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02/11/2011: Neerdhya GEL w/ family

Poll Question: Is Shreya right to send Neeraj flowers in Sandhya's name?

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
No precap
Neeraj's family happy w/ Sandhya

Neeraj, Anmol, Sandhya & Reena are sitting in the garden, laughing away Approve Anmol calls him 'mota', and Neeraj laughingly asks how is he fat?  Reena explains that Anmol called him 'big', which is what 'mota' is.  The 4 of them are just laughing away.

Dadaji & Baa are observing this from the patio, and Baa tells him that Neeraj looks exactly like Ramesh.  When he arrived, he was pretty gloomy, but now, he's very cheerful!  And like Ramesh, he too makes others laugh.  Dadaji tells her that this is due to Sandhya's efforts that he's w/ them, and so happy.

Baa is  surprised to hear this, and Dadaji tells her that initially, Neeraj was reluctant to even come there, despite a lot of persuasion.  But when Sandhya explained to him, he was convinced.  He praises Sandhya (Hope he helps in making Sandhya a permanent part of Neeraj's life, and doesn't oppose their jodi)

Inside, Urmi is helping Sarita w/ the cooking, and she tells Sarita that it was good that Sandhya came w/ Neeraj, since she's helping Neeraj adapt to their home.  Sarita agrees, and also praises Sandhya and her upbringing. Hug

GB joins them & spoils their mood Angry, asking who is this girl and where is she from?  What's her relationship w/ Neeraj, and why has be brought her here like a tail?  Urmi is startled, and tells her that it was Dadaji, not Neeraj, who brought her here, and if he did, he must have had something in mind.

GB tells her that Urmi is always full of praise for Dadaji, but he had brought her (GB) a hubby.  What happened? (We'd like to know too - your situation looks abnormal)  Since then, she's stopped trusting either her fate or Dadaji. (Ok, she's pissed @ Dadaji b'cos she's @ her maayka.  Dear, get a divorce and start hunting for another hubby.  But one helpful hint b4 that - lose that attitude - I don't blame your current hubby for getting rid of you) She then resumes bitching about Sandhya, telling them that w/o knowing anything about her background, they just brought her here.  She asks whether Sandhya even deserves to be in such a house (you are like Dadaji in that way, except that keep it up, and the family will lose Neeraj  like they lost Ramesh)

Baa & Sandhya bond

Sandhya is in her room dusting her stuff, when Baa, Anmol & Reena join her.  Sandhya invites Baa to sit down, and tells her that she could have called her, instead of troubling herself.  Reena tells her that Sandhya is the one being troubled - she could have called one of the servants, instead of doing the cleaning herself.

Sandhya tells Reena that she's used to doing her own work. (Actually, that's recent, since while she was blind, she never had to)  Her dad used to teach her that she shouldn't be dependent on others, and one should do as much of one's own work as possible.  That way, neither the mind nor body is idle.

Baa remarks that she must love her dad a lot, and Sandhya tells her that she loves her dad more than anybody else in the world.  Baa tells Sandhya that Dadaji told her all about Sandhya's father, and hopes that God rests his soul in peace.  Baa notices Sandhya tear up, and tells her that her father was a great person who God decided HE needed more than her, which is why he took him back.  She  hugs Sandhya, and tells her never to consider herself alone. 
She assures Sandhya that  they'd always  be on her side Hug

Anmol teases Baa for changing Sandhya's mood from cheerful to sad, and Baa tells him that she was trying to lighten  Sandhya's emotional burden.  She tells Sandhya that they had come there to thank her.  She tells them that if Neeraj agreed to come here in the first place, it was due to Sandhya, and if he apologized to them, that too was due to Sandhya.

They all thank her, and Sandhya tells her that as it is, she's a stranger in this house, and they're making her feel more strange by telling her all this.  She said she didn't do anything great by bringing Neeraj here: after what Neeraj did for her, anything she'd do for him would be inadequate.  Besides, it was important for Neeraj to come back to  them, and be united w/ them.  All 3  of them are touched by her comments.  Sandhya tells Baa that Neeraj is extremely good @ heart, but a bit moody, so to forgive him if he does anything wrong.

Sandhya tells them that he had lost his memory, and forgotten everything - it's only recently that his memory came back, so he'll need some time to be normal again.  Anmol assures her not to worry - he'll get endless love there.  One can get and eat as much as one wants. LOL  Sandhya warns him against overfeeding him again LOL but tells them not to let their affection for him reduce.  Baa hugs Sandhya. Hug

Neeraj asks about his family & family business

Neeraj is sitting w/ Hasmukh & Raj, and going through some family albums.  Hasmukh shows him some recently married family members, and tells him that his other uncle Jignesh is in Kenya w/ the rest of his family.  When he mentioned Neeraj to him, he was very happy, and are coming back from Kenya to see him.

Neeraj asks bari-papa what their business is, and who manages it?  Hasmukh tells him that it's Dadaji who does it all, and Hasmukh just does as much as he's asked.  Neeraj asks Raj whether he works there as well, and Hasmukh hastily denies it, and says he dibs & dabs in business of his own.

