u realize what u said just now.."…He turned towards her, one hand at the steering and other hand pulling her towards her.
He said in a husky voice- " kaho na jo abhi kaha"
Khanak blushed, she managed to free herself- "will you stop now, mera ghar aagaya hai"
Shan stopped the car. Khanak got down, but as she about to go, Shan called behind her- " Khanak Shah, u are forgetting something"
Khanak stopped, before she could turn back, she felt Shan behind her. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath. A chill ran down her spine, she closed her eyes. Shan bend down and whispered to her ears-" Good night and bye bhi nahi bologi, manners nahi hai kya"
Khanak opened her eyes and turned back, Shan stepped back, shrugged his shoulders. Khanak gave him a smile. She said- " good night Shantanu…byee…thanks…."
Shan didn't let her finish her sentence, put a finger on her lips, and kissed her on the cheeks and said- " good night"
Both khanak and Shan were very happy. They had a sound sleep in their respective homes, with beautiful dreams.
But the next day their dreams broke, they had to face the reality, the truth which revealed the gap in their lives, thanks to the news of Girish Khandelwal announcing his son's wedding with the Anwesha, the one and only daughter of Ashok Agarwal. Khanak saw the news in the newspaper, and also in the news channel. She was upset,  she knew that this girl , Anwesha was Shan's childhood friend.
When Shan heard about the news, he tried to protest and argue, but his father made him quite and instead decided to give a press conference.
In the press conference, he officially announced the marriage date- it was exactly 1 week after the present date. Shan was shocked, he couldn't think of anything to say…he had always been scared of his father..even his mom was more a dutiful wife, then being a understanding mother. He wanted to talk to Anwesha directly, but could not because she was not there at present, and she would be coming only to India, two days before the marriage date, and if he tries to tell on phone, it might create a lot of problems.

The only thing which came to his mind was what would be Khanak's reaction to all these. He wanted to rush to her, but could not. He called her, but she rejected his call, he kept on trying, but was unsuccessful everytime.  He went to her home, but either found her house locked, or she didn't gave any response to his calls.

Shan was now getting tensed, two days had passed since the announcement and he has now only 5 days left. Finally the third day, his patience loosed, He went to Khanak's house- instead of knocking or calling, he kicked opened the door, went inside, yelled for her name- " Khanak Shah, I want to meet out, come out right now."
There was still no response, he went straight inside her bedroom, she was sitting on the floor, her head on the bed. He stopped, his heart sank , seeing her in the condition, he bend down, tried to touch her, but instead she got up, turned towards him and looked at him. Shan could clearly see pain in her eyes, the girl had been crying for the past two days. She was looking pale and weak. Shan wanted  to hug her, but before he could say anything, she stood up, pretended to smile- " Shan , tum yahan…how are you"
Shan-" do u need to ask that"
Khanak-" yeah…stupid me..u are surely the happiest man on earth now, after  all u r goin to get hitched with ur childhood sweatheart."
Shan-" see khanak, I know you are upset for this, but let me explain…"
Khanak cut him in between-" upset! Aur woh bhi main, off course not, infact I am happy for you…congrats"
Shan-" don't lie…agar aisi baat nahi hai toh why have you been avoiding me for last two days…na phone pick karti ho tumhara ghar aata hoon toh darwaja bhi nahi kholti ho…and what are u saying –congrats ..do u really mean it"
Khanak-" yeah, I mean it". She tried to go away from there, Shan stopped her. He was being pissed off now, he said-" khanak, mere sawaal ka jawab do..what were you doing the last two days"
Khanak, trying to free herself,-" Shan,please leave me…maine kaha na I m happy for u"
Shan, tightening the grip on her hand-" happy haan, look into my eyes and say it..bolo ki u are not affected by the news of the marriage, the evening we spend together had no effect on you, the kiss had no effect on you"
Khanak  pushed him away. She almost yelled-" I said leave me, this is none of ur business, main kya karti hoon and kya nahi".
She looked straight into  his eyes and said-" you have no effect on me Shantanu Khandelwal, and yeah I m happy for u"
Shan was taken aback. He couldn't say more. He turned back and went away. He was so angry that he decided to proceed further with the marriage and leave everything to fate.

