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..Mushkil Bada Yeh PYAR Hai ![1] {A SaJan FF} (Page 134)

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Originally posted by Shafoo

i just love both parts

Thanks for liking the updates.Smile

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Originally posted by fend

hey guysHug that was mindblowing update loved it a lottClap Clap loved the sajan scenes gunjan feelings were potrayed beautifullyClap loved the switch board scene they were so lost in each other  Day Dreamingit was awesome Embarrassedboth have feelings for each other but have not accepted it yetEmbarrassed gunjan salary scene also was written nicelyClap gr888 work guys cannot wait to read the next part do cont soon n thanks for the pmSmile

Thanks dear, for your lovely reply.Smile  Samrat and Gunjan were totally lost in each other. But yes, both are in denial . We did enjoy writing this update.Big smile We will be updating soon. Smile

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      ..Mushkil Bada Yeh PYAR Hai !
[-A Passionate Love Story]

PART-23  (1/2)

  [Siggy courtesy -AASHi(aashizin)]



GUNJAN reached home at her normal time. SHARDA Jii looked at her. GUNJAN looked tired. She asked her to change and then come and have a cup of tea...that would refresh her. But all of GUNJAN's tiredness had vanished when she saw SHARDA Jii's smile. A mother's warm smile does just that. GUNJAN felt relaxed. GUNJAN and SHARADA Jii started conversing with each other... each telling the other about their routine day and just some other random talk.  

RAHUL came into the living room when he heard the 2 most important ladies in his life converse. GUNJAN looked at him...

G - RAHUL, tumhen yaad hai na ki,you have to help me prepare the Report.

R - Haan, PINKI, mujhe yaad hai. Par, tum aaram toh karo. Report dinner ke baad banate hain naa.

GUNJAN had always obeyed RAHUL, so this time was not going to be any different. She went to her room, changed and came back, to see a steaming hot cup of tea waiting for her. She settled down in the chair as casual talk continued. Shortly, Prof.NANDA too returned home... and the family time continued. Then Prof. NANDA had to prepare some notes, so he excused himself. SHARADA Jii also had to prepare dinner, so RAHUL and GUNJAN decided to start preparing the Report. Both headed towards GUNJAN's room, where they made themselves comfortable and started on the Report. GUNJAN had done her home work well and RAHUL was impressed by her dedication.
R - WoW ! Impressive work PiNKi..,U R very fast...kaafi jaldi pick-up kiya tumne...
G - Kya...?
R - (shows a File) Yeh saare points kaafi perfection ke saath Note kiye gaye hain...I think,Report ka 2nd part easily ban jaayega.
G - Thanx (with smiling face) Tumne bataya hi itni achhi tarah tha..mistake hone ka toh sawal hi nahin tha...
R - Huuumm !! Really Good Student... Both laughed... the atmosphere was always light when the two were together, because, for RAHUL, all that mattered was GUNJAN's happiness. To see her smile, hear her laughter... that was his only aim. Then RAHUL thought about something...and seriously asked her.. Waise Monday ki shopping yaad hai naa...? Hum eve. mein ja rahe hain...
G - Haan Baba Yaad hai...Achhi tarah yaad hai...par abhi Report to complete karen... RAHUL smiled. Both continued with the work.
Meanwhile MONISH

Parking Area of NANDA's  Building...:

MONISH parked his car in the slot alloted for visitors. He took a deep breath... finally... he was here...his mission was starting in the real sense Today... (( Finally,I am Ready for meeting... (looked at his wrist watch) 8 baj gaye...Prof.NANDA bhi ghar par honge aur GUNJAN bhi... (smiled softly) ...par,Kya kahoonga main uss se...?? Kya usse main yaad bhi hounga...? Agar woh bhool gayi hogi toh...? Toh kya Dude !!..? Agar bhool gayi hogi toh nayi yaadein banayenge... MONISH ka charm hi aisa hai...I am sure,Woh charm GUNJAN par bhi zaroor asar karega...But,why am I getting so nervous...? Aisa toh pehle kabhi nahin hua...Mere haath-paav thande ho rahe hain... Kahin Prof.NANDA ki wajah se toh nahin...?? Par woh toh kitne sweet hain...mujhe 'Beta' kehte hain...unse kaisa darna...Come On...!! Wahaan GUNJAN bhi toh  hogi...apni sweet,simple...and innocent smile ke saath...phir,mujhe nervous hone ki kya zaroorat hai...? Bas mujhe khud par control karna hoga...apni feelings...apni excitement par...main abhi yeh show nahin kar sakta...agar mujhe usse paana hai toh mujhe normal behave karna hoga...bilkul,apne Plan ke according hi...Nice,Simple,sophisticated gentlemen ki tarah...pehle mujhe Prof.NANDA aur Mrs.NANDA ko impress karna hoga...toh hi woh GUNJAN ke liye mere baare mein sochenge...So,Mission GUNJAN begins...))
Thinking so, he picked up the packet kept on the passenger seat and walking confidently, he finally reached the main door to the NANDA residence. Before ringing the door bell, he ran a checklist... tie knot... Perfect... hair... gelled to perfection... then he took out a small spray from his coat pocket and used it. Keeping it back, he shut his eyes and said a silent pray, asking God for success. Finally, he lifted his right hand and hit the bell button.
Meanwhile RaJan
  [Siggy courtesy -AASHi(aashizin)].

GUNJAN looked at clock as she heard the door bell chime. It was 8.15 pm. RAHUL too looked at the clock. Who could it be at this time?? Guests did not drop by unexpectedly here and they were not expecting anyone... aunty would have mentioned.
G - Abhi kaun aaya hoga...? Sabhi toh ghar par hi hain...Uncle bhi...phir...?
R - Arre ! Choddo naa, hoga koi neighbour...Don't worry..! Tum apna kaam karo...Mom dekh lengi naa... (said casually)
G - RAHUL ! aunty kitchen mein hain...wait...main dekhti hoon...
R - Ok...well, tum rehne do...Main jaata hoon... (and about to stand-up)
G - Its Ok RAHUL...Tum baitho main bas abhi aayi...waise bhi mujhe Refregirator se Water bottle bhi leni hai... GUNJAN flashed her famous smile. RAHUL returned the smile and then continued  with the Report. GUNJAN hurriedly left and almost ran to open the door, lest the person ring the bell again and disturb Uncle who was writing some Important Notes.
She stopped short of the main door. She adjusted her dupatta and opened the door. She saw MONISH at the door, who was about to  ring the bell again. And MONISH was dumbstruck... GUNJAN... his GUNJAN was standing in front of him... very close to him... he kept looking at her ... she was wearing a light pink suit... her face looking as innocent as it looked that night. Her flawless, milky white complexion, her beautiful expressive eyes, her open hair...and that gorgeous smile...  she was the epitome of beauty. No one could be as beautiful as her. He was totally mesmerized by her beauty. He just kept staring at her and smiling.
  [Siggy courtesy -AASHi(aashizin)].

GUNJAN was a bit confused. She was not able to place this face, but she was sure, she had seen him before. She tried hard to remember, but to no avail. She asked him in her sweet soft voice, but with pauses...
Jii...a..a...p.. ?? Shayad,...h..u..m..? 

