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"Ek berang zindagi sahab ke naam" conclude p95 (Page 73)

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Originally posted by priya6gang

Hiii jagruti...
I Just visit on IF today after a long time...and read four of ur updates back to back...loved it...esp when dutta get angry wid nakku...i got the same feeling as in ltl - its time for dutta nakku romance...h naa
plz dr update soon
eagerly waiting for ur next update

Hey!! aw its nice to see you bk on i.f and thank you soo much for reading..pls don't feel obliged to read...but im delighted that you have taken the time out to catch up on my ff .thank you!!
nice to know you are enjoying it and you are far too kind with your words..i dont think my ff can ever come anywhere near the original that was too good.
thank you soo much again for reading  and commenting

big sorry for the delay in updating but the good news is that i am going to be
updating in the next 20mins or so...if you are online please do hang around and once again sorry for keeping you waiting..!!ConfusedSmile

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woohoo me 1st :) or mayb not lolLOL 

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Note for my readers: Ok guys/girls so sorry for the huge
delay got caught up in's the update ..please do leave your comments. Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last chapter i have replied to them all and again sorry for the delay.

Chapter 22

Late into the night lying in bed dutta happens to momentarily awake. Opening his eyes listening to the silence it seemed as if Nakusha had fallen asleep but as Dutta seems to get no real rest he sits up in bed his eyes gaze over Nakushas side of the bed only to see that she is not there.


Patil Niwas kitchen Nakusha walks into the kitchen thinking of Dutta words "sone se phele kha lena.."eyeing the containers of food that  sit on the kitchen unit…nakusha doesn't feel at all hungry. Her mind was occupied with sadness yet she was going to abide by duttas words for it made that distance  between them feel at  ease. She would never defy his words and even today the minor matter that he had been mentioned by him she was about to act upon it. Nakushas eyes trail off from the food containers on to a plate which looked like it had already been eaten from. A little rice some dal, left over roti that had been broken from. It was duttas plate that he had eaten from.

Feeling comforted by that attachment to her husband she saw in this plate of food nakusha picks up the plate and takes it out into the lounge.  Just as she heads out of the kitchen and walks into the dinning area of the lounge she sees on the floor before her a familiar shadow.  Looking up from that black outline on the floor nakusha sees dutta standing before her. Wrapped in a white shawl his figure tall, dominant as ever Dutta looks down at Nakusha and he notices the plate of food in her hands.

Dutta watches the way in which Nakushas eyes scatter in a nervous manner…she looked everywhere but up at him and dutta saw a sense of apprehension in the way she stood before him. A little unsure even a little scared and silent. If she was too look up into his eyes..into his expression  she would only see a sense of warmth in  those eyes of his.  There was pain..there was concern yet nothing was more visible then that love dutta had for her. Looking down at  that plate in nakushas hands, dutta recognises it as his own plate and once again Nakushas smallest gesture had played on duttas heart. Just as he is about to touch on some words..there is a slight muffled sound from the right of the room..both dutta and nakusha take a look a short distance into the room and see chotu and baaji sleeping on the sofa the sight is somewhat adorable. The two that always seemed to be at loggerheads were slouched on the sofa beside each a sleep. The moment was so that both dutta and nakusha couldn't help but smile having seen the sight. Seemingly disturbed by the cold breeze that had momerntarly brushed into the room both of them were disturbed from there sleep. Dutta walking towards them unwraps his white shawl  from around himself and covers them both.  Turning back to nakusha ..who stands watching from a distance..the single glance from dutta and her eyes drop to the floor. seeing the emense..regret in those eyes of hers, seeing the pain and thinking about the way he had constantly been harsh with her throughout the day dutta feels like words may not be enough.

Watching nakusha walk to the dinning table taking a seat she puts the plate of food in front of her sitting down.taking a glance towards dutta. nakushas eyes seemed to ask duttta for a certain permission before she would touch upon her food and duttas eyes responded wit  comfort which having seen nakusha goes on to eat from the plate.

