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The stranger.MaanGeet : Pg28 finished (Page 14)

m-g19 Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

 hey im just come across ur ff , n i find it rely intrastng.

i hv send u buddy request , plz accept it,n add me 2 ur pm lst,

do cont soon ,n plz pm me vn ever u update nxt,

   lv   meena

nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Cont Soon
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 3
love is slowly building between them....................but is Maan really working in an MNC as a disguise job????????????
yes he is working there.......he actually owns it.. but he lied to Geet that he is a manager x

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
hey pl cont soon and update this ff maan owns the company.............just a small doubt if he owns it then y does he have to b with geet i mean he can hide himself anywhere right..........

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RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethia

hey pl cont soon and update this ff maan owns the company.............just a small doubt if he owns it then y does he have to b with geet i mean he can hide himself anywhere right..........
he owns it but under another name........and he is living with Geet to hide from his enemies as he has many... and he hardly ever goes to the company as it is a undercover thing for him so his enemies cant find him................
living with Geet no one can suspect him.. he looks like a normal aveage guy x

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RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Part 5
Maan left Geet in her room walking back to his own. Geet just stood there trying to understand what just occured between them. Maan's eyes were still scaring her. His eyes were conveying to her a story she didn't understand. She trusted Maan. She cared for Maan. Like Maan cared for her. Geet then touched her lips where Maan kissed her. She felt an unknown happiness and glow. She didn't realise why being kissed for the first time and by Maan made her happy. He took her virgin lips and made it his own. Geet was still in a daze.
whats happening to me? Why am i smiling? Why am i not angry he kissed me? Why was i under a trance when he came to me? Why did i trust him the first time i saw him? Why does my heartbeat fast when he is near me in proximity? What is going on with me?
Geet quickly got up and grabbed her stuff to go to the shower to get ready for her duty.
Maan walked into his room. He smiled at how he could control Geet and at how he made her uneasy. He saw in her eyes the fear that he put there when he came forward to kiss her. He knew she was becoming a puppet a pawn in his hands. He took out the gun from his pocket and put it back in his bag and locked it.
he flashabcked to how he saw Geet in a bad state yesterday. He rememberd how he went back after putting Geet in the car to the place where Rahul was getting up and shooting him blank range.  He then went to the shower and kept thinking about Geet and her exposed front body when he saw her in the rain. Her lips how delicate and soft they were when he kissed her. Her body kept flashing in his mind. His brain was thinking about wrong things. He wanted to feel her be close to her. He didnt want anyone else to touch her. He got dressed. He walked out and saw Geet making breakfast. she was wearing a white salwaar kameez showing her purity. Maan saw her curves in the right places. Her long opened hair flying in the light breeze coming from the window opened in the kitchen. He then saw her looking at something. She walked towards the
'Where were you? one month you dissapeared. Go away i'm not talking to you now' Geet said. Maan was confused to who she was talking to so he walked forward and saw Geet at the balcony. He looked down and saw a beautiful soft white kitten at her feet.The kitten purred and stroked herself at Geet's legs. It looked like the kitten was saying sorry.
'don't you kiss up to me, young lady. Do you know how worried i was?'
The cat kept purring and stroking Geet's legs when the kitten saw Maan. Maan looked at the kitten. The kitten stood there it was like the kitten was seeing into Maan's soul. Maan felt worried. The kitten went up to Maan and purred and stroked herself aganist Maan's feet. Maan smiled and bent down and patted her and stroked her. Geet turned and laughed.
'Why are you laughing Geet?'
'Nothing your the first person Kit actually likes. She nearly clawed Arjun and bit him. She likes Arohi though'
'Well I am a likable person Geet'
'yes by the way i will feed your kitten'
'thanks Maan'
'By the way ain't something burning.' Maan smiled as Kit and Maan walked away. Geet turned to the stove and saw her omleete was burning.
'oh shit'
Geet quickly threw it out. Maan walked back in.
'Geet move i'll make breakfast.'
'My turn today Geet'
Geet moved out of the way. It seemed like both of them had forgotten about the kiss.
After breakfast Maan dropped Geet at the hospital as Geet's car had to be taken for servicing. Arohi and Arjun saw him and asked them to join for a cofee as they had half an hour for duty to begin.
'Geet' Arohi said as they sat down for a cooffee
'what happened?' asked Geet
'Rahul Singhania has been shot dead' said Arohi
'What how when' said Geet
'last night. I saw him at the party yesterday sometime after the party'  Arohi said.
'good he got killed. Asshole. Arohi you remembered what he did to Geet last time' Arjun said angrily remembering the incident two months ago.
'yeah Geet' said Arohi
