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The truth of love- my first FF part 17 Page87 (Page 12)

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shilpa dear i have just read both parts of ur ff and i really enjoyed t specially 2nd flash back is really ineresting .....

please continue soon .......

luv zara

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thanks to all for liking my FF till now

for all , who have been complaining about short update......this one is a long update.......

so enjoy


Shan stands in a garden, someone comes from behind and wraps her hands around him, Shan instantly turns  back, the girl moves away from there'Shan smiles, he tries to stop her, holds her hand, says-today I wont let u go away from me'.The girl slowly turns her face, gives him a cute smile'Shan gets mesmerized with her  smile, her eyes, his hold loosens'the girl notices this, winks and runs away from there...Shan searches for her, calls out her name-"khanak, khanak"..

Shan gets up, calling Khanak's name. He is sweating'..he keeps his right hand on his forehead, thinks- " aaj itne dino ke baad why am I seeing this dream". He gets down the bed, does his morning chores and after some thinking, calls his sister, his best friend, Ashka

Ashka- "hello.."
Shan doesn't says anything from the other side, except-"ashi'"

Ashka jumps in joy- " Shan!! Dude, mere bhai''I don't believe this is you'I mean..where..how r u..no calls nothing..did u ever remember u have a sister'."'she was going on and on..

Shan, was not listening to nething from the other side, he just says- "ashi, I saw khanak"
There is silence of 1 sec from the other side'Ashka then asks- " how is she?..."

Shan- " waise to she is fine, has achieved much success in her field, but I know she is not happy"

Ashka- " did she said nething"

Shan-" no, we didn't spoke to each other'par haan uski ankhon ne mujhse baat ki, kaha ki shantanu , I m not happy'.i still love u..i want to be with u"

Ashka- "Shan'did u said nething"
Shan--. u know ashi'I was so helpless that I couldn't even reply to her unsaid plea'.i wanted to asure her ki khanak I m there,'''. par I don't know why, mere dil ki baat mere dil me hi reh gayi, mere hoton tak pahunch hi nahi payi'.haan it did reached my eyes, but she never  looked into my eyes'.even today she can't look straight into my eyes, kitna sharmati hai meri khanak'.meri khanak'''"'tears rolled down from his eyes as he said those things'

Ashka- "Shan , control urself..everything will be alright..trust urself'..and take care of urself..ok.."

Shan wipes his tears-" yeah'always trusted my fate'see kitna khush hoon main aaj(sarcastically)''...btw ur okk"

Ashka- " offcourse, I m happy'but sad for my little bro- now listen to me'.5 yrs ago, ur fate had made u meet khanak, fall in love with her'now the same fate has brought her in front of u'trust ur fate..but don't leave everything to it'fight for urself..ur love'I hope u get it'''okk neways ..gotta go now..byee honey..apna khayal rakhna.."

Shan- " byee..ashi'"

