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~deewangi~ maaneet ff Thread 7 (Page 149)

maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
i think muski is bz watchin Geet rite now
she will update after 1/2hr

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nisharoyce Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
v r waiting
r u typing ?

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged

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imaastha Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

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--ANGEL-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
waiting eagerly.....

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged
muskan...where r u....???

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--ANGEL-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
plz update ...ab aur raha nahi jata

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged

Lots of doubts:
YES rimi is an imposter... looks similar to Geet.. not exactly Geet
why she is here?? will answer that in detail later part of the story
Maan couldn't recognize Geet.. umm.. he did but his mind is become rude now.. with all the pain he gone through for so many months.. he just can't accept his feelings..well thats deewangi!!!one side he hates himself for not loving Geet/rimi.. & other side hates himself of falling for Geet the wify.. lets see whoes deewangi it is!!
Geet is confused why Maan is upset she just wants to see him happy & leave
Rano not recognizing Geet.Confused.. there was no reason why she should doubt Rimi

part 64

Arjun - no no.. u r not going to work in KC
she nodded delightfully...

Maan was kept calm with heavy dose of seductive. Couple of days passed Maan was in still daze wondering who she was, why did he feel so much at peace in her arms. It was her, then if it was her why did she leave him, agreed his question was not correct but his wify would have never misunderstood him. Why why why...why after so many days his feelings were getting life. Why was he attracted to some one like that. What is wrong with him. He definitely going mad, insane totally he made no sense wat so ever.

Geet carefully began to find out all details of Maan. She found out he was engaged to this girl Rimi some model. Who apparently lived in his house. Ok that made sense, she knew he was basically a possessive guy so engagement or no engagement if he loves someone he would want that person to be always next to him. But still him not objecting rimi's modeling was bit confusing. Still why is he upset or disturbed bothered her the most.

Arohi - mama se milne nahi ja rahi
Geet - abhi nahi
arohi - who kyun
Geet - first I want to find out wat is with him.
Arohi - where will u stay
Geet - hostel main
arohi - nahi yaar stay in my house
Geet - nahi nahi.. it won't take him long to connect the dots
Arjun least interested in her plans but still concerned - I will find a safe place for u
BTW Maan has not been going to office for last 6 months.
Now that was alarming. Actually that made Arjun also wonder a bit that may be Geet was right. But still he hated him for making Geet go through all this. She definitely didn't deserve this.

They created a fake ID for Geet. With all fake details. Like she a girl just moved to delhi, lost her family, not very well educated.. just a graduate.. nothing about her interior designing & london college mentioned. Arjun pulled all the strings he could to get her papers ready. Arjun found out about the current vacancies in KC.
Geet - kuch job openning hain kya?
Arjun - opening hi opening hain
Geet - show me
they read the options
HR assistant
creative designer
technical operator
personal associate
finance associate

Geet - wow
arohi - creative designer
Geet - NO WAYs... he will make out it is me
arohi - how will he know
Geet - he sees my work he would know it is my work
Arjun - right!! he can't recognize u but he can recognize ur work..he taunts
Geet ignored it all..she scanned through the job offers
Geet - Arjun which of the job will let me spend more time with him.
They read the role description of each profile. The personal associate & secretary seemed to be most close. Arjun mocks.. body guard ka opening nahi hain kya?
She roars back - mind it.. u may soon need one
Arjun - ok sher ki sherni.. relax kar.
Geet - yaar personal associate & secretary tho same hi lag raha hain
Arjun - nahi yaar.. technical
A businessman may have a personal associate to help with time and diary management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence and notes taking. on the move
A secretary is a person whose work consists of maintaining files, operating telephones, typing letters and other clerical functions.desk job 
Basically personal associate secretary se more powerful aur effective hota hain & more over..secretary pura time office main rahti hain where as  personal associate is always with the person, where ever he goes. Small companies main both  personal associate & secretary is done by one person ..lekin big companies like KC u would need 2 different people.

