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Part 8...

Armaan saw fire spreading around him in great velocity and he cant even see what is happening all the chemicals and the things are catching fire and he was standing in the middle im mobile just like a statue.


He held his head tightly with both his hands as it started throbbing badly; the pain was making him dizzy and he was also seeing some flashes moving'




A car moving on the road'a couple a too kids inside it'the car was off the road n hit something'a big blast'

The flashes were making him sweat badly and making him dizzy like hell' Mom, Dad , Bhai 'Armaan screamed loudly' even the interns outside heard it and he was feeling something really heavy  couldn't keep his eyes open n then THUD'Armaan feel down on the floor with the fire all around him.




On the other hand Kashish got up screaming Armaan's name..


Kashish: babu' 'she was breathing heavily and sweating Sujal also woke up hearing her scream and saw her sweating n tears flowing down her cheeks..he gave her a glass of water''


Sujal: kya hua Kashish'are u alright..


Kashish: Sujal Armaan kissi problem mein hai..he was screaming my name'he was calling me'Sujal mera bacha teekh tu hoga na'use kuch hua'Sujal plzz usse call karo mujhe un dono se baat karni hai'plzz Sujal..


Sujal: Kashish'Kashish 'he took her in a hug..' abhi tu who duty pe hongae na'dekho abhi shaam hai na..tu hum kuch time baad unhein call karein gae..ok..aur who bilkul teekh hogae'


Kashish: who teekh hongae na'mera dil bohat ghabra raha hai..


Sujal: Sab teekh ho ga Kashish..chalo thora sa rest karo' 'n he make her lie down n sleep he himself was not feeling that everything is right..something is definitely wrong'but he has to take care of Kashish now instead of showing his worried self..and thought to call them as soon as possible.'





Shilpa: oh god'Armaan..


Muski: heyo rabba..yeh tu behosh ho gaya..hun ki kariye[what we do now]


Anjali: guys I guess humein auron ko yahan se nikalne mein help karne chahiye..


Rahul: what are u mad Anjali aj humari wajah se uskiyeh halat hai hum usey aise nahin chor sakte.


Anjali: but karein bhi tu kya Rahul..dekho aag kitni zyada ho gai hai'aur kitni tezi se phel[spread] rahi hai..


Shilpa: kuch bhi ho humein Armaan ko bachana hai' 'n without saying any other word Shilpa jumped inside the room..she was already feeling guilty that Armaan has to bear all this because of their stupid prank..what the hell she was thinking while making this plan n bringing his life in danger. While others were shouting to stop her from going in..'


On the other hand the announcement was done along with the fire alarms about the fire in the path lab..hearing which bring a shock and scared expressions on Abhi, Nikki and the most troublesome was Atul' and they rushed towards the Lab knowing Armaan is there'


Abhi, Niki, Atul saw the interns also there and shouting on Shilpa who has jumped in the fire to save Armaan..


Atul: guys u help others mein Armaan ko nikalta hoon'


Abhi: but Atul let me help u too'Armaan ko sambhalna mushkil hoga and I guess Dr.Shilpa has also jumped in to help Armaan'


Atul: ok come fast'and Nikki'move others away from here..


Atul and Abhi jumped inside taking the blankets near by..the fire was all around the place so it was making it difficult for them too see as the smoke has gotten filled in the room..


Shilpa on the other hand some how managed to reach near Armaan but yelped in pain as her arm got fire and burned a little but she cared less and moved near Armaan..who was lying unconscious on the floor and sweating badly and was breathing shortly, probably the smoke got filled in his lungs. As she was about to hold him she gasped as Armaan's pant and a side of his sleeves started catching fire..


Before she can do anything further Atul and Abhi launched towards her and Armaan and saw the fire on their clothes they quiclkly put blankets on them n stopped the fire to burn their skin more and then supporting Armaan and Shilpa they moved out..


Senior doctors and Dr. Kriti, Dr. Shubhankar and Dr. Shashank were right outside the lab to help them and when four of them came out they put Armaan and Shilpa on the stretchers and moved them to ER. The fire brigade has been called and they started doing their work on putting off the fire.


While in the ER Armaan got conscious and looked around and started getting up from the bed he also started calling Mom, Dad, Bhai..

Hearing his voice and screaming his name..Atul immediately dashed inside to be with Armaan..


