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neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pretty girl

Nehaaaaaaaaaaa....U rock!!!!

this fan-fic sounds really hhmmmm really hhmmmm..wo kya bolte hai..ha..interesting..LOL...

hhmm London perfect place for our couple..can't wait for tomm..

Ekta mai ki to nikal pari...LOL..Neha i want ur autograph badme me pata nahi tumhe time mile ya nahi..Embarrassed...

wese neha kya bhi a/k ke saath khel khel me khel saktihu..??EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL..

start soon..

lots of love


lol, ur just senind me to could nine for no reason.  Thanks, and i cant wait till tomm myself! Tongue

neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

Khel Khel Main: Part 1

"In the past five years one man has swept the Business Man of the year award. His name, Angad Khanna. This year he earned him self two awards; Richest Indian in London, Richest, and most successful bachelor of the year. Will he be able to sweep away Business Man of the Year again this year? Well let's find out."

Angad sat in the VIP section of the awards smirking. He had the, 'you bet I'm going to get it,' look on his face. Every young, old, married, single, dating, or divorced lady was looking at him. All eyes were on the star of the night, Angad Khanna. Why was Angad Khanna this popular? Angad Khanna London's most handsome, the richest, most successful bachelor. Every girl drooled over him and he knew it. In the past few years over a thousand rich fathers had met him for asking his hand in marriage for their daughters. And, Angad Khanna had denied each and ever one of them.

Angad Khanna knew he was popular and loved the fact. In public he was arrogant and egoistic. But, in persona he was a very nice man who participated in any and every charity event that took place.

He was born in Punjab, and then his family had moved to Delhi. Angad had always wanted to run away from home and stand on his own feet. Some how he managed to pass college with excellent grades and was accepted in Oxford University. From there he worked harder. He finished his MBA in four years and soon was a proud owner of a perfume company. His perfumes were the most expensive and loved. They were exported around the worlds but, the place that he got the most profit was Paris, France.

When Angad was planning what type of business he wanted to open, he researched everything from the fashion world to making shoes, but at the end he choose perfumes. He launched his first and most successful perfume, 'Passion,' in Paris, France and it was an instant hit. From that day on he has become the owner of many popular brands such as, 'Sensational,' 'Envy,' and many more. Each perfume came with about ten different flavors. Angad Khanna was a hit.

Angad hasn't been back home in about eight years now. He's constantly in touch with his family, who are proud of him. He has a few reasons why he doesn't want to go back. But one reason tops his list; his parents would get him married right away.

In between his hectic life of studies and becoming popular he didn't have time to learn what love and relationships were. And, thus he never believed in it. Now, he is against falling in love or getting married. Despite of having many girlfriends during college he never felt the need that marriage was important. A lady in his life would mean troubles and more troubles.

Angad Khanna sat on his seat sipping wine, waiting for his name to be announced. He sat there like he was royalty and everyone on earth had a job which was to bow down before him. Angad Khanna had a class to his style. His attitude was an institution in it self. He was a sophisticated man who denied that at times he also needed to cry holding someone.

"You have guessed it again, its Angad Khanna." The lady standing on the stage in a beautiful black gown announced his name as business man of the year 2005.

It wasn't a shock for anyone. Nor the audience, nor the announcer, and nor Angad Khanna himself.

Angad smiled proudly and walked down the aisle, his left hand in the pocket of his black designer suit. With great class he climbed the glass stairs and made his way to the presenter. And, once again, with the best style available he kissed the lady on both her cheeks and received his award. He walked to the podium, and smiled for the cameras. In the background he could hear girls screaming for him some shouting, 'I love you.'

He smiled his proud smile, and parted his lips to speak. "Well isn't this a surprise." Each and every syllable of each word had sarcasm dripping from it. He smiled again, "There is no one to thank because I worked on this alone. No one, but myself. Thank you." And with he same class and style and walked back to his seat.

Each individual in London knew Angad Khanna was a straight forward man. He said what he meant. And, more than fifty percent of the times he was sarcastic.

As Angad sat down, each camera in the stadium was facing him and each photographer had captured every angle, and every expression Angad Khanna carried at the moment.


"Mr. Khanna behind every successful man there is a women. Is there someone in you life?" This was one question that Angad was asked at every press conference.

Angad smiled, "Well, first thing first. There is no one in my life. And, if there was why should she get the credit? I'm the one who worked hard to get where I am. When people say my wife is behind my success, they are simply scared and want to make sure that they are allowed to sleep on the same bed as his wife that night. Or, better yet be able to enter the estate." A few people laughed, while other gave him a disgusting look. "Next question?"

"Mr. Khanna, what are your marriage plans?"

"Am I here to discuss my success or my love life? Well, anyways. I don't plan to get married anytime soon."

"Then when do you plan to?"

"Maybe, around the time I'm ready to die. Why? That way I will get married but wont have to live through hell for to long."

"Mr. Khanna--"

"No more questions." Angad stood up, allowed the cameras to click a few more pictures and then left. As he left he heard many people say, 'One more,' or 'last one.'

Angad, like always managed to get out of the crowd and into his car without having people run over him. He sat in his Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and rolled his shoulders, after taking a deep breath. "Let's go home Angad Khanna." He starts the car and drives back home.


"Wow! What an answer!" Exclaims Kripa Sharma. She is sitting in her one apartment home watching Angad Khanna on T.V. giving his answer about the theory, 'Behind every successful man there is a women.' She turns the T.V. off and walks into her kitchen. As she pours herself another cup of green tea she thinks back to Angad Khanna's answer.

