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|ArSh FF|Saviour...|Part 9 Comp.|Page 89| 4/7/12 (Page 57)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Sunnipwincessx

Awsome thnx for it xx

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
Posts: 10172

Posted: 07 September 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by m4manju

nice part anumeha... arsh fights are cute... hope love follows soon ...thanks for the pm...Smile

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AR-kash

really nice part
loved it
cont soon

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
Posts: 10172

Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:04pm | IP Logged

firstly im sorry for being super late once again...

n thnx alot everyone who commented n pressed the LIKE button...

thnx everyone...

kashmayurfan, ammy_amna, palakjain, amaniM, luv_kash, KSG-ROOP, KaShforever06, Blazed_Blazing, tanya.dsouza, karankideewanix, MaNaLoVeKaSh, trouble_006, sweet_shilpa, foxi, swarobi1, akshad, zigzagway_sadi, annie03, thithutop14, AR-kash, meeru_s_armaan, Nihunicks, princessrashida, krazy4kash, fri42911, moonlight2630, diyaa1pk, -shamima-, DaShInG_DeViL, Sunnipwincessx, charmingkiller, m4manju, Crazyy_Fan, choco_pie92, Klutszy_KaShian, swetha10, sammy4u, nidha1983, zhasan2, janu1610, KaSh-Maneet-Fan, 

thnx alot again...

loads of love..


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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged

PART 6...

Recap:finally ARSH came face to face...

But Shilpa was in shock………duty wid this loser…where as Armaan smiled………..get ready for the fun Dr.Basket…………n gave her a cute n sweet innocent look…which made her agitated……n she left cursing again…but Dr.Keerti this tym…for giving duty wid Mr.Arrogant……..


Shilpa already left for her work in the General Ward…n Armaan followed the suite…they both entered the ward together….which was filled with patients n nurses b wardboys were also there takng care of them..


Shilpa moved towards her patients n started checking them…where as Armaan was still standing on the door..trying to understand wat to do…yes he studied medicine..n also wanted to be a doctor,but he was completely blank bcoz he didn't handled the patients at all...he knows hw to handle the criminals….being rough n tough wid them but wat he do wid the patients..


Armaan: [praying in his mind..n mummbling] aaj tu bacha lena bhagwan ji….


N then move towards the patients…a big fat old lady………


Armaan: 'picking up her file n reading.' Hello aunty kaise hai aap….


Lady: oye..meenu lady na bol..bada old lagta hai…tu mein preetu bola..mera na [name] Preeto hai ga ji…


Armaan: ji preeto ji... 'said wid a fake smile'


Preeto: oye preeto ji nai sirf preeto..tuwade lae [just for u] … 'she said a bit smiling n shying…'


On the other hand Shilpa was having tough to control her giggles seeing Armaan's bechara face..n when Armaan looked in her direction to get some his so called lover PREETO was not leaving him she turned around n started doing her work…after a lot of requests n pleasing wid a promise to be back again…she finally left Armaan...n he just ran from there n started checking his patients…in between questioning Shilpa wat to do..where is the place n wat not…like..


"Dr.Shilpa…yeh diabetes ke patient ki medicine kaha hai?" She answered him but again after few minutes a question pop out…

"Agar kisi ko emergency mein ICU bhejna ho tu who kahain hai?" She again answered wid a fake smile n Armaan was enjoying irritating her…

"Dr.Shilpa yeh caf kahan hai" 

"Dr.Shilpa mujhe pharmacy jana hai can u guide plzz"

"Dr.Shilpa…aap kitna kaam karti hai na…Dr. Shilpa this…Dr.Shilpa that….." n wid all these questions..her face was red wid anger n she was just going to burst out anytime…


Armaan seeing her face…..knew that he had irritated her a lot…….n ran from there n again started doing his work…where as Shilpa was still fuming n ready to take revenge…


While on the other side in Path Lab..Atul n Anjali were doing the experiments n doing there work…n Atul was asking her few things..


Atul: Anjali waise hum yeh Path Lab mein duty kyun kar rahe hai…humne thodi na koi scientist banae hai jo yeh log humse yahan duty karwa rahe hai…


Anjali: Atul just shut up….


Atul: arey but mein tu genuionly pooch raha tha…


Anjali: Atul tum chup chap apna kaam nahin kar sakte kya… 'she said wid a glare wich can kill…whereas Atul just nodded n again started working…'

After few minutes Atul again started speaking…


Anjali tum beth kyun nahin jati…thak gaye ho gin a….


Anjali tumhein bhook tu anhin lagi na….etc..etc… making Anjali rolled her eyes seeing him like this…but he can do he also fell helplessly in love wid her…on the mere first sight……


Abhi n Nikki were doing there work…wid Abhi guiding her n throwing all the work on poor Niki…n on the other side…Rahul n Muskaan as usual fighting rather than doing the work given to them…n that is to check patients n take care of them…



Well all this was going on but someone was there a shadow…keeping eye on all the interns n specially on Shilpa n Anjali….he took out his fone n left from there…


Shadow: 'voice of a man can be heard' Hello yes boss they r in the hospital doing their work….im keeping my eyes on them…will let u know all the details…' n getting instrustions from the other side he left…


General Ward:


Armaan n Shilpawere doing their work……..n Armaan was taking care of Nana..who was ready to move out from the bed…n keeps on telling Armaan…how many Natak n Films he have done..