Shan recollects the last words Ashka had said'thinks to himself- " she is right'mere life mein aaj tak jo kuch bhi hua'enough'.i will fight back my fate..for the sake of love'.
Now he was feeling better after talking with Ashka' Though she was elder to him, she was more like a frnd to him..he shared most of his problems with her'and she never failed to give him the right advice'
Even the first time he dreamt abt khanak, it was Ashka, who was the first to know abt that'
Shan was in his room trying hard to convince Ashka about the dream he had been seeing since last two days'but instead of taking it seriously, she was taking it as a joke
" damn it..ashi'I m sharing such a serious issue..and u r taking it as joke!....just stop laughing'"
Ashka trying hard to control her laughter'" okk..okk.. but yeh to bata kaisi thi who teri sapno wali bhatakti hui atma"
Shan- " what atma.....dont joke ok'.yaar main do din se pareshan hoon' this girl is frequently visiting me in my dreams, and I don't even have the slightest idea of who she is'."
Ashka'"hmmm'..okk lemme give u some options'tu bata yeh shai ho sakta hai ya nahi'"
Shan-" what options yaar'.dont play kbc wid me okk''Ashi gave him a stare---acha chal bol"
Ashka sits  on the bed and says- " option 1. She must be a character from ne novel...which must have been mugged up by u'"
Shan- "ashi'I hate novels'u know that'''.next option"
Ashka-"  option 2. U must have seen her in any movie--------kahin koi movie heroine to nahi.."
Shan-" no'I love watching movies, but itna bhi nahi ki I start dreaming abt the heroines'..now tell me ur  next option'..and mind u it should be the last one..ok"
Ashka now, comes close to him, whispers to him'" option 3..kahin yeh tere pichle janam ki baat to nahi'.bhootni'u know..bhatak''reincarnation'..before she could complete her sentence..shan gave a angry glare and got up- "  look, agar tu meri madad nahi kar sakti to leave it'don't give ur silly ideas.."
Ashka- " cool,my sweet  little bro..cool'''''.acha gimme her description'may be I will try finding that mysterious  girl'
Shan writes the description on a piece of paper and gives it to Ashka
Later in the afternoon, Ashka goes to a art exhibition, where though all of the creations were praiseworthy, but there was one creation- a portrait which caught her attention..She wanted to buy the portrait..she went to the reception to ask the price, but was told that the owner of the portrait has refused to sell the portrait and it was just a sample piece'But since she was adamant, finally she succeeded in getting the details of the owner so that she could directly ask for the portrait'She dials the person's number and managed a meeting at the nearby restaurant'

The owner of the painting was none other than Khanak.. Though , on Meghna's insistence, she gave her creations to the exhibition, but she didn't wanted to sell the portrait becoz it was the portrait of her mother and she wanted to keep it to herself..but now, because of constant pestering, she had to wait for an unknown person..Finally Ashka comes'without much trouble, she easily locates khanak.

Ashka extends her hands- " hi , I am Ashka Khandelwal'..u r the talented gem, I suppose'"
Khanak smiles, she shakes hands-" yeah'that's me'I m Khanak Shah'.please have ur seat"
Ashka- " ooh thanks'actually I should say sorry for bothering you so much'but I can't help being carried away by beautiful things'.i feel all beautiful things should be with me"
Khanak- " well..thanks for considering my painting as one of the beautiful things'.but I would suggest u 1 thing'.let beauty remain as it is-at its own place'don't try to own it''..just admire them..don't try to enslave it"
Ashka- " u r right'but what if I agree to pay as much amount as possible"
Khanak- " I m sorry'.i can't fix any value for the portrait---its  precious for me'its my mother's portrait..i can't give it to u."
Ashka- " ooh, I m so sorry'.i didn't knew that.."
Khanak- " its okk'so u will have something.."
Ashka thinks for a while, then says- " yeah'can u draw a portrait for me, now"
Khanak-" now?"
Ashka- " yup!...don't worry for the paper and pencil, I can give u that'I just want something like a sketch"
Khanak laughes lightly-" its okk..so u want me to draw your portrait."
Ashka- "no..no ..its not mine..someone else'i can give u her description"
She takes out a paper which containes the description of the person whose portrait she wanted'.In just 15 minutes, Khanak draws the portrait, but was herself shocked when it was completed'before she could react, Askha grabs the portrait in excitement'now it was her turn to get shocked'.at an instant, her eyes started fluctuating between the person sitting in front of her and the portrait in her hand

'She asks- " but..this'this is ur portrait..ur face"
Khanak-" yeah..but dis was the description u gave.".she gives back the paper..
Ashka looks at the paper..indeed the description written there were same as the portrait..She scolds herself in her mind for not at once reading the paper..she looks with blank face at khanak, then thinks to herself- " ashi, get up from here..isse pehle ki she asks something else..move..move ashi"..
She quickly gets up, says- " khanak, glad to meet u..but I m sorry..i m getting late..so see u again..byee"
Before Khanak could even respond, she had already left, leaving Khanak confused- " strange'khud mujhe yahaan  bulayi'then kaha  ki portrait banao , woh bhi meri khud ki'aur phir just rushes away'has she come to waste my time"
Ashka sits in her car, watches khanak coming out of the restaurant'she calls  Shan..narrates him the whole incident..
Shan jumps in joy listening to everything..