A few minuets later and as Nakusha eats at the dining table she takes repeated glances towards dutta  who sits at a distance. in front of the greenery and open garden area of patil niwas dutta sits on the wooden decking with his back to nakusha who is eating at the dining table. Sitting in silence dutta outlooks the traquility of the greenery in front of him and as nakusha glaces out towards where duttas is sitting..she cant make anything out as she is only able to see his back. Having  ate very little only a spoonful or so nakusha..folds her hands in front of the plate of food as as per her traditon..washes her hands within her plate. Looking out at dutta repeatedly she was hesitant to think if she should approach him or not.  Not wanting to distrube his traquility or upset him further nakusha covers her plate leaves the dining table with intention of silently walking past dutta back to there room without disturbing him. As nakusha takes the necessary becomes inevitable that she has to walk past dutta to make way to the staircase and just as she does very silently Dutta stops her with a very defined tone to his words that makes Nakusha jump a little.


"Ek nivaala kahane se pet nahin bharta naku,chahe woh apne pati ki adhuri thali se kyon naa ho."

This was duttas way of saying he was  aware of her every move, that he didn't approve of the way she had only eaten to please yet he was humbled by her gesture. Nakusha  a little unknown as to how to react or what say in response.. her eyes scatter the floor with an hesitation before she looks towards dutta….glancing over the back of his seated she posture replies with a certain caution to her words.

"Sahab..bhook nahin hai.." touched by the way dutta has spoken to her nakusha knew his words were out of concern for her. nakusha didn't hope for this nor did she hope for anything more as far as she was concerned Dutta was punishing her with his silence yet how she would love for him to turn to her that once and see that love in his eyes for her. smile on his expression, these were the thoughts that momentarily passed Naksushas mind as she overlooked dutta yet they were just hopes. Reminding her self  that this was not going to happen ..nakusha drops her expression and begins walking in the aim to leave dutta in peace but as  she takes a few steps  duttas words are sounded…his back still to her..nakusha is somewhat  surprised that Dutta had stopped her.


"Mere paas ake behth" Nakusha not able to quite believe duttas words looks towards dutta with a sentiment of surprise in her eyes. Unsure of weather she had herd correctly nakusha thinks for a moment, hissetates and then softly silently approaches. Walking towards him..watching over him nakusha cannot take in the sudden change of approach from dutta. stopping close..watching over him for a second..sitting on the floor.looking out into  oblivion nakusha..waits for a second or two in thought and then takes a seat next to him. Sitting one level below him as per her usual gesture of respect for her husband, Nakusha sits angled towards him yet not looking towards him in anyway she avoids eye contact which dutta notices.- "Ek baar meri taaraf nahin dekhegi.." very silently passes her words nakusha is carefull of her every action before dutta.

Kis mhun se dekhegi mein sahab..ab is laayak nahin rahin..

Dutta looks down at nakusha and his expression melts, so much concern in those eyes of his extent of pain and defining it all was love. Taking nakushas hand within his duttas eyes carry an emotional sentiment. Those eyes of his were cupped with tears that would not spill for he was Dutta Shri Ram Patil. Nakusha feels the warmth of duttas hand over hers and a comforting feeling fills her. how she had missed his touch..his presence..closing her eyes as duttas touch is appearant nakusha listens to his words with silence. again she avoids looking up at him but every part of her is devoted to him as always. Dutta..holds nakushas hand.tightly maybe it was something that was not just to comfort her but also give him a sense of support. Looking down at her ..duttas expression creases in a certain concern, a sadness that accompanies his every word.

"Aisa nahin hai naku..galat toe mein hoon jo apne ghuze mein ghuroor mein bhool gayay ke tu kabhi bhi aisa kuch nahin karegi jise muje kabhi sharminda hona pade.  Bhul gayay tha ke meri har taklif mein dard tuje hota hai naku. Pyaar joe itna karti hai tu mujse." Watching the way in which nakusha still seemed unsure..not looking up at him dutta has to promp her.

-"Idhar dekh.."