Arjun used his pulls & tried to push Geet through all the basics rounds. Now it was the final round with Adi & Sasha. Geet was thrilled to walk into KC.. it was so nauseating.. reminding her of their togetherness. Every corner had their memories, something special, hugging, kissing, slipping hand around just walking down the corridor looking into each other eyes. She relived almost every moment in here. Her eyes was moist when she walked in for the interview. Adhi was not happy about the strong recommendation she had. Adhi & sasha introduced themselves
when the smartly dressed short girl.. who looked really enterprising.. said hi I am sasha the head architect of KC.. Geet immediately knew she was munshi ji's daughter. Wow she thought.. she looked so different & smart. She was happy that Maan did support her education. Sasha felt something warm about this girl. Not sure wat it was. Adhi was shooting difficult questions just wanting to fail her. While sasha instantly wanted her. Some where she felt Maan would need some one more sober beside him because all the flashy, stylish girls couldn't stand his temper & left him in a day.  More over off late being around him was impossible. With sasha's foundness Geet got through as the personal associate for Maan.
Her joining date was in couple of days. Arjun & arohi had gone back to London. All the while Geet spend around Maan. She followed him where ever he went. She couldn't do much because he was not seen much in the Mansion. She didn't know where he lived. She tried following him but couldn't locate where he lived.. least did she expect him to be in their dream penthouse.
The moment Maan got off the hospital he refused to be on seductives. Seeing rimi scared after that days attempt to stab her, he avoided confronting her. Still some where the urge was there to stab her more intense than he could ever imagine. But something strange..he could feel geet was off late around him. He had long sealed his heart. He realized that there was something totally wrong with him. His feelings have no meanings, no logic & he was a total failure when it came to relationships. He can't love anyone, no one should love him.. if they do.. he may just ruin them. With this thought in him, he had become, cold to every relation & most of all to self. He was angry on that girl who cried hugging him that day.. she had awoken the demon in him .. someone who believed truly deeply that he was evil.
Geet joined KC. One month passed & she learned all about her profile. But the basic idea was to be with him but he was no where around. She didn't know wat to do. Working in KC was not even letting her stock him. But she learned a lot about him, like the whole office was dead scared of him, he was ruthless, heartless.. mean.. she hated all of them saying this about him. The only person who never spoke bad about Maan was sasha. She respected him a lot & was really grateful to him.
Geet - so u too think he is every one else
sasha - actually he looks nice, but he is not my type
Geet - matlab
sasha - I would prefer some one bit soft
Geet laughed ..she knew Maan & softness could ever go together. Even is expression of love would be rough filled with passion
Sasha - u laugh as if u know him.. u haven't even met him
Pinky - lucky her
Geets heart missed a beat she knew he was around. She immediately straighten herself. All of them in fact moved on to their desk. He walked passed her cabin & immediately walked back in. she instantly stood up didn't know wat to expect.
He was angry to see her again.. he hated the way she made him feel, every square inch of his body wanted her in his arms. He watched her & he waited while she knotted her duppata exactly the way his wify would do, he examined the slim women whose features were as serene as a cameo wearing a suit.. plat, drawn in front & a few tendrils curling about her cheeks..she was a dream a mirage he thought.. & for him she was an irresistible challenge. Before she could realize his hands were on those curls that teased her cheek, tantalizing him actually. She gulped the saliva inside, with his touch .. she knew it felt magical but now feeling it as a grown up women was different, she felt every part of hers reacting to him more intensely than ever.  She closed her eye lids instantly, almost leaning forward to give in.
feeling her so close he could feel himself hard just the way he did when he was around his wify. An urge long forgotten.. long gone, he thought it would never happen again, was setting in him exactly the way it did. Hating himself.. he pushed the curls behind & held her hair & tilted her head backward in anger. She opened her eyes instantly feeling the pain in his grip.. but something she didn't mind.. she cherished even this. His lips were inches away from hers...his breath fanning her lips... her scent intoxicating him...tum us din kyun royee thi?

A tear threatened to fall from corner of her eyes.. he instantly kissed it away.. feel of his lips again was the most beautiful thing she thought.

His grip getting harder now - kyun choda mera haat
she didn't know he would ask her that.. she was not prepared for that..

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE:.. suggested by  maanujaanu

Maan throwing GEET out of KC
-PREV   PART 63-
Thanks guys for all ur love & support...
hope u like this update as well
Please please do comment

Edited by muskanp - 17 February 2011 at 9:57am

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