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The stranger.MaanGeet : Pg28 finished (Page 2)

Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Maan singh khurana a ganster oh man its gonna be interesting.

-Elfin- Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
this is so interesting.........................please continue.....................

add me to your pm list please.....................................Smile
-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Loved the concept............
Anemari Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
quite add me in ur PM list!!
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
updating in 2 hours :D

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RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2011 at 5:56pm | IP Logged

Part 2...Well i havent got a good enough response to the opening chapter.. so please comment... i will send u pms for alllllll updates 2mw

Geet entered the hospital and went to the childrens ward. She smiled and checked all the children. Her favourite child wasRohan. She loved him a lot. Partly becausehe had no mother nor father just a grandmother. She played with the kids at the same time checking there reports and giving them medicines.

She met up with Arohi and Arjunfor a coffee break.

'Hi guys whats up'

'Nothing. Geet can you please pass me the salt?' said Arohi

Its right next to Arjun why don;t you ask him' repliedGeet,

'Oh who?' asked Arohi
Geet we're not talking' said Arjun

'Because of Arjun. Its been so godamn long. And he has not taken me out once for a date. Forget date not even a proposal' Arohi said annoyed and waked off
'What Arjun why are you doing this'

'Geet, I've got a suprised planned for Arohi. Just make sure at 1pm you send her upstairs'
Geet smiled and understood. She left the cafeteria and went as she had a surgery today. She was a cardiac doctor.

Geet took Arohi to the terrace of the hospital and left her there. It was all decorated with flowers and banners
'Miss Arohi Aluwalia, Will you marry me?' Arjun asked on one knee. Arohi was really happy and accepted.
Arjun texted Geet who just walked in her apartment Mission accomplished. Geet who was to busy smiling and looking at the phone tripped over the rug and was about to fall when two strong hands held her from the waist stopping her from falling. Geet who had closed her eyes in fear was breathing heavily. Maan stared at her. It was like he could seep through her innocent soul. He saw her innocent face her eyes of fear, her lips slightly opened. Her body being felt through his hand as he held her. He had another kind of feeling. Geet opened her eyes and store back into Maan's eyes. She didn't know why but she could not stop staring at him. It was like she was trying to read him. Maan saw her confusion and he realised what he was doing. He pulled her up
'Geet your a doctor you should see where you are going. What was so important in your phone that you were so clumsy'
'oh Maan i'm always like this. I've had a fair few falls but everytime i fall i pick myself up again. Its how life works. If you don't fall then how will you be stronger'
'But Geet you could have hurt yourself'
'Physical pains Maan they heal with time. But emotional ones don't' Geet said and realising she had said a bit too much. She quickly smiled and changed the topic
'Maan I'm so happy today. I successfully completed my 5th Surgery' Geet said smiling putting her bag and a few others on the dining table.
'Well done Geet, I knew you were a good doctor you fixed me up well'
'Off Course. It was my dream. A dream that i worked hard for and A dream that i fulfilled on my own. By the way Maan its a little late i know its nearly 3 but i brought us a late lunch. You do like chinese don't you, if not i'll quickly make you something' Geet said
'no chinese is fine. Lets eat'

Geet and Maan ate lunch at the dining table. Geet spoke about her life to him as Maan listened as she told him about her life at the hospital her two stupid arguing friends. Her talkative nature her bubbly lifestyle was making him smile.
'Geet i want to give you something' he said. He brought out an envelope. Geet opened the envelope and frowned. It had money inside
'What is this for?' Geet asked
'Geet i'm unwell and your taking care of me. Being my doctor as well and letting me stay here so....
'Maan listen to me your my friend. And friends don't do favours do they so take this money back right now'
'Friend off course' Geet smiled as she picked up the plates to clear the table.
'But Geet you don't even know me, or where i come from? And your first letting me stay with you. alone in this apartment with a guy who don't even know. Your trusting me?'
'Maan I have a good judgement of people. If i didn't then my life would not be as it is now. I know i cant trust you not to harm me. And if you wanted to you could have right now. There is no one here. So take this money back and we are friends now okay'
'Okay Geet. So if i'm a friend then i will help you with the dishes'
'Noooooo, Maan shut up your still not well enough. Don't worry please I'll do it. Actually to be honest. I never wash the dishes. The dishwasher does that for me' Maan laughed and so did Geet as they cleared the table. They both went to the shops downstairs but seperate as Geet knew everyon and everyone knew her in the colony. Maan understood as he brought some clothes for himself and went back up. Geet did some grocery shopping. She smiled and talked to everyone.

At Night
'Maan Maan' Geet knocked on his door.

He opened the door. He had been working on his files inside.

