Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Written update for 11th Feb 2011

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coming up soon  so plse  relax  Big smile

Part one

The episode starts at CM Gopi in the kitchen making paneer paratha, she gets hugged from behind Gopi is  surprised, its panna ClapClap(little cutie teeth missing)  Panna Gopi says  i knew it was you, Gopi ben bunty told me yesterday that you were here but i could not come n meet you, you know the hostel they wont let girls out, there i dont like to stay there, when it is good to be with you, now you tell me about your prince charming is he like the prince charming that we saw, who loved his princess so much, gopi in deep thought, jiju loves you alot yes Gopi looks sad, then panna says are you happy Gopi ben, you have such a big house (i dont understand what panna said) Gopi replies yes panna i dont like being this far from them, Panna gets angry  ok then, go back there n when you remember me then come. Gopi smiles n says panna  you are so small yet you speak  so big, panna chukles, Gopis says sit i will give your thepla. 
At MM Rashi  speaking to herself  there i was thinking i will be living like a queen but here they have made me queen maidLOLStarStar. i know what i will do i will call mummy to give her fresh news of what is going on, that  the kow kow kargri has got chiel (sorry guys dont know ) on her,, her ma.  And i have to tell mummy that Gopi may be needed here, and that she can be called back any time.  Rashi is about to call then kokila  calls her RASHI, Rashi jumps oh god she says is  kargri a fortune teller that she can hear what my heart is saying, no no i must be thinking about her thats why i can hear her kow kow in my ears,LOLshe continues to dial, Rashi kokila calls she turns round n is shocked to see kokila.  Rashi how long have i been calling you can you not hear, i dont know what holiday you are going to, rashi replies no kaki Go to the guest bedroom there is work for you to do.  ma has asked for water to bathe, go inside Rashi shakes her head.  kokila n rashi go to the guest bedroom, they head towards the bathroom, Rashi go n look whats in there, rashi replies  hot water, yes marni has heated up the water  but put some cold water in there, Rashi asks why are you doing that the hot water is not working, why did marni have to heat up the water, oh krishan bhagwan i asked you to do one thing, n you asking question after question, Rashi looks down, my mother has always bathed like this, hurry up she needs to bathe, rashi says ji  whilst Rashi was getting the water she starts to mumble, its better if Gopi comes , otherwise this kargri  making me do all this work will break my backLOL. did you say something koki asks  no nothing rashi replies, well hurry up my ma has gone to meet Baa she must be coming, when she comes this water must be ready, in the meantime the  bedding has to be changed, i will get some more sheets, hurry up kokila leaves. Rashi frowning as if she is about to cry.  Nani comes in jiganath ki bahu what are you doing here, Rashi replies Nani ji i was getting your water ready for you to bathe, did i say i cant remember, anyway i have already bathe in kinjals room rashi looks shocked, really rashi says. kokila comes with the bedding she sees her mother standing there  Ma you water is ready for bathing not cold or hot , but koli i have already bathe,  kokila replies Ma but you said get my water ready for me to bathe, no  i cant remember nani says. Kokila looks at Rashi, Rashi you go, ji rashi replies. Kokila says come lets go ma, Hetal walks in with the phone, Masi kinjal ka phone, Nani smiles ah kinjal,  how are you dikra ? now  that you are newly married i will not say to you  come n meet me, kokila looks down, you can come in a few days, kinjal replies i will come nani, How are you, nani says i am very good, here speak to your mother she is standing there, hetal smile fades, i know she is waiting eagerly to speak to you,  here speak to your mother, kokila speaks kinjal everything is fine , kinjal replies yes ma, now you must have learned to live in your own house, kinjal looks shocked, yes  replies kinjal ok then i will put the phone down, jai shree krishna kokila puts the phone down.

Part Two
Kinjal is sad  nani says to kokila what thats it, i speak more to the bimb bhai, anyway is kinjal ok  she doesnt sound happy, kokila replies yes ma why nani replies, she sounded a bit upset not like a   newly wed bride should be speaking. kokila reples all is well, i will be back .
At  Cm Gopi  serving at the breakfast table dhawal kinjal n jeetu mahma are sitting down,  she says Kinjal ben here have this for you paneer ka paratha, Kinjal smiles paneer ka paratha, dhawal says to Gopi thank you, after 2 days kinjal ji has smiled, kinjal goes sad again. Mahma ji says wow this is good that gopi knows what our kinjal vahu likes.  Kinjal looks down.  Urmila comes in oh good breakfast is ready, jeetu replies yes come today our Gopi made breakfast  that kinjal likes, Paneer ka paratha, urmilla smiling frowns, looking at Gopi  she says something like Gopi will ruin my plan. oh wonderful Gopi beta you have done a good job that you made food that kinjal likes, Gopi smiles, kinjal looks up at urmilla. she goes up to Gopi  come let me help you in the kitchenAngry smiling she takes Gopi away, then she sees panna in the kitchen eating, Gopi asks Panna if she has eaten panna nods her head shall i give you more. Stop gopi  shouts urmilla are you of right mind do you know how expensive paneer is 100rupees per kilo and  you give everyone yogurt and chutney. this is not modis kitchen (i dont understand next bit) Gopi says mahmi i made paneer at home, oh really,  she tells her you must have wasted one liter of milk at least urmilla replies then only you get 300grams of paneer and anyway i havent opened a orphanage, so where ever anyone comes you feed (ithink thats what she means) panna giggles oh wonderful she is laughing Gopi looks at panna get out of here urmilla says to panna, panna leaves  n looks back n winks at Gopi, Gopi tries not to smile. urmilla shouts dont you dare make any thepla,  what ever is left put it in the fridge  it will come useful tomorrow in the sabji.  and anyway somebody important  may come (Urmilla your read my mind  yes someone important is coming shall i tell you its RashiROFL she is coming because nani is going to send her to you).Wink The door bell rings dont know whos come now urmila says  i will look you do your work.