The  remaining 4 days were the most dreadful and painful days for both. If for Shan, the only person- Ashka, with whom he shared was not there, due to some business trip, she had to attend….
On the other hand, even Khanak was alone, alone in her world, even Meghna had gone to US with her Husband and child. But Khanak tried to be strong and instead tried to avert her attention towards other things.
Finally the day of marriage came..It was sunday,
Khanak was in her home that day, being a holiday the day seemed to be too long. She was feeling low, she decided to cheer herself and watch tv. But as she switched the tv, most of the news channel were busy showing the news of the wedding of Girish Khandelwal's only son. Khanak  felt bad, she was heartbroken, she switched off the tv, she closed her eyes, she wanted to cry, but consoled herself, saying-" Khanak , u should be strong"
She got up, went to the kitchen,  tried to cook something, but was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she ended up burning the food. She became frustrated , left the kitchen, went to her room, took out a paper, a pencil and started drawing something…but to her astonishment, she ended up drawing a portrait of Shantanu. She saw the portrait, her heart beat faster, she became more frustrated at herself, she tored the paper into pieces. She ran to the bathroom, opened the tap of the washbasin, leaned forward on the basin, splashed water on her face, she wanted to get rid of her tears, but could not, her tears were continuously flowing.  

She cried to herself-" I hate u shantanu khandelwal, kyun dikhaya mujhe joothe sapne, jab haqiqat mein tum kisi aur ke ho…bachpan se.. main toh kush thi na, apne tanhayeen, phir kyun mujhe mehfil ke sapne dikhaya tumne..kyun" .
 She stood upright, came out of the bathroom, took out her parents photo from the drawer, spoke to the picture- " aap bhi mujhse pyar nahi karte the na, even I hate you also.."
 She yelled-" yes, I hate u both ..aaplogo ne mujhe akele is duniya mein chod diya aur khud chale gaye…yeh bhi nahi socha, how will I live alone..kabhi yeh bhi nahi socha , kaun apki beti ko pyar dega…kaise rahungi main ,akele , bina kisike pyar ke"
She threw the photo on the bed, She was now crying and yelling-" nafrat karti hoon main sabse, apne mom-dad se, Shantanu se, khud se, us bhagwan se—haan I hate u God, why are u doing this to me….please, I want to be happy..please…mujhe khush rehna hai…"
She fall down on the floor, clutching the bedsheet.
In Khandelwal residency, Ashka had now returned. It was 5 in the evening, Guests had already started arriving. Among them were  Varun, Diya, Hitesh and Adil , who were not only Shan and Khanak's co-actors , but also were Shan's best pals. Infact , Varun was the first one who had noticed about Shan's feelings about Khanak. Among the remaining three, Diya was in good terms with khanak and among Hitesh and Adil, the latter was more smart and quick at giving solutions, while the former was only interested in only 1 thing- food.
Ashka went to her brother's room. He was looking handsome , in the bridegroom attire, wearing a cream  colour sherwani, with a golden coloured dupatta. She could clearly see he was not happy. She made him sit on the sofa and asked him- " looking handsome, little bro..now will ur Highness explain, what is this drama and fuss all about."
Shan-" ashi! Are you joking…its my marriage, not a drama"
Ashka-" and tum kisse shadi kar rahe ho"
Shan-" Anwesha se…"
Ashka-" and kyun"
Shan-" woh.... she is a nice girl, meri bachpan ki friend hai aur also dad wants that"
Ashka-" and what do you want…. U think her as ur friend and my dear, do u love her…kyunki tumhe pata hai shadi nibhane ke liye pyar ki jaroorat hoti hai, sirf dosti ki nahi"
Shan was silent. 
Ashka- " chup kyun ho shan, tell me, I know u don't love her, phir kyun uske sath shadi karne ja rahe ho"
Shan looked at  her in surprise.
Ashka-" now , don't look at me like that..i know tum kisse pyar karte ho….Varun told me everything"
Shan-" Varun!
He went outside and called for Varun.
Later  Varun  came.
Shan-" Kya kaha, tune Ashi se"
Varun-" yehi ki tu Khanak se pyar karta hai"
Shan-" bakwas hai yeh, samhja…haan bas thoda attraction tha"
Ashka-" attraction!  Shan…tum 5 din se theek se khana nahi kha rahe ho, apne mein chup-chap rehte ho, you don't sleep at night, rather awara ladko ki tarah raste mein ghumte ho and u want to make me belive you"
Shan gave a angry glare to Varun, because he knew , he and Diya were the ones who told Ashi everything , on the phone.
Ashka-" stop giving him angry glares and is baat ko accept karo ki you love khanak"
Shan almost shouted-" haan, I love her, khud se bhi jyada, she is my life….he softened, tears flowed from his eyes-" but ashi, but I m confused about…uski ankhein kuch aur kehti hai and uski jubaan kuch aur."
Ashka-" did you said you loved her"
Shan-" I kissed her"…he narrated everything that happened that day.
Ashka gave a slight laugh at her brother's childness-" Shan, you could say everything to her , and tum use simple teen words nahi keh paye and you expect her to say her feelings to you…how can you, she is a girl"
Shan-" par, use mere ankhon mein pyar bhi toh nahi dikha nahi na"
By then , Diya came to the room, she just heard what Shanhad said.
-"tum bhi toh dekh nahi paa, uske ankhon mein tumhare liye pyar…Shan. she loves you..isliye she didn't even came here..because she can't see you with anyone else other than herself,and you know it better than us"
Varun, Diya and Ashka made Shan realize the mistake he was about to make and the fact that Khanak loves him. Even Shan admits that, admits his mistake of taking decisions in a fit of rage.
Shan-" Ashi, I think I should talk to Dad about this"
Ashka-" what! Are you nuts?....na Dad se kuch kehne ki jarorat hai na hi Anwesha se"