Later in the traffic, Shan is with his friend, waiting for the green signal when suddenly his eyes fall on a girl on a red scooty-it's the same girl of his dream'Shan calls for her- "hello..hello mam"..
She doesn't listens..instead, she drives ahead, Shan gets out of the car, leaving his friend who was driving the car, confused..The green signal glows, leaving Shan  making his way inbetween the busy traffic as the girl turns her scooty towards left'

Fortunately, even on that road, the traffic was on standstill..forcing the girl to stop again'in the meantime Shan crosses the road and spots a known person on a bike, he goes near the bike'but to his dismay, its Bobby- who was actually a girl in disguise of a boy-a gay'.
Bobby, in excitement- " OMG! I can't believe it..the most handsome hunk coming for me..ohh"

Shan, controlling his irritation, and faking a smile- " yeah..actually I thought we should go for a ride..u know"

Bobby-" oh , my pleasure'do sit on my bike..actualy I should ride a scooty..but I prefer bikes.u know"

Shan-" yeah, yeah'but u don't know 1 thing, since I m the guy..and u'..so I should be the one riding it..isn't it"

Bobby-" oh yes! 'he gets down..takes the keys- here it is ..hunk..

Shan grabs the keys and before Bobby could even think of sitting on the bike, Shan starts the bike and drives away, leaving  poor Bobby shouting for him and his bike..
Now Shan is on his bike , following the girl'The girl is Khanak- initially she doesn't notices the guy following her..but after sometime she starts feeling as if someone is following her..Shan understands the situation, he cleverly deviates his way to avoid any doubts'..Again after sometime , he catches up with the girl and starts following her'This continues until she reaches Nerul station..She parks her scooty in the stand'followed by Shan '

Now Shan starts following her on foot..However this time Khanak looks back and is scared to see the person'she says to herself- " hey thakurji, yeh to wahi hai----the psycho drunkard..why is he following me'.nahi I should not look behind.."'.very slowly she turns her face back to see if she is being followed'

However Shan being more clever, understands that and starts behaving as if he is not following her at all.

Finally Khanak boards  the train to Vasai..Shan gets in the same compartment-same coup..Khanak sits on by the window seat, suddenly sees Shan sitting opposite to her---He looks at her, gives a smile and winks..Khanak gets scared, she quickly lowers her gaze, recalling God's name in her mind---She tries avoiding even looking at any direction, except out of the window---
however Shan's eyes are fixed on her-he thinks- " dikhne mein cute hain'.yeh aishwarya rai ki level ki to nahi hai'but kuch to baat hai jo mujhe itni door se bhaga ke leke ayi hai''aur aab jab itni door aahi gaya hoon to I should not waste my time"'
he sees a  fat lady, who is trying hard to adjust herself in a small space besides Khanak, leaving Khanak uncomfortable as the lady slowly starts pushing her'Shan notices this and says- " arey aunty ji..aap kyun wahan taklif kar rahi hain---sit here'mere seat pe'araam se baithiye..he gets up offering the lady his seat

"Par beta, aap kahan baithoge"

Shan- " main to kahin bhi baith jaonga"

The lady gets impressed , gets up and sits on the other seat, while shan grabs the opportunity and seats besides Khanak'who is now busy reading a book
Shan tries peeping in the book, thereby coming more close to khanak'who notices this and moves aside, she gets pissed off- " excuse me..whats ur problem..hun!"

