Random Musings: February 7, 2011

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Hola Maryaada Forum,

Welcome to the Random Musings thread! Hug

Please jump in with  your views on the 
episode or the characters by posting analysis, poems,Riddles, vm's siggies, OS's or anything else you feel like!

Index of Analysis, or other items
Page 1:
Jaya, Sham, Amna
Page 2:

Some simple rules: 

1. Follow the IF code of conduct 
2. No bashing of members or the actors 
3. First page will typically be for analysis, poems or anything about the reserve if you want to do that! Big smile
4. If you don't want to analyze, you can still reserve your space for your views Big smile 
5. Have fun LOL

Thread openers for this week:
-Monday: Manal
-Tuesday: Jaya
-Wednesday: Manal
-Thursday: Jaya
-Friday: Jaya

[NOTE: if you want to open the thread on any of the days, let us know Hug]

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Episode started with the continuation of Priya's confrontation of Brahma. Outside of the screenplay and acting being good, I loved the subtle change in SasurPig's expression every time Priya reminded him that Aditya was not just his son anymore...he was now also her husband. Thumbs Up

As Priya leaves Brahma's room, she runs in to Vidya who offers to make her some badam milk to help her sleep. I like how the relationship between these two protagonists is now slowly starting to develop. This friendship is what will give Vidya the courage to fight for her rights. Thumbs Up

Meanwhile, Uttara tries to get Rishabh to come out of the room he has locked himself in and gets worried when even her threats to leave to Devyani's elicits no response. Small editing the transition from the previous scene to this one, the image of Uttara and Rishabh's house shown was in daylight while the scene was meant to be at night time...threw me off for a second. D'oh

At the Jhaakar kitchen, Vidya is making Priya some badam milk and as she's doing so, she expresses how lucky they both are to be married in to the Jhaakar family. A restless Devyani overhears part of their conversation especially the bit where Vidya comments on how fortunate Priya is to have a loving husband like Aditya. I enjoyed this sequence immensely. The basis of the series for me is the relationship between the four women and I love seeing the dynamics of that being built. As she interrupts the girls, Devyani subtly admonishes Vidya by pointing out that both her sons love their wives...they just demonstrate it in different ways. Ughhhh...Devyani...Angry. Her character gets me irritated but I cannot help but praise how the writers keep her perfectly in character time and again. Have to also say that I particularly loved Devyani's sarcasm loaded dialog about how perfect her life was...especially her "perfect se bhi perfect" husband!

Back at Rishabh's again, a worried Uttara peeps in through the window and sees Rishabh trying to hang himself. This scene was just an ok one for me...probably because I'm not seeing the potential of taking the story down this path.
I have been hoping that Uttara will refuse and that would make Rishabh abusive again! Now...with Uttara giving in, what will she fight for? Her fighting back will have to wait for Rishabh to do something again. So outside of Uttara's Maryaada being broken to protect that of Rishabh's, I see no movement in this story line. A battered woman fighting back would have been far more appealing to me. But I guess there is still time for the writers to throw a curve I'll try to avoid prematurely judging it. LOL Coming back to today's scene, I felt the acting was over the top in certain parts but Uttara's finally collapsing in tears as she agrees to sleep with Rastogi and Rishabh's sly smile hearing it was well done. Star I also want to might wonder why the woman who called Rishabh's bluff about committing suicide was giving it to his demands when it was quite obviously a ploy. That characterization worked for me...despite knowing at a subconscious level that Rishabh was not going to actually kill himself, seeing him actually try can still be horrifying for Uttara's character.

As Uttara sits stunned at the turn of events in her life, Priya, Devyani and Vidya also return to their beds in the Jhaakar house. This standard Maryaada character contrasting sequence was well done as always. Thumbs Up

At daybreak, Rishabh lets Uttara know to be ready by 7:30 for the 8:00pm interlude with Rastogi. Meanwhile, Vidya helps Gaurav look for his purse and realizes he has a locker in his closet. Lets see if Uttara actually goes through with her commitment to Rishabh! I still have hope she won't. LOL Also...
Gaurav's locker likely contains something explosive...wonder how long it will be before Vidya investigates.

As the Jhaakar family sits down for breakfast, SasurPig uses the opportunity to pointedly bring up Aditya's political ambitions in front of Priya. For most part, this sequence worked for me. Brahma's lines about keeping secrets hidden was very random for me.  Ermm

Overall: Decent episode. Its Star Star Star from me.

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sham_281 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Great episode as usual
Love the way Priya refers to SSP as "janawar"
I really like the way Priya believes in Aditya...when she has tears going down her face it's like Ouch (Ridhi does great acting as usual)
It's good that they show Priya trying to act strong in front of SSP but as soon as she leaves can no longer stay composed 
I think Vidya and Priya will have a really good relationship Smile....bachareey Vidya...Devyani tries to talk Vidya around indirectly but I think everybody underestimates Vidya she isn't as seedey as they think she does understand...but i do agree with the fact that even if Gaurav loved Vidya his tareekah wouldn't be the same as Aditya's
Nice scenes between all 3 saas and bahu's enjoyed these hope there's some more....but why does Devyani put this false persona on regarding SSP there was no need to say that he extremley perfect Confused
Uttara does great acting in her really do feel for her Cry....regarding her not fighting out against Rishab...when some one you love is about to kill them self you wouldn't think and would agree to anything...he's character is as bad as Rastaugi's and SSP's Angry
The creatives have done a good job in making you feel for the four leading particular Uttara and Priya Ouch
The scene with the Maryaada title track showing all 4 leading ladies crying...bought tears to my eyes Cry
Rishab still cannot even speak to Uttara in a respectful manner Angry
I'm not too sure about how realistic this locker business will be i just hope creatives don't do something which would be typical of drama's and actually does seem real
Honey moon that means adiya scenes Big smile
Ridhi looks really pretty in the green sari
SSP and his sly digs eugh Angry
Aditya in politics i knw i wud sure vote for him Wink
4 and a half out 5 for me...not too sure regarding the Gaurav buisness

