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{AR + DMG 2} Momentary Romance - Part 8 (6/5) (Page 2)

cuteshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
nice concept cont soon n do pm me

nacima IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged
add me to your pm list

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yam29 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
PM List

This is the PM List of the short story, 'Momentary Romance'. Please post in this thread to be added into this list. If you wish to be removed from the PM list, please message me personally.

All present in the PM List, please do add me to your buddy list to ensure an organized udpates for all of you.

Everytime there is any sort of updates, I will PM everyone present in this list.

*Note : I hope everyone on this list would read the updates and press the 'like' button. Moreover, I really do hope that you all would comment as well. It really boosts me when I know someone is there who likes my works.

shristi sarda


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Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
cant wait to read
add me to ur pm list

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sajniksgian Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Interesting concept...pls add me to ur PM list...

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sweety7395 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
hey nice concept
cant wait to read the ff
continue soon 
please add me to your pm list

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yam29 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged

Part 1  


Anjali's POV

I was not able to sleep for some reason. Was it because my dearest little sister's wedding is happening tomorrow? I could not be sure of the answer. I turned around, on my bed.


"Ridzie," I called out her name, still hugging my bolster.


I reached out for the bed next to me, which was separated by just a small, round lamp table.


I touched Riddhima's blanket and pulled it slightly, "Ridzie."


I was surprised that Riddhima did not answer me.


I thought, "She can't be already asleep," as I struggled up and out from my bed.


I made my way towards Riddhima's bed. I pulled off her blanket lightly only to be surprised by the sight of the bed being empty. There were two pillows, lying vertically on the bed, hidden by the blanket. I was surprised at this peculiar sight.


"What in the world? Where is Ridzie?" I whispered to myself.


Suddenly, a jolt of panic attacked my nerves, "Oh, God. Hone wale dulhan is missing?"


My hands intertwined one another, wet with light perspire, "What am I going to do? If someone finds out, then I'm dead."


Suddenly, images of dad's stern face passed through my eye lenses. My panic level increased and I knew I needed to do something. Instantly, I picked up my mobile phone and dialled Naina's number. After a few beeping, someone picked up the phone on the other side.


 A slightly hoarse and sleepy voice answered, "Hello. Kaun hain?"


I replied rapidly, "Naina, it's me, Anjali. News falsh, Riddhima is missing."


There was a hustle of blanket in noise and Naina cried, "Kya?"


I replied impatiently, "Ha. Riddhima is not in bed. Mein kya karu? Should I call Ma and Nani....."


Naina cut me off and said, "Nahi. Don't do that. If you tell, then ek naya problem will start."


She paused a while, breathing in heavily, before answering, "Meere pass ek idea he."


I asked bluntly, "Kya?"


Naina said, "You stay there. Mein Riddhima di ko dundongi."


Then, I said hesitantly, "Fine. Make sure after you find her, you call me."


I ended the call and sat on my bed. I tapped my leg, impatiently while waiting. After 11 minutes, I knew I could not wait any longer. I made up my mind and went towards the door. I opened the door to see Atul, standing there with in mid motion, his hand raised to knock the door.


 I exclaimed in surprise, "Atul, tum?"


Atul gave one of his famous comic, innocent smiles.



Naina's POV

I measured my footsteps carefully as I walked. I knew better than to let my presence to be known. I walked through the corridor slowly.


As I walked, I thought, "Where did Riddhima di go? Itni der raat pe."


I heard a creaking noise. I turned around to see what it was, with anxiety gripping me heart. I let out a sigh of a relief as it was just the windows creaking because of the night breeze. I turned around, just to bump my head to Yuvi's head, which was somehow expectantly there, waiting.


I rubbed my head, "Ouuch."


I looked at Yuvi, who was standing, looking as though nothing happened.


I asked, "Tum?"


Yuvi answered with a smirk, "Ha.Mein."


I asked in frustration, "Tum yahan kya karahi ho?"


Yuvi, with his-ever-so-sexy smile on his face said, in his ever-so-sexy voice, "Mein bhi iss sawal tumse puche ne wala tha."


I fought back, "I asked first."


Yuvi replied coolly, "And I asked second."


I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Whatever, Yuvi," I said as I flipped my hand in frustration. "Tumhara bakwas kiliye, mere pass time nahi he. Mujhe kisse ko dunne padegi."


I started walking away, angrily. All of a sudden, I was pulled back by a sudden force. In just few moments, there I was standing, slanting in Yuvi's arms with his brilliant, piercing eyes, shooting 'love arrows' into mine. Little by little, I was losing myself. At that precise moment, I remembered nothing as I was utterly hollow. I tried to with the deepest conscious side of me, to stay rational but failure fell upon me drastically. I stared into his eyes willingly; yet unwillingly.


He whispered, "Naina."