MONISH was shaken out from his dream by that sweet and soft voice... He looked at her and without wasting any time, he quickly said... "T..u...m.. !! Shayad hum-tum pehle bhi kahin mil chuke hain...? Tum shayad yeh kahna chah rahi thi... (he asked flashing his killer smile)
G - (feeling embarrassed) Ji...mujhe bhi aisa lag raha hai...but,sorry...! mujhe abhi yaad...?? Par..aapko kinse milna hai...?
M - Oh...! Kya Prof.NANDA ka flat yehi
G - (Cuts) Ji..yehi hai...Aap andar aayiye naa...Uncle ghar par hi hain...  She was about to turn when MONISH's voice stopped her.
M - Ok...par,shayad mujhe yaad aa gaya ki,Hum pehle kahaan mile the...Kyunki,tum aaj bhi bilkul waisi ho,jaisi uss raat DELHI mein dekha tha... (smiled softly)
GUNJAN turned around and looked with shock and disbelief. She looked at MONISH and tried hard to remember... and then she remembered... YES... he is the same person who had helped her that cold night in Delhi. Thank God her memory was intact, just needed a little prodding. But that was ok, because 2 years is really a long period. She was happy to see MONISH... she said excitedly... "Aap...Aap wahin hain...!! Oh God ! How can I forget U...please,I M sorry...Please,andar aayiye naa...Uncle ko aap se milkar really kaafi achha lagega..."
MONISH was extremely Happy...because,GUNJAN had recognised him and most importantly,...she was looking happy too... they both entered in Drawing Hall. Standing in front of them was Prof NANDA, who had come outside to see who GUNJAN was talking to. He was surprised to see MONISH....Trustee of NiXON...The millionaire...MONISH KHURANA... standing in front of him, in his house. Containing his happiness and excitement, he asked in a questioning tone...
Prof.N - Arre ! bete ..Aap yahaan...?
MONISH smiled as he walked towards Prof.NANDA. He bent down to touch his feet and said in a very polite manner...

M - No...Uncle...It is not fair..agar Beta kaha hai toh 'Aap' nahin chalega...aur main yahaan iss liye... Kyunki,Aapse waada kiya tha ki,Aap ke ghar aaoonga...toh..
Prof.N - Why not bete...Yeh tumhara bhi ghar hai...Please,come...Aao baitho...asking MONISH to sit on the Sofa, he looked at GUNJAN and said with smiling face...Bete,zara SHARDA Jii ko toh batao...aur Yeh RAHUL kahaan hai...? Usse bhi keh dena...
G - Ji , Uncle...main bas abhi aayi...And she left  the living room.
MONISH was unable to stop himself from staring at GUNJAN as she walked away. He was happy, finally he was so close to HER... His LOVE... His LIFE. But then a small frown formed on his forehead as he remembered the other name mentioned by Prof.NANDA... RAHUL... who is this person?? His detective had not informed him about this person. But he decided to keep calm and wait. He would soon be introduced to this RAHUL and he would know how he was related to GUNJAN. He looked at Prof.NANDA and casual talk started as they waited for the rest of the family join them.
GUNJAN entered the kitchen and saw SHARDA Jii engrossed in cooking. Speaking softly so as not to startle her, she told her about MONISH's arrival. SHARDA Jii turned the gas off and after washing her hands, she went out to join her husband to attend to their guest. 

GUNJAN then went to inform RAHUL who was busy with the Reports. As she entered, RAHUL looked up at her and asked.. "Kya hua...Kahaan reh gayi thi...?Door open karne gayi thi yaa...Guest ko Ground Floor se receive karne...?
G - Ufff RAHUL tum bhi naa...Pehle chalo toh...dekho kaun aaye hain...?
R - Come On...GUNJAN...! I know...phir se koi relative honge..aur saath mein unke 'Pakaoo' lecture...Ladka Jawaan ho gaya hai...'Bahu' kab la rahe ho...? Mr.X ko dekho...uski bhi shaadi ho gayi...Mr.Y ke toh bachhe bhi ho gaye... aur...Mr.Z..toh...bla...bla...bla...
GUNJAN could not contain her laughter as she saw RAHUL imitating some older people. His expressions made her giggle all the more... irritation written large on his face. She saw RAHUL give her a look and she stopped laughing loudly, but in between chuckles that she was trying to stifle, she said...
G - Don't worry ! Woh relative nahin hain...Tum aao toh sahi...Tumhen unse mil kar achha lagega...He is very nice person...aur Uncle ne bhi tumhen bulaya hai...
R - Arre ! Kaun hain...pehle batao toh...
G - No..Tum chalo..aur khud unse milo...  She forcibly shut the files, snatched the pen put of his hand and kept it on the closed file and holding his wrist, almost dragged him outside. RAHUL loved her actions and went with her quietly. They reached the living room.

Drawing Hall
SHARDA Jii and Prof.NANDA were chatting with MONISH when RAHUL and GUNJAN entered the living room. MONISH saw RAHUL and GUNJAN walk in together and he was upset. He hated  the sight that greeted his eyes because RAHUL had his arms around GUNJAN's shoulder.
Prof.NANDA saw his children enter and excitedly asked them to come nearer as he introduced them to MONISH...RAHUL walked over to his Dad as Prof.NANDA said... "Arre ! bete aao naa...Dekho kaun aaye hain...Yeh hain MONISH KHURANA...Hamare College ke Trustee... (looked at MONISH and said) Aur,bete Yeh hai mera Beta RAHUL..."
Though not happy at all, MONISH stood up and putting on a smile he shook hands with RAHUL and muttered just a formal... " Hi "
RAHUL forward his hand too...with smiling face...said.. "Hi" and shook hands with MONISH.

Then Prof.NANDA realised that GUNJAN was standing away from them.
Prof.N - (looked at GUNJAN) Arre..! GUNJAN...Tum wahaan kyun khadi ho...? Come here...GUNJAN came near to Prof.NANDA...Prof.NANDA held her hand and hugged from shoulder..said in very loving tone...Aur bete...Yeh hai meri Princess...GUNJAN...
This time the smile on MONISH face was real and so was his enthusiasm to shake hands. But GUNJAN felt shy. Hesitantly, she forwarded her hand and her soft hand touched MONISH's hand. MONISH did not want to let go of her hand. He kept looking at her, love evident in his eyes. RAHUL was observing this and he felt very uncomfortable. He felt like yanking GUNJAN's hand out of MONISH's grip, but luckily GUNJAN herself broke the hand shake. But before,... any one could say anything, MONISH said softly, his eyes still fixed on GUNJAN's pretty face... 
M - Well...By Name toh nahin...par By face toh hum ek dusre ko jaante hi hain...Hum toh kaafi pehle hi mil chuke I right GUNJAN...? asked in very-very soft and loving tone...

