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Part 9
Geet was shocked. She bent further towards the bed and saw a a gun and bullets in a shoe box. Geet then saw a bag. She pulled the bag out and opened it and saw papers, drugs and other guns and bits and pieces. She then read some papers and saw names crossed out. She saw diaries of people's, agents,suppliers. She saw names of places and events crossed out, Geet realised in these places there was casualities. Then she saw a letter from a person unnamed
'Dear Son,
I know I'm putting a lot of pressure on you as i am ill but you now are my sole heir to the underworld leadership. I leave everything to you and this is everything you need
'Mr Sinha'
'Underworld' Geet whispered. Maan was a criminal a killer. a drug dealer an underworld leader. Geet quickly put everything back. She ran into her room and into the shower. She stood under the cold shower and cried. The man she loved so much the man she has been with for the last 8 months was not who he said he was. Geet was having flashbacks.
Flashback 1
'Geet I'm going to work now'
'Now? At this time.' Geet said looking at the clock seeing it was 7pm
'Yes Geet my boss wants some files urgently finished'
'Okay Maan'
And Geet never questioned him whenever he went out late at night saying his boss needed work done.
Flashback 2...
Geet saw Maan near a hotel just outside Delhi, where Geet had come for an emergency case.
'Maan what are you doing here?' Maan hid his gun quickly in his pocket.
'Oh my boss wanted me to meet a client around here somewhere'
'yes, apparently the deal was a good one' Maan smiled
'and your here because'
'oh my team got a call, someone had a severe heart attack, she is fine now just taking her into the hospital for further checks'
'oh okay'
Geet realised that when she was at the hotel, police had arrived when she left and there was news of a influential business man killed. Geet left the shower numb. If Maan could kill anyone, she could be next. She was a citizen of the country and she was a doctor who should save lives. She stepped out of the shower scared because she needed to do this before Maan finds out. Geet got dressed wiped her tears like nothing happened. She smiled fakely and left her room to come in contact with Maan.
'Hi Geet, we are getting married tomorrow, oh and yeah the DJ for the reception and the whole reception is all set'
Geet smiled and said 'okay Maan'
'Geet are you okay'
'yeah off course i am' 
Geet was walking backwards not looking at Maan whlist he was coming towards her. She was scared and felt uneasy.
'what happened Geet'
'huh nothing happened Maan your worrying for no reason i'm fine' Geet said trying to sound normal. Maan could hear the indifference in her voice. Geet was trying to walk towards the front door but keeping her eyes on Maan. 
'Anyways Maan I'm just going to go to the hospital for a bit meet with the kids and try again to get permission for them to come if Dr Shashank my senior doctor lets me'
Geet ran out before Maan could say anything. Maan noticed Geet expressions were different.
 Aafter his weird altercation with Geet.  was not around. He went into his room when he smelt her aroma. He looked around and realised Geet had been in his room as his cupboard was half opened. 'Geet I wish you never did this Maan sighed' He realised that Geet had found out the truth about him. Maan mentally kicked himself in the head for keeping his room opened.
The phone then rang Maan was about to pick it up when it went to voicemail
'Geet Geet are you there, Its me your uncle Ranjan Listen Geet please believe me i'm not lying your not safe with Maan. I'm trying to help you god damn it Geet, your like a daughter to me. Stop ignoring my calls Geet i know you there pick up'
Maan picked up the phone
'Geet finally i know i've done a lot of bad things in my life, But Geet i've told you already twice today that Maan is not who he says he is'
'YOUR RIGHT MR RANJAN, and Now Geet knows the truth about me, and for that you will pay'
'YES' Maan said whlist tracking Mr Ranjan location and sending in a agent to kill him on his mobile phone and tracking device
'My life was going to be perfect with Geet by my side and me doing my business as usual but you ruined everything, just look to your left' Mr Ranjan turned to his left and he was shot dead.
Maan put the phone down and cleared the calls. There then was another call and it was from Arjun
'Hey Maan, Geet said she was going to the police station, do you know why?'
'No Arjun' Maan was shocked and put the phone down and ran out.
Geet was about to enter the police station when someone grabbed her from the back. It was dark and Geet could not see who it was. He pulled her towards an alley and slammed her aganist the wall. Geet was scared and upset. She looked up to see Maan infront of her.