My name sounded miraculously sweet, in his voice. I felt speechless at my own thoughts. I did not and could not do anything but to stare into his eyes continuously. Slowly, he removed the distance between us by moving closer and closer as his left hand wrapped around my waist lightly. Soon, his lips were inches away from mine and I still could not decide what to do and what to say. I felt his hot breath on my lips and I shivered a little. My eyelids dropped down and I stood there, not sure what I was waiting for. Maybe I was waiting for what may be my first kiss ever.


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yam29 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged

Part 2


Anjali's POV

Atul accidentally bumped into the deco table that was by the side of the wall. I watched in horror, holding my breath as the vase on the deco table started falling. Just as the vase was about to hit the floor and break into the pieces, Atul caught it.

I heaved a huge sigh, putting my hand on my chest, "Thank, God."

Atul smiled at me reassuringly as he placed the vase back at its former position, "Not to worry, Angie, when tumhara Atul yahan he."

I rolled my eyes and muttered to myself, "Yeah right. On the contrary, whenever you are around, that's when I need to worry the most."

I walked away, turning my back on him, with Atul following behind me, like a little kid.

I groaned, clenching my fists, "Yeh, Ridzie bhi na. Where did she wander off to? Voh bhi at this time."

Atul replied in a rather small voice, "Don't worry, Angie. Riddhima yahan se iss ghar pe hu but tumhara pass nahi hu."

 I said, sarcastically, "That's convenient."

Then, suddenly, my eyes caught the sight of two figures moving, further in upfront of me and Atul.

 I called Atul, "Vahan dekho, Atul," pointing in front at the two figures.

 Atul turned and looked intently, "Hei, koi ha vahan pe."

As the figures moved closer, I realised it was Naina and to my utter surprise, it was Yuvi, by her side. Much more to my astonishment, I saw Yuvi and Naina holding their hands interwined together.

I stopped in track, so did Atul.

Atul, being the idiot he was, called out loud, "Naina, tum?"

Upon realising my and Atul's presence, Naina pulled her hand away, hastily from Yuvi, who seemed very unwilling to let go of her hand. Even in the darkness around us, it was easy to see the red blush on Naina's cheeks.

 She flustered lightly,trying hard to hide her embarassment, "Di. Uhmm, aap yahan. Kaise? And Atul, tum bhi yahan."


I folded my arms, "I can ask the same question to you, Naina."

I turned towards Yuvi, with my hands respectively on my hip, "Yuvi, aap yahan pe kya karraha hu?"

Yuvi replied shyly, somehow not in his usual-confident-and-mysterious way, "Kuch nahi. I was just looking around for some fresh air and I found..'"

I cut him across smartly, "And you found a more refreshing Naina."

Naina looked down at her toes, refusing to acknowledge the embarrassing moment while Yuvi ignored me completely.

I asked Naina, after a moment of silence, "Naina, tum Riddhima se milli ya nahi?'"

Naina shook her head in denial, "Nahi, di."

I exhaled in frustration, "Fine, let's look for her together. I just hope we would find her in time. If not, the shaadi wala din would be a chaotic din."



Riddhima's POV

I let my head slip slowly onto his shoulders. I felt an instant essence of warmth inside me as an extensive relief and joy expanded in me. This was ,is and always has been the way I feel every time whenever I am with Armaan. Armaan, the name that meant a million and a zillion words in my life. Armaan, the one I loved, Armaan, my fiance and Armaan, the meaning of my life. The list could go on and on. Well, how could I stop when it is Armaan I am thinking of? Then, I thought of my life's biggest event tomorrow.

A smile crept on my face upon the thought marriage. "At last, I would be his and Armaan would be mine," I thought.

Armaan, who realized very quickly of my smile, "Why are you smiling? Ek naya joke he kya?"

I shook my head, still holding onto his arms, "Kuch nahi. Meine kaal ke bare me soch rahi ti."

Armaan grinned, "Mein bhi."

I looked at him, questioningly, with my eyebrows curving, "Now, why are you grinning?"


Armaan just looked at me, without answering me. I could not stand the intensity of his gaze that I had to look away from his eyes. He raised his right hand, slowly reaching for my face. He took my chin and turned my face towards his. With hesitancy, I looked up to meet his wonderful grey eyes. He took his hand away, and gently touched my left cheek. A feeling, somewhat warm and sweet but yet, electrifying sensation spread through my cheeks, then, spreading throughout me. I closed my eyes, edging my face nearer to his touch, enjoying every bit of the sensation.

 Armaan whispered, "I love you, Riddhima Gupta."

The truth of his words kept on ringing in my ears, over and over again like the sound of the bells in temple, striking around my heart like a ball.

I looked up and cupped his face with my right hand, "Mein tumse bauhout pyaar karthi hu, Armaan."


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