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DMG 3 AR & ArSh (KAJEN & KASH) Compltd (Page 48)

_Afrin_ Goldie

Joined: 24 January 2010
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
lovely part.................very well written..............
I had a feeling that this issue is going to come soon...............
but Arman handeled it nicely........he should understand Shilpa is not Riddhima..
Shilpa was great as usual..............speaking her mind........
hope Padma wont make a far Shasank i think he had a idea about ArSh......
cont soon............
thanx for the pm...........

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 June 2006
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
fantastic update, simply superbly written, please do continue soon!
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 March 2010
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
wow loved it n the song is my favorite n thank god he accepted that he loves her in front of everyone
katsmeow Senior Member

Joined: 19 December 2010
Posts: 208

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
hey amani zis is amazing i luved hw armaan expressed his feeling for shilpa infrnt everyone cont soooooon
aisha_ranbir8 Goldie

Joined: 06 August 2010
Posts: 1054

Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
hey loved the part................. awesome n much needed too .... for armaan to realize the difference between his love towards shilpa n riddhima n the difference between their character n behaviour n thinking ............... n to blossom his relationship with shilpa ............ loved the song again one of my favorite ............. anywaz pls continue soon .................. thanks for pm..............take aish..............

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 December 2007
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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
omg!!! they..or specifically armaan finally declared his love for shilpa.
amazing yaar
loved it 