Hearing his words Nakusha looks up at dutta and sees tears in those eyes of his which hurt her immensely for her husband was dutta shri ram patil..his very existence  signified strength and some shape or form she had caused him immense pain that was existent in the form of tears.

"Aapne muje maaf kiya naa sahab?." Dutta looks at those eyes of nakushas that are still filled with regret.. parting his hand from hers dutta softly pulls closer towards nakusha wipes away her tears nodding subtly duttas eyes tell nakusha that she was forgiven  moving his expression over nakusha he places a kiss on her forehead. Feeling duttas touch nakusha feels a strange sensation within..there was a certain calmness within now she knew he had forgiven her.

Parting his lips from nakushas forehead dutta looks into nakushas eyes..a familiar glow In those eyes of hers comforts  him..after such a long time a soft smile creases on nakushas lips..which leaves a certain content feeling within dutta easing his pain.

Dutta  continues to glance over nakusha with a certain softness in his eyes until..nakusha looks up for a second, those big eyes look at dutta with so much innocence which as ever plays on duttas heart…

"Sahab..mein abhi aayi.".. just as nakusha gets up from her seat and turns away momentarily she feels a pull on her saari ..turning back she sees duttas expression his eyes pass a rather intimate glow. The pallu of her saari in his hands..and he wasn't going to let go.

Nakusha a little nerved..a little embarrassed an unsure how to react to this action of duttas  drops her expression whilst dutta..rising from his seat ..walking towards nakusha not letting go of her saari..duttas eyes continue to trail over nakushas expression without fail. Continually watching over her dutta stops close enough to eliminate all distances.

Feeling duttas presence..that scent of aftershave that was particular to her husband..even his heartbeat  and those footsteps were all something so familiar for nakusha. Something that played on her heart every matter how normal these every day things should have been..they weren't for nakusha. Even today..the smallest reminder of dutta bought a rush of feelings through nakusha and that dutta was aware of too. Dutta could see the impact of his closeness on nakushas expression every time and the truth was that  he loved to see the type of influence he had over her.

Looking down at nakusha duttas words are significant to his feelings..

"Bohot duriya hogayi naku..ab aur nahin.."dutta notices the way in which nakusha looks up at him with a certain innocence whenever she wanted to have her way..nakusha always touched upon her words with a certain tender innocence her tone went a little more silenlt than usual and her eyes carried a certain look which dutta recognised. Looking up at him nakusha started with..

- "Sahab..woh,," and stopped there..dutta noticed the way nakusha was looking towards bapas idol…and dutta instantly new that nakusha wanted to have some moments alone with her bappa..

her eyes asked dutta for a certain approval which dutta replied to with a silent consent in his eyes.


………. As dutta sits in bed..seemingly looking into oblivion and thinking deeply..nakusha walks into there room with a jug of water. She had spent a little time praying but didn't expect dutta to be awake..

Stepping into the room..dutta eyes instantly take to nakusha. There is a certain soft.warmth in those eyes of his a vulnerability that was rare for Dutta Shri Ram Patil. Nakusha walking towards duttas bed side, puts down the jug of water on the side table and taking a glance at dutta who was sat thinking in silence.. she took a seat next to..him almost in a comfortable huddle.resting her head on duttas shoulder. Feeling the weight on his shoulder..dutta looks down to his left shoulder to see nakusha rested comfortably which puts a sense of ease to his expression and  breaks the thoughts that were going through his mind. Putting his right arm around nakushas back dutta moves over nakusha and kisses her head softly listening  to nakushas ever so silent tone while she rests on his chest duttas lips crease to a smile listening to nakusha – "Agar itne hein pyaar se maanonge sahab toe mein baar baar galti karegi..


Following Morning in Patil Niwas dutta walks out of his bedroom as ever his attire perfected, his look sharp dressed in his blue pathani attire duttas eyes search for nakusha as he walks the corridors of the house. Naku had ever catered for all of dutta's needs his attire, his breakfast, every detail as ever was perfected only thing missing was Nakusha. Wondering where nakusha was this morning dutta is unable to find her but luckly for dutta he walks into baaji and madhu.