Neeraj asks what the family business is in the first place?  Hasmukh tells him that only Bapuji knows since he manages it all.  He just sometimes goes to office if summoned, gets a payment, and does exactly what he's asked - nothing more, nothing less.
  (This is really bizarre)  He continues to go through the album, but Neeraj is struck by this strange answer.

Anjali chats w/ Anmol

Anjali is in her room w/ a book, and fantasizing about Neeraj (oh, dear no! Disapprove) Anmol comes in and tells her that he heard that she was looking for him? (Thank goodness!  Phew!) Anjali tells him that he didn't come to see her once since she returned.  Anmol tells her that it's nothing like that, and that he was in Neeraj's company, and starts praising him. (Anmol, we know your heart is in the right place, but talk yourself up, not Neeraj! LOLShe asks him what, and Anmol tells her that when she's w/ him, she'll understand.  Anjali fantasizes again.

She then tells Anmol that she had a favor to ask of him - she tells him to get copies of a project that she'll have to submit tomorrow.  He agrees.  She gets up & leaves

Sandhya w/ Sarita & Urmi

Sandhya is in the dining area w/ Sarita & Urmi, and Sarita is annoyed about Hasmukh being @ his dad's beck & call all the time, & ignoring her even after 30 years of marriage.  He goes to office daily, but if one asks him what the work is, he probably has no idea.  Sandhya is somewhat embarrassed hearing her harangue.  Sarita continues that Hasmukh never puts his mind in his work, or does anything himself, and as a result, all her dreams are shattered.  She walks away angry.

Urmi tells Sandhya not to be embarrassed by Sarita's words.  She's very nice, but sometimes gets angry.  This is usual in their home.  Urmi then asks Sandhya if she can tell her something about herself.  Sandhya is embarrassed, and stares @ her, and Urmi gets uneasy, and tells her that she doesn't need to open up if she's uncomfortable.  She tells Sandhya that she knew about everybody, so she thought she might learn something about her.  Sandhya is uncomfortable, and speechless.

Neeraj tries to catch a moment w/ Sandhya

That night, Sandhya is coming downstairs w/ a glass of milk, when Neeraj stops her.  He asks her for a minute, and Sandhya tells her that she's @ work.  Neeraj asks her to put it aside for 2 minutes, and asks her when is a good time to get together w/ her & talk to her, since she's so busy helping his bari-ma & others? (Sandhya is not even a bahu as yet, she's a guest and yet is doing all this?  Wonder what she'll do when she's married? LOL Besides, didn't she come here to give Neeraj company?  One would think she's a bahu in this house LOL)

Neeraj tells her that ever since they arrived, he hasn't had any time to even talk to her. LOL She's the busiest of all, so when will she have time for him?  Sandhya tells him that she has to take this medicine for bari-ma (oh, so that's what it was?) Neeraj jokes that it seems that he's the guest, and she's a family member.  Sandhya tells him that she'll give bari-ma the med, and then return.  Just then, bari-ma calls, and Sandhya instantly disappears, leaving Neeraj hapless LOL

Shreya reminds Sandhya of Valentines Day

Sandhya is sitting alone on her bed (hey, why ain't you chatting w/ Neeraj - now's a great time to do it!) Her phone rings, and it's Shreya-di.  Shreya asks her whether she's done the work that she gave her?  Sandhya says yes, Neeraj is slowly adjusting to his family, and she too is doing her best.  Shreya is happy to hear that.

Shreya tells her mischieviously that that's the first job, but what about the other?  Sandhya is surprised - what other?  Shreya asks her if their love life has advanced any? LOL Sandhya tells her that that's her chosen topic to make fun of her.  Shreya tells her that nobody else needs to listen, she needs to listen to her heart, which keeps telling her that it loves Neeraj LOL Sandhya asks Shreya if that's why  she called, and Shreya tells her that she'll keep calling for that reason only LOL

Shreya then reminds Sandhya that tomorrow is Valentine's day, and neither know whether the other loves him/her or not.  She tells Sandhya to give red roses to Neeraj and open up her heart, she's very confident that that'll clinch the deal LOL She tells Sandhya  that that's why Valentine's day was invented. (Uh, Shreya-di, that's Neeraj's job!)

Sandhya tells her that she neither understands her, nor wants to.  Shreya tells her not to, but to just give Neeraj a red rose, & he'll understand.  She cuts the call, and Shreya decides that she'll gift Neeraj the flowers in Sandhya's name Evil SmileLOL

Sandhya is left blushing Blushing


Well, a really touching & endearing episode! Hug At least @ the beginning - Dadaji, Baa, Urmi & Sarita are all happy w/ Sandhya.  Sure, it's expected that GB would rain on the parade, bitter about having to live in her maayka.  Well, seeing her attitude, any surprise that her hubby probably couldn't stand her?

I loved Baa getting up close & personal w/ Sandhya - this is what I was waiting for: Neeraj's family to cozy up to Sandhya and make her a part of their life, and themselves part of hers.  Baa praising her father and comforting her was really sweet - almost got tears to my eyes.  Sandhya's helping Sarita & Urmi later was great as well - she's hopefully likely to win over everybody's hearts and make them love her like they love Neeraj.

