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DMG 3 AR & ArSh (KAJEN & KASH) Compltd (Page 66)

MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 4:37am | IP Logged
r u gonna update now

amaniM Goldie

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guys update up ahead but first some news. so far the story has gone according to plan and maybe in the next 3-4 parts i'll be wrapping up the FF. so if there are any suggestions or requests from any one for something that i have missed out i'll be more than happy to fulfill that. the request can be turned into a whole seperate part or incorporated as a scene within a already thought out part. Do let me know. thanks and here goes the next part.
Part 44 
It had been over an hour and shilpa had not regained consciousness. Armaan was trying to stay calm he had called shashank over who had insisted on letting shilpa regain consciousness on her own.
Shashank: armaan! The mind has its own defense against what it is able to withstand. Shilpa has gone through a terrible ordeal she'll wake up when she is ready. 
Armaan to be on the safe side called the resident psychologist/psychiatrist to consult for possible complications when shilpa woke up. As the doctor came over armaan told her of the present situation and asked her opinion. 
Doc: I was scared that this would happen, I had asked shilpa to continue with the sessions. 
Armaan surprised: shilpa was consulting you! 
Doc: I thought you knew that's why I was called!(looking at armaan perplexed expressions) armaan do you have any idea the problems shilpa was facing? 
Armaan shook his head: when did she start coming to you?
 Doc: you remember that shilpa went through a traumatic experience two yrs back, where she was attacked by 5 men  Shashank who had been standing close by: shilpa was attacked?(looking at armaan who didn't know how to respond)what happened? 
Doc: Dr. Shashank two yrs back your daughter went through an attempted gang rape. She survived it but it took its toll on her mental well being. She came to me as she was having trouble coping with the memories, she was having nightmares and trouble sleeping. We started with the sessions but then she abruptly ended the sessions as at that time ridhima got sick. Even afterwards, with ridhimas death I asked her to come back into therapy but she was busy taking care of you all. 
Shashank: she never told me anything! Armaan? (armaan shook his head and again thought back to how she never told anyone about it)but why? Why didn't she ever say anything? 
Doc: dr. shashank your daughter is a very strong individual but this breakdown is not a result of this sole incident. Shilpa as we know has not had a very easy life, she has been forced into unbearable situations through out her life how she managed to rise above all the obstacles and lead a successful life is something to admire. But she did it with the help of these two men who are sitting with her now. 
Armaan turned and saw maan and sujal sitting by her side holding her hand. Armaan felt anger rise inside him:yes! And today she is in this condition also b'coz of them.(sujal turned to look at armaan as he said those words) 
Sujal walked towards him: you want to say something to me armaan then be man enough to say it to my face.
 Armaan getting in his face: you don't scare me! yes! You are responsible for her condition, if not for you she would've been in this condition ok.(pushing sujal) 
Sujal pushed him back:not been in this condition. You pushed her in this direction, this incident is just the icing. 
Armaan was furious: I pushed her. do you even know what you are talking about.
Sujal was ready to take him apart: do I know what I'm talking about? You ignorant son of a *****. What do you know about her? when have you ever been there for her. were you there for her when she was 5 yrs old and her good for nothing parents made her feel unloved. You weren't there when she came to live in that orphanage all alone in this world. You were not there when she used to cry herself to sleep or when she got locked in the closet by that sick ****who was incharge. 
Armaan: so! That does not give you the right to play with her life. 
Sujal: you're right! Only you have the right! All of you!(looking at shashank also) all you people know is how to use the other person. When it was convenient for you guys you acknowledge her. She has always been there for you people, she took care of ridhima when she got sick. She was willing to give up her life to save ridhima but did you give a damn! No! 
Armaan: I cared! I always cared! But it was complicated 
Maan:armaan! You are a doctor! You of all the people should've known whether it was safe or not for shilpa to go through those transplants. How complicated can it be stop someone from life threatening idiocy when they are a friend. Atleast she could be called a friend.   