Shan-" phir main kya karu"
 Everyone was silent. After a while, Ashka spoke-" run away"
Shan was stunned and shocked-" What?"
Ashka-" don't be so shocked…u heard it right, just go away from here..ajtak tumne wahi kiya jo tumhe acha laga..jab Dad ki marzi  ke khilaf jake tum acting ko apni proffesion bana sakte ho, then why are you putting your personal at stake, just for him."
She took Shan's hands in her hands-" shayad , I m the only sister on earth , to tell her brother to run away from his own marriage… but this is the only way I can think now…Shan , mom, dad and mujhse, humsab se jyada, us ladki ko tumhari jarorat hai..she needs someone besides her, to protect her, to love her..go my bro..pyar se badke koi rishta nahi hota hai.."
Shan-" par Ashi, kya ek naye rishte ke liye itne sare rishton ko chodna galat nahi hoga"
Ashi-" u know Shan,hum apne maa-baap, bhai- behan, sabse bahut pyar karte hain, aur iska kaaran bhi hai..un sab ke sath humara khoon ka rishta jo hai….par woh ek insaan hai is duniya mein , jise bhagwan ne sirf hamare liye banaya hai, jise hum khud se bhi jyada chahte hain, aur jo hume bahut chahta hai., wahi ek rishta hai Shan, jo koi reasons ya shartein nahi mangta hai, jisme koi khudgarzi nahi hoti hai…………..aur aisa rishta , tumhara, Khanak ke sath hai…so jao."
Shan smiled, he hugged Ashi-" u know what…u r the best sister on earth"
Ashi smiled- " emotional drama band kar, and think what to do"
After some discussions,  finally it was decided that Shan would go out on the bike with Adil, who was a terrific bike rider.  Thus while Diya and Adil, managed to deviate the attention of security guards towards other things and Ashka managed everything inside, Adil n Shan drove away on the bike.
However as they reached the area  where khanak lives, Shan suddenly told Adil to turn back and instead drive to his new flat in Andheri. Adil was stunned, but could not help much as Shan was adamant..
They reached Andheri, they were now in front of the flat. On being asked by Adil about Shan's sudden change of decision, he only got the reply, rather the order of calling Varun, Diya,Hitesh and Ashka to the place. Everyone came, except Ashka, because she had to stay back, to handle the situation.
Varun-" now what you want yaar.. tujhe abhi bhi doubt hai apne pyar pe"
The remaining three seconded Varun. Shan looked at each one of them , then said- " I want to marry her…right now"
All the four were stunned, each would only mutter out-" what!"
Adil-" par dude..you didn't even proposed her officially"
Diya-" haan, it would be so early"
Shan-" matlab!...main koi child marriage kar raha hoon.. and comeon, this is my life, what is this official and unofficial thing…I love her and I will marry her right now."
Hitesh-" arey par, aaj hi propose karke aaj hi shadi kaise ho sakti hai yaar"
Shan-" nahi, nahi…pehle media ko invite karta hoon, phir ek lambi interview dunga ki main Shantanu Khandelwal apne co-star Khanak Shah se pyar karta hoon, phir media hamari arti utaregi….phir 6-7 months baad, hamare engagement ki announcement, phir interview pe interview, thoda gossips n finally 4-5 saal ke baad shadi…yahi karna chahiye na mujhe..according to you all………….but I m not gonna do anything like this and main aaj , abhi isi waqt use shadi karna chahta hoon."

Adil-" arey agar woh nahi maani toh..i mean she is a career oriented woman yaar..she won't easily agree for marriage.

