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"Ek berang zindagi sahab ke naam" conclude p95 (Page 86)

__priyanka__ Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
hiii jagruti,
wow what a lovely updateSmileSmileSmile...really awesome ClapClapClap
first the tasha scene was really good...little bit romantic too... how dutta slowly moves toward her...and she get all shy whyBlushingBlushing...and then duttas kiss on her forheadEmbarrassedEmbarrassedso, dutta asks baaji  to think abt sia  for marriage...he was totally depresed...but our nakku reads his expression...may b she will help him in his final decision.
awww...nakku was not taking her medicines...dutta scold her for her mistake...SmileSmileSmile...and she hide behind aayi saheb...just like a child threatening of  scold ...but our aayi saheb leaves and told dutta to handle the what will our dutta do wid nakkuLOLLOL
...hey jagruti u r closing this ffUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy but will start of wid another ffSmileSmileSmile...

thanks for the awesome update
waiting for next
update soon


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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 11:00am | IP Logged
as always great update ,i want u to continue writing its upto u if u want to start a new ff ,i know u will come up with something good ,but plz don't leave this incomlete

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2011 at 10:17pm | IP Logged week is over after ur previous update...where is next update???
We r waiting yaar...
Update soon :-) :-)

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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
update soon dear and make it soon,i hope we will able to read tasha romance a full update on tasha let whole pn wasis go to temple or somewhere leaving tasha alone or tasha going somewhere,its a request please do consider  and update soon.Smile

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jagrutid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

"Thank you very much guys for all the amazing feedback!!!"


rrs1391: hey thank you very much for reading  as for what happens with

naku will have to wait and see.!


AzMishy: hi thank you soo much for reading and commenting. Glad you liked the last update and o yep that first scene wasn't really ment to be anything special but glad you liked it.  The romantic formula always works with you guys is what I have  As for imagination well from where I see it dutta was helping nakusha get ready that's all baaki ka is all in your head!!!  Yep dutta tells baaji about sia and he runs off you will have to wait and see what  happens with that.

Yep I am thinking about ending ths one soon not sure though.. thank you very much for your feedback always love to read what you think. Wil update soon.


Prncz: hey thanks for your comment yep nakusha not taking her meds although its ok of her too do that ..some people totally hate taking them yet she could have hid them in a better place as for aayi yep do you blame her …I would run away too. As for what happens with baaji you will have to wait and see.. thanks again for your feedback. As for closing this one and starting a new one thinking about it..ive got a storyline to mind so would like to start a new ff.



suhana19:  hi thank you very much for your comment…glad you enjoyed it you didn't blush did you..sorry.. as for baaji always on time!! As for what happens with baaji and sia thing you will have to wait  to read on and o I am so glad you liked the last bit of the update. Wasn't too sure about it myself but then actually when I finished writing that moment I really liked it too!  yep I have been thinking about ending this but I do have something in mind for a new one..not sure yet..anyways thank you..will update soon.


droopy_asleep: hey thank you very much for reading..commenting, glad you liked the for the whole caring dutta I think your right it does at to the appeal..anyways thanks again…think I will be closing this ff soon yet I do have something in mind for a new one..see how it all goes.


eternity_of_luv: hi thank you for reading..nice to know you liked the last update as for what happens with both nakusha and baaji well you will have to wait  and read the next chapters.. cant let too much on sorry varna shatir minds will guess!

Thanks again.


mnx12: thank you very much for reading and commenting and yep a little bit going on in the last chapte ..baaji running from duttas wedding talk and naku not taking meds..glad you enjoyed the update..keep following. And thanks!


Buttbhai: hey thank you for reading and aw..really nice to know you like this ff but..i do feel somewhere that an end should approach now and don't worry I will start a new one ..and my style of writing wont change..the essense will pretty much be the same.  Still thinking about it though so..for now thank  you and keep reading.



Krishaa: o  no I don't mind your reminders at all I pretty much need them really because I sometimes totally forget how long its been sorry for taking so long everytime. As for ending the ff..yep been thinking about it I think the next one or two chapters maybe..not sure yet. But don't worry not going to stop writing thinking of starting a new ff..anyways glad you enjoyed the last update please keep following and sorry again for the delays…

p.s got your request about the whole tasha alone thing a bit late ..already written the update but will try to keep it in mind with the next chapters. Sorry!