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amaniM Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Part 39
 Armaan saw shilpa laughing with the shop keeper as he waited outside the flower shop for her to finish her business. It had been a week since his birthday when he had almost ruined the most important relationship of his life.
 Armaan recalled how shilpa had stood there infront of everyone and said those words that had some how freed him from the shadows of the past. 
Shilpa looking solemnly at armaan: armaan! You don't have to prove anything to me. all I want is for you to love me. to see me. I don't need anything else.(hearing her say those words armaan had felt as if he had been set free. He looked into her clear eyes and saw himself, not what he could be but what he was. A man with his share of weaknesses and faults, his failures and she still loved him) 
Armaan came back to the present as he saw shilpa coming out of the shop without buying anything. Armaan waited for her to say something as she climbed behind him on the bike.
As he kicked bike into gear and moved out of the market place: kya hua kuch pasand nahin aaya kya? 
Shilpa leaned into him and pressed her hands to his chest and brought her mouth close to his ear and shouted in his ear to be heard over the traffic: I was just here to make the payment they have already delivered the flowers at home.(she lightly pecked his cheek, and armaan tried to remember what question had he asked.) 
Shilpa grinned at him as he stayed quiet as she wrapped her arms around his muscled middle. She loved riding the bike with armaan it gave her an excuse to be really close to him. As she was in jeans it allowed her to sit astride behind armaan with her legs along his, her chest pressing into his hard muscled back. If she wanted she could easily nuzzle the back of his neck, her hand itched to glide along his ribs to lightly trace the muscles of his stomach and chest.
 She loved to see the reaction of his body to her touch, the best part was his eyes, the way they changed color and burn with fire. Shilpa laughed out loud at the direction of her thoughts, making armaan turn his head and ask her whats up. Shilpa smiled broadly and nipped at his ear with her teeth making armaan suck in a breath, to change the subject shilpa directed him towards sujal's house.
 Shilpa was playing hookie from hospital as sujal and kshish were coming back from their honeymoon today. Maan and shilpa had been setting up sujal's house and decorating it. Shilpa had asked armaan to come along which in armaan's head was a significant thing. 
As they reached sujal's house, armaan stopped the bike at the back on the directive of shilpa. As they were moving to the front to go inside the house armaan stopped shilpa by holding on to her hand. 
Shilpa: kya hua? Buhat kaam hai armaan! 
Armaan smiling: pehle ek sawal ka jawab do(shilpa looked at him)mein aaj yahan pe kya kar raha hoon. 
Shilpa looked at him with a look that said if only you had some brains: armaan! Hum sab yahan sujal aur kashish ke liye aaye hain. Maan hai to geet bhi ho gi, aur shilpa hai to kya armaan nahin ho ga. Honestly! At times I wonder how you ever became a doctor.(shilpa tried to turn only to be brought up short by armaan again who just pulled her in his arms and buried his face in her neck. Shilpa stood there surprised and then wrapped her arms around him.) 
Shilpa: itna emotional hone ki to koi baat nahin hai (with a smile in her voice) 
Armaan rubbing his lips against her neck: only you can make me feel like a king one second and a total idiot the other(giving her mock bite on her neck, making shilpa laugh out loud) 
Maan: get a room you two!(maan and geet who had just walked out of the house and spotted them together) 
Shilpa still holding on to armaan who flushed a little on getting caught: I believe I have the whole house at my disposal for the next hour atleast (making geets eyes widen, armaan choke and maan just grin back at her) but alas! There is work to do, so making hot passionate love would have to wait.(armaan put a hand on her mouth to get her to keep quiet and pushed her in the house)
 As they went in maan closed the door behind them and locked it making armaan's brow furrow in puzzlement to which shilpa responded: don't worry! Your virtue is safe with me. maan just locked the door as we have a plan.(saying that she walked into the kitchen to check up on stuff.) 
For the next half an hour shilpa put the finishing touches to different things: food, decoration, furniture arrangement while armaan pitched in when she was going to pick something heavy. 
Armaan scolding: how many times do I have to tell you stop picking heavy stuff up. I'm here aren't i. (picking it himself) 
Shilpa exasperated: armaan! Its not that heavy! And for your information I can pick heavier stuff than this(she stood with her hands on her hips) 
Armaan dusted his hands off on his jeans and looked at shilpa's face who for all intents and purposes looked ready to sock him. Armaan walked towards her with a devilish grin on his face, but shilpa stood her ground. As armaan neared her, he bended down and flung shilpa over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
Shilpa yelled while armaan just grinned and said: well I can carry you! So!    
Shilpa tried to face armaan and ended up wrapping her legs around his waist to keep herself face to face with armaan: so now that you've got me what do you intend to do about it(her arms around armaan's shoulder and their faces close shilpa gave armaan a sultry look from beneath her lashes) 
That one look was enough for armaan to get distracted, his hands moved across her legs that were wrapped around his waist: what do you think is going to happen? 
Shilpa leaned close to his ear and whispered: surprise me!(armaan looked at shilpa's face and could see the laughter lurking in her eyes along with a hint of passion.
For armaan the words spoken in the husky whisper were enough to set his body on fire, he stood there with her weight in his arms and tried to control his raging hormones) 
Shilpa: are you trying to decide or you actually don't know what to do?(the words had a spur effect on armaan's already heightened senses. He turned with shilpa still wrapped around him and walked towards the room that had the door open.
Once inside the room he strode purposely towards the bed and lowered both himself and shilpa down on the bed.) Armaan kept his weight atop shilpa effectively keeping shilpa imprisoned underneath him.