All in the room were shocked, but RAHUL... he was livid with anger... he wanted to use MONISH as a punching bag... that smile was getting on his nerves now. Everyone looked at GUNJAN... their eyes asking the same question... What did this mean??  And RAHUL... not only did he want to know the meaning of that statement, but also why GUNJAN never mentioned it??  GUNJAN was now embarrassed. In her normal, soft voice, she replied...
G - Uncle..! Yeh wohi hain jinhone DELHI mein meri help ki thi...jab main wahaan kho gayi thi...Inhone hi mujhe hamare 'Guest House' pahunchaya tha...aur...
Prof.N - Oh ! Toh woh tum hi the...Thanks bete...agar tumne uss raat GUNJAN ki help naa ki hoti toh...
M - Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe hain...Uncle...Agar uss din main nahin hota...toh koi aur hota...par,GUNJAN ke saath toh kuchh bura ho hi nahin sakta tha...Kyunki,achhe logon ke saath hamesha achha hi hota hai... (looked at GUNJAN and smiled softly) Aur,Yeh itni achhi hai ki, inke saath toh koi bura karne ki soch bhi nahin sakta...
Now RAHUL lost his cool. He looked at GUNJAN and in a slightly harsh tone, he said... "GUNJAN...Yeh hamare ghar pehli baar aaye hain...Hamare 'Mehmaan' hain...Inke liye kuchh laaogi nahin...?"
Prof. N - Haan bete...! Waise bhi maine tumhen kal bataya tha naa ki,maine tumhaari Coffee ki kaafi taarif kar di hai toh...
G - Ji...Main bas abhi laayi... (and she left)
M - Please...! Aap sab takleef naa karein...
Prof.N - Arre ! Nahin bete Iss mein takleef kaisi...Isse tum apna hi ghar samajh sakte ho...
RAHUL got even angry when he heard his dad say this. What 'APNA HI GHAR' ??? No... never... and in a rude tone, he said... " Waise bhi 'Mehmaanon' ki khaatir karna hamare Culture ka part hai..."

Prof.NANDA and SHARDAA Jii were busy in chatting with MONISH...They both were very impressed with MONISH's simplicity...and his down to earth personality...MONISH was chatting with RAHUL too...(Job and other formal things) but,RAHUL wasn't answering properly...he wanted to avoid him...only listening to his convo with his Mom-Dad...He was getting so irritated with his presence on his house...Suddenly,MONISH said ...
"Oh...inn sab baatoon mein main woh baat kehna bhool hi gaya jiske liye main yahaan aaya tha..."
Prof.N - Aisi kaun si baat hai bete...
GUNJAN returned with coffee and some snacks... she had quickly  made pakoras for him...
Mrs.N - Arre...! Lo GUNJAN bhi aa gayi...  RAHUL saw her and got up from his seat and helped her with the tray. He asked her to sit where he was sitting and he sat close to her. MONISH did not like this... he was getting irritated seeing their closeness. But he decided to ignore that. SHARDA Jii offered him coffee which he accepted after thanking her. GUNJAN wanted to serve him some 'Pakoras' she specially made for him, but RAHUL took the plate from her hand and served MONISH some 'Pakoras'.
M - Really...Pakore aur Coffee bahot achhe bane hain... (looked at Prof.NANDA) Uncle you are right...she is WORLD's Best Coffee maker...
Prof.NANDA was elated when he heard this. GUNJAN too smiled and said... "Thanx"
M - Oh...Main phir bhool jaaoon...iss se pehle mujhe aapko kuchh dena hai... He kept the coffee mug down and opened the packet that he had bought with him. There were 2 small boxes and an envelope. He forwarded these to Prof.NANDA.
Prof.N - (with strange tone) Yeh kya hai bete...?? RAHUL,GUNJAN and SHARDAA Jii were also curious about these things...
M - Kucch nahin Uncle...Envelope mein aapke Promotion ka letter hai...aur Box mein jo hai...woh aapke promotion se related facilities hain.
Prof.NANDA opened the envelope and read the letter. After reading, he handed the letter to RAHUL  who read it with GUNJAN. Prof.NANDA then opened the boxes... which contained keys... he asked MONISH questioningly...
Prof.N - Yeh kya hai Bete...?
M - Uncle yeh keys hain...1 key toh aapke New BANDRA,west waale Flat ki hai...aur dusri Key...aapki new Car ki College pahunch chuki hai.
MONISH's last statement left everyone else in the room dumbfound. This was totally unexpected. The news of the promotion had barely sunk in and now this. An awkward silence engulfed the room. Prof.NANDA was the one to break that silence...
Prof.N - Par...Yeh sab...?? Mujhe iss ki zaroorat nahin bete...
M - I know,Uncle...par,yeh sabhi cheezein...promotion se hi related hain...and,most importantly...yeh promotion aapko mila kyunki aap isse deserve karte hain...
Prof.N - Woh thik hai bete...Mujhe Promotion se aitraaz nahin...par,Yeh sab main nahin le sakta...
M - Par...Uncle yeh sab toh...
RAHUL's voice interrupted him. As harshly as he could speak, RAHUL said to MONISH... "1 sec. Mr.KHURANA...shayad aap samajh nahin rahe...Ok.. ab main aap ko samjhata hoon...Woh Flat aur Car hamare liye bilkul important nahin...Kyunki,hamare paas already Car hai...1 Car toh kal hi book ki hai aur Dad bhi 1 new Car book karne waale hain... Rahi baat New Flat ki toh...hum apne iss chhote se ghar mein kaafi khush hain...Iss Flat ke 3 Rooms...Hum 4 members ke liye kaafi hain...Hamari zarooratein itni zyada nahin...aur jitni bhi zarooratein hain usse hum pura karne mein capable hain...Hamein kisi ke favor ki koi zaroorat nahin..."
Though he started off as he wanted to stop MONISH from speaking any further, by the time he completed his statement, his voice had pride in it. Of his Dad's achievements. Though not very highly paid, Prof.NANDA had managed to save enough to buy this flat. He had seen his dad give extra tuitions and work in classes as a lecturer after college hours that had enabled them to buy this spacious 3 bedroom flat in a suburb of MUMBAI. His voice had confidence in it that now he would take over from his Dad... he would ensure that his family never lacked anything. This left his childhood friend, GUNJAN feeling proud of him. But MONISH... he felt bad. This was humiliating for him. No one had spoken in this tone to him. He tried to keep himself calm and very seriously he said... "RAHUL...I think you misunderstood...
R - (cuts again) Wait...Meri baat abhi khatm nahin hui... (said in harsh tone) Yeh Flat...kisi outsider ke liye only 3 room ka 'House' ho sakta hai...lekin,yeh hamare liye humara 'Home' hai...our Sweet Home...Yahaan ki 1-1 cheezon se hamari yaadein judi hain...Humara bachpan...humari saari khushiyaan...humare har achhe-Bure pal yahin issi ghar mein guzre hain...Yahaan ki har humara 1 rishta hai...Hum isse chhod kar kahin nahin jaayenge...and this is our Final decision... (said confidently)
RAHUL's voice was now hinting anger.His eyes blazed with anger. This worried GUNJAN as she knew RAHUL very well. It did not take a genius to understand that RAHUL was upset with MONISH. She wished she could stop him... MONISH was their guest after all. She looked at MONISH, who looked upset and angry. He was trying to act normal, but that would require a lot of effort. Prof.NANDA and SHARDA Jii knew their son was right. They were very proud of his thoughts, but this was no way to behave with a guest. They too wanted to stop RAHUL. But MONISH had all his cards laid out to perfection. He saw that Prof.NANDA was about to stop RAHUL, when he spoke up... in a matured and soft tone...
M - RAHUL...! Kya ab main kuchh kahoon...? RAHUL said nothing...he simply looked away. MONISH looked at GUNJAN. He raised his eyebrows, asking her for permission to speak. She nodded in a positive. Smiling faintly, he continued... "Yakeen maaniye mera irada kisi ki feelings ko hurt karna nahin tha...Maine kuchh bhi apni taraf se nahin kiya...Yeh jo kuchh bhi diya gaya hai...College ke Trust ki taraf se hai...Grand Paa ne apni wasiyat mein NIXON ko apni property ka 1 bada part diya only College infratucture ke liye hai...Hum sabhi jante hain ki, NIXON ka real asset...Uske Professor...uske faculty members hain...Unhen unke hard work ke return mein jo milta aaya hai...woh,uss se kahin zyada deserve karte hain...Issi liye Commitee Unke 'Pay-Scale' ko bhi Review karne ja rahi hai.
Finally, he looked at RAHUL. And then he started his emotional talk... "Tumne sahi kaha...Yeh kisi Outsider ke liye HOUSE ho sakta hai...par iss ghar mein rehne waale logon ke liye...woh HOME hai...unka Sweet Home...par tum 1 baat bhool rahe ho...RAHUL...yeh HOME hai...kyunki,yahaan tum sab saath rehte ho...Tum apne saare pal unke saath share karte ho...Kya tumhen yeh lagta hai ki,Ghar badlne se sabhi ki feelings bhi badal jaayengi...??  HOUSE yaa HOME important nahin hota RAHUL...agar kuchh important hoti hai...toh woh hai FAMILY...Uske saath bitaye gaye pal...U are lucky...Tumhaare paas woh Family hai...woh Family members hain...jinhen tum apna keh sakte ho...unke saath apne har ehsaas share kar sakte ho...Aap sab Lucky ho...kyunki aap jahaan bhi rahoge...usse apna New Sweet Home bana sakte ho...Wahaan ki nayi Yaadoon se khud ko jod sakte ho...par kuchh log aise bhi hote hain...jinki kismat mein 'HOME' nahin hota...woh kahin bhi rahein...unke liye woh ghar 'HOUSE' hi rehta hai...(said in very low tone)
GUNJAN could feel the emptiness in his voice. She was impressed by his views on family and their importance. Whatever he had said about family and home, he was absolutely Right. MONISH had tears in his eyes... these were real though. Quickly, he wiped them and looking at Prof NANDA,he said in his polite tone... " Yeh car aur yeh Flat aapke hain... Jab tak aap NIXON ke 'Vice Principal' hain...Yeh aapka RIGHT hai...koi kiya gaya FAVOR nahin...Please,isse wrong mat samajhiye...Main aapke self-respect ki bahot izzat karta hoon...iss liye usse hurt karne ki soch bhi nahin sakta..."
Prof.NANDA was touched... this young lad was so transparent... no over the top drama... no lies... he was a person with a clean heart. Considering his age, he was matured too. These qualities had impressed Prof NANDA . But now the topic needed to be changed. He spoke softly... "Arre ! Hum bhi kya yeh sab serious baatein karne lage...Ok...Hum iss matter par zaroor sochenge...par abhi nahin...Abhi toh kuchh aur baatein karte hain... (looked at SHARDA Jii) Arre ! Aap ab tak yahin hain...? Dinner ki preperation nahin karni...?? Aaj Yeh bhi hamare saath hi dinner karenge...
M - Oh ! Nahin Uncle...Actually,Mujhe ab chalna chahiye...All ready kaafi der ho gayi hai...
Mrs.N - Nahin...Koi der-wer nahin ho rahi...Yeh sahi keh rahe hain...Sirf,Dinner hi toh karna hai...Kyun...tum,raat mein Dinner nahin karte kya...? Toh,Tum aaj ka Dinner bhi hamare saath hi karoge... (said in very possessive and ordering tone) Main bas abhi gayi aur sirf thodi der...
G - (cuts) Aunty Please ! Aap baithiye...Aaj ka Dinner main bana deti hoon...
Prof.N - Haan..! Yeh thik rahega...waise bhi GUNJAN ke banaye hue sabhi dishes Special hi hote hain...and waise bhi,Tum par inka bahot bada ehsaan hai...
M - (said in embarrassing tone) Uncle Aap yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe hain...? Woh koi ehsaan nahin tha...Woh toh... (paused) ... what was it?? He himself did not know.)
Prof.N - Woh jo bhi tha...par GUNJAN ko uske liye THANX toh kehna hoga naa...Toh samajh lo aaj ka Dinner...GUNJAN ki taraf se tumhen THANX...aur,phir agar GUNJAN ke haathon ki bani 'Badaam ki Kheer' nahin khaayi toh kya khaayi...Kyun bete... He looked at his princess who smiled back at him. She was feeling shy at the all the appreciation her Uncle was showering on her. MONISH looked at her and smiled too... "Oh agar yeh baat hai toh main Bina Dinner kiye toh ab yahaan se jaaoonga bhi nahin...Kheer mujhe pasand hai par,'Badam ki Kheer' kabhi khaayi nahin...But,I am sure..agar GUNJAN ne banaya toh woh Coffee jitni hi achhi hogi..."