Atul: Armaan'Armaan just calm down..dekh mein yahin hon tere pass..dekh babu kuch nahin hua sab teekh hai'chal mera bacha..lie down..


Armaan: bhai who'blast'aag lag gae car mein bhai'sab teekh hai na..bhai mom dad apko kuch nahin hua na'bolo na bhai'


Atul: dekh na babu mein tere pass hoon..kuch hua..nahin alright sab teekh hai'mom dad bhi teekh hain..


Armaan: kahan hai who mujhe milna hai unse..unhein kaho yahan ane ko..


Atul: babu who tu ghar pe hain na New York mein who yahan kaise aa sakte..


Armaan: par bhai..


Atul: Armaan..calm down ok'chal thora sa so ja'aur dekh chot lag gaye na..chal dawaii lagni hai na..


Armaan: nahin'mein nahin so raha'


Atul: Armaan..meri baat nahin manaye ga'


Armaan: Bhai'. 'but Atul didn't listened more and taking a morphine injection injected him so that he get some sleep and the doctor can work on his burns which were not very serious'


All were looking at them through out the whole conversation between Armaan and Atul that how Atul was trying to calm Armaan down like his child..and also taking care of him. Shilpa was also there in the ER on the next bed getting her arm treated which got little burn but mild one.


Four of them were feeling really guilty because of them all this happened..but along with them others were also thinking how this happened and why Armaan reacted like this. Atul was right beside Armaan and accompanying him, he is his little babu, his bacha he cant see his baby like this. Atul know that someone was after all this incident it was all planned Armaan can never do such thing as he is being well trained in handling the path lab and along with that the fire he is not really scared with fire, but like the way he was surrounded with fire he was bound to be remembering everything that has been in their past. Who it can be who did this to Armaan and why, then it clicked him Abhi told them about the gang sharing mysterious looks and seems like planning something and they thought of them being doing some crazy things or playing prank on someone. But it shocked him that all this was by them he eyed them and seeing the guilt in their eyes and fixed on Armaan feeling sorry for him he understood its them who played this prank. His trance was broken with Dr. Keerti's voice he looked up to see all went back for duties but Dr. Keerti, Dr. Shubhankar and Dr. Shashank along with they interns standing there.

Dr. Keerti: Dr. Atul ab Dr. Armaan bilkul teekh hain burn itna zyada nahin hai but im giving him a complete bed rest for atleast 3 days so his injuries get recover soon 'then turning towards Shilpa' and Dr. Shilpa aap bhi kal rest kar lijiye aapko bhi chot lagi hai ok. Waise if u don't mind Dr. Atul but yeh Dr. Armaan achanak is tarah se behave I mean koi problem tu nahin na. 'all looked towards Atul'


Atul: actually ma'am woh bachpan mein ek accident hua tha aur usmein car mein aag lag gayi jiski wajah se Armaan ka u cant say it phobia but bohat zyada aag se who darr jata hai especially when its around him.


Dr. Shubhankar: but mujhe yeh samajh nahin arahi wahan aag kaise lag gayi'


Dr. Shashank: kahin Dr. Armaan se koi ghalti tu nahin hui..i mean to say koi chemicals mistakenly wrong mix kar diye hon'


Shilpa and even the other interns were about to say that it was there fault and they are responsible for all this when Atul stopped them by eying them n shaking his head lightly indicating them not to say a word and this thing shocked them and made them feel even more guilty that knowing its their mistake n Armaan was about to either burned a lot or lost his life he is saving them stopping them from saying it but why.


Atul: nahin Sir, Armaan is master in working with the chemicals as he has been doing it in medical college too as he likes making the chemicals and all stuff with it but seems like some other thing happened but what I don't know.


While all were looking towards them and feeling really bad for Armaan and also worried about all what happened Dr. Shashank mobile ringed and seeing the number he moved to a secluded corner but Niki went behind him and was standing n listening to it on a safe distance.


Dr. Shashank: Hello


Man: Hello Dr. Shashank..kaise laga humara surprise acha than a..


Dr. Shashank: kaisa surprise kis bare mein baat kar rahe ho..


Man: tut tut tut'tum abhi bhi nahin samjhe itni aag lagi..fir bhi samjh mein nahin aya'


Dr. Shashanak: What'woh aag tumne tum jante ho isse Dr. Armaan ki jaan bhi ja sakti thi..