Armaan smiled at her, his hands moving from her knees to the crease where her legs started from: you were saying! 
Shilpa looked at him through her lashes her hair spread out beneath her on the bed: it seems you still are trying to decide(her breathing had also deepened with armaan's wandering hands) 
Armaan looked at shilpa's eyes which were full of challenge and something else, something like anticipation:I'm trying to decide what I would like to do first(he leaned on his elbows keeping the top of his body away from shilpa but dropping his face to hers)this!(he started to nibble on shilpa's lower lip, then dipping inside pushing her lips apart, flicking his tongue on the inside of her lip to tangling with her tongue)or this!(he transferred his attention to her ear where he traced the outer shell with his tongue making shilpa shiver. He then continued his mouth downward to lightly moisten th skin under her ear, to give stinging kisses down the tendon on her neck. Shilpa tried arching her neck to give him better access. He trailed his mouth downward to her collarbones which were half covered by the collar of her shirt which he pulled aside to nibble away.)
 Shilpa breathing heavily pulled at his hair to make him look up: I think I prefer the first option(her eyes smoldering with passion which reflected the same passion which were reflected in armaan's) 
Armaan looked at her flushed face and heaving chest, his hand reached up to lightly push away the hair away from her face: you haven't heard all the options yet(his nostrils flared as he said the words, shilpa breathing turned more erratic as she heard the promise behind the words) 
Armaan again shifted his attention towards shilpa's collar bones. He lightly traced them with his fingertips flicking open the top three buttons of her shirt and pushing the sides apart. He then moved his hands down her arm to her hand and tightly grip her hand and bring it up to his mouth then kiss each finger. Shilpa smiled at the gesture but then moaned as he put one finger and sucked lightly on it.
One by one he sucked on each finger and then pressed moist kisses to the center of her palm making shilpa cling to armaan. Shilpa moaned armaan's name but armaan was not done yet. He again toyed with the collar of her shirt to trace the buttons down the last which had come untucked from her jeans and exposed a slice of her belly. Armaan's fingers lightly traced the exposed skin pushing the material further away. Armaan's fingers drew circles around her belly button flicking his nail across it making shilpa bite her bottom lip from making any sound and her nails sink into armaans back.
Armaan looked up at shilpa's face and smiled at the sight she made. Looking at the smile shilpa wanted to make him feel the same way he was making her feel. Unknown to the fact shilpa had untucked armaan's shirt from his jeans. Shilpa moved her hands under his shirt making armaan stiffen at the contact. Shilpa encouraged brought her hands between them and quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it away.
The sight of him took her breath away, every sinew, every muscle packed together in a beautiful example of male anatomy. Shilpa drew her hand across his washboard muscles and felt them jerk in response. Armaan remained still under her meandering hands, shilpa moved her hands over his muscled pectorals and lighly brushed her her fingers over the tips making armaan stiffen.
Emboldened by his response she wiggled down and put her mouth where her fingers had been. Armaan let out a choked moan. He quickly pulled her up and crushed her mouth under his. They both kissed endlessly as they chewed and nibbled from each others mouth, their hands roamed and nothing was off limits. They drew back to get some air, armaan leaned on his elbow and looked at the vision she created.
She lay there on the bed her hair in a wild disarray, her lips swollen from his kisses, her eyes heavy with passion and her color heightened by the passion they shared. Her shirt was unbuttoned halfway down her middle and the rest of her shirt pushed up. The open part was pushed aside revealing her chest to armaan's avid gaze.
Her breasts trembled with every breath she took spilling over the edge of her bra cup. Armaan lightly traced the quivering mounds with the back of his knuckles as he looked up into shilpa's smouldering eyes looking back at him. He leaned down and replaced his knuckles with his mouth, lightly placing butterfly kisses on the exposed skin. He drew back again to look at shilpa who was breathing in soft gasps, looking at armaan who could not keep the satisfied gleam from his eyes shilpa pulled herself towards armaan and started to kiss armaan on his chest.
She moved down across the muscles of his chest to back again to the tips of his pectorals where she palced her lips and sucked. Armaan seemed to lose it as he pushed shilpa back and ravaged her mouth with his mouth, teeth and tongue. His hands were everywhere, through out this shilpa was not passive, she bit his tongue, lip scratched his back with her nails, scraped his sides with her nails making him shudder with pleasure.   
   Both were lost in throes of passion, for armaan the world started and ended with shilpa, her each moan and gasp mad him burn higher. Shilpa was lost in a sea of pleasure she wanted to make armaan feel the same pleasure she did. Both grappled on the bed, their mouths twisted and clung, bodies tangled. 
There was a incessant ringing trying to break through sensual fog that had surrounded both of them but both ignored it. After a few seconds another set of ringer started followed by a recording with a beep and then a voice that stopped both of you mid motion.
 Maan: shilpa for the love of god! Pick the damn phone. We are fifteen minutes away from home, whatever you are doing better put your act together b'coz I cant stall them any more. Ready or not here we come(the line disconnected) 
Armaan who had been looking at shilpa through out the message groaned and dropped his head to her chest. Shilpa could not help but laugh, she laughed until tears started to pour from her eyes. She pulled armaan's head up by pulling at his hair and smiled at him. 
Armaan traced the smile on her lips with his fingers and then rolled off her.

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hot dear
but loved it

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