GUNJAN said nothing.She was a bit embarrassed by all the attention she was getting.She smiled back and left to prepare dinner. RAHUL was getting angrier. MONISH's smile and his words both were getting on his nerves now. He spoke in a not so friendly tone...   "Excuse me...Mujhe thoda work hai...aap log baatein karo...Please,Don't mind..."
M - Oh..! Not at all Dude...Please go...Uncle-Aunty hain naa...I am ok... said with smiling face...
RAHUL in his Room 
RAHUL entered his room and almost banged the door shut. He was very angry. Why?? Why did he not like MONISH?? This was the first time he had met him, but MONISH had failed to impress him. In fact, for some strange reason, he detested him from the moment he saw MONISH.  (( I can't tolerate him,more... in my house...Pata nahin,Yeh sab ko ho kya gaya hai...? kyun isse itni importance de rahe hain...? College ka Trustee hai toh College mein jaaye...Yahaan kya kar raha hai...? Chala aaya Postmen ki tarah 'Promotion Letter' le kar... College mein nahin de sakta tha kya...? Aur Dad bhi naa...keh diya re-think karenge...again kya think karna... Woh keys toh Uske face par maarni chahiye aur gate out keh kar direct ghar se bahar... Aur,Yeh Mom-Dad ko ho kya gaya hai...? Usse Dinner par rok liya...aur woh bhi "BHUKHHADD" ki tarah ruk gaya...jaise ki,Dinner ke liye pooche jaane ka hi intezaar kar raha tha... It is so bad ki, meri GUNJAN ko uss...uss...uss... "x*$@#*l#!z^" ke liye Dinner banana padega...woh bhi 'Badam Ki Kheer' jo meri favorite hai...aaj GUNJAN uss ke liye banayegi... Aur,yeh baar-baar GUNJAN ko hi kyun dekh raha tha...?? Maine kaise aaj khud ko roka...yeh main hi jaanta hoon... Par agar iss ne GUNJAN se zyada closeness badhane ki koshish ki...I swear..Main isse itne punch maroonga... phir,kabhi kisi ladki ki taraf aankh uthha kar bhi nahin dekhega...Mujhe HOME-HOUSE par lacture de raha tha...Jaise HOME-HOUSE subject par PHD ki hui ho..."LAFANGA' kahin kaa...)) 