Shan- " me'no nothing..just I was seeing ur book'interesting..i must say'.why should I have a problem"

Khanak-" yeah..but I do have a problem'and dats with you"

Shan, now leans back and says- " me'but u don't know me at all..infact even I don't know u"

Khanak- " listen..do not try to act smart ok'u have been constantly following me, I saw that"

Shan moves his face to other side, thinks- " beta shan, ab to teri band bajne wali hai."'but composes himself, says- " kyun, kyun follow karunga main apko'even I am going to the place where u r going..infact where everyone is going..infact where the train is going"

Khanak- " really'.now can u tell me where is this train going"

Shan- " hmm'.andheri"

Khanak nods'He again says ' bandra'.he keeps on saying wrong station names and finally says- " arey yaar..train kahan  jayegi..loco shed mein aur kahan..simple'unknowingly trying to hold khanak's hands

Khanak ' " u r impossible'listen I m telling u the last time, don't u try to play games with me'okk"

Shan withdraws his hands, looks to the other side, sees a drunkard standing on the way, stumbling and trying hard to stand still- a mischievous grin appears on his face, he calls for the man- " o brother, bhaisaab'"

The man- " mujhe'mujhe kisne bulaya"

Shan- "yeah, aapko bula raha hoon main----aap ki tabiyat thik nahi lag rahi hai---apko baithna chahiye'have my seat"

The man comes forward- "sure, sure"'khanak sees this , gets scared, she pleads to Shan through her eyes, who is now enjoying everything'he slowly pretends to get up'but Khanak pulls his shirt, he looks back- " u want me to sit here"'he whispers'

Khanak- " please, I don't want to sit beside that fellow"

Shan- " but u were having problem with me

Khanak irritatingly- " now I don't have any problems"

Shan looks at her- " u sure"
Khanak gives a forced smile and nods her head. Shan leans back, and refuse to give his seat to the man.

He says to Khanak-" so we are friends now"

Khanak- " excuse me..what friends"

Shan- " ooh I see'..oh bhai.."

Khanak stops him- " yeah, yeah..friends"

Shan- " good..whats ur name..btw"

Khanak is about to say her name when fortunately she notices the train is approaching the destination'She gets up, walks towards the door..followed by Shan-
Shan- " hello, I asked ur name"

Khanak pretends to not hear  him'avoid him---An idea strikes him-He comes in front of Khanak, just in between the door and Khanak and says- " tell me ur name, warna.."

Khanak- " warna kya.."

Shan moves back'" sochlo apna naam batao, nahi to '"

Khanak-, without looking at him,-nahi to'.
Suddenly she turns her gaze towards Shan and gets shocked to see him ' he is facing her 'his one feet on the first stair and the other on the floor of the train-hands holding the support on both sides- a slight movement can result in his falling down the train'Without wasting a time, khanak  grabs him by his shirt, shouts at him- " pagal ho gaye ho kya..get up---aghhh'she tries pulling him'tries calling for others'Unfortunately no one comes ..

Shan- " shhh..don't shout---just tell me ur name..else..1 dive and'."
He rolls his eyes and stickes out half his tongue, indicating death..slowly brings his left hand close to khanak 's hands and starts lifting her fingers one by one and counting- 1..2..3..

Khanak gets scared to death and closes her eyes'

Shan sees this , smiles and says- abhi bhi waqt hai'4.."

Before he says anything further, Khanak gives up and a name escapes her mouth- " Khanak"

Shan gets overjoyed..gets up ..the train finally slows ' looks at her, lifts her chin'says- " open ur eyes'ur station is coming.."

Khanak  opens her eyes, sees him 'he winks at her again and says- " nice name..khanak"
Khanak , now gets angry and confused both at the same time'before she could say nething..the train stops and she gets down---Shan shouts from behind-" khanak'byee..phir milenge"

Khanak looks back- he gives her a flying kiss'She quickly turns away her gaze'scolds herself- " idiot'darpok..itna darne ki kya jarorat thi'..waise usne apna naam to bataya hi nahi'no problem ..next''no no I don't want any next time..please..dis was the last time"
Khanak didn't knew that day that was not indeed their last meeting''..
Khanak had by now established herself in the fashion world, her next goal was to achieve success in the field of art since her childhood, she had aspired to become someone special and famous. She didn't had to wait for long, because opportunity came knocking at her door, one day, in form of an offer of a daily soap'though she wanted her luck in films, yet on Meghna's insistence, she agreed..