Shreeya1: hey thank you very much for reading and commenting nice to know you are enjoying my for whats going will have to wait till the next chapter! Thanks again.


MishalsFAN: hi thank you very much for reading ..glad you liked the update. Yep lots of small moments in that last update..nice to know you liked them..and yep I think my frav had to be the last scene with nakusha hiding from dutta…

As for what happens will have to wait for the next chapter but yep having been thinking about an end..30 odd chapters ho gayey hai..and I think its time for something new.

Thanks again.


Nakusha: hey thank you very much for reading and commenting dont worry I never leave any of my ffs incomplete wont leave this one either.


Daya/kiran/swapna..  I will be replying to your feedback later…but thank you guys your dedication to my ff ..and your comments always put a smile on my face so thanks!

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jagrutid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

R E S E R V E D ...

E D I T E D...

Jagz Hug

wonderful update Embarrassed loved it as usual
..thank you soo much always too kind with your words..

haila opening scene left me breathless, speechless,  Day Dreaming
..glad you liked it..i think i mentioned it to somebody else too guys can be easily won over by romance!! formula pata chal gayay..little bit of dutta a little bit of nakusha and one romantic moment = hit update!!LOL

in dreamland imagining Dutta doing that to me  BlushingLOL
..keep dreaming!!!LOLLOLLOL

KMH aa gai ...none other than dimpled cutie ..hehe Baaji ...I was expecting that...
...yep nahin aata toe ajeeb lagta..something would be missing then..but i will try to write a moment where he doesnt be kmh! im sure i have done so in the past.

and this time he saved Naku from further embarassmentEmbarrassed toh good timing Wink
...yep can you imagine..bechari..totally got him wrong..all he wanted was his watch!

hmmm so Dutta asked Baaji about marrying Sia...and his expression was not good Confused
...bhaag gayay...yep..

of course Dutta missed that...and Baaji managed to leave ...
..yep saved by the phonecall..i think if dutta had seen that expression  he would have worked it out but naku hai no problem there.

seems like everything is working in favor of them first KMH to rescue for Naku
...gods on there side today ..

and now phone call to the rescue for Baaji ...who's next LOL for why
baaji reacted this way then...cant tell you now there would be no fun in that..w
next few chapters mein pata chalega ...

I am curious to know reason for the frown...fallen face upon hearing sia...

i hope you say why soon... 
...soon wont keep you waiting too long promise..

and that little moment with tasha...about him offering to help her...and she refusing...
..yep i think that was something very sensitive..even though he is her husband..i always think nakusha has his ideology that he is not just her husband but he is dutta shri ram she doesn't like him taking part in very minor tasks to speak. More so shes typical wife..doesnt want her husband to be the one is burdened by her..and even more i think she ia a reluctant for dutta  to see her  burns..even though he as seen them..she doesnt want them to be exporsed to him as to speak..anyways im so glad you highlighted that.!

but his line in response to the refusal ClapClap loved it...
...dutta shri ram patil hai always amazing!!Embarrassed

and then comes Madhu and her suspense filled actions LOL even i was impatient like D this stared off being a  moment i wasnt too sure about but was good in the end..
i would be the same too..

i think i would be annoyed if the person didnt say anything and told me to just stand there

but very well written Naku say she is sick of meds...
...who wouldn't be!!!

but she has been hiding all her meds in drawer ?  why? Confused
...i just think she is one of those who doesn't like taking them..little bit like a kid who runs away from it ..baaki ka you will have to wait to read.

and loved the way Dutta with his suspicious questioning gaze just barged into the rm
..very dsp!! no messing around..

and then he opens the drawer in front of her...and simply asks what is all this

and haha theme of ur update...being saved LOL AS aa gai save Naku this time...
...omg totally everybody saved each other here never thought about that...

but i guess u can't be lucky always ...AS also handed her right over to Dutta herself LOL
..yep but shes a mother after all even she doesn't agree with naku not taking them so i think she did the wise thing..bhaag gayi!!!