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Starting with the priya-brahma scene, brahma is darofying priya Angry, But priya remains to be strongClap and in return she gives a KARARA JAWABBig smile, poor brahma u'll get exposed one day don't you worry, and please don't break any more glasses or the maryada team would have to buy more glasses for youLOL, i loved priya's walk and then poor baby suddenly goes sadOuch(priya aka ridhi dogra is a great actress,her expressions are so damn good), and entry of vidya(nice convo between them) i guess they'll have a good friendshipBig smile, and how good n sweet she is!! she goes for making doodh for priyaBig smile.
Uttara is banging door of rishabAngry, calling him for dinner, hats off to the character of uttaraClap still calling rishab after whatever he did to her. Kamya is awesome!!
Kitchen scene of the jhakkar parivaar's bahuLOL: vidya crushing almonds and priya standing with her, vidya is praising all of the family members and then mummy jee over hears her and say that she has got everything perfect for her esp her husband(awwww poor her, how much the poor soul have to fake), then she leaves and vidya the cutie pie asks priya to drink the milk. I loved this sequence.Clap
Then comes the great NATAK of rishabAngry, tryinf to hang with a rope(i wishe he did thatLOL) and uttarra sees it from the window, and starts stopping him(great acting once again by kamya) uttara breaks into the room and tries to stop him but he pushes herAngry, and still she held his feet and begged himCry But the natak continuesAngry and my poor uttara agrees to go to rastogiCry (great acting againClapStar)
The song sequence, don't know y but i'm in love with this song, loved the small bits of aditya holding priyaHeart
In the morning, rishab asks uttara to get ready by 7.30, HE'S WORST THEN BRAHMAAngryAngry, back at jhakkar house; gaurav is searching for his missing wallet and vidya tries to help him and what is in the lockerConfused( i love vidya's jewelry) And the jhakkar parivaar nashta, finally get to hear adi's voiceBig smile hahahaha and i love the dialogue 'insaan jab jaage tabhe saawraLOL' and brahma is scared of priya all the time indirectly saying her to hide the truthWink priya is all confused to hear that adi will enter politics so am iLOL
In precap, we see brahma talking to that fake dad(what's his name??Confused ahh never mind) wait and watch priya's sasur jee, time will tell and i'm sure u'll loose in this fight sooner or laterBig smile

Overall 3.5 out 5 for me.. not a very good episode but hats off to the four ladies aka devyani, uttara, vidya and priyaClap everyone's acting was commendableClap but very less of aditya in the episode so i deducted 1 whole mark from the rankingLOL

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
nice reviews jaya and sham
jaya i love the was you call brahma as SASURPIGROFL

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sham_281 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amnaM

 priya is all confused to hear that adi will enter politics so am iLOL

Near the start of Maryaada when Aditya is revising for his exams...he be's talking to his mum Devyani i think and speaks about how he needs good exam marks as he wants to join politics 
I was waiting for that to come in Smile

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
oh yeah now i remember, thanks sham! me slipped into ghajini mode!

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damon_biteme Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Another gr8 episode. Just love the drama

Priya and jerk of Sasur betting on who would Aditya listen to when she decides to unviel the jerk's true colors made me think too who would he listen to. There is no denying he truly loves Priya but his Dad is his idol so i can't help thinking about this too.

Today I felt very sad for Uttra hated it how she was succumbed to agree to Rishab's disgusting demands. Hats off to cvs to show such a bold concept where a man treats his wife as a commodity and will use her for his financial gains. I know it is just a story but wldn't be surprised if such things prevail in our society. After all media reflects the society we live in.

Loved the bonding between Priya and Vidya. would want to see them hang around more and soon share their innermost fears and apprehensions. It is nice to see such natural chemistry  between two sister in laws very different from either the over done polite convos or utterly bitchy scences in other soaps.

It is disappointing to see Devyani  encouraging her Bahus to live a lie like her. She will have to start facing the truth rather than brushing matters under the carpet to save the Maryada of the house.

A bit confused about why priya got shocked when he Brahama asked Aditya to accompany him to Delhi. Is their a hidden msg for the audience which I can't understand. Was Braham trying to convey to Priya the faith his son has on him by telling her Aditya will live Brhama's dream. Or was he trying to tell her hoiw easily he can seperate them? ConfusedConfused

Last but not th least the losers of the drama-
Rishab-if i was Uttra I would hve let him commit suicide. He deserves to die. It is better to be a widow than be married to such a pathetic loser.AngryAngryAngry
AngryGaurav- Man up and have the decency to tell Vidya the truth. Have the b***s to at least stand up now. You have already ruined her life by marrying her but now the least u can do is tell her why you can't love her. She already has a low self esteem, your constant rejection without any explantion is only going to make matters worst. She has already started doubting her ability as a wife soon she will doubt her own existence as a woman.
Brahma- Just waiting for u to fall flat on your face. AngryAngry

Rate today's episode 4 out of 5

Waiting for Aditya to take his chori on their honeymoon. They both deserve a break.

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