Man: arey jati tu jati..mein tu bass yeh batana chahta aur dekhana chahta tha ke meri pohanch kahan tak hai, abhi tu who Dr. Armaan tha agli baar tumhari betiyon mein se koi ho sakti hai..


Dr. Shashank: meri betiyon ko haath bhi maat lagana samjhe..

Man: oh..mein tu darr gaya'agar mera kaha na mana aur hospital mujhe nahin diya tu kya kya hoga..yeh tu mein khud bhi nahin janta Dr. Shashank Gupta'dekte hain kab tak tum apni bataon pe arey rehte ho'mein bhi hatne walon mein se nahin..lagta hai ab ki baar teri beti ko hi nishana banana ho ga..


Dr. Shashank: tum aisa kuch nahin karogae..samjhe..


Man: u never know' 'n he disconnected the phone..'


Dr. Shashank: hello'hello'


But the phone was disconnected'leaving Shashank really tensed that what will happen'


On the other hand Nikki heard all the convo though one sided but came to know that all what happened with Armaan was done by the person Mr. X as they had named him'and rushed to the room where Armaan was shifted to tell Atul about it. When she reached she saw Abhi hugging Atul and patting his back giving him the courage and moral support that Armaan is fine and nothing is wrong. The interns were also ther with their heads down and standing in a row in front of Armaan's bed feeling extremely guilty about it.


She went towards Abhi and Atul and pulled them a side and told them everything which stunned them to the core but they knew they have to keep it as a secret as its their secret mission and cant mention anything in front of the interns and will let Armaan knew about it later. They moved back to their places and Atul sat beside Armaan and hold his hand in his and kissed it lightly.


Shilpa: Sorry' 'she said getting everyones attention'  im really sorry mujhe nahin pata tha mera prank is hadd tak chala jaye ga.


Rahul: yeah really sorry hum tu sirf mazak kar rahe thae but we didn't know that the fire will spread like this.


Anjali: yes sorry for all this we didn't know that Armaan has some history and he is scared of fire..Otherwise we wouldn't have done something like this.


Muski: hanji ji maaf kardo ghalti hogaye..par ek gal daso yeh hero itna darr kyun gaya aag se kya hua tha.


Atul who has acknowledged their apologies and also knew that they are not the one who tried to harmed Armaan it was a planned thing but by someone else. Abhi and Nikki already left to tell the heads about the incident.


Atul: its ok guys..i know tum logo ne jaan ke nahi kiya'u guys just want to play and didn't know that something like this will happen. Its ok.

Shilpa: waise why did u save us, knowing that we are the reason of Armaan's this state.


 Rahul: aur yeh Armaan'is he ok now na'


Atul: actually I save you all because I saw the guilt in your eyes and I know you all were regretting for all what happened. I don't blame you guys for it and im sure nor will Armaan.

Well when we were 5 n 7 years old, we asked our parents to take us to the amusement park, one of the most fascinated places at that time that children like to visit. Dad was working on some project that time, and mom was busy with her hospital work but still they agreed to it and took us there. While we were returning home one of the dad's rival planned something for us.




Sujal and Kashish were on the front seats and Armaan and Atul on the back seats, singing songs n enjoying to the core, though they were tired after all the fun they had in the park, but still were really enthusiastic and full of energy.


Kash: mazza aya mere bachoon ko


Both: bohat maza aya mama. We love u.


Sujal: acha ji aur dad ko bhool gaye sirf mama se pyarr hai aapko. 'he made a sad face'


Kash: something is bringing hain na babu. 'she sniffed n looked at Armaan who gave a big smile making Kashish smile as well'


Sujal: acha bacho ji ab tu mein kahin nahi le ke jaon ga tum logon ko.


Hearing him both Atul and Armaan made a bad face, how can they let go of a chances to go out with their family so immediately they both shouted 'We Love U Dad' making Sujal chuckle on their innocence and Kashish hit him on his arm.


The fun was going on when out of no where something hit the car from back side making them all move forward n when Sujal looked in the rear view mirror, it was a big truck which was coming in full speed to hit their car once again, bit Sujal speed up the car. All were scared specially the kids not knowing whats happening and why someone hit them.


Alll had their seat belts on but still it was really dangerous if something happened again. Sujal speed up the car more to get as much away from the truck as he can and he was successful too, actually the truck was send by one of the member of gang against whom Sujal was collecting information which involved human trafficking, it was done to stop him.