At  restaurant,  the producer of the show, Meghna and the male lead were waiting for Khanak to show up..
Meghna gets up after getting a missed call from Khanak, she goes to the entrance door.Khanak arrives, parks her scooty..
"oops..i m sorry..am I too late"

Meghna- "off course..u r..now come quickly"

However as soon as Khanak pushes the door, she is shocked to see the other person sitting with the producer..she steps back..the person was none other than Shantanu Khandelwal
Meghna gets confused with her behavior-" Khanak , kya ho gaya..chal".

Khanak-  aa..woh ..megs..actually, I just forgot my purse in the scooty..u go, I m coming"

Meghna- hein! dear , ur purse is with u"

Khanak thinks, den again says-" actually, i'I have hurt my feet and its too painful..see I can't even walk"

Meghna now gets frustrated, she grabs Khanak's hands and says-" Khanak, stop giving stupid excuses, now come'Khanak ' "nahi..mujhe nahi jaana.."

Now Meghna starts dragging khanak, who resists like a kid..Finally meghna gives up..Khanak goes away from there.
After two days, in Khanak's flat'Meghna throws a magazine at Khanak , who was busy drawing something.
Khanak-" what is dis yaar'u spoiled my creation"

Meghna-" spoiled! Hun'do u have any idea, what u actually spoiled of urself..see in the magazine"

Khanak looks at the magazine, there is an article- ' Khandelwal heir to debut with small screen '
Khanak-" so what should I do with this article"

Meghna- " pad, pad poore article ko'.it says the name of the lucky girl who is gonna debute along with him'do u have the slightest idea that had u have kicked away a golden opportunity that came ur way'do u know dis guy is famous for just being the son of a rich scion and u could have got fame instantly---but nahi.."

Khanak- "and do u know that   dis shantanu khandelwal is actually a psychic who loves irritating people, just for the sake of knowing their names and on the top of that , he speaks rubbish on being drunk'did u knew that..haan bolo"

Meghna tries saying something, but khanak interrupts her saying- bas..i m not gonna discuss nething on it..".
The year passes , with khanak getting herself engaged in doing ad-films and Shan in his daily soap'next year again, the same opportunity knocks at khanak's door- this time the reason was same-another daily soap and same male lead- Shantanu Khandelwal..but she could not refuse, because firstly even she was tired of doing ads and wanted to move further and secondly dis time the producer was none other than Monisha Narang,- the lady to whom she actually owes her success, and could do nething to repay her debts.

Khanak started her journey as a co-star to Shantanu, with a promise to herself that she will only concentrate on her work, and will never get indulged in any kind of news or personal attachments with neone on the sets'everything to her should be professional..she was indeed successful in keeping up her promise-though she mingled with everyone on the sets, yet she would always keep an arm's distance with everybody, unlike Shan, who was like a family member to everyone on the sets'She was glad Shan was just behaving as a co-star with her  and was friendly , only in a formal way
Khanak , though could not figure out the reason for Shan's formal behavior, but she was ok about it..she didn't wanted ne complications in her life'she feared being close to him.

The year passed by, and they reached the end of their serial..It was not intended to end so quickly, but due to Monisha's other projects and even Shan's uneagerness to continue in small screen , the show had to end

It was the farewell party'

Everyone was busy enjoying the party, remembering the days spend on the sets..Shan was also busy with other co-actors when suddenly he hears a person from the press asking Khanak abt whether she will miss the sets, ne one special'Shan smirks, he thinks, she will take his name specially..but he is shocked to hear her answer-she replies, everything was just professional for her and she may miss them for a day or two n nothing more than that.

Shan gets further hurt wen she says that she never considered Shantanu khandelwal, more than a co-star..not even a friend..