'Mmmm maaan' She stuttered. Maan was angry his fury in his eyes. Geet looked down.
'I'm sorry Geet' Maan said. Before Geet could muster what he was saying, she felt a slight prick and everything went dark.
Geet woke up an hour later in her room in her flat. She tried to remember what happened when she saw Maan enter the room. She was scared of the man she loves. She sat up and moved back as soon as Maan sat beside her.
'Geet' Maan said slowly. Geet looked anywhere but at him. She ignored him.
'Geet i know you know who i am but Geet i can't let you go now' Geet looked at him shocked.
'Don't be scared Geet, I promise nothing will ever happen to you'
'ANd what about the innocents you kill ? What did they do to you and your a underworld leader, I hate you Maan. you ruined my life why did you come into my life?'
'Geet' Maan roared Geet was adamant and then she realised a few things
'oh my God, that day when i first met you the police came the next day and said there was a murder and then Rahul mysterious death. then the founders ball it was you'
'see Geet if i wanted, i could have left you in the founders ball and let you be killed but Geet I love you how can i let you die, and about Rahul, he had no right to touch you, absolutely no right at all and a person like him has no right to live'
'and who are you to decide who lives or not'
'Listen Geet, don't interfere in my line of work' Maan said standing up
'or what will you kill me?' Geet said standing up
Maan turned around to face Geet and shoved her aganist the wall and looked into her eyes. Geet was scared.
'i told you once Geet, and i told you before, your life belongs to me, every part of you belongs to me' He kissed her aggresively Geet tried protesting but she could not. Her heart was with this man.
He then broke out of the kiss and said
'Geet go to sleep and don't do what you did today, don't you dare go to the police, or else you love Arohi and Arjun and Alysa a lot don't you' Geet stared at him shocked.
'I did tell you i promised nothing will hapen to you but what about those 3'
'Don't you dare touch them Maan'
'I won't if you keep your gob shut and marry me tomorrow as planned'
'I hate you maan i hate you so much' Geet cried out. She then was so angry that she then slapped Maan tight on his face. maan was enraged. He grabbed Geet harshly by the hair and threw her on the bed. He then jumped on top of her ripping her clothes and his and made aggressive love to her. His anger at hearing those hate words from the women he loved and the slap had infuriated him. He thrusted deepely into her. Geet tried protesting but he never listened. Geet cried out in pain tears as Maan viciously teared her apart.  He ravaged her own body and then held her face and told her to say
'TELL ME NOW YOU LOVE ME' Geet was scared love had turned into fear
'I L llLOVe you' Geet said, Maan satisfied kissed her and then left her.
'Sleep well Geet, as tomorrow is our wedding day'
: Maan's past open book to Geet.
Geet and Maan marriage
Geet pregnant

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Part 10..Final..
Geet was awoken in the morning by Arohi who had showered rose petals all over her bed...
'GEET wake up its your wedding day' Geet woke up with a smile. Her mind seemed to forget what happened the previous day.
'I know'
'omg i'm so excited Geet' Geet smiled and got out of bed and headed to the shower. Geet smiled to herself and then she stepped into the shower and saw the marks on her body and remembered last night what happened. She looked in the mirror and under the shower and cried,
'why today is meant to be the happiest day of my life. I'm marrying the one who loves me and i love but he lied to me, he is everything i'm not he aganist my morals...I am going to try to be happy for today, a wedding was my dream, under all his criminal activiteis he loves me. He took care of my dream. I will try to change him to leave this job I will shower him with so much love that he will leave all this' Geet decided.
Meanwhile, Arjun helped maan get ready and dressed.  Maan was really confused if Geet will marry him. He had threatned her with the death of her own but he would never kill them. Arohi had tied a rakhi on him making her his sister and arjun was a very good friend. He just need Geet to be with him.
Geet came out of the shower and told Arohi a few things. As Geet got ready, Arohi arranged whatever Geet told her to do.
Maan was waiting for Geet at the alter at the church when he saw Geet coming in a white dress with Arjun as Arjun was like her brother.
The minister was waiting. Maan saw Geet smiling and blushing and was confused.  Maan and Geet was staring at eachother. Maan smiled and Geet smiled back
'who is giving the bride away today' the minister asked breaking them away from there thoughts.
'I am' Arjun said. Arohi smiled standing next to Geet as her bridesmaid as well Alysa who was there.
