Thendral Wed Feb 9th Written Update

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Thendral Wednesday Feb 9th

Mom convinces tamil to go with charu. he reluctantly agrees. Nits shows TA the invitation which is peotically written @charu's idea. TA seems impressed. Mom all Big smileBig smile sudha all AngryAngry Tamil reads the poem and is all flattered with it. charu keeps looking at him.Day DreamingDay Dreaming Mom is very happy to see the 2 couples. nits and lav and TA and charu, charu looks at mom and is all EmbarrassedEmbarrassed mom realizes sudha is looking at them and sends the 2 couples away.

sudha goes and polumbifies to her husband why charu is all  konjufied and called maramagal? puvi says mom is konjufyuing no one asked u to do itLOLLOL dont interfere let her do watever she wants. sudha says I am not but she is inviting trouble. I know her plan she wants to separate TA and thuls and marry charu. see this will happen. puvi doesnt believe this and says she only thinks charu as her bro's daughter. sudha says no I know the truth. puvi says let mom plan watever she wants, I am bearing all her antics, u also keep quiet. sudha polumbifies as if ur going to slay her with a sword. LOLLOL puvi asks what? she says nothing that thulz is pavam.

Deepa comes to her lover boy kanagu's house. he doesnt notice her, she asks can I come? he says yeah sure come. kanagu asks what happened? deepa says I wanna talk to u, good ur frnd jospeh is not there, we can talk freelyShocked kanagu is all TongueTongue deepa says I am here not to talk about us, but about tamilShockedShocked kanagu is all ConfusedConfused deepa says thulz told me u said u wont go to lav wedding and tamil is very upset. why did u do that? kanagu says I didnt like his interference in my love story. deepa explains that she sent tamil to talk to kanagu. it not his mistake. kanagu says he is very serious about her. deepa tells the same story about her family circumstances and she cannot love anyone. kanagu says I can help ur family. deepa gets angry and asks what help? will u shoulder my family resp? kanagu says yes I will shoulder itSmileSmile deepa is ShockedShocked she says it nice to talk but is not practical, I have to take care of my family and my sis. I have lot of commitments. It may take 10 years to complete all this, can u wait? kanagu says not 10 years I will wait however long u want. deepa is all ShockedShocked kanagu says u may have lot of commitments but that is no reason to hate me, someone has said something bad about me(this is all anand's doingAngryAngry) deepa tries to reason out with him, she say no one told me anything, I like u but that not love. I am here even after that notebook incident coz I care for u. I dont want ur future to be spoiled coz of me. kanagu asks how? deepa says why u should waste 10 yrs? kanagu says for ur happiness. deepa says for my happiness forget this kaadal. intitally kanagu disagrees to this. but after a lot of pestering by deepa he agrees to sacrifice his love for her happiness. she asks him to think about his future than loving her ClapClap he assures her he will not trouble her. deepa says they should be friends as usual and not hate her. kanagu says even if u dont like we can be friends. deepa is elated.Big smileBig smile kanagu feels sorry that he hurt deepa so much. deepa asks about tamil. kanagu says we are best frnds we will patch up dont worry. deepa leaves. akanagu thinks even if u dont want I will keep loving u deepa, w/o u knowing.OuchOuch

The 2 couples are lunching somewhere. nits seems very happy, charu is serving TA and nits lav(voww so now role reversalLOLLOL) charu continues to Day DreamingDay Dreamingtamil and the to-be married love birds are too engrossed in themselves to notice that. charu serves tamil and he refuses, she doesnt listen and he holds her hand and says enough. charu is all happy. she kisses her hand. she keeps trying to hold tamil's handAngryAngry love brids busy but someone else notices this. guess who? DR GOKUL. he is pavam dining by himself and a spectator to this kandravi. to be married love birds leave to eat ice cream. Dr cannot take it anymore pays the bill and leaves.LOLLOL charu calls him and he comes there. charu asks ta do u know who this is? TA says of course, dr gokul. charu says u know only dr gokul. but I am not refering to him but mappalai gokul, who came for ponnu parakal . TA is aShockedShocked gokul is OuchOuch charu becomes the vamp charu (very easy to distinguish, all she does is make her eyes big , so vamp charu has big eyesLOLLOL) and aks gokul did u change ur principles? he says what? she says u had a theory that I dont like mistheory what happened to that? gokul is all OuchOuch tamil is aD'ohD'oh charu explains that gokul advised her that when ur marraige with someone is called off u should treat that one like enemy. I thought u will treat me like enemy now that our marriage has been called off. dr says I am sorry for advising u(fantasticClapClap its a waste if time) u can lead ur life however u want, keep it up(ClapClap I love this guy, cool) bye. charu says wait u told my periappa I am serious, how do u know? u didnt take any test on me. did u study medicine or mandrikam? epi ends

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They are making Charu and TA repeat Vels and Thuls. Both TA and Thuls are unaware of the evil intentions. The only common factor is GW - trying to destroy thuls.
Charu kissing her hand was sick. Anyway now TA knows the person who rejected Charu

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Thanks Swetha for the wonderful update.

