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AR FF: Love is.. [Link to my work+Thread 2: Pg 1] (Page 26)

Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpI007

Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

Originally posted by shilpI007

Originally posted by Aanya_taanu4evr

Originally posted by shilpI007

<font color="#cc3399"><font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">hey Aanya
awesome partClapClapStar............loved it...............but armaan na sab jante huye bhi aisa kar rha hai he was wrongAngry..............why?????????????..................thanks for pmSmile
continue soonSmile

<font color="#0000cc" face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2">Thanks diEmbarrassed</font>

<font color="#0000cc" face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2">Yeah i know Armaan was a total jerk but that's just how he is! He was angry at his mom for mentioning Riddhima and angry at Riddhima for having a boyfriend [or so he thinks!] He'd never admit that he's jealous because he's you know ... Armaan.LOLSo he lashed out at Riddhima but knew he'd done wrong the second it came out from his mouth!!!</font>

<font color="#0000cc" face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2">Hope that cleared it up!!!Smile</font>

<font color="#0000cc" face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2">xoxo</font>
<font color="#0000cc" face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2">Aanya</font>

yeah sweety clear it.............but u r being a jerk moron.............

<font face="'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif" size="2" color="#0000CC">I AM BEING A JERK???????????????Shocked</font>

sorry sorry dear i m going to write"u r right armaan is being a jerk n moron but 3 words gayab ho gaye, sorry sweety yeh galti se ho gya....

Hahaha LOL

It's okay di! Koi baat nahi! Smile


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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
This was completely an AR dose!
Loveddd ittt totally!
and dayumm armaans rudeness got him a slap already loll
cant wait for the next part!
Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
heyy..great update!!
i can't believe that Armaan was so mean to is so uncool to take his frustration out on her..hope he makes up for it soon..
can't wait for the next part
shristi sarda Goldie
shristi sarda
shristi sarda

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
superb part....
wat a
loved it completely.....
thanx for the pm and update asap....
Aanya. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 November 2010
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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! 
Here's part 6 for you! Hope you like it!
Thanks for all the encouraging comments!


Riddhima went straight to her room after dinner. She was afraid she'd break down in front of Rahul and Muskaan and then there'd be no end to their protectiveness. Already they were so worried about her!


They had asked her a thousand times if anything was wrong but she'd said she was fine, just tired.


Lying on her bed she shed a few tears and when she felt lighter, anger took sadness' place. She was seething at Armaan's comment. "That bloody a****le! How DARE he??? So what if she didn't have a family? She had Rahul and Muski! They were family enough!" she thought, silently fuming at Armaan.


"I hate you Armaan Malik, I hate you!!!" repeating that like a prayer in her mind, she drifted off to sleep.


It was 3 am and suddenly the house echoed with Riddhima's screams. "NO! Please Don't''..go away'..don't come near me! Please!" she was sobbing in her sleep loud enough to wake Rahul and Muskaan up.



"Ridzy! Uth! Kucj nahi hua tujhe Riddhima. Woh sirf ek sapna hai! Uth Ridzy!" they both said, trying to wake Riddhima up.


She woke up then and broke down in Rahul's embrace while Muskaan went to fetch water for her. After a while, when she'd calmed down she said, "Sorry guys. Aap log so jaao. Ab main theek hoon'.."


"Phir se wahi sapna tha?" Rahul asked.


"Haan wahi sapna."


"Riddhima, woh tumhe kuch nai kar sakta. Tum yahan bilkul safe ho. Woh tum tak kabhi nahi pahonch payega Ridzy. Hum hai na?" said Muskaan trying to reassure her best friend.


Riddhima nodded, not entirely convinced.


"Chal, ek kaam kar. Aaj main ter saath tere kamre mein soti hoon aur Rahul humare kamre mein akela so jaayega, hmm?" said, Muskaan sensing Riddhima's fear.


"Thanks Muski." said Riddhima gratefully.


"Ayee! Not fair! Mujhe akela sona padega?" said Rahul childishly, lightening the mood.

"Dekh Rahul, tu itna bhi handsome nahi hai ki DO DO hot ladkiya tere aas paas soye ,theek hai?" said Ridzy back to her normal, bubbly self.


"Haan Ridzy bilkul sahi keh rahi hai, Rahul!" Muskaan chimed in.


"Accha? Aisi baat hai? Toh roz mere kamre main kyun soti ho? Jaao Ridzy ke saath hi sona kal se! Ar vaise bhi mujhe tere jaisi junglee billi ke saath sone mein koi interest nahi hai!"


"JUNGLEE BILLI?? Tune mujhe junglee billi kaha? Main tumhe jungli dikhti hoon? Rahul ke bachche, tu ruk aaj teri khair nahi!" said Muskaan running after Rahul as he ran around in Riddhima's room.


Riddhima laughed at their antics and listening to her laughter they stopped chasing each other and came and sat on the bed.  "Ridzy, tu hasa kar. Haste hue zyaada achchi lagti hai!" Muskaan said.


Riddhima smiled at her family. They may not be biologically related but they were closer than most families, which was after all what mattered.


They wished each other good night and then Muskaan and Riddhima went off to sleep in her room and Rahul in his.