Dutta is like the cop and N the victim ...ready for interrogation EmbarrassedLOL
...will have to wait and see what happens...

great update ...loved it to the core...
...thank you very much!

am unsure what ur plans for FF is in terms of story/plot

but u know if u feel itz appropriate to end it ...I won't stop u AS LONG AS you are writing

another FF ...u know i am seeing to many FF on this forum that are incomplete ...

I think a majority of them... but decision is urs...

itz great FF and I would love if it continued

but if you feel itz time to end it i am ok with that...just start new ff lol

alright...thanks for the amazing update...

take care...Hug

...As for ending this ff i am considering it within the next one or two chapters..i do feel its time to give a close to this ff now..i am think of starting another yet a little unsure but anyways thank you very much for reading and always love you feedback!

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jagrutid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ziks

Hi jagruthi,

Thanks for pm.  Its a warm loving update .Smile
...thank you very much.

First scene tasha's moment is so lovely .  As usual dutta coming close to naku and naku's embarassment and tasha kiss lovelyEmbarrassed . The way dutta walked towards her , the way naku watches everything is perfect . glad you liked that moment was only meant to be a small moment but you all seem to highlight that one.

So dutta saab for his watch  made naku tensed  so much . But anyway its so romantic as ususal in their unique tasha style .Embarrassed  ...yep sirf watch chahiyey thi..naku got it wrong.

Dutta  asked baazi to think about sia for marriage ? Ohh  baazi is so unhappy wonder what would be the reason may be he is not seeing sia in that way or he is in love with madhu or someone ?  ok lets see  what
happens ? Confused ...yep baaji not very happy u will have to wait and read next few chapters for this one.

Naku noticed this ya always naku notices all as dutta as usual gadha like these heart related matters .Wink ...i think if dutta had seen the reaction then baand vahi baj jaata so coudn't do naku knows though

Joke is dutta does n't recognise his own love for so long , he did n't find that naku love him  whereas baazi finds that naku loves dutta and told him right ? ROFL
...yep very true..ghada king!
Then if  our dear dutta can't recognise his own love how can he recognises baazi's . ? ROFL Ohhh we are expecting too much from dutta . just kidding i love really love very much the innocent side of dutta . Hug

Dutta helping in dressing  up naku  wow so romantic . Dutta saab really u r a sweet hubby . love his caring and his concern towards his wife.  ...yep pretends to be all sher but hes very soft and sweet really
Day Dreaming
Loved the lines  ...thank you very much!

"asie kya dekh rahin hai muje'tu mere leighyey Itna kuch karti hai..mein itna nahin kar sakta tere leighyey."

"aise kuch nahin meri patni mujse chupasakti hai."  so naku is hesistant to show him her scars and he is so sweeet towards her .  Love dutta saba's adamant nature here  . Love tasha .Day Dreaming
...yep nakusha i think felt it was a task not worthy of him..even though he has already seen her scars she is a little hesitant. yep

And the last scene is really marvellous . Its so simple but its  revealing so many hidden feelings and quite amusing scene  between tasha .Smile
...took me a long to think up this moment..i really couldnt think anything up that would convery lots on there relationship until this little idea..but glad you liked it.

loved the way how madhu showed dutta directly naku's chidish behaviour to take medicines . Its so sweet and amusing .Smile  ...bhai ki champchi!!

Madhu threatening naku and naku's answer is superb .  "Korlo mein tere bhaiya se nahin darti.."  ohh when naku says this line  we can imagine dutta's face poor dutta saab he is so confused and he is thinking whether it is good or for bad ?  ROFL
...yep hes a don after all after hearing that he must feel a little strange maybe hes loosing his what was going through his mind..