RAHUL was unable to control his anger. He had hated MONISH... but he did not know why... Was it because he hated the way MONISH was behaving with his PINKI?? Was it b'coz, GUNJAN knew MONISH and also respected him as he had helped her that day 2 years ago?? He was very disturbed with this new happening. He flopped down on his bed... his hand on his forehead... his anger refusing to subside...
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      ..Mushkil Bada Yeh PYAR Hai !
[-A Passionate Love Story]

PART-23  (2/2)

  [Siggy courtesy -AASHi(aashizin)].

It was very late, when SAMRAT reached home. DAI Maa was waiting for him. She asked him to change and com e for Dinner. SAMRAT nodded a YES and went upstairs to his room. He looked tired and tensed. Keeping his bag on the table, he removed his coat and kept it on the bed, loosened his tie and lay on the bed. He was lost in his thoughts, when he heard his cell ring .He picked up his cell and saw the callers name... RICHA... he received the call and in a normal tone, spoke...
S - Hello ! RICHA...
R - Hi...Hey,Kahaan ho tum...? Aur,Kitni der lagegi...zyada waqt nahin hai...
SAMRAT sat on the bed immedietely...and asked curiously..."Means...? Main samjha nahin..what R U talking about...??
R - SAMRAT !! Don't say ki,tum bhool gaye ho...? I'll not forgive you for this...
S - RICHA...! Please,jo kehna hai clear kaho...I M really feeling so tired this time.
R - SAMRAT main Air-Port se baat kar rahi hoon...Tumhen kaha toh tha ki,aaj PARIS ja rahi hoon...Mujhe laga tum mujhe milne aaoge...Maine Text bhi send kiya tha...
S - Oh...Sorry,Actually...Itna busy tha ki,Text check hi nahin kiya...Really Sorry...!
R - (anger tone) SAM ! This is not U know...mujhe toh kabhi-kabhi lagta hai ki,Tum mujh se Pyaar hi nahin karte...
S - RICHA...! Please,try to understand..tum jaanti ho hamare field mein kitna competition hai No.1 bane rehne ke liye hamein kaafi kuchh sacrifice karna hota hai...Apni personal feelings bhi... (said in little low tone)
R - I know SAM...but,hamari apni ek personal life bhi toh hai...Anyway,Tumse kehne ka koi benefit nahin...Its Ok... (said in very sad tone)
S - RICHA...! Don't be  sad...Ok..Promise karta hoon...Jab tum aaogi...Tumhen pick karne Air-port aaoonga...
R - (Happily) Oh...GR8 !! Phir thik hai...Chalo maaf kiya...waise I know...miss toh tum mujhe karoge...aur jahaan tak baat hamari marriage ki hai...Tumhen mujh se zyada uska intezaar hoga...anyway...Please,apne liye some Groom Dresses design kara lena...Next month hi shaadi hai...Tum itne busy rehte ho ki,phir tumhen Time nahin milega...aur waise bhi...Last moment mein 'PERFECT' cheezain nahin milti..... aur main tumhaari wajah se apne Marriage Video aur Album destroy karna nahin it ok...?
S - Ok...Tum jaao...Main kal hi kisi designer ko approach karta hoon...
R - Yaa...Its fine...Now,I am going...Bye...and yaa... (after pause) I Love U SAM...
S - Ok...Bye...He quickly disconnected the call. He would not be able to say those words to her... he did not believe in those words... they meant nothing to him... those emotions had zero value for him.
But, that did not stop him from thinking... was he missing something?? Why was he even thinking about this?? But the fact remained that... ((Kitni excited hai woh...par,main...? Main kyun kisi tarah ki excitement feel nahin kar raha...Hamari shaadi hone waali hai...aur main..? ))  NO... He had to focus... luckily for him, his cell buzzed again. It was Mr .SHARMA... he received the call and said in his normal strict tone... 
S - Kahiye SHARMAA jii...main aapki hi call ka wait kar raha tha...Kya kaha 'unhone'...?
Mr.S - Sir meri unse baat hui...maine indirectly, Mr.SHERGILL ko uss Take-Over se related unki opinion poochi but,woh iss mein interested nahin...Unhone kaha ki,Hamara business all ready kaafi bada hai...1 new International co. ko take-over karna...its not safe game...toh...
S - I knew it...Yehi problem hai unke generation mein...thode se hi mein satisfied ho jaate hain...Ambitions naam ki cheez hi nahin life mein...But,no problem...maine kuchh pehle se hi socha hua hai...
Mr.S - Sir...! but,as per rumors ,Mr.MONISH KHURANA bhi uss Take-Over mein interested hain...aur,suna hai unhone toh un-officially some meetings bhi start kar di hain.
S - (little-bit anger after hearing MONISH name) ...Woh kabhi uss Company ko take Over nahin kar sakta...Kyunki,Usse SAMRAT ne pasand kiya hai...aur SAMRAT jise chahe...woh usse naa mile...Yeh kabhi nahin ho sakta... (said angrily) Aap BOD meeting call kijiye..Main yeh Project ka approval wahin se pass kara loonga...

Mr.S - No Sir..! Hum aisa nahin kar sakte...Kyunki,50% share Mr.SHERGILL aur Mrs.SHERGILL ke paas hai..woh donon aap ko kabhi support nahin karenge...aisi situation mein BOD bhi kuchh nahin kar sakte...jab tak at least hamare paas 51% share naa ho...
S - Ok...Koi baat nahin...Aap Yeh BOD meeting...after 'marriage'...I mean,after 26th call kijiye...Uss ke baad hamein kisi aur ke approval ki zaroorat nahin hogi... (smiled evilly)
Mr.S - Ji..Sir ! Main samajh gaya...
S - Aur haan...aap bhi un-officially work start kar dijiye...rahi baat Unke Balance Sheet ke figure ko re-check karne ki...Main GUNJAN se keh doonga...I think,woh yeh work perfection ke saath karegi...waise bhi hum iss work ke liye sabhi par trust nahin kar sakte...
Mr.S - Jii Sir...Main kal se work start karta hoon...
SAMRAT disconnected the call. His thoughts were now dominated by the Business Deal... this was not new... he was a thorough businessman. He had forgotten how to live a normal life a long time ago... Life was only about Business Deals and shares now... (( SAMRAT kabhi kisi se nahin haar sakta...uss MONISH se toh bilkul bhi nahin...sirf 1 month ki baat hai...RICHA se marriage karte hi Mujhe SHERGILL GROUP of Co. ki 55% partnership ke saath kuchh extra Rights bhi mil jaayenge... phir,kaun rokega mujhe uss Company ko take over karne se...? I love the challenges...Kaafi dinon baad koi mila hai..jisne SAMRAT SHERGILL ko challenge kiya hai...Mr.MONISH KHURANA...tum mujh se kabhi nahin jeet sakte...kabhi nahin...Kyunki,mere paas mera trump card hai...RICHA...jise main lose nahin kar sakta.. ))
He got up from the bed and walked towards his desk. He opened the drawer as he wanted to check some Documents... but, the first file he saw had the name... GUNJAN BHUSHAN. Something prompted him to pick up the file. Gently, he moved his hands over the file, his thumb caressing her name. He visualized her angelic face... those pretty gleaming eyes... that simple elegant look on her face... and those lips that sported the most beautiful smile. He remembered the incident in the Record Room... her soft smooth and silky touch... and  he remembered...