Next morning, as Riddhima opened her eyes,  she saw a note lying near her phone that said-



Rahul and I had to go to the office early because of some emergency. Breakfast is in the kitchen and lunch is on the platform. I've called at your office and told them that you're sick so DON'T go to office today. We'll be back by evening! Phir koi acchi movie dekhenge okay? We're getting dinner from outside so don't bother! If you log in on  the internet, here's the password ' "!%th)(^2010" !!! If you're planning to go out toh chaabi lena mat bhoolna! Rest okay?





Riddhima smiled at the note. Muskaan was so motherly sometimes!

She had a shower, changed and then had her breakfast. After watching some T.V she started working on her sketches, having nothing else to do.




At the office, Armaan was pacing back and forth. Tracy had just told him that Riddhima's friend called and said that she was sick and wouldn't come to office today. Had he really been that rude to her? He was going to apologize to her today but she didn't even show up! Maybe he'd really hurt her. Maybe she'd never forgive him! "No! Don't think about that dude!" he told himself. Let her come to office tomorrow, he'd talk to her then.



The next day as Riddhima waited for the elevator to reach the office, she thought "Riddhima. Stay away from Armaan. He's a first class jerk. Do not let his bull***t affect you okay?"


As she walked into the office, she saw Armaan coming up towards her. Without a glance in his direction, she went in her office.


Armaan was surprised. She hadn't even looked at him! Damn! That must mean she's very very angry'..


He went up to her office, knocked on the door and taking a deep breath he said, "Riddhima?"


"Come in."


"Yeah'..I umm'.."  Armaan trailed off as he saw the blazing look in her eyes.


"Armaan. What are you doing here?"


"Umm actually I came to apologize-"


Before he could finish, she said, "Save it Armaan. Oh and close the door when you leave."

With that she resumed her work not giving him the slightest attention.

Armaan stormed out of her office slamming the door behind him. Damn it, she was making it more and more difficult! He thought of something else. Every time he'd see her, he'd mouth "sorry". She'd have to give him a reaction some time!!!


Armaan carried out his plan.


They were both at the coffee machine when he mouthed "sorry" at her. She just looked away.


She was having her lunch with Tracy when he passed by and mouthed "sorry" at her. She didn't look away at least!


When she'd gone out of her office to wash hands, he'd snuck in and written sorry all over a loose sheet of paper. He watched her read that paper, wait, and was that a flicker of a smile that he just saw? He grinned inwardly at the success of his plan.


He mouthed "sorry" at her a few more times and each time he'd come closer to bringing a smile back on her face.


Riddhima sat in her office thinking about what Armaan had been doing all day. He'd kept on mouthing sorry at her and it was becoming more and more difficult to control her smile!


She glanced at the watch and saw the time- 4.00 pm! She had to attend a meeting with the other designers! She rushed out of her office, grabbing her notepad and pen.


Armaan saw her leave and then put phase 2 of his plan into action.


As Riddhima came back from the meeting and was just about to open the door when she felt a pair of hands slip over her eyes.



"What-" she started to say but she was cut off by Armaan. "Shh" he said.


"Be quiet and get in without screaming and DON'T open your eyes."


Riddhima stopped as she entered the room, her eyes still closed.


"Okay, now open your eyes." said Armaan, hoping this would work because if it didn't he didn't know what would.


Riddhima opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful sight in front of her. Her whole office was filled with flowers of every kind! Right in front of her there was a banner that said, "I'M SORRY RIDDHIMA"


Armaan looked Riddhima, and said, "I'm really really really sorry Riddhima. I shouldn't have said what I did. I was upset because of something else and tool it out on you. It wasn't fair. Please forgive me!"


Riddhima looked at Armaan. He meant it, she realized and all her anger vanished at this sweet gesture. She decided to forgive him.


Smiling at him she said, "It's okay Armaan. Maine tumhe maaf kiya."




"Yes, really. But tell me Armaan, ITNE saare flowers kyon?"


"Woh actually'..mujhe tumhaare favorite flowers nahi pata the isliye'.."


"Isliye tum saare le aaye??" she said laughingly. "Waise mere favorite flowers Roses hain, you know for future reference?"


"Future reference? Matlab tumhe lagta hai ki mujhe phir se tumse maafi maangni hogi? Armaan Malik apni galatiyon ko dohraata nahi."


"Haan lekin nayi galatiyan toh karta hai na?!" she said winking at him


They both started laughing at that and that day as Armaan and Riddhima left office they finally felt all was right with the world. 


Okay that was part 6. Hope the manaofying session was up to the mark!

I have my board exams from 28th Feb to 24th March so this was my last update till after my exams! Wish me luck Smile

Don't forget to leave your comments Big smile

HAPPY  VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Heart Spread the love people LOL



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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
awesome update!
im soo glad riddhima forgave armaan :)
its soo cute how he kept on mouthing sorry to her awww
continue soon x

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shristi sarda Goldie
shristi sarda
shristi sarda

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
too good....
wat an awesome and superb way of saying sorry....
thanx for the pm....
best of luck fr ur examz....

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Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Hey Aanya!! Lovely update..
I loved how Armaan apologized to her..too sweet for words
I wonder what Ridzi has nightmares about
Great work!! Keep it up

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