At MM kokila enters Gopi room where Aham is moving back Embarrassed  he is packing his bag kokila comes n he stops, he looks at kokila whats the matter mom, Aham i need to speak to you its important i know you have come back to your room  and you are happy with your life but, but what Aham says are you saying i should bring Gopi back to this house because nani wants that.  kokila say yes.  Aham says to marni and bimla to go outside i will call you, mom why do you want to extend this matter why not go n tell nani the truth, kokila says ok then  if that is what you what then you go n tell her,  Aham looks shocked ( first time ever mom is not doing as he says ) and after that i will only do what your nani tells me to do  and remember i cant say no to my mother no matter what you say, Aham dileema kokila leaves n Aham looks at her going surprised .

At CM dhawal n kinjal both eating breakfast they hear  urmilla shouting whats this  you forcing me to tell you to come in, i told you once i dont need a maid, the girls say  oh wah bhabi how can you get me out like this, Dhawal shakes his head coming to sit by jeetu mahma, urmilla says what i should ask the pandit to get out the date for you to leaveLOL listen to me careful then i dont understand something about Gopi, the girl replies anyone can come n go i dont care  these types of dikras are only here for two daysLOL then third day back at there sassural, urmilla gets mad puts money in her had then forces her out she closes the door.
Part three

The door bell rings again, urmilla shouts i told you that i have Gopi to do the house work as she opens the door, her face drops  (her mouth opens wide  now the plane can landLOL, standing there is Aham  looking rather dashing.Big smile.  She puts her hand together jai shree krishna son in law. Aham replies jai shree krishna, jeetu mahma hears and dhawal they come to the door.  I have come to take Gopi back home, urmilla is in shock her free maid goneBig smile.  Is Gopi at home Aham asks, Gopi comes out of a room, she sees Aham i will take her home with me , i will wait for her downstairs, Gopi smiling, Jeetu says i am happy that you have come to take Gopi back home with you.  He says come in, aham sees Gopi who is smiling looking at him, she gets shocked n goes back into her room, he stops no leave it i will wai t for her downstairs, gopi is peeking again smilingEmbarrassed. urmilla is thinking mode. jai shree krishna . Aham leaves.  Jeetu mahma  shouts Gopi dikra Gopi dikra look who has come to take you home Aham has come to take you home Quickly get your things together and go. Urmilla is about to cry.  she calls Rashi  what kinda of drama is this Aham is at my doorstep telling us he is going to take Gopi home, Rashi shocked, i just told the maid i dont need her, Rashi replies  i know Aham is making his nani happy by taking Gopi, nani who nani, Aham ki nani came home this morning looking at her i can say she looks exactly like kargri, but when she tells me to do a job she forgets rashi laughs.  Mommy i think she likes me (OH GOD not Nani as well Jake Bro add another one to your rashi fanclubWink) and you know what she calls kargra koli  urmila confused koli, meaning, like ka for kargari, koli for koli, listen dont talk about this first tell me what to do about aham. Mommy llook first listen to me i think kargri ka ma likes me a lot, urmilla says how do you know this? Rashi replies first she  phrased my earings  and if nothing else she even praised the chutney i made. even after kargri had said that dont eat the chutney  as it is not made nice, she ate and phrased me urmilla happy hmmm.  you know mummy Nani has brought with a big chest  which has something for me and Gopi, she says she will not tell us  until Aham ki wife comes  home urmillas eyes mouth wide open.  Listen do one job urmilla say go n give  nani your earings , Rashis says earings why should i give her earings  oh think about it if you do she will like you more and what she may do is give you the whole chest and gopi will not get anything , Rashi happy she replies yes there is kalakari in this, ok mommy i will do this straight away.jai shriee krishna  both put the phone down.
At the mandir nani is praying she sees a jewellery box  oh whats this doing here and these earring  rashi comes up from behind, rashi  says nani this is for you, nani looks surprised, no no how can i have this, rashi says have them nani ji you liked them, nani looks confused i liked them, rashi replies yes when you came  to the house you said they were very nice , nani replies  they are nice, rashi says you just keep them, kokila comes  rashi says nani will you not accept gift from your bahu/ as you are say so much i will keep them nani replies.
kokila says Rashi, rashi stands up there are so many jobs to do why are you sitting there talking, come here, in the kitchen i have left you some work, the door bell rings, firstly go n open the door.  Rashi is shocked she see Gopi standing there smiling with Aham, Kokila looks shocked nani looks at Gopi suspiously n hetal comes to the door all are surprised, Gopi smiles f
Pre cap kokila says this is my Gopi Vahu, Gopi goes to get blessing from Nani, Nani stops her half way  , why have you taken a big bag  you had no intention of coming back 

my prediction Gopi will say that her mahma n mahmi have given her saris 

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suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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part one complete
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Thanx a lot suk
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Thanks Suk.
suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Finished thank you sorry it was late

anyway as they say better late than never Wink
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thanks a lotClap
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Thanks for the update....Wonder what gopi will say

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