'Yes Geet'

'Maan I just wanted to ask you if you need anything'
'No Geet I'm fine you sleep'
'Okay Goodnight Maan' Rain and thunder started. Geet gripped Maan's arm just as she was about to leave. Maan looked at her.

'sorry. I just get scared sometimes of thunder'

'its okay Geet'

Following Morning
Maan awoke to find Geet sitting in the lounge in front of the table.
'Morning Geet arent you at work today?'

'No its my day off. I need a break. The day i met you i finished worked that day from 6am till 2am the following day and yesterday i had a 7am start. Thank god today is my day off otherwise i myself will need to be admitted to the hospital for exhausation.'
'Geet your a doctor. Life does get hectic'

'Anyways Maan I'm not in the mood to make breakfast. I've ordered a traditional english breakfast from outside. Don't you dare talk about money. I earn more than enough. I have a lot of money. Not like I'm earning for anyone else or will ever for any family'
'What do you mean family?'

'Well Maan I plan never to get married'

'Why is that'

'Because its a long story. but my life being controlled by a husband tellin me what to do.. NO way its never happening'

'Geet your too much anyways i'm off to get ready'

Meanwhile as Maan entered his room he got a disturbing text from his accomplice
'Boss Rashid recorded a statement on his phone that The underworld leader was stabbed and had hurt his arm. The police have found the recording and the body of Rashid. They are questioning everyone who lives near the building'

Maan got worried because if the police came and asked Geet then Geet will find out the truth and he would have no other option than to kill her. Geet was merely a pawn in his game and life. He just needed her to hide from his enemies as they think that the underworld leader is lying dead somewhere as he has not turned up. It was a tactic to kill the others who think he is incapacitated.

Meanwhile Geet got ready and opened the door for the breakfast. Maan stood at the bedroom door listening

'Maan breakfast is here' Geet shouted. 'How much bhayya?' Geet smiled at the delivery boy. He left. Maan sighed in relief. He was about to walk out when the door bell rang again.

'Offo These people can't let me eat in peace'
Maan stood near the bedroom door with a gun in his hand.

'Morning Madam'
'Good morning Police you here'
'yes Maam we need to ask a few questions'

'Look if its about that incident about the break in last week, then didn't you say you caught the guy'

'No Maam its regarding something else'

'huh there nothing i know Sir'
The police inspector asked Geet who was confused 'Maam did you see or hear anything last night suspicious. There was a killing last night. We think it is the same underworld leader. We understand that he might be around here somewhere. Did you see or hear anyone? Or anyone who was''
Maan got his gun ready knowing he might have to kill Geet if she opens her mouth.

Geet told the police to wait as she retrieved her pager. Maan aimed his gun at Geet from the bedroom door which was directly infront of the front door.

'Omg. Sir please i have to go'

'but Maam'

'Listen, I am a doctor and my patient is in danger could you please move'
'But the murder'

what murder. I don't know anything. and why are you bothering me? Go and find the murderer. You police are stupid. Harrasing us poor citizens. We don't do your job. Your a police do your work and go and find the rapist murderers and other idiots roaming on the streets'


'But Maam'

'Move or if my patient dies it will be your fault.' Geet left the building closing the apartment door behind her.

The police were left baffled. They understood that Geet didn't know anything and she was too innocent to know anything.

Maan put his gun down. Fate had saved Geet today. If her pager had not beeped then Maan would have killed her.

Geet came home after 4 hours. She entered the lounge and was physically exhausted. Maan came and saw her. She was crying. He sat next to her and Geet saw him and hugged him. Maan was shocked and confused and didn't know what to do. He hugged her back.

'Geet what happened?'

'Maan, I nearly lost him'

'Lost who Geet'

'Rohan. He my 8 year old patient. because of the stupid police i was late. I was so scared that i would lose him. But'

'He is fine now isnt he. You saved him'

'yes i saved him. I think because i am too emotionally attached to him thats why maybe i shivered'

'Geet you said yourself what doenst break you makes you stronger'
He brought Geet out of the hug and wiped her tears.

'Thanks Maan'
They both stared at eachother.

'Maan' Geet called him from the room.

'Yes Geet'
'Maan this is the spare key for the apartment. And yeh and the new phone number. This is my mobile number. and this is my spare car key if you need it. But make sure you fill the petrol in if you use it' Geet said Maan smiled.


It was the middle of the night. Maan crept into Geet's room and saw her sleeping soundly under the midnight breeze the moonlight. Geet felt presence in the room. She looked up and saw Maan

'I'm Sorry Geet I have to do this' Geet looked confused. He pulled out his gun and aimed it at her. Geet was shocked.


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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Noooooooo...... Maan can't kill geet no way..
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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great part.

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