"It's so true," she begins. "How can a women be behind a man success when he's the one working? Some men I tell you." She walked into her bedroom, she turned on the light the first thing she noticed was the poster she had just bought a few days ago which said, 'Love + Men= Troubles.' She sighed and put her tea down and walked to the mirror and started fixing her hair.

Kripa Sharma belongs to a fairly rich family in Punjab. She is the oldest daughter followed by a younger sister and a younger brother. She ran away from home a few back when her parents were trying to get her married to a extremely wired man. Right, from the start she hated the idea of falling in love and getting married. She had dreams for herself that included luxury and riches. She was a struggling model in London for the past few years. Angad Khanna was almost like her idol and she really wanted to model for his company. But the stubborn man he was he never gave Kripa Sharma a chance. She had tried to meet him about ten time already and he had straightly refused by saying, "Ms. Sharma you are inexperienced."

Kripa, would each time give him a polite smile and tell her self, "Maybe if you gave me a chance I would no longer be inexperienced." And, would storm out of the office.

Unlike Khanna, Sharma was a little more laid person. She didn't act up with anyone because she knew it was not in her favor until she got herself a name.

As happy as she was from the outside, she was just as unhappy from the inside. Financial situations would always surround her, she missed her family too much but knew she couldn't go back, and more over she had no one in London. Very few friends yet no one to talk to. Sometimes she wished if she knew someone who she could sit with and talk to for hours.

She didn't believe in love or marriage but somewhere inside her she thought they were important. But for now she had only one thing to concentrate on; her career. She knew one day she would make it as the top model of London. That day she would be able to go back to her house and tell her parents she did something of her life. Then, and only then she could start thinking about finding the right man and falling in love. But, until then she had no plans in writing anyone's name in her life. Little did she know the same Angad Khanna would be written all over her in the months to come.


Angad Khanna was sitting in his spacious living room having tea and watching himself on T.V. receiving awards. He had his famous 'I'm-too-cool,' look on his face and his cell phone in his other hand. The show ended and his phone rang.

He sat up straight took a deep breath and answered, "Angad Khanna."

"Mr. Khanna, good evening." Said a man on the other line.

'Good evening my foot.' Angad thought, again he smiled and answered, "Evening but I didn't recognize you."

"That's all right Mr. Khanna. We just wanted to inform you that you been luckily been chosen to tour Europe for absolutely free."

"That's wonderful," again he was sarcastic, "but I think I can afford one."

"I know Mr. Khanna, everyone knows, but please consider it."

"I surely will, send me the paperwork at my office."

"Sure thing. Good evening."

"Sure, same to you." And he ended the call cursing the man under his breath.


Kripa was looking through her mail while listening to music. "Bills, Bills, and more Bills," she sighed and threw them aside and then went thought some other mail. She was almost fed up of all the protection plans the credit card companies had send her when a bright blue envelope caught her eyes. She dug though her mail and took that one out and ripped it open.

She read it once and then twice. She couldn't believe it. She had just received an invite to tour Europe for absolutely free! She jumped up and down, and filled out the forms and send them back accepting the offer.


Angad was sitting in a small caf waiting for his friend Shahid, extremely fed-up of waiting. He was about to get up when Shahid entered the caf. "I'm so sorry Angad." He begged.

Angad gave him a cold look and then sat back, "It's fine."

"Thank you. So what have you thought about that trip offer you received."

"I don't know," he sighed.

"You should go. You deserve a break."

Angad looked at his friend, "I deserve more than what I'm getting right now."

"So your thinking of getting married?"

Angad rolled his eyes, "No! I'm thinking of getting myself a few friend. Shahid come on, you know how I feel about getting married."

"Angad, I know. But, deep within you don't you sometimes fell like you need someone. Don't you wish that everyday you found someone waiting for you at home. Someone who cared about you, who loved you. Who cared about your likes and dislikes?"

"In that case, I can call my mother here. She has all these qualities."

"Angad, you know what I mean."

Angad threw his hands up, "You know what, I'm going to take this trip to be away from a great friend like you."

Shahid smiled, "plan successful!" He thought. Angad put his heavy coat and walked out the caf. Shahid sat back. "Angad you need you get out of this place and meet new people. You need a girl who can change your life."

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the fan-fic.  I know it was kind of boring but as soon Kripa and Angad meet up it will be more fun.  Things will spice up a little more.  Specially when they get back from this trip things will be more fun! Tongue

-Neha Tongue

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ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 9:29pm | IP Logged

Wow a lovely start. Brings back memories of DDLJ. Can't wait fro the next part Neha. Please continue soonBig smile.

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Pachu.P IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Its not boring at all Neha!!!

Very Intresting!!!

Plz Continue Soon!!!!
divaalike Newbie

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 10:20pm | IP Logged

It was really interesting. Smile Can't wait till they both meet each other. It's goin to be all cool....... Cont. fast.... Smile
and great job...... Once again and again Clap
khushi19 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
the first part was great Tongue looking forward to next part Tongue
night girl IF-Dazzler
night girl
night girl

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
wow that was a realy good first part continue soon plzz continue soon cant wait till the next part i also cant wait till angad and kripa meet ppppplllllllllzzzzzzzzzz continue ssssssssooooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
sweetchick786 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2005 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
wow im in luv with this fan fic n itz barely started! n*e wayz gr8 part! continue soon!

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