'and you are' the minister asked.
'her brother'
'do you take Geet Handa to be your lawful wedded wife'
'i do'
'do you take maan khurana to be your lawful wedded husband'
Geet was silent and stood there. Arohi nudged Geet. Maan was sweating.
'I do'
'Then i now proclaim you man and wife please slide the rings on'
They did.
'you may now kiss the bride'
Maan and Geet kissed eachother. Everyone stood up and clapped. Arjun then whispered something to Maan. He smiled. He went towards Geet who was hugging Alysa and picked her up. Geet gasped. Maan was ecstatic he ran with her outside the church, Geet told him to wait as she threw the bouquet. Arohi caught it/ Arjun smiled.
Geet and Maan all entered the reception. They had there first dance and and enjoyed themselves.
Maan entered the house with Geet. He put Geet down on the bed. Geet smiled at him. Maan was really confused at Geet's behaviour.
'Geet cut the crap why are you smiling' Maan said irratated.
'because Maan I only love you not what you do nor your profession i don't care' Maan stood there at her confused.
'Geet till yesterday you had a problem'
'but till yesterday we were not married and now we are, in sickness and in health for richer for poorer till death do us part right'
'Geet are you really accepting me with my profession'
'you actually think i would have a problem'
'well i want you to answer a few questions'
'ask' Maan said sitting down.
'my first question is why?'
'why what'
'why are you not a normal citizen like us, why are you a underworld leader, who? who are your family why have i not met them? When when did you join? how?'
'Geet, my parents were murdered by my mothers own family who shuned me and my sister away, my sister was raped. She tried to kill herself , she is now in a coma,' Maan had tears in his eyes
'why did you not go to the police?'
'Police, police turned us away because why because i was poor, so i killed those guys who raped my sister Sinha uncle saw me, he took care of me and my sister. He was a don, i worked under him and became his right hand man. Geet the world was evil he made me see that. The police didnt care. I killed my parents murderers.'
Geet realised that all the wrondoings that Maan had turn was under the influence of Sinha and his own tragic past which had made him think and view the world differently.
'maan but what about the innocents?'
'Geet i promise you, i have never ever killed innocents purposely, never a woman or children. That day at the ball, i was told only Sharma men would be in the front seat i had a map of everyones sitting area. When i found out that you will be sitting there i called you out with Arohi, but Sharma men i know were innocents as they were only his employees but they worked for him'
'Maan will you ever leave this profession' Geet looked at him with hope.
'Geet you have asked me once' Maan said laying Geet down on the bed.
'Never ask me again or tell me what to do' Maan said sternly. Geet saw the anger in his eyes as he undressed himself and Geet. Geet felt the anger and pain as he made love to her aggresively. Geet wanted to scream out to the world for making Maan this way. Maan made love to her making Geet moan in pleasure and pain all night. Geet didnt stop him as she knew Maan was taking out his inner pain in her.
Geet awoke the next morning, she was in pain as maan had made love to her viciously and aggresively. She got out of bed in pain and fell on the floor with a thud. Maan woke up worried he went to Geet's side and picked her up.
'Geet whats wrong' Geet was silent.
'Nothing Maan last night' Maan then realised.
'It was a bit too aggressive, right sorry Geet' Geet smiled with her hand on his cheek.
'don't worry Maan. Anywyas Geet ready and pack your bags we only have two hours'
'for what'
'you will see and Maan where is your sister now'
'at st mary memorial'
'Maan send her to my hospital'
Maan did so. Geet told Arohi to take care of her fully
Maan and Geet got ready and Arohi and Arjun came with there car.
Maan was confused as Arjun and Arohi drove them. They came to Delhi Airport.
'here are your tickets, your passports, your reservation numbers, and not to forget my list of gifts i want back' Arohi said passing it all to Maan.
'Arohi your too much' Geet said
'i know'
'wait whats going on' asked Maan confused, 'and how did you get my passport'
'Geet gave it to me you dumbo ' Maan looked at Arohi
'omg back to basics' Arohi said.' Maan where do people go generally after they get married' Maan still looked confuse. Geet and Arjun started laughing then Arohi joined in with the laughter. Then Maan was so confused.
'HONEYMOON' The 3 of them shouted. Maan started to laugh and he said
'i knew that i just was acting'
'yeah yeah' Geet rolled her eyes.