Unknowingly a tear falls from Shan's eyes, he never expected dis answer from her, though he knew she was an introvert, a reserved person..but yet when ever he used to inact any romantic scenes,  he always felt something in her eyes for him..

His hurt turned into anger and frustration when he saw Khanak in a happy mood with others, enjoying herself'he could n't take it more'he had been behaving like a gentleman since 2 yrs, waiting for  this girl- who had captured his mind, his heart, his soul since the day she started visiting him in his dreams'he wanted to create a good impression in her mind about himself, because he knew she didn' t liked him initially and had even refused to wotk with him'''.but this was enough , enough of his patience'

Without thinking for a second, he went towards Khanak, said ' Khanak, I need to talk to u
Khanak, due to the noise ,could not hear what he is saying- " kya, jor se bolo"

Shan, signal with his fingers- " come out, I need to talk"

Khanak  signals with her thumb finger- " what?"

Shan grabs her hands and drags her out of the party..
They are now in a isolated place-a corridor attached to the garden of the hotel
Khanak-" aise kaun si baat hai, jo tumhe mujhe yahan tak keench ke lana pada"
Shan- " baat hai..and its very important'.i want to know what do u think about me"
Khanak gives a confused look, she looks at him from top to bottom and says- " u look handsome, just like a prince'''''..yehi sunna chahte ho na'"..she tries to go away from there, but Shan pulls her back

He says in a angry tone- " I m not joking'''..i want to listen what u think about me, about us"

Khanak- "us?...we r just co-stars"

Shan-" yeah..co-stars'nothing else..not even friends, hein na'because u don't even think me worthy of friendship"

Khanak-" whats wrong with u'''.till yesterday, u were okay with everything, aaj achanak se why are u so bothered about friendship"

Shan- " no..nothing was okay'I tried to make everything okay..just for ur sake..u know what khanak'I respect u, dats y I never showed my true feelings , despite being close to u for almost 12 hrs each day'
Khanak looks at him'he continues, dis time in a low tone- " khanak, I don't know tumhare sath mera kya connection hai, but I felt a sense of attraction towards u since  the day u captured my dreams, u won't believe my legs automatically followed u dat that day---I really meant to risk my life just for the sake of knowing ur name'I was unhappy wen u refused to work with me earlier, but I consoled myself'then again I was happy wen u accepted the second offer'u can never guess how happy I was dat day---but ur extra professional behavior irked me'phir bhi khanak, I didn't said nething'neither tried to force u for nething'I remained paitent, waiting for u'waiting for the day u will consider me worthy of being close to u'but sorry I was wrong'because till date u don't consider me worthy of even friendship"

He holds her hands tightly, says- " bolo na khanak, kya sach much tum mere liye kuch bhi feel nahi karti ho..hum to itne time se ek doosre ke sath kaam kar rahe hain na..is it only professional"'

Khanak, tries to free herself- " haan'I don't feel nething for u"

Shan-"agar yehi sach hai, then look into my eyes and repeat what u have said right now, to that reporter..come on khanak'''.kis baat ka dar hain tumhe"'''he tries moving khanak's face towards himself, but she resists, finally pushes him away.