Shan looked at him angrily- " look, woh meri heroine hai, and no one knows her better than me, in this  whole world."
Diya- " okk..dude, we give up..aab bolo what should we do now"
Shan-" that's better…look, Diya, u go to Khanak's place and bring her here, and please don't tell her the fact…Varun,  you go and arrange for a nice bridal dress..u r a designer right..i trust you…
Adil, tu jake apne us lightman, Pangle ko bula, I want some nice decorations here."
Adil-" what about the priest…I think hume us Shashtri ko bulana chahiye..he charges less, and jaldi mein shadi bhi nipat jayegi"

Hitesh-" arey main kya karu, idea…main khane- peene  ka arrangement karoon"
Shan-" Adil, you are right, I wil call  Shashtri, and Hitesh-bhookad kahin ka, do as you wish"
Diya went to  khanak's flat. She rang Khanak's bell. After some time, Khanak opened the door. She was shocked to see Diya at her doorstep , at 9 in the night.
Khanak-" Diya!.. tum yahaan"
Diya- " haan, khanak, main main woh tumhe le jane ayi hoon"
Khanak-" par kahan"
Diya-" woh, Monisha maam ne achanak bulaya hai Andheri studio mein..we have to shoot for some charity"
Khanak-" abhi..but she didn't informed me before"
Diya-" chod na…neeki karne mein pooch pooch nahi karte..come on get ready"
Khanak was amused at what Diya said. She was convinced and went inside to get ready, she had wanted to avert her attention towards other things and this was the best thing.
After sometime, Khanak came out wearing a knee length pink top and a off-white churidaar. She locked the door and joined Diya in the car.
Finally they reached Andheri.  Diya stopped the car. But before Khanak could open the door to get down, Diya stopped her, took out a scraf from the back seat and tied it on Khanak's eyes, without giving  poor khanak even  the time to protest.  She slowly helped Khanak to get down the car, escorted her upto some point, but later was stopped by Shan , who signaled her to go away, Diya slowly took off her hands, went away from there.

Khanak was blindfolded, without a support, she was about to stumble, wen Shan took her small hands in his big hands.
Khanak recognized the touch, her lips parted apart- " Shantanu"

Shan was stunned to see that, this girl could even feel his touch. 

He opened the blindfold. Khanak slowly opened her eyes.. She looked at Shan, he signaled towards something else, she looked around, the place was decorated , full of flowers, lights, with the three letters written everywhere- I Love You.

Khanak was elated, she felt like being in top of the world..
Shan bend on his knees, took out a red rose, held it in his hands-" khanak Shah, kya tum abhi isi waqt Khanak Shantanu Khandelwal banogi…will you marry me right now..i promise to love you till the end of this universe."
Khanak could not believe her ears, she was feeling like being in 7th heaven, She could not say anything, she could just say softly- " Shantanu"

Shantanu got up, he looked into her eyes, it was filled with love for him and tears. He kissed her eyes, sucked her tears, said to her-" aaj ankhon ki baton ko jubaan pe ane se mat roko khanak….say what ur heart says..bolo na khanak"
Khanak could not hold herself, she hugged Shan tightly and murmured on his chest- " I love you".
Shan held her tightly for sometime, then slowly broke from the hug and said to her- now, enough of crying, now go n get ready, come as a bride, as my bride"
Khanak smiled and blushed, She went  with Diya, to the latter's house, which was in the nearby flat.
Thus , both got prepared to get together for the whole of their life, not as mere colleagues, but as two soul-mates.

hope you liked it...


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ShilpaaaHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug OMGGGGG thats how I am feeling after reading the updateDay Dreaming me in seventh heavenDay Dreaming

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OMG Shili ur going to make it more like how they both fell in love and married right away w/o thinking about their future...kya filmy FF hai...

im guessing they get into trouble after this...

neways great job shili!

I love the update! see now I posted an early comment!

Good job!

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hei shilpa,
OMG..it was such a wonderful update..no words to explain..such a cute sister for shaan who asks him to run away n the explanation she gave was oh god..that was nice...so shaan-khanak r going to get maried..v r very happy for that and in cloud 9...ok so in the next update v will get more of shanak moments i suppose...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
that wud b very nice..dont make us wait for long yaar..

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oye shilpa mindblowing tha ji.ClapClapClapClap.....loved the kiss part from previous part....loved how he make her feel the love ......even i felt the love in that moment  yaarrrLOLLOLLOL.....coming to part 4 ...superb ClapClapClap....blushing blushing ....really cute .......love the drive n a jatka the next momentShocked .....oh gosh.....khanak crying alll alone ....man i could sooo imagine her crying like that Cry.....but i m glad burthal shaan ko samjane wala koi hai...his sister ....nice idea......main ne tu run away bride ka suna tha ...lakin aajj run away groom bhi sun liya LOLLOLLOLLOL.....glad he said the three magical words........waiting for their marriage ....now i m more curious to know ki how they got separated

continue soon


shai Wink


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wow amazing update!

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Shiliiii !!!!! Hailaaa Kya cute tha yeh part !!!!!!
I totally RESPECT LOVE ADORE Ashka !!!!!  Bessssst Sister !!!!!!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaye ... !!!!!  Totallly Filmi Part tha yeh itni phataphat Shaaaadi.... But loved it loved loved it !!!!!! Hope you put lots of Romance and Drama and Masala !!!!!
Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gurl !!!!!
Update Sooon and Thanks for the PM !!!!!

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