But suddenly a car collided with Sujal's car and it made it speed bit slow, before anyone could think about getting out or something the car was hit by the truck and it rolled 3 – 4 times bringing severe damages to the car. All were kind of in trance as what happened with them, when Sujal saw them checking out the car and then left from there thinking that they finished the Mallik family, unaware of the fact that they were still alive. Sujal came out after a lot of struggle and then pulled Kashish seat belt out, so she could help him to bring out the scared boys.


Together they got them out Sujal having Atul and Kashish with Armaan, they all were badly injured specially Armaan and Sujal as Sujal hit his head with the steering wheel and Armaan got hit with the side of the door while coming out and it had a sharp edge. When they were checking out that everyone is fine, the wires sparked and within few minutes the car was blasted and that what Armaan say and being the little kid he was more scared than Atul.



Flash Back End


Atul told them the complete scenario and they were kind of shocked hearing it, though he hides the part of Sujal being involved in FBI but told the complete story. They all came out of their trance hearing a painful moan from Armaan, Atul quickly rushed to him making him stop from getting up but giving him a but support to move up.Armaan looked towards confused not knowing what they are doing here, but Atul voice divert his attention.


Atul: ab kaisa hai bacha.


Armaan: mein teekh hoon bhai bus thora dard hai.


Atul: rukh mein tujhe pain killer deta hoon. 'and he moved to get the pain killer for Armaan'


Armaan again looked at again with question in his eyes which made others guilty again for what they did with him and they were ready to apologize from him.


Gang: Sorry… 'with their heads down'


 It was enough for Armaan to know that they are guilty though he wanted to shout on them ask them how they could play such a cheap prank but before he could say anything Atul signalled him in a way telling him that they did nothing, and Armaan being the sharp he is got it rite and answered them.


Armaan: its ok guys, I know tum logon ne prank khela but didn't know that its outcome will be like this, so chill u r forgiven. 'And gave his sweet smile to them.'


Shocked was not the rite word for them, it was more than that how someone can forgive so easily when his life was in danger and anything could happen just because of them, how could he forgive them. But Armaan assured them.


Armaan: its ok guys really no hard feelings for anyone..hmm.. 'he said looking at them hopefully.'


Hearing Armaan all of them smiled and again said sorry and promising to be the friends and never going to play such prank they all left for duty, except Shilpa who was also given an off to rest. Atul gave medicine to Shilpa asking her to lay down and came to Armaan to give him medicine also as he would be in pain too. Both Armaan and Shilpa were in the same ward with two beds parallel to each other, and taking the medicine Shilpa fell asleep as the medicine showed its affect. Armaan was wide awake as he wants to know what information Atul has for him.


Atul: Armaan yeh aaj jo kuch bhi hua who start tu in sab ne kiya tha but someone else is there behind all this.


Armaan: what! But how is it possible, no one can do such thing until and unless knowing everything about Sanjeevani.


And then Atul told him about Shilpa gone saying him and got burnt herself too,  the conversation Nikki heard that it was just to show Dr. Shashank that they are this much close to their daughters. If they can hurt you they can do this with others as well and Armaan was flabbergasted hearing this, and this made Armaan think abt his instincts telling him something was wrong.


Atul: chal babu medicine le aur rest kar, apne haath ko zyada stress mat karna, it burnt a lil bit but still u need to be careful 'while giving him medicine and making him drink water' Armaan mein ne mom dad ko kuch nahin bataya. They would get worried so what u think.


Armaan: Don't tell them anything bhai they'll get worried 'he said suppressing a yawn and Atul chuckled seeing his cute face.'


Atul: cha lab so ja, medicine ne apna asar dekhana shuru kar diya hai. 'Armaan slightly nooded and within few minutes he was asleep'.


As Atul was given duty with Armaan and Ridhimaa that particular tym, so he settled down there and thanked god for keeping both of them safe and nothing bad happened. But his stupor was broken with the shrill sound of his phone which showed 'MOM'


Installment 1 updated...

enjoy...sorry a short i wrote it just now...

for PM's add anumeha_PM in ur account...

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Awsume udate Smile
continue soon di Smile
eagerly waiting 4 lamba part Day Dreaming Smile

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nice installment
cont soon

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very nice part !!
pl continue soon !!

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great update!!!
please continue soon!!!!!!!

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thank god Armaan is safe 

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lovely installment :)

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