The way dutta walked to her and asked her about medicines and aaai saab's entry at the same time and naku hiding behind her .  Its really a lovely scene . Smilehow much i  loved to see these type of scenes in show with mishal and mahi  ?Unhappy
...yep.mee tooo!! miss them!!Ouch

Naku is so child like , so innocent , so sweet and dutta's " yeh aap apni bahu se phuchyey aayi sahab "  I mean in simple words of dutta  we can see the affection, love , care and concern   shows how much dutta loves nakusha ? Day Dreaming
...yep irritated..angry concern is always duttas thing but it does show his care for her

Aai saab leaves naku  with dutta so now to see how dutta saab  handles this sitauation with his lovely wife nakusha either romatically or agressively  or in which manner ?Wink
...god knows what do you want to see happening!!??

Jagruthi as for this ff its really a great ff  and one of favourite ff ClapClap. But every great story has to end at any point . I love this ff very much . As long as u maintain the natural tasha essence and their characters  uniqueness and greatness i will read continuously . Smile
...thank you very much its nothing without you readers so thanks

As a writer u can judge better right  than readers  If u think that this ff has reached its end point  u can end  .
..i do feel the end should be close now..

But i have to say u one thing i enjoyed and loved so much this ff  and the way of ur writing .Thumbs Up

Hey u r  going to start another ff   right congratulations Iam  very happy on that .  waiting for the new ff also . Smile

 ...just want to add one big thank you!!

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jagrutid IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

Omg what 
..hey dont worry..will still write but im so touched that
you guys are so dedicated to my ff. do feel like an end is needed now though.

no wayyy ,

i love this FF ,.thank you!

plz dont finish it :( dont worry will be starting a new ff and my style of writing wont change.

and jagu baby 

i know i am like the last person of ur FF ,  ..dont worry about read it that totally enough for me so thanks

who loved ur FF , but is missing commentng :(  ...but i am aware that you still follow so never forger you.

ok now first of all 

the way u carried forward the story 


u deserve a bow !  ...far to kind with your words ...

teh story is all about Dingnity , class and power !


Dutta dutta Dutta  ...yep you said it love him!!!Embarrassed

the Dutta here is just some one who u can onmly feel respect and a lil dar from him

his character isjust siply amazinggg ...ive tried to stick to his original character hopefully done justice to it..

and Naku 

wowww u just tell to how extent she can go to save Dutta 
from all the curses   ...yep shes really very innocent..yet strong for her relationship

the black color was a sixer   .thank you

amazing jagu :D

i was like 

wow how can she even think of that ! ...all she wanted i think is for that woman to stop cursing her husband and in that forgot her promise to him.

u know she going back to her old self   ...very much soo .


i hated to miss those updates have caught up now thats what thank you for going bk and reading

and then he realizes k she can also makes a mistake 

nd teh Way D deals with All ! ...yep i think dutta was just very hurt that nakusha of all people had not understood him and of course that would hurt ..he loves her and was convinced that she would never mis-judge him but she did..on the other hand..shes only human.she can make mistakes too..because dutta was so used to naku doing what is correct when she makes a mistake it totally overlooks that she can too make mistakes..

amaizng sia and choti ,  ...thank you

amaizng entrants i bet , ...they were only meant to be of small significance but i became really found of chotus character cud not help but hand on

i was scared in begging but wowww  ...i keep telly swapna..not to worry she always seems to be dead scared and i never no why..

awesome Jagu   

u are great ...thank you very much

everything abt ur FF is aweosme ...nice to know you like it..

and wooo D wants B to marry Sia   ...yep he is just concerned for her thats all so is jumping the gun a bit i think

i hope all fine theri  .,,wait  and see

and wht Dutta find out N is not atkin medi 

im so scared   ...why???? of dutta no..come on..

and yes jagu hatts offf on the burnt thing 

this shows a woman is weak in believing her man , ...yep i think thats true i dont think its a case of beliving dutta for naku..she trusts him more than herself yet i think she is just a little unsure..of being exposed that way..and also for nakusha...she feels something like assistanting her is not a worthy enough task for him. She thinks of him very highly in that respect.

she has always got her insecurities 

\i sooo love it Jagu 

this is just a filler 

i will keep my commenting with reffering to past updates 

sorry for being so late 

and thank u for remembering me when Pming 

love u and ur FF sooo much :D

...thank you keep reading and dont worry about comments..

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