  [Siggy courtesy -AASHi(aashizin)]
(( GUNJAN... !! Aaj maine usse call nahin kiya...I think,mujhe usse call karna chahiye... aur...aur,New Take-Over se related work discuss karna chahiye... And very enthusiastically, he dialed GUNJAN's number. But then suddenly, as he heard the phone on the otherside ring, he disconnected the call... Yeh main kya kar raha tha...Kyun kar raha tha main usse call...Who is she...? Yeh Official matter hai,Jab Office aayegi...saare kaam samjha doonga... Kya main sirf yeh work ki details ke liye usse call karna chahta tha...Nahin...sirf yeh baat nahin thi...mujhe uss se baat karni thi...uss ki awaaz sunn ni thi... par...This is not right thing...Aaj Record-Room mein jo hua...woh...?? Woh sahi nahin tha... Mujhe Uss se door rehna hoga... Uss mein kuchh toh aisa hai jo,mere liye Right nahin hai...Main jo bhi feel karta hoon uske liye... woh feeling mujhe weak kar degi... Yeh feeling...mere dream ko kabhi pura nahin hone degi... Woh kabhi meri manzeel nahin ban sakti...Never... Mujhe bahot aage jaana hai... sabse aage... GUNJAN uss raaste mein kahin nahin hai... Jis par mujhe chalna hai... Jis par chal kar mujhe apna maksad pura karna hai... Uss aasmaan ko chhuna hai...Jise choona sab ke liye 1 sapna hota hai...
He looked at her pic... her face looked so pretty with that smile playing on her lips. With a heavy heart, he closed her file... Your chapter is closed Miss GUNJAN BHUSHAN... and tears came from his eyes...(??) Main jaanta hoon...shayad,mujhe thodi takleef hogi...aur,shayad tumhen bhi...par,I M sorry GUNJAN...Mujhe tumhen... meri Company se... mere Office se...Iss Post se nikalna hi hoga... Hamare raaste alag hain... aur hamari manzeel bhi... toh achha hoga... hum ek dusre se door rahen... Ab mujhe intezaar hoga...tumhari 1 galti ka... sirf tumhaari 1 galti...aur phir mujhe tum se hamesha-hamesha ke liye chutkaara mil jaayega...Mujhe ab kisi bhi tarah tumhen mujh se door karna hai...))

SAMRAT knew only too well that this was going to be very difficult. For some strange reason, this was going to hurt him... but it was inevitable.His ambitions, his dreams, his Future was very Important for him... more than his feelings. He knew he had taken the Right Decision.



MONISH was chatting with the NANDA's. Mr. and Mrs. NANDA were very impressed with him. In spite of belonging to a completely different Status, he had gelled so perfectly well with them. A soft sweet voice interrupted their conversation. GUNJAN was asking them to come to the table as dinner was ready to be served. Prof.NANDA asked MONISH to take a seat at the Dinning table. SHARDA Jii had gone to call RAHUL from his room. As she entered his room, she was surprised to see that he had not switched on the lights. She fumbled for the switch and switched on the lights. RAHUL was lying on the bed, his hand over his forehead. SHARDA Jii was worried. Was her son unwell?? She walked up to the bed and gently moved his hand from his forehead. RAHUL opened his eyes as he felt his mother's touch. He sat up... he was trying to hide his anger.. but SHARDA Jii did not notice his anger. She was just worried for her son.

RM - RAHUL...!! Kya hua tumhen...? Tumhari tabiyat theek toh hai naa...?

R - Haan Mom ! bas...thoda sa headache hai...Don't worry thik ho jaayega...

RM - Koi medicine lii...? Crocin doon tumhen??

R - Nahin... ab thoda theek lag raha hai.GUNJAN se kahoonga woh Balm laga degi...

RM - Yaa...uss se aaram milega...waise,Dinner ready hai Chalo...sabhi tumhaara hi wait kar rahe hain...may b,after dinner thoda better feel karo... Toh chalien ??
R - Mom...Aap jaaiye...mujhe bhookh nahin hai...main aaram karna chahta hoon... 
RM - Bete,Yeh sahi nahin hai...Koi Guest aaya hai..aur tum aise...? GUNJAN ne dinner banaya hai...Usse kitna bura lagega...woh bhi Dinner nahin karegi...agar tum nahin gaye toh...iss liye keh rahi hoon...chalo thoda toh kha lo...

RAHUL nodded and both mother and son left the room to join the other three at the Dinner Table. MONISH was seated next to Prof.NANDA. GUNJAN was busy serving food. RAHUL quickly took the other seat next to MONISH. SHARDA Jii took her seat and asked GUNJAN to sit. She would serve the food. GUNJAN sat opposite RAHUL. It was then that she saw that RAHUL looked upset. He had a frown on his forehead. As RAHUL looked at GUNJAN, his anger vanished. For GUNJAN had flashed her famous smile at him... her eyes twinkling. RAHUL felt his anger disappear... what was the worry?? GUNJAN was his...she had always been his. Then why was he feeling so insecure with MONISH's presence?? He smiled back at her and started to enjoy the delicious dinner prepared by his PINKI.

R - Huummm...yeh kheer toh yummy hai...

RD - Honi hi thi,aakhir meri princess ne joh banayi hai.

And Prof.NANDA looked lovingly at GUNJAN. This did not go unnoticed by MONISH. He knew, he had Hit the right cord...there was no doubt about that. Once Prof.NANDA was impressed by his behaviour, GUNJAN would be his.

RAHUL looked at his father. He was so proud of GUNJAN. Then...

R - Pata hai Dad, Aap ki Princess!! Waise, yaad hai,Jab GUNJAN ne hamare liye pehli baar coffee banai thi...?? Jab Mom Mama Jii ka ghar gayi hui thin...aur aapko Coffee chahiye thi...?? (smiled softly)
G - RAHUL ... woh bahot purani baat hai...aur...aur... main uss waqt kahaan jaanti thi coffee kaise banate hain...?? (feeling shy)

R - Par kya superb coffee banayi thi...

RD - Ok RAHUL... that may have been a mistake, but, GUNJAN bahot jaldi learn karti hai, kyun SHARDA Jii??

He said looking at his wife, who had been silent all this while.

RM - Yeh baat toh hai, GUNJAN ne sab kuch itni acchi tarah se seekha hai ki...

R - Mom, aap ko meri side leni hai... har koi GUNJAN ki side nahin le sakta naa ? Aur waise bhi,Dad ne kabhi aap ke haath ke khaane ki taareef nahin ki... jabki aap bhi toh..

RD - RAHUL... kyun?? KYUN beta?? kis baat ki dushmani nikaal raha hai ?? Marwana hai mujhe?? Main karta toh hoon tumhari Mom ki bhi tareef... kyun SHARDA Jii??

R - Haan,lekin Utni nahin jitni GUNJAN ki... hain na Mom??

He winked as he looked at his Mom. Mother son had become one.

RM - Mujhe bhi kuchh yaad nahin...waise, last time kab ki thi aapne mere haath se bane khaane ki taarif..??

GUNJAN was giggling all along. She knew Uncle was in trouble. This time she could not help him out.

RD - Arre... woh nahin...ussi din toh...aapne jab woh Gulab Jaamun banaye the...GUNJAN,batao naa Tum bhi toh thi naa... He looked at GUNJAN with pleading eyes. But she was helpless.  She felt sorry for her uncle and decided to change the topic... she looked at MONISH... 