'Guys lets talk about something else' Arjun said
'By the way guys Kit came back today'
'oh no your kitten i'm never coming to your house now' said Arjun. Geet and Maan and Arohi laughed.
'Maan you better run too. Her cat hates the male species' Arjun said
'Well Arjun' Maan began to be cut off by Geet
'Kit likes Maan. Its just you she hates and i wonder why'
'simple Geet. He don't like ugly guys.' said Arohi
'what i'm ugly' said Arjun
'have you ever looked in a mirror'
'Here they go again' Maan whispered to Geet. Geet laughed.
'so why did you agree to marry me' asked Arjun
'i felt sorry for you. No one else would marry you then. I thought i should sacrifice'
'Fine then i don't want to marry you'
'Yes, you know Sheena asked me to go out with her yesterday. She found me attractive'
Arohi held Arjun's collar
'Who is this Sheena'
'my soon to be new girlfriend'
'jealous are we'
'what' Arohi realised what happened. everyone started laughing.
'by the way Geet where did you dissapear yday after ringing me' said Arjun. Geet looked down remembering what happened. Maan saw her face and spoke
'I called Geet because i had forgotten the keys'
'DOCTORS AROHI ARJUN please report to the ICU immediately' an intercome said.
'Bye guys'
Arohi and Arjun left.
'Thanks Maan'
'Your welcome Geet.' He got up to leave and so did Geet. When Both turned back to stare at eachother. Maan came forward and gave Geet a kiss on her forehead. Geet blushed and smiled. She didntt realise what was hapeening to her.
'Take care Geet i will see you tonight' Geet just stood there standing and staring at Maan. Maan saw that Geet was being affected. He saw her stare at him blushing and saw love in her eyes. He walked out. Geet was awoken by her trance by her pager buzzing.
That evening Geet decided she needed to make a sorry cake for Maan. Geet was cooking in the kitchen when she climed a stool to get a flour pot Her ankle twisted and she slipped. She was about to fall when Maan saved her in his arms. The flour jar opened and covered Geet and Maan in white flour. Both of them laughed. Maan then looked at Geet and kissed her. Geet responded.
They both broke out of the kiss. Maan put her down. He saw his angel in white.
'Maan i don't know what happened'
'Geet its obvious'
 Geet was silent. Maan took his hand and wiped the flour off Geet's face. Geet closed her eyes feeling his hand. she then ran out of the kitchen. Maan smiled.
'GEET HANDA is falling for me'
The following evening Geet and Arohi went to the founders ball as they were to be acknowledge as the leading junior doctors. Arjun could not come as he had to leave for Panchgini for urgent work. Maan was standing outside the ball talking to an agent. Maan was oblivious that Geet and Arohi were going to come here. He knew Geet was going to get an award but he lied saying he was busy so he could not make it.
'Boss the bomb has been placed near the stage of the ball. MP SHARMA will be killed today' an agent said to Maan outside the hall. He turned to see Geet walking in with Arohi. He was shocked as he knew that Geet and Arohi will be killed.
'Geet where are you' He called Geet.
'With Arohi at the founders ball. We have front row seats. Me and Arohi are going to get awards for being the best junior doctors at Sanjeevani'
'Geet you and Arohi get out right now'
'but why'
'Because i need you both. Arjun is hurt badly' Maan lied. He then jammed Arjun number using his technology. Geet and Arohi rushed out to find Maan waiting for them.
'Come lets go' he said walking towards. As they stepped in the car a big bang was heard.Geet and arohi screamed as they turned and saw people rushing out of the ball and fire and smoke. Geet and Arohi in fear hugged Maan. Maan hugged them back knowing they were scared.
'oh my god. What happened' asked a passer by
Arohi and Geet came out of the hug.
'OMG.Geet that could have been us. We could have been killed. Geet are you listening to me'
Geet was staring at Maan. He was really her saviour.
'Maan thanks for calling us. Wait Arjun how did you know' Arohi said worriedly
'someone called me anomously' said Maan
'Arohi try Arjun;s number' said Geet still looking at Maan.
Arohi could not get through.  She moved away and kept trying to call Arjun. People were running hear and there police firebrigage and Ambulance were coming
'Maan thank you. I would have been dead today if you didnt call us' She said hugging him crying and shocked.
'Geet nothing can happen to you until i'm with you understood.' He held her shoulders tight pulling her out of the hug
'YOUR LIFE BELONGS TO ME' He said. Geet looked at him as  fury love obsession and lust were proclaimed  his eyes.
'Kittttt I think I love Maan but i'm scared. He cares for me. Always saves me. I Love being around him. I feel scared when he is far from me. MY heartbeat goes fast when he is near me. Kit do i love Maan'
Kit purred and went near her and licked her face. This was a way Kit used to say YES to Geet. Maan heard her talking to Kit.
Geet came out of the shower wet in her towel. She turned to see Maan in her room. She gasped.
'what happened Geet' Maan smirked walking forward as Geet walked backwards.

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Vintagepeach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
loved it..
update soon...
holyangel Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
ohhhh  plzzzzz dont tell me he is jus playing with her n jus lusting over her.... Ouch
noooooooooooo ways.... Shocked ... pllzzz make him love her not lust her.... Pinch

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