I found Dadaji more fishy however - he's apparently a millionaire, and one would think that that would make every family member busy in the family business.  But they're not, he alone does it.  Is it just a case of him wanting all the glory, or is he involved in something criminal that he's too embarrassed to let the rest of the family participate in?  Or is it just Hasmukh being a real loser, since Jignesh seems to be doing fine in Kenya (interesting locale)

I wish Sandhya has been a bit more open w/ Urmi, who unlike GB, has asked her an innocent question - not about her relationship w/ Neeraj, but about herself.  Hope that Urmi doesn't have a negative impression of her, given that GB has been busy trying to poison her ears about Sandhya.  One thing about GB - granted this is a sitcom, but wouldn't a family member be cautious about a new guest - a friend of a new family member - and not be so negative about her?  Usually, such people are spared the public  glare.

Anyway, while it seemed like a filler episode, it was one of the most pleasant & relaxing episodes to watch in the serial Clap  Didn't find it boring @ all: hope you didn't either.

Wish Neeraj & Sandhya a happy Valentine's Day! Heart

Episode rating:
Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

Thumbs Up: Sandhya gelling w/ Neeraj's family beautifully - particularly the Baa-Sandhya moments, Shreya's Valentine plans for Neerdhya LOL

Thumbs Down: GB bitching about her situation, Anjali fantasizing about Neeraj, Sandhya's inability in front of Urmi

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I think there's a number of things that could possibly happen with the drama at this point.

1) GB could get someone on her side by filling their head enough. Not sure if it'll be Urmi but perhaps more likely to be Anjali and they'l both plot together to present Sandhya in a bad light.

2) Whether or not they both plot against Sandhya together, Sandhya might be warned off Neeraj by, eg, GB. And because Sandhya won't want Neeraj to break apart from his new-found family because he seems so happy with them she'll just distance herself from him or make him dislike her or just get away from him

3) Neeraj might tell Sandhya how he feels, or Sandhya might tell him instead and GB might overhear, or someone else even might. I think Anjali/GB will play a key role in this track, as is quite clear already.

Could Dadaji's business have any links to Ragu? Maybe that's how Ragu so easily let go of Neeraj and how Dadaji was able to find him?

I really don't want Neeraj and Sandhya to go their seperate ways or to end their friendship or tarnish it, but I have a feeling that it will definitely happen :( It's going to be annoying to watch but I don't think this story line would have started unless it's going to be to explore Sandhya being forced to give up all hope of getting with Neeraj or him going against her or something. Up to now we have seen their friendship/relationship going extremely strongly so I think maybe the producers want to show it breaking (although at the end of it they might just end up together) - sounds like a typical drama storyline but I think that's how it'll be :\

Sandhya's response to Urmi was slightly weird and uncalled for. Perhaps she thought she would have to talk about her marriage or something to them? Talking of marriage, none of the family know that Sandhya has been previously married. Another possible track could be that they agree to Sandhya and Neeraj getting married but then GB or Anjali find out that Sandhya has been previously married and reveal it and therefore the family might disagree to the marriage, regardless of the hardships that Sandhya had to face. Actually come to think of it this could really happen :\
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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
I hope your scenarios don't play out.  Given how TRPs have been great when they showed Sandhya firing on all cylinders, I doubt they'll screw w/ the plot by separating her from Neeraj.

Baa told Sandhya that Dadaji had told her about Sandhya's dad's death.  If she knew that, both she & Dadaji have to know that Sandhya was previously married.  I guess you are right - Sandhya is embarrassed to talk about her marriage, particularly  given that she is perceived as a potential love interest of Neeraj.  If only they knew that despite being married, Neeraj was the one expected to consumate it, they'd be disgusted, but might have a different view of things.  In fact, in your last scenario, if it were to happen, this explanation of things - how Neeraj first spotted Sandhya & Yuvraj stole her, how Neeraj was  expected to consumate Yuvraj's marriage, etc might swing them around to the view that as far as Neeraj goes, Sandhya is chaste.

From what Sarita disclosed, I think Dadaji's business is fine, but the reason he doesn't trust Hasmukh w/ much is that Hasmukh himself doesn't show much initiative.  If  one is a business owner, one doesn't entrust decisions to someone who's only used to following orders.  If Neeraj  asks Dadaji himself what it is, he might get a different answer.  Incidentally, I found Raj's response peculiar as well.

I also think Anjali is a teaser - once it's out that Neeraj & Sandhya are an item, she might be happy to go for Anmol.  GB might be the one who exposes Sandhya's previous marriage, but I can't see it be an obstacle if Dadaji & Baa are okay w/ it, which they must be if they wanted Sandhya to come over.  My guess - Dadaji has all the info on Sandhya, Neeraj & Yuvraj from Purushottam.

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I don't want any of the scenarios I mentioned to play out either! Sorry for the misunderstanding haha. I just think really negatively so if something good does happen I'll be extra relieved and happy!

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Thanks for the update.
Oh man, how long will this track go on for??

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