G - Aap Kuchh le nahin rahe...thodi kheer aur lenge?? (asked in very soft and seet tone)

RAHUL's smile vanished the moment he heard GUNJAN say this. He quietly continued eating.

RD - Haan... GUNJAN,Iss mein poochne jaisa kya hai... MONISH ko aur kheer serve karo aur RAHUL ko bhi...

He said looking at RAHUL, glad that the topic had ended there itself. RAHUL smiled fakely.

MONISH had been listening to the talk... the teasing and laughing at Dinner Table. This was new to him. He had never experienced such family time before. Never did he remember his family ever sitting together for a cup of tea, leave alone meals. He realised he had missed out a lot. But once GUNJAN became Mrs.MONISH KHURANA, this kind of pure family time would be a regular affair at his HOME... yes...his house would then be his HOME... their HOME. With GUNJAN around him, his life would be filled with happiness.

M - Haan...Kheer bahot hi tasty bani hai...Tum khana bahot accha bana leti ho... 

G - Thanks. Aunty se hi seekha hai aur yeh kheer toh ...

M - Bahot hi zyada tasty hai. Aaj aur Ab se yeh meri favorite sweet dish hai.

RAHUL coughed... and picked up the jug filled with water. GUNJAN moved forward to take it from his hand and pour the water for him, but he stopped her. GUNJAN was surprised. Why was RAHUL upset?? She however hid her disappointment behind her smile.
Prof.NANDA wanted to know more about MONISH. Though he knew about MONISH's grandfather, he knew nothing about his parents. He asked MONISH...
RD - Arre ! Bete...main toh tumse tumhaari Family ke baare mein poochna hi bhool gaya...Kitne members hain tumhaari Family mein...??
MONISH almost fell off his seat when he heard that question. It was his turn to cough now. GUNJAN quickly forwarded a glass of water which was accepted gratefully by MONISH. Giving her his killer smile, he thanked her. RAHUL got all the more jealous seeing this.
M - Thanks...
G - Kya hua...Kya zyada teekha tha...?  She asked with little worried n caring tone. MONISH was enjoying the attention showered by GUNJAN. She was so caring... so nice... softly, he spoke...
M - No...bas waise hi... (looked at Prof.NANDA) Ji...Hamari Family mein sirf 3 members hi hain...Main...Mom...aur...Dad...
RD - Oh ! Main unse kabhi mila toh nahin...par,tumhen dekh kar...tumhaare manners..tumhaare Sanskaaroon ko dekh kar mehsoos hota hai...Woh kaafi achhe insaan honge... (said innocently)
MONISH said nothing... just smiled faintly. He had no intentions of letting the NANDA's know about his family... all his work till now would go down the drain. So, to change the topic, he asked GUNJAN... "Tum kahin Job karti ho naa...?"
G - (said excitedly) Jii...SHERGILL's a SAMRAT SHERGILL's P.A.
M - (Feigning ignorance)Oh...Really...?? Par maine kabhi tumhen wahaan nahin dekha...?
R - (In full of irritatting tone) Woh wahaan kaam karti hai..Modeling nahin karti jo har koi usse dekhe...
M - (little embarrassed) Oh..! mera woh matlab nahin tha...Actually,SHERGILL's ke saath hamari Company 1 Joint Project kar rahi hai...toh uss ke liye wahaan jata rehta hoon...toh...
G - Oh...! kahin aap KHURANA's se toh associated nahin...
M - Yes...Woh meri hi Company hai... (with smiling face)
G - Oh...! Woh...Actually,Main uss Project ko handle nahin kar rahi toh...
R - GUNJAN kya tumhen nahin lagta humein yeh Official convo. Office tak hi rakhni chahiye... (said in little-bit harsh tone)
G - oh..Yaa...Sorry ! (said in very soft voice)
MONISH was mighty upset with this frequent interruption from RAHUL. Why was he answering for GUNJAN?? He was not even being spoken to... I need to find out more about this RAHUL.  Rest of the dinner ended in some casual talk between Prof.NANDA and MONISH.
Dinner over, and MONISH took their leave, thanking the NANDA's for their hospitality. He was happy... his plan was going perfectly well.

After clearing the Dishes and cleaning the kitchen, GUNJAN went to say Good Night to RAHUL. RAHUL was standing in the Balcony. looking out into the darkness. GUNJAN walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder, gently bringing him back to the present. RAHUL turned around to look at her.
G - Kya hua RAHUL...? Tum kuchh upset ho... (asked with very soft and caring tone)
R - Kuchh nahi PiNKi...bas waise hi...woh thoda headache tha...toh...
G - Nahin...Yeh sach nahin hai...Tumhen koi cheez pareshaan kar rahi hai...Kya hua RAHUL...? MONISH ka aana tumhen achha nahin laga...?
R - (said in normal tone) MONISH...!! (after a pause) Tumne bataya nahin...Tumhaari help The Great MONISH KHURANA ne ki thi...The millionaire MONISH KHURANA...
G - (in teasing tone) Oh..! Woh...! Actually,mujhe pata nahin tha,woh 'The' MONISH KHURANA hain...warna...Uff kitni Filmi situation thi...1 bechaari ladki...DELHI mein gum ho gayi aur phir...1 Raajkumaar...aa kar uski help karta hai aur...phir 1 nayi...Love st...
R - (Cuts and shouted loudly) GUNJAN !! Stop it...
GUNJAN was startled when she heard RAHUL speak in that tone. She was just joking... why was RAHUL behaving so weirdly since  meeting MONISH?? She came closer to him and in her sweet, soft voice, she said... "Sorry ! main toh sirf mazaak kar rahi thi...mujhe..."
R - (cuts and said angrily) Mujhe aise mazak pasand nahin...Haan Mujhe nahin pasand ki,woh yahaan aaya..aur apne paaisoon ka exibition laga kar chala gaya...I hate him...aur agar tum sab ko woh itna pasand aaya..toh,jaao..jaakar raho uske diye hue ghar mein aur ghumo uski Car mein...(and turned to opposite side)
GUNJAN Held RAHUL by his shoulder and turned him around to face her. She could see anger in his eyes. Somewhere she was responsible for that anger. She asked him... "Tumhen aisa lagta hai ki,Woh cheezain hamare liye maayne rakhti hain...??" RAHUL said nothing...GUNJAN said again..." RAHUL...tumne jo kaha...woh bilkul sahi tha...par...MONISH bhi wrong nahin the...Woh facilities...Uncle ka haq hain...kisi ka ehsaan nahin... Tumhen Yaad hai...jab Hum Class mein top karte the...Mam hamein Chockolates ke packets deti thin...Woh hamara Prize hota tha RAHUL..kisi ka favor nahin...Toh aaj agar wohi Prize UNCLE ko mila hai toh tum usse...Kisi ka ehsaan yaa favor kyun samajh rahe ho...??" (asked in very soft tone)
R - (looked at GUNJAN and said in serious tone) Kyunki,Main tumhaari tarah Intelligent nahin hoon naa... I think,Tumhen ab sab kuchh kaafi achhi tarah se samajh mein aane laga hai...,Kaafi samajhdaar ho gayi ho tum...,1 main hi hoon...jise kuchh samajh nahin kuchh samajhna nahin chahta...par, main kya karoon...?? main aisa hi hoon...Main khud ko badal nahin sakta...shayad issi liye aaj yahaan akela khada hoon...Tum sab jitna samajhdaar jo nahin...  
 He turned around again to look into the darkness again... his eyes were brimming with tears ... but before they could leave his eyes he moved his fingers over his eyelids, ensuring thus that the tears did not flow freely. GUNJAN felt hurt... in his voice... his eyes had told her the same thing before he turned away. Tears had welled up in her eyes too... she hugged him tightly and said in her soft voice...
G - Tum akele nahin ho RAHUL...Aur,naa hi tum wrong ho...Tum nahin chahte...toh,koi bhi uss ghar mein nahin jaayega...kabhi nahin jaayega...Hum yahin rahenge...Hamesha...hamein kisi naye ghar ki zaroorat nahin..hum saath hain...aur khush hain...aur iss se zyada hamein kuchh nahin chahiye... agar,Uncle-Aunty mujhse poochenge...toh bhi main mana kar doonngi...Mujhe sirf yahin rehna hai...Kahin nahin jaana mujhe... 
And she was sobbing... her face in her palms which were resting on RAHUL's chest as he had hugged her. Now, he could not stop his tears too. After some time, RAHUL broke the hug and moving her hands from her face, gently wiped her tears. He knew he would have to cheer up GUNJAN, else she would not stop crying...
R - Arre...! Iss mein itna rone ki kya zaroorat hai...? Nahin jaana toh Nahin jaayenge... simple... par,iss tarah mera Night suit toh kharab mat karo...aadha to bheeg chuka hai...Surf daal diya hota toh wash bhi ho jaata...waise bhi paani ki kitni problem hai MUMBAI mein...nahin...? (he chuckled)