Hearing them both laugh as something in conversation as duttas stops before them he takes the opportunity to ask them about the where abouts of nakusha.

As per persona..duttas presence is as ever sharp..authorative and as both Madhu and Baaji see dutta stop in front of them place his hands behind his back per posture and look over them for a second wh and questions. "Aap dono ne ..naku ko kahin dekhna hai?"

Both baaji and madhu look at one another pass a was nice to see that even though dutta made himself out to be a very serious and upright character when it came to his relationships dutta was a soft as anyone.

Hah bhaiya..woh..meine une chat ki aur jaate hue dekha tha..

Dutta nodds…in reply to madhus words yet as ever the moment is never complete without one of baajis comments.

"Kya bhau..abhi se vahini ki yaad ane lagi.." looking at his watch baaji makes a point of the fact that it was early morning and dutta seemed to already be in search of naku. Puling one of his teasing looks baaji pushes a little further.

"Subhe subhe romance karne ka irrada hai kya.." Baaji carried one of his cheeky expressions that made madu..laugh a little too. Dutta passes an unforgiving glare to baaji for his comments

and watches him just laugh as he walks away.


… Warm open surroundings on the roof and as dutta walks up the stairs and onto the roof, out looking some distance …he sees nakusha hanging an orange saari on the washing line.

A little  unsure as the why she was doing so when there were servants for these tasks dutta doesn't think about it too much. Instead watching nakusha from this distance..admiring her dutta overlooks nakusha  and notices the way in  which nakusha having hanged the saari..touches upon it seems to look upon it in thought.

Walking closer to her..dutta stands behind nakusha over her shoulder and still nakusha is unaware of his presence until duttas sounds his words..kya soch rahin hai naku?

Naku doesn't answer duttas question instead surprised at his presence she turns her expression towards him. The element of not expecting him still in her eyes. "Sahab..aap kab aayey..?"

Dutta steps across past nakusha a step..breaks his handlock from behind his back and overlooking the hanging material..takes the saari piece in his hands to see what nakusha was so significantly thinking about or looking at. Seeing the way in which nakushas saari was stained with deep blues and greens. Stains from the day before where she had wiped that color off his shoes with her saari.  As that moment flashbacks before duttas eyes, the way he had treated her so harshly forms as regret on his expression.

"Isi fekh de nakusha..ab yeh kisi kaam ki..nahin, isi dekh kar sirf taklif hogi tuje." Nakusha is quick to object. "Nahin sahab.." .turning to dutta touching upon his hand that holds her saari..nakusha eyes show a certain devotion for dutta. Dropping eyes a little nakushas admiration for her husband was as always apparent in her words. Kush kismat hai aise mokhe milte hai muje. Agar hazar baar woh pal mere saamne khada hojayey naa..toe mein yehi karegi..

Dutta was as ever always aware of the type of respect nakusha gave him and was grateful for it too, he didn't expect such treatment from her contrary he would prefer it if she would think of herself as an equal yet dutta knew this was something drummed into her from and early age.. no matter how much he would reiterate the matter nakusha would be stubborn to her belives. Respecting this, accepting this dutta tries now and again..looking nakusha..duttas eyes carry a certain glow as he speaks.

"Mein karne doonga tab naa.. Ab se ..sirf aur sirf pyaar bhare pal nakusha.. tera daman ab sirf pyaar se rangega  yey dutta."


Nakusha pleasantly surprised by duttas words…feeling dutta ring his arms around her waist and pull her closer..nakusha feels embarrassed by the open surroundings..