Sujal jumped back in: and what about the ordeal she went through in the jungle. As long as your precious ridhima got saved the hell with shilpa. 
 Armaan: it wasn't like this and keep ridhima out of it this has nothing to do with her.
 Sujal: why should I listen to anything you say! You're the reason she left Mumbai the first time b'coz you were chicken! You broke her heart! You are not even a good friend and you have the audacity to point finger at me. 
Armaan: You have no right to talk about my relationship with shilpa 
Sujal: I have every right! She's my sister! So help me god if you break her heart again you miserable piece of'. 
Doc intervened: both of you are not helping shilpa by fighting. Armaan you know he's true when he says that none of you paid attention to shilpa's well being when she went through these traumatic experiences. I mean she was a victim of gang rape she needed counseling. 
Shashank: but she got away, she was not raped?
 Maan: technically she wasn't! 
Doc nodding her head in agreement: you're right! And these were shilpa's exact words when she came to me. (looking at all of them) what everyone takes for granted is that shilpa is very strong emotionally. Yes! Without a doubt! She has gone through most of her life facing some form of obstacle alone. Her conscious mind makes her react as normally as possible despite all her fears but the sub conscious mind is totally different. Whenever she goes to sleep her defences are lowered and all these memories rush back to her. 
Her next words were specially for armaan and sujal:you both need to understand is that we all are to blame for shilpa's condition. Knowing her once she wakes up she would be back to her normal self but she needs to go into therapy, to sort through her issues. Secondly you two are an integral part of shilpa's life by fighting you are putting her in the middle. Don't make her choose, as she loves both of you. 
The doctor prescribed a light sedative for shilpa which would help her sleep through out the night. Maan and sujal refused to leave shilpa's side, they sat next to her on the bed one on each side. Armaan had pulled up a chair close to the bed but refused to leave the room. All three of them dozed off to wake up to shilpa's agitated ramblings.
 She twisted on the bed her face contorted to what only she could see and feel. She kept mumbling: so much blood! Get it off me! (she woke up to find sujal next to her trying to calm her down)bhai it doesn't come off.(rubbing a hand on her arms as if trying to remove something) 
Sujal picked her hand started to clean it with a wet cloth: see its all clean there nothing. Come on rest now, close your eyes! Through all this armaan kept a watch from afar. Sometime in the middle of the night both maan and sujal had gone to th bathroom when shilpa cried out in her sleep. Armaan got up from his chair and approached the bed where shilpa lay in a fetus position. Armaan lied down on the bed beside her and smoothed her hair back from her face. Shilpa opened her eyes to see armaan's concerned face. 
Shilpa tremulously: armaan! 
Armaan his eyes serious: hey! You were having a nightmare! 
Shilpa looked at him: where were you? I was waiting for you.(armaan swallowed back the emotions her words evoked)will you hold me?(shilpa asked) 
Armaan looked at her with love shining in his eyes: I thought you'll never ask. 
He wrapped his arms around her and felt shilpa drift back to sleep, for the first time in days armaan felt himself relax, he decided to shut his eyes for a little while and then he'll get up. He never realized when he drifted of to sleep. Shilpa opened her eyes to the sun streaming in through the window and something heavy holding her down.
There had been a moment of panic and then she recognized armaan's scent. She was lying on her side with armaan on her back and his arm holding her against his chest with his palm lying flat against her stomach. Shilpa twisted around until she lay facing him. Now they were face to face shilpa raised her hand to smooth his hai back from his forehead which had tumbled  forward. She lightly traced his eyelids and eyebrows with the tip of her fingers memorizing his features with her fingertips. She smoother her hand across his jaw line feeling his stubble bristle against her hand. She moved down his throat to his collar bones to back to his adams apple which bobbed as he swallowed. Shilpa's gaze shifted upwards to his face to see his eyes open and looking at her. 
Shilpa: you're awake! 
Armaan: are you going to finish what you started?(bringing her body in closer contact with his. After spending the night immersed in the scent of her hair and body armaan had woken up in a semi state of arousal her innocent touch had done nothing but aggravate that situation.) 