Maan and Geet left for there honeymoon to Egypt. They saw the tombs and pyramids and had a lot of fun. Geet had got rid of Maan's phone as well. Geet made sure Maan had fun and joined in with everything. She tried to show him that the world was beautiful. Maan made love with her every night for the 3 weeks they spent. It was a beautiful 3 weeks they had.
They returned to Delhi, 3 weeks later. Maan was thinking about his profession
'Geet I'm leaving this profession and going to try the real world'
'really Maan' Geet smiled.
'yes Geet promise i'll try' Maan realised as they were in Egypt away from all troubles that the world is not evil and there are kind and good people in the world. Just a handful of them are rubbish. He also realised that Sinha had spoke a lot of lies to him about everyone and everything.
A week later, Sinha had passed away. Maan had left the profession fully. Geet was more than happy as Maan had taken over the telecommunications company fully. Geet had become a senior doctor as well. Arjun and Arohi were planning there wedding.
Geet was on the phone whlist Maan was working on his laptop. He had burnt all his papers of his past deeds but kept one gun for his and Geet's safe keeping. Geet allowed this.
'What really?' Geet smiled and she ran to Maan who was busy working on the latest project and screamed
'Maan Maaaan' Maan stood up and faced Geet,
'Geet what happened'
'Maan, ' Geet then fainted Maan went and rushed to Geet before she fell on the ground. Maan was worried and took her straight to the hospital. Arohi checked her and came out of the consulting room with a big grin.
'my wife and your best friend fainted and your grinning' Maan said.
'Maan Geet is pregnant'
'yes' maan was overjoyed he went to meet Geet and was overjoyed. He hugged Geet...
'Maan '
'Geet i'm so happy'
'but Maan i have another good news'
'Maan Suhana is awake' Maan screamed in happiness that his sister was awake. Maan and Geet went to meet her and she promised Maan she was happy and will never try to kill herself again.
6 months had passed. Suhana was better, and also found a boyfriend, he was another doctor, Dr Atul but Geet was happy as she knew Atul was a kind hearted person, after Suhana he loved his plants. Atul was always scared of Maan. Geet laughed at this.
One day, Suhana walked into Maan's room and was shocked.
'Maan bhai i thought you stopped all this after you married Geet. I know you did this when i went into a coma but.. yes Geet told me everything, bhai, its all my fault but thank god Geet made you better'
'Suhana i did, but this person was working as a mole in my telecommunications company for many months, and so i dismissed him. But then he threatned me, that he will hurt Geet and our child so its better i kill him first'
'But bhai please don't just tell the police'
'NO SUHANA, he needs to die'
'Maan' Maan turned around and saw Geet. Geet had tears in her eyes and ran out of the house. Maan ran after her. Geet was upset at Maan after all her effort, he was turning back. Maan ran after Geet. Maan then saw a truck approach Geet.
'GEEEET' Geet turned and saw a truck approaching her. Maan pushed her out of the way and the truck hit him.
'nothing will happen to you' Geet said as she took Maan in her laps
'I Love you Geet'
3 hours later
'I'm sorry Mrs Khurana we did all we could' The doctor said walking out. Geet and Suhana was in tears. Arohi and Arjun had rushed over as well to see what happened.
4 years later
'Geet bhabhi look at Khushi she such a litttle devil.' Suhana said.
'Bhabhi its all your best friends Arjun's fault' said Atul. Atul and Suhana had got married.
'My fault Atul why are you lying you gave her chocolate'
'me' said Atul innocently
'Arjun and Atul, it was both of you stop blaming eachother' Arohi said walking in with lunch and setting it on the table.
'Guys, just don't worry about it and hurry up and wash up, i'm setting lunch ' Geet said.
'MAmaaa' Geet turned around and picked Khushi up and got her cleaned up.
'Mama i wuv yu'
'love you too Khushi'
They all sat down for lunch.
'so Geet best seller huh' Arjun said.
'Off course Arjun who else' Geet smiled.
'Mama is best' Khushi said. Everyone laughed and smiled.
'I can't believe you Geet, an amazing doctor, an amazing mum and writer' Atul said.
'I know, i would never be able to do it if My Maan wasnt with me' Geet smiled.
Everyone fell silent.