"kya kar rahe ho sahab…koi dekh lega./"

that doesn't bother him a bit contrary he speaks for the moment ..Tera pati sher hai..sher kisi se nahin darta..uski nazre sirf shikar par hoti hai naku.. the way dutta was looking into nakushas eyes was

duttas words rather flirtatious he just about pulls towards nakushas lips and is about to kiss them softly when he pauses to see how innocently Nakusha had closed her eyes. How angelic she looked this way..

feeling a certain silence and waiting for duttas touch nakusha awaits duttas move yet sensing that there was nothing to wait for nakusha opens her eyes..sees dutta staring at her ever so passionately…mischievously and nakusha begins to melt in embarrassment. Dropping her eyes to the floor she couldn't believe the moment had panned out in this way but as dutta sounds his words nakusha reacts.. "idhar dekh" Nakusha looks up at dutta  and watches the way his eyes glow in a certain way..but his words play on nakushas heart in a big way.

"Dil aaj zid pein aada hai naku…aaj isko saabkuch chahiyey..ya phir kuch bhi nahin." Dutta pauses a little looks at nakusha with a playfulness before continuing with his words ..

Is vakt sabkuch mumkin nahin Toe sham ko dekhenge.."


Dutta watched the way Nakusha instantly reacted to those words of his..there was such sweet innocence in those eyes of hers that made dutta smile. The way she seemed so embarrassed amused him, she began playing with the buttons of his kurta yet wouldn't look up at dutta.., sweeping back a strand of Nakushas hair that was out of place dutta cupped his right hand with nakushas cheek. "Meeting pein jaa raha hoon…der ho jayeygi.."

Nakusha brushing her hand over duttas which was comforting her cheek nods in acknowledgement.

Dutta softly parts..leaving a trail of glances upon her ..he leaves.


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hehe omg my streak is broken LOLLOL itz kind good it was getting to be creepy

E D I  T E D ...

Jag...ah sorry to dereserve soo late lol ...i kept thinking to comment but was never at the comp long enough LOLEmbarrassed

As usual wonderfully written and great portrayal of every emotion

loved the way Dutta showed his concern but keeping his emotions under control

and then the talk and the way they sorted all out ...wonderful Clap

her innocence and love ...then his love ...both could not take the barrier between them...and their love broke it down ...well written scene...true to their character...

and then of course loved the Madhu Baaji teasing bit lol

and haye Dutta all ready to romance Embarrassed

hehe now i would be saying update soon ...but itz already there na ...

will go comment there now Tongue that i totally and completely lost my spot LOL not even anywhere close to no.1

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awesome update jagruti! full of romance..wowDay Dreaming and much needed one for these two shy love birds..Embarrassed 
finally he forgave her.. aww he is such a sweetheart! i knew it wont take him long to forgive her coz the intensity of his love is more than his anger.. he finds nakku innocent but to be honest with u i find him more innocent that her.. he is so vulnerable.. he is so much emotionally attached to her that even if she unknowingly tries to hurt him he wudnt take too long to mend their ways..for the world he wud be dutta bhau but for her he is seedha saadha, baccho jaise dil wala "dutta" this is what i love abut him..

dutta is so naughty..Embarrassed. chaat wala scene was so romantic.. indeed he is a sher and just eyes only his prey..and nakku se acha shikar to ho hi nai sakta apne sher ke liye..
i luved the lines dutta said to her.Blushing. look at him he doesnt want to settle down with a little use sab kuch cahiyeEmbarrassed.Blushing. very romantic.. just awesome..
and baji ka to khana hazam nai hota jab tak use dutta ki killing glare naa mil jaye...baji is too gud a fren to be true...
thank u for this much needed romance se bahra mindblowing update..

xxx subi

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atlast u updated,i was waiting for this but again u left it on a romantic mode,and now eagerness to what will happen next and request for another update  have arised again ,anyway this is the magic of your work.keep it up and more romance btw tasha in next part .please update soon,i will be waiting make it soon please.Smile

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Hiii jagruti
wooo what a lovely update dr...loved finally dutta forgive his nakku and he is again in romantic mood...nakku is all blushing*its obvious*...
The dlgs r all the essence of our dutta and nakku...
What...dutta said "Is waqt mumkin nahi to shaam ko dekhenge" means next update will b fully waiting for ur next update yaara...
Plz Update as soon as possible..

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my spot...

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