What an enjoyable epi DeadDead..grass itching for us viewers Dead.Kumaran, we want more of these scenes okeyyy??'so don't show us T&T in the future Angry, but fill the whole week's epis with Theiveega love birds (Charu&GW) Thumbs Down'.i think i should not insult this word by using it for this shameless couple AngryAngry.

In this serial..Sudha is the one along with Deepa who can judge people's intention from their behaviour. The worst pattam in that goes to our super duper dumb hero Mr. Thamizharasu AngryAngry. Don't tell me he was not able to understand her intention even after seeing her behaviour, even the soon getting married couple kept quiet, but this all the characters in Thendral serial....pls don't go near psycho coz avanga enime in her entire life kulikka poradhillai after the restaurant scene Shocked....would this help GW to stop romancing her psycho DIL. But my dearest psycho madame, TA would have done the same if it was Deepa too, don't go to your lalala-land overimagining sth disgusting AngryAngry. Psycho darling, don't try to get a guy who is married to his sweetheart and who definetly looks like your younger brother and is no match to you  in everything.....ungalai ellam ponnu nu sollave koodathu,but you are CensoredCensored. This was even worse than the scene with Thulasi&Vel DeadDead.

Until today's epi.....i was defending this hero TA for being our VETTI bank officer has once again proved he ist he greatest budhu ever in this serial and has all the time to spend with his thickest friend, but not with his sweet wife AngryAngry.....first this guy needs to be given some treatment too to see what other people think and what their intentions are Disapprove. The same like it happened with Periyappa is going to happen with TA too, he is going to yell at the doctor and however Gokul will try to explain him, he is not gg to blv him, superrr'.....AngryAngry

Kumaran sir, why don't you make Charu your heroine....and Thulasi a side character. The viewers crossed their limit of tolerating such scenes for quite two months now, don't know if we have any patience to see more repeated irritating scenes SleepySleepy

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Thanks Swetha for the Wonderful Update!

GW please open a matrimonial service...and make sure to put requirement for the groom as he must married and living happily with his wife....what a disgrace to be a mother, that too for  three kids....she act like pakka broker for the sake of money.....kadavule the way GW looked Lav/Nith and Charu/TA....sick ladyCensored...avanga admiring pathathunu...psycho is one step above her....admiring TA like she never saw him....Thulasi wont even stare at him like this.....both are such a low creatures....GW/Charu proud eye contact vera
Censored.psycho better not invent kavithaiyal kattina thali now...poor TA....Kanagu....i hope you be a true friend to TA from now on wards and as you said..don't bother Deepa...

There comes another most irritating scene....Kumaranukku enna than kovamo viewers mela...don't show TA with Charu~nu viewers solla solla...he is showing more TA/Charu...
Psycho is too desperate to touch TA...and she is calling that as Love...Enna Kodumai...Even though its was an irritating scene in the start...last part of it is needed to move the story is back...that means his part is going to play a good role in upcoming episodes..with out minding her own business our great Charu called Gokul and tried to act smart in-front of TA to create sympathy drama...i hope after this TA is going to get a doubt on Charu...lets see ..TA should at-least believe the doctor if he talk to him later or he himself go meet Gokul...and he should use his brain and interlink Charu's fainting when he praised Thulasi.....lets see if our hero decided to be clever or dumb as usual...As Charu's parts are shown a lot....i guess TA will find out her intention soon...Kumaran better not give nose-cut to viewers by stretching this Charu's part and GW's after Lav's wedding!

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Thanks ma Swetha for the super update for a dumb episode! Big smile

1st part and last part - Censored

The only scene worth watching was Deepa-Kanagu. I love the way Deepa explained to him... Clap Man, Kanagu is truly a gentleman, Thumbs Up but soo poor thing, really felt bad for him, Ouch but I salute him for respecting her decision and staying away! HugYay, TA and Kanagu are BFFs! Embarrassed

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Thanks for the lovely update Gudgal...Big smile poor u for getting stuck with such a Dead episode.

Kanagu's character's been redeemed today! Clap Good job man, you proved that you truly are a nice guy, finally understanding Deepa's situation. Feel bad for him though, poor guy, I think he really wait 10yrs for her. Lets hope he doesn't get a broken heart. Broken Heart

So Mr.TA, u proved today u truly are Thulasi's makku soulmate ClapClap The sad truth is that if Thulasi was there, she probably would've smiled at the whole TA&C restaurant scene instead of getting suspicious.

Thankfully Charu is a bigger makku than T&T so she herself brought her end when she called Dr.Gokul over. He is going to play some significant role in this plot, otherwise the director wouldn't have gone to the trouble of replacing the original actor with this one. So thankfully this Dead episode ends with hope Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by sandz.

HugYay, TA and Kanagu are BFFs! Embarrassed

Don't forget Thulasi and Deepa too are BFFs....LOL   Honestly only T&T's friends are worth their time in their lives. Majority of their relatives, especially both their mothers are just pure waste... how did these nice children get stuck with such awful mothers? Confused

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At least TA knows GOKUL now and think he will talk to him to accept
her as his wife.

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