Shan moves closer, says-" u know what..u r a liar..i have and I can still see something else in ur eyes'but u are a coward..u don't want to face the reality..u don't have the courage to face truth'u r afraid.."
Khanak is unable to take it nemore'she retorts back- " haan, hoon main darpok'I m afraid'afraid of u, afraid of myself..afraid of this unknown feeling, this unknown attraction, I feel toward  u"'.she breaks down'speaks between sobs'"I m afraid of being close to ne1'..i don't want to be close to anyone..main khush hoon apni tanhayeen mein'nahi chahiye mujhe kisika sath'''.yeh rishtein, yeh  apnapan sab jooth hai'jab waqt ata hai, sab chod ke chale jate hain'''aur yeh sab woh upar wala karta hain---woh apko joothe khab dikhata hai'phir ek din bina kuch kahe aapse apka sab kuch cheen leta hai'....wen He can't pity on a 3yr old and left her alone in dis world'.to the mercy of unknown strangers, how can I accept Him to bless me dis time'..i don't even remember how much I loved my parents, but I am sure of 1 thing-till today  God has been punishing  me for unknowingly getting attached to anyone'.i don't want to repeat my mistake..kyunki is baar to woh galti jaan buch ke hogi na''''Shantanu, mujhe us upar wale ki punishment se bahut  dar lagta hai'mujhe pyar se dar lagta hai''..main kya karoon'"
She starts crying'bends down on the ground'.Shantanu who has been listening to everything, holds her by the shoulders, makes her stand, gently takes her hand and takes her out to the garden'
Shan points towards a rose plant- " khanak, us flower ko dekh rahi ho'''.do u know why we love flowers ''..because they make us happy'.they spread love in the atmoshphere'''but u know the irony'.They don't even get a chance to enjoy the love we have for them, the love they spread''.why, just because He doesn't permits them and they wither away in few days'''but have u ever seen them complaining...nahi naa..then y r u complaining'''Khanak..love is not a thing to be afraid of'it should be enjoyed, no matter how long''

He holds her hands-" get out of ur fears, kholo apni ankhon ko..dekho khanak Kudrat ke har creation mein pyar hai'poori duniya mein pyar hai'tumhare proffesion mein pyar hain'un logon ke dil mein pyar hai jo har roj apna har kaam chod ke time pe tv pe tumhe dekhna nahi bhulte hai''"
Khanak, softly-" agar har jagah pyar hai..to mujhe kyun nahi mehsoos hota hai Shantanu''I want to feel it'jin logon ki   tum baat kar rahe ho, woh to sirf mujhe meri proffesion ki wajeh se pyar karte hain na''but I want something else'mujhe woh pyar chaiye jiske upar main ankh band karke vishwas karke saku, jispe main bina kuch soche depend ho saku''..i want to feel that love''bolo Shan, can u help me..bolo"'she clutches his shirt..

Shan looks down into her eyes- he can clearly see pain, flowing in form of tears from her eyes, he lowers his face, kisses her on the lips, but instantly moves back, looks at her, asks-" u want to feel love"

Khanak 's eyes are still closed, her lips drift apart, allowing a soft 'yes' escape from her lips, which only he could hear'He nibbled on her lower lip- she responded equally'slowly he captured her lips into his own, his tongue explored her mouth, The kiss turned into a smooch , a passionate and tender one'..

khanak was feeling a sense of satisfaction within herself, she was happy''..same was the case with Shantanu'they both were happy..they were not bothered about the world, they wanted to be close to each other'...dey didn't even realized that they have been kissing since the last 5 minutes and would have even continued , had it not been for Shan's mobile which rang , interrupting their moment'
This was the beginning of their beautiful journey

i hope u all liked it...

next update will take time..depending on the availibilty of the writer, who is nowadays too busy......

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Hey Shilpa  ....

finally read all the parts n i loved all of them sooo much yaar.....every part is better than the last one ......just lovin the story , its really good .....loved shanak first meeting ....drunk shaan n statue  khanak LOL...shaan burthal ik statue ko bhi nain chora ..lol.......loved their second meeting....how he followed her was sooo cute .........loved the love confessionClapClap ....but felt khanak's  pain.....now i m feeling bad for the present khanak , she is all alone with a baby , wonder wht happened in the past.....

continue soon



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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
great update!

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
shilpa awsome yaar......shanak are sooooooooo cuteeeeeeee...loved it.......ClapClapClapClapClapClap.....will be waiting for next update...Big smile

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_shizzzyy_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Shilpa tht was awesome!!
loved it..tht was soooo cute
ur too good yaarClap plzz continue soonSmile
simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Very nice Shilpa!!
Especially liked the interaction bet Khanak and Shaan's sis...very innovative!!:))

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OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
awesome shilpa!..
tht was a long update!...
waitin for their love to begin!

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