'Come on guys he is always with me who cares if he is 4000 miles away in America' Geet smiled.
'How about less than 4 meters Geet' A voice said. Geet turned around and Khushi ran up to the figure and said
'khushi baby how are you'
'khushi angry, where my gift'
'oh your gift in this bag that bag and the other bag'
Everyone got up and hugged Maan. Geet waited for everyone. Then Maan walked up to her and Geet up to him and waited.
'Wait a minute, your not going to leave me now are you' Geet said suspiciously
'come here' Maan said pulling Geet towards him enduring her into a kiss.
Everyone clapped and cheered.
Later that evening in front of the sofa everyone had settled down. They all had moved into a private street with 3 houses joining eachothers.
'So Maan how was the physiotherapy' Arjun asked.
'4 years Maan it was such a long time' Atul said
'I know Maan bhaiyya Geet bhabhi and Khushi missed you everyday'
'missed, Geet was worrying about you everyday'
'i know guys, it was horrible, that accident, the truck i thought i would never see any of you or my daughter again, nd then the doctors named me as handicapped, Geet never gave up. She sent me to the USA stayed with me for a few months until Khushi was born as she wanted me to be there. And The doctor's helped me, through so much work and pain i am walking today its all because of Geet's love. It took 4 years as you guys idiots decided to get married between my threapy insteead of 3 and i had to return and then go back to USA and had to be here for Khushi birthdays first days of school and everything'
'But Maan the end result is that your fine now' Said arohi
'Fine and ever better for more action'  Maan winked at Geet.
'papa fine papa best mama best' Khushi said.
Everone smiled.
'papa Arohi masi, Arjun chacha, Suhana bua and Atul uncle idiots' Khushi asked.
'Khushi don't speak like that say sorry' Geet said. 'And maan you too for teaching my daughter that'
'shorry mama'
Everyone went home. Maan put Khushi to sleep
'papa never leaving khushi'
'never sweet heart'
Maan then went to Geet's room. Geet was sorting out the bed and reading a case file. Maan sat next to her and took the case file out of her hand
'Maan i was working'
'Geet i've returned fully well after 4 years and you want to work i don't think so' As Maan pushed her down on the bed.
'Maan but'
'Geet shhh tonight your all mine and i'm going to eat you up and going to tear you apart and don't you think Khushi needs a brother'
Maan then undressed Geet and himself and made love to Geet.
After they had reached there climax Geet and Maan were both sweaty and panting
'Geet thank you'
'huh for what'
'for making me a better person and for accepting me with my past'
'Maan, i don't care about your past or who you were, its who you are now is more important and you have become better now and we are all happy. For Suhana you took that step and now she is fine and you never need to turn back again'
'I'm happy Geet, so much, i never realised happiness is in the real world without being bad'
'Maan your happiness is with me and you better understand that and now go to sleep i have work tommorow and your on Khushi duty'
'But Geet'
'we havent finished making Khushi a little brother'
'Maan' Geet screamed as Maan pulled her to make love all over again when the door knocked.
'mama papa, Khushi scared.'
'Khushi' they both said.
'Maan omg, quick ouy clothes on' Maan grabbed his jogging bottoms and Geet grabbed her night dress. Maan opened the door and let Khushi in.
'papa khushi sleep here'
'off course sweetheart. why you scared' Maan asked as he picked up Khushi and lay her on the bed.
'There was thunder and i woke up' Geet smiled as that was her fear too and it was raining outside.
Geet, Maan and Khushi fell asleep side by side. A small perfect happy family where love defeats evil.

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aww! kushi is really cute!
scorpiodreams Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Nice FF....thankyou so muchSmile

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Nice & happy end. Finally Maneet's small family. TongueKhushi is so cute. Liked that Maan has left underworld for Geet's & Khushi's happiness.
BTW PM Kyon nahi kiya??Cry
Hey plz don't stop here. Keep writing. Ur FF's r Good.

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awsome ending .
love it.
khushi is so cute.
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omg 3 updates...................
loved all of them................
u did finish it so nicely...................
u did justice to all the characters
first when the doc said that sorry cudnt do anything i thought maan is no more.............
but when they say he is in US i thought they were lying for kushi but actually it was truth...............
it was nice to c their love grow and their trust.................
so cute abt kushi..............
if u start writing any new maaneet ff pl pm me

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