Shilpa smiled at him her eyes sparkling making armaan lean close and capture her lips with his. Armaan kissed her slowly and sweetly then drew back:Good morning!(he captured her lips again not letting her get away he rolled her so that she was trapped beneath him, their legs tangled. The kiss turned deep and long making shilpa, moan and her hands buried in his hair pulling him closer. He drew back but dropped his head in the crook of her neck and buried his face there. They lay there without moving trying to get their breaths back to normal.
Shilpa felt something moist against her neck she touched armaan's hair: armaan! Are you alright?(but didn't get any response) Shilpa arched her neck and pulled his hair to make him raise his head and saw tears in his eyes. Shilpa stilled: armaan!
 Armaan: when you fainted in my arms it felt as if a part of me died. I was so scared that something had happened to you, scared that I would lose you(he buried his face back in her neck) 
Shilpa again pulled at his hair making him raise his head: armaan! I'm fine! It was the stress of the situation. I'm ok don't be like this. 
Armaan pushed himself up suddenly angry: stop saying that you are fine. You are not fine. Do you think all of us are blind or plain stupid that you'll keep saying that and we'll believe you. 
Shilpa clearly bewildered tried placing a hand on armaan's arm: armaan! I don't understand whats wrong? 
Armaan grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him:I'm talking about you and what you are doing to yourself. Stop thinking about us for gods sake and take care of yourself first. Do you think we don't understand whats happening with you, all the trouble sleeping, the nightmares? (shilpa face shuttered) 
Armaan shook her:don't you understand I'm not angry at you, I love you and I don't want to lose you. 
Shilpa's eyes softened as she heard the fear behind the anger: armaan! You are not going to lose me. I love you so you're stuck with me.
 Armaan's eyes widened at the tone: I'm stuck with you! You're stuck with me! got it!(he suddenly realized what he had said making shilpa laugh) 
Armaan turned serious as shilpa laughed and looked at her: shilpa! I'm sorry I've not been there for you before this and you had to go through all these difficult times alone but I'm here now. I'm going to take care of you. 
Shilpa also sobered up: armaan! I haven't been totally alone I had my brothers and I'm not with you now so that you can take care of me. I can take care of myself, I want you to stand beside me not infront of me. I won'y let you fight my battles armaan! I enjoy fighting them myself but I wouldn't mind having you along in the fight.
Armaan looked at her in the morning sunlight glinting through the windows, her hair a mess, her face without a trace of makeup her eyes still heavy from all the crying she did yesterday, she looked more beautiful to him today than any other day.
He pulled her forward so that she was kneeling infront of him on the bed: promise me you are going to restart your sessions with Doctor*****.(shilpa looked at him surprised) don't act surprised you said you don't want me to fight your battles. I won't b'coz only you can slay these dragons shilpa and free yourself. 
Armaan looked into her eyes and saw his hopes for the future reflected in her eyes: I want you, I need you and I love you. So help me god I'm not going to let you leave me.(he said the words with the passion burning in his eyes, his chest heaving with the emotions) 
Shilpa looked back at him and felt her heart ready to burst. He loved her as much as she loved him. She raised her hand and cupped his cheek making him close his eyes, she raised her other hand and placed it behind his head and pulled him forward until their lips met.  
Armaan hand fisted at the back of the shirt she was wearing and pulled her nearer till nothing separated them. He angled his head to take the kiss longer and deeper both knowing that any minute they'll be interrupted by their loved ones. 

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amazing part yaar
loved it
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just too good!!!!!!!!!
armaan's care is praiseworthy
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loved it dear
just awesome
i want to see armaan saving shilpa from a situation for once and bruning passion after that
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the part was i guess shilpa is secure about armaan's love.........................hey i was just wondering since the ff is going to end if we can get some light hearted romantic know shilpa opening up n having fun with armaan n armaan not feeling left out...........since it has been a hell of journey...........which felt soooo reall n true the deserve some unharmfull an adore ur ff

thx 4 d pm
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AMAZING !!!!!!!!
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Amazing part dude i love armaan hes finally understanding the meaning of true love

Kriya <3

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