   [Siggy made by - Nice Angel_Sana].

GUNJAN could not help but, smile softly. RAHUL always did this to her...first make her cry and then say something wacky enough to make her smile. She moved her palms over her tear stained face, and softly hit his chest. RAHUL felt better...PINKI had smiled. Both stood talking for quite some time, talking about the shopping they would do, about anything and everything but the evening and the Dinner. Both felt a lot better. GUNJAN yawned, making RAHUL realise, that GUNJAN was now tired. A hectic day at work and then preparing dinner for that jerk called MONISH, had been too much for her. He asked her to get some sleep as tomorrow would be busy, the Report needed to be ready. GUNJAN  could not argue, she was dead tired. Wishing RAHUL 'GOOD NIGHT', GUNJAN went to her room as RAHUL also lay down on his bed.The Night crept along at its own pace...

Finally...This was the end of a day...Saturday...Aaj sab kuchh Right tha... Sabhi ko apni-apni Manzil pata thi...Apne Dream pata the...sabhi apne Dream ko pura hote hue dekhna chahte the...

Except GUNJAN...b'coz, her Dream was very small...Only, Happiness of Her Family... Aur,kuchh nahin... Aur aaj GUNJAN ki family khush thi..Her Uncle-Aunty..and most important... RAHUL...!!  so,No Complain,No demand from her life...

But,She didn't know...She is the part of Other Persons Dreams too...Woh Dream... Jo shayad uske liye 1 'Night Mare' se bhi zyada ban ne waale the...1 Incident...Jo uski personality change karne waala tha...Forever...

                                            [To Be Continued...]

                   -:  Please ! Down the Cursor : -

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SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Hi Guyz,
                Pheeww !! Finally,Part-23 completed.Embarrassed Sorry friendz...If U getting bored or Disappointed with this very Long Update...EmbarrassedBut,V have some reasons for this 'Long Part'Smile ,Just like...-

[A] Our last Update is short...(as per readers ClaimEmbarrassed)

[B] Story and scene Demand...V couldn't post this 2  different Updates. Its only,for continuity.Embarrassed

[C] This is Our 'Last Update' on this Thread. (so,Kuchh toh Special hona chahiye naa...Wink)

[D] Due to some Personal Reasons...V can't update This FF for next 10-15 days.So,This long Update is enough for compensate our absence...Embarrassed
We take this opportunity in thanking all our Readers for the all fabulous and awesome support and encouragement they gave us, making it possible for us to write this amazing FF set to very high standards by JOSEPH. We will be completing this Thread with this Update.

From next update onwards, the story starts taking It's major Twist. The most awaited 'First look Scene'(On,P-6)... on the New Thread. This is another Major challenge for us. We want to be 'Perfect' with that sequence. So we would like to inform our readers of a short break... not much... just a tiny little break... of 10-15 days...Embarrassed till we post the Next Update. Please bear with us, Readers. We promise to be back with an Awesome Update. (long tooLOL..Ho saka toh iss se zyada Boring...LOL)

And,A very-very special word of thanks for our dearest friend AASHi... for the awesome siggies that she has made for this FF.
@AASHi-V know AASHi...U R too much busy with your new Responsibilities and Personal, this Creation by you is more Valuable for us...THANK YOU AASHI, FOR THE ALL LOVELY n BEAUTIFUL SIGGIES.Smile Enjoy your VacationsSmile.
Thank you Guyz... for understanding us and being with us.and Thanx for your Wonderful support for this story and this Concept...We will be back with a new Update on the 'New Thread'.
Till then...
Bye and Take Care...
3 IDIOTSEmbarrassed S3.

**PART- 24 n 25 :: 'The BLACK MONDAY'

[Font Courtesy-JosephSmile]

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Sorry for the extremely late editEmbarrassed 

Awesome part as usual. First meeting of Monish and Gunjan as well as the instant disliking of each other, the two boys, Monish and Rahul.  
Its cute how Monish is happy when Gunjan even looks at him and when she talks, he's on cloud nine. But Rahul on the other side falls from his cloud nine and of course vice versa as well.

It found it a little funny that Gunjan couldn't recognize Monish at first, because of thier long and short meeting, but Monish is in love with her.

Samrat...Boy he must be seriously confused with these feelings that he's deciding to fire Gunjan, AFTER making her sign that contract where she can not quit. 

On the reply of my other comment you asked me who would I pick out of the three? My answer: No idea. They all have good qualities and bad qualities. Maybe I'll be able to pick later on in the story when the different faces of the three are shown. I'll remember this question and answer it one day (: Embarrassed

The last bit was written perfectly and very effective as well. (:



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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged

first of all a really big SORRY for replying so late..Embarrassed
i seriously forgot tht i have ressed here also..LOLWink
a brilliant updt was really wonderful...loved it to the core..
you guys are handling it soo well...

Continue soon and thnks for the pm and tolerating my resses..EmbarrassedLOL



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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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I am extremely sorry for the last edit!Embarrassed But I completely forgot and when you had sent I reminder I was extremely busy!Ouch So, now coming back to the part I really really loved the way you showed everthing!ClapClap Every single emotion, character was shown flawlessly!Clap I love it..

It was really nice the way Rahul-Monish had the sudden dislike for each other and the Car thing!LOL
I don't really remember what all happened as it was I guess last month!Tongue Anyways, all in all an awesome update!Big smile Thanks a ton for the PMs and ReminderBig smile and so sorry for the delay!Embarrassed

Well Congratulations on your new thread! It looks amazing and the updates are superbly executed.

Best Wishes and Love, NivritiHeart

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