Nana: oye apple…tu sun raha hai na…


Armaan: ha nana mein sun raha hoon…aap bas ab aram se beth jaye aap ko araam[rest] ki zaroorat hai…


Nana: arey mujhe kuch nahin hua acha khasa hoon mein…awein hi mujhe yahan pakar ke rakha hai…


On the other side Shilpa was busy making a guy agree to have the injection but he was not ready being scared of injections n she was having really hard tym….


Shilpa: arey mein keh rahi hoon na kuch anhin ho ga…


Arnav: nahi mein ne kaha na mujhe injection nahin lagwana…


Hearing all this Armaan moved towards them…….


Armaan: arey bhai kyun nahin lagwana injection aapko..


Arnav: actually mujjhe injection se darr lagta hai…

Armaan: oh acha waise mujhe bhi lagta hai..mein bhi nahin lagta… 'here Shilpa was confused is he helping her or creating more trouble as the guy will never agree to take injection"


Armaan: waise yeh chot kaise lagi…


Arnav: oh yeh who mein bike se jar aha tha…'he began his story n Armaan give signal to Shilpa to give him injection which she did…n till the tym the guy got to know it…she has injected him…'


Arnav: aap ne mere saath cheating ki…


Armaan: ab tum aise bachoon ki tarah daro gae tu yehi ho ga na…waise tumhein mujhe thanks kahna chahiye…


Arnav: thnx kis liye…


Armaan: arey bhai tumhein itni khatarnak[dangerous] aur darawni[scary] Dr.Shilpa se bacaya hai…warna agar tum injection na lagwate tu yeh tumhein kacha chaba jate… 'hearing Armaan Arnav laughed out loud n even couldn't hold his giggles seeing Shilpa face..wich was red wid anger…'


Shilpa: kya kaha tum ne…mein tum darawni lagti hoon…


Armaan: uhmm…nahin…actually correction……..lagti nahin…darawni hoo… 'he laughed n moved from there but next second…he was on the floor……….how…."


Hearing him Shilpa fumed in anger n put her foot in his way..n he fell down..coz he didn't see that…seeing him on the floor…Shilpa was laughing making other patients laugh also…'


Armaan felt embarrassed n getting up..clean his clothes..n glared at Shilpa….


Armaan: tumhein tu mein dekh loon ga.. 'n he again got back to work…


Wid this there first day finished…Armaan n Atul were rite after Shilpa n Anjali's car…so that they can reach home safely and after they left the other officers take their post n started protecting the gals…




Next Day Armaan n Atul were already there in the locker room as they have to discuss few things abt the case wid Niki n Abhi…so after few minutes they were also there…All four have a chat regarding the case n talking for few more minutes the stopped knowing the other interns would be coming soon………


All went towards there lockers n soon Rahul Muskaan came bickering on something..


Muski: oye khoote de puttar tera na mouh[face] torh doon gi…


Rahul: mufte ka samjha hua hai kya…cheepkali nah hue tu..


Muski: tujhe kisne kaha tha mera dabba phekhne ko…


Rahul: tu meri ghalti…tu mujhse takrai…nazar tu waise bhi kharab hai..andhi na ho tu..


Muski: mein andhi…tu ne mujhe andhi kaha…andha ho gat u..tera pura khandan,…


Rahul: oye dyaan [witch] khandan pen a jaen mere..


Muski: jaon gi khankhajure…kya kar le ga…


Rahul: kya kar loon ga..abhi batata hoon… 'n wid this they start pulling each other hairs..trying to harm the other one a lot…'


Where as all others were in shock..seeing them like school kids…at the same tym Anjali n Shilpa entered n where shocked seeing RM fighting…more than that physically hurting each other..


They both shouted together…. 'yeh kya ho raha hai…' making all come out of the shock n run towards the duo n boys pulled Rahul where as gals pulled Muskaan…


Muskaan: choro mujhe…is kamine ko tu mein zinda nahin chorongi… 'she said trying to pull out from the gals who were pulling her back….'


Rahul: arey choro tum log..aj is bandariya ko bataon mein cheez kya hoon…'he was also trying to pull out'


All other…as RM were keep on going on n on…. 'SHUT UP……..'


N this made Rahul n Muskaan stop…after the fight ends…n all made their way for their respective get their labcoats n important files as it was tym to report for the duty…


As Shilpa opened her locker……..she screamed loud…….. AHHH……..


Shilpa was panting n breathing heavily n she scared others also coz of her scream…actually what happened when she opened her locker…a lizard fell on her files…n before she could scream a spider was hanging on the edge of the locker…making her gasp n scream hard…..


Seeing her soo scared face..Armaan just couldn't stop himself…n laughed loud…….n seeing him..others laugh also..when Shilpa  pulled out the plastic lizard n spider…….n was fuming now…

Armaan can see the devil horns n smoke coming out of her ears……and she was ready to pound on him anytym……Armaan moved back…but Shilpa didn't miss the opportunity n both started running in the locker room..around others…n seeing Shilpa after Armaan..they got to know it was Armaan who played prank on Shilpa…


But hearing the announcement all moved out..wid Shilpa giving Armaan a warning..

Precap: A prank which was about to take someone's life...



ok that's it for now guys...

hope u like the part...plzz Do Comment n Press the LIKE button...

n i also request all the readers of this FF...

to ADD... anumeha_PM

in ur account in order to get PM's for this FF...

from now onwards i'll try my best to update the ff once in a week...keeping in mind the other 2 FF's also...

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes...

waiting for ur comments...

loads of luv..


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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
PM's Later...

Really sleepy now...SleepySleepy

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
lovely ud. 
commented on AR one. 
but i still read both ud's

commented in detail in other one. Embarrassed

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Fantastic update, and please do continue soon!

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