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-|Operation MiCook//Happy B-Day M|-

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged

O p e r a t i o n  M i C o o k

Now you're probably wondering, what is Operation MiCook? Well you see, it's someone's b-day [duhLOL] and this person is so cool that instead of just making a post, we made the whole thing an operation.
That's right a lot of hi-tech stuff was used. What exactly, I have no idea but that's not importantROFL
It all started s i x t e e n years ago, on the 7th of February, 2011-16. It was snowing, kids were playing, birds were chirping [somewhere down south cuz it's too cold in the north at this time of year] and then BAM! SHE was born.
Years later, never did her parents think that their daughter would get addicted to the internet and spend countless hours doing god knows what. Nor did they expect their daughter to fall in love with countless men. You see, parents often worry about their daughter's education, health, well being and of course later on finding a damaad. Unfortunately for them, their daughter has solved that problem. Sort of. Why is this unfortunate? Because according to her, she has 3923728429479237299284274723492 men. How she manages is beyond us. Chances are if you love a certain actor, she's already claimed him as hers. At this rate half the male population belongs to her.
That's right I'm talking about none other then my Cookie, Mimi to you guys and mimi0295 to othersBig smile

If you're still wondering how the name for this operation was chosen, Mimi Cookie. Cool no?Cool
But enough of that. Why should I tell you about her when you can hear her talk about herself? Here's a [spoof] interview of the b-day girl:
[NOTE: Mimi was determined to marry a guy who had her IF Mom, Asma's name. This is how she dreamt of Akshay's Shahid - Mimi's Affair (aka ASMA) and went on a search for her betterhalf ASMA]

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Angel-Jot.thousandmilesAdditi_sjfanDesiGirl_Anhdara13curledupgk_09spln_Manpreet_aish_punkPerfangel5655lilindiangurl13Angelic_Aviniva sharmashininggal2008SunShine_A..-Jia-..xxMATSxxmimi0295nikita_88music_l0ver036indiandoll89HeavenlyBliss.sanober.

rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 06 February 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

Once there was a girl with many husbands. But one day, two men thought enough was enough and declared jung! The prize? Their beloved Mimi of course!

The two men who took this challenge were none other then A k k i and Amarjeet Chadda. Who won this battle? Well lets have a look shall we?
However, the only problem here was that poor Amarjeet was married to Corolla. Key word: was. That's right. His love for Cookie was so great that he did everything in his power to be with her including this:
With that out of the way, nothing stood in the way of marrying Cookie. His biggest rival Akki had been defeated and he was no longer married to Corolla. Not wanting to wait any longer, he kidnapped Meera [indiandoll89] and Gurprit [gk_09] and I [-Ravjot-] just wanted to join in on the fun so I tagged along. He then got on his knees and proposed to his beloved Mimi.
And they lived happily ever afterBig smile

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 06 February 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged

Happy Birthday M I M I ! 
O-M-G. Shocked Its your b i r t h d a y ... you budhi! Don't worry I still love you. *ahem* you know what i mean Wink *looks around for Ravz...and the other members of our family tree that-makes-no-sense-whatsoever* Anyways Im going to keep it short and sweet. May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness. Live it up today Mimzzzziee! Catch Pretty Little Liars today Big smile .... then there's Criminal Minds (Reid & Morgan Day Dreaming), The Vampire Diaries and oh oh Degrasssii! Big smile Eclaire Blushing Well .. I kinda made you something:

Hope you like it Embarrassed cuz honestly I cant stop staring at the people in it
Day Dreaming  Nonetheless, have an awesome day!

Love you loads.
- Your secret admirer! Heart



Happy 16th Birthday Mimi!

Eeks! it's your sweet 16! Shocked That must feel so exciting na!?  (It didn't to me LOL but that's besides the point right now Big smile) Can you believe I've known you for at least a year now? Shocked I know it's such an honor for you isn't it? Nahhh it's an honor for me *preens* We met as relatives and slowly but surely it brought us this amazing friendship. I know you're one of my friends who will never judge me whenever I need to let out what I'm feeling and just the fact that you're there to listen to me is enough for me. I hope you know that I'm always literally one message away whenever you need me because I always want to be there for you. This past year has been really tough on me and you've talked me through it without even knowing it and I just hope that whenever you talked to me about whatever was bothering you I was able to at least help or make you feel a bit better about it.

Anyways enough emotional talks yes? I think so. You're insanely in love with Darren Criss and some more Glee/Degrassi/something else people that I've seen but don't vid or write about (which I'm terribly sorry about) But I have something in progress for you which I'll try to finish sometime soon; probably end of this week. Also'I want to vid you something so you can pick whatever you'd like and I'll check if I have the right clips to make you something special just for you! Big smile *hugs*

I love you Mimi and I hope this year brings you tons of joy, happiness and good health always.





Dear Mimz HugHugHug

Happy Birthday Jaanu!!!
Thanks to the Spoof Interview and Mr & Mrs. Ravjot GK_09, I got the opportunity to get to know you so well (NOT) ROFL.  Please ask Mr & Mrs. Ravjot GK about how you became Mrs. Asma ROFL ROFL.  Well, I really hope your 1+ billion husbands don't mind naa Embarrassed ROFL ROFL ROFL. It was great getting to know you through the family tree maker (aka Ravz ROFL), and most importantly its great fun seeing you on MSN with super cool emoticons Cool.  Well on your Birthday, may all your dreams come true, including another billion odd husbands ROFL ROFL [=)], and most importantly may all your new year resolutions come true Embarrassed ROFL
Jokes apart, wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.  May you succeed in all your future endeavors hun HugHug.  May you rock (even better than Akki's Pelvic Thrusts ROFL ROFL)
With Love,
MP/ Radha
P.S. You gift on behalf of Mango, Melz and myself is coming soon ROFL.

MIMI!!! Aka SQUID!!! Aka Dr. Squid Blushing

*Clears throat*

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Mimi

Happy Birthday to you!! Party

Happy Birthday many many many happy returns of the day! PartyMay this year bring tons of happiness for you. And may this birthday be full of surprises! 

Gosh!! I think we met through CC the first time no? crazy times!! We had tons of fun in the section. It was amazing to get to know you are work with you!! And then after that I got to know you even better through MSN. I think it was a wise decision to make msn LOL and get to know you all. 

Well anyways, Happy birthday once again. Enjoy your day. Party hard and don't forget to invite us. LOL

here is a little gift for you made by macaroni 

Mine is better than hers right? ROFLROFL well thats what she thinks.. and I couldn't lie either. ROFL

Anyways!! Happy Birthday once again!!



Happy Birthday Mimi

I'm glad to have found a friend like you. If it weren't for AS section, I wouldn't have known you so thanks to AS and IF. Working with you as a team was fun and i miss the crazy discussions we had in VS. Above all I really miss you mimi


On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

Lots of love
                  and best wishes,



Happppy Birthday Mimi!
It's been a fun couple of years getting to know you :) So glad we got this opportunity to work together. I wish you all the best! May all you wishes and dreams come trueeeee :)
- Swati


Hey Mimi! I don't know you personally however, i do know that you're one of the..umm.senior CC's. 

I'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday and the best in life! Hope you have a great one.

Dear Mimz, (did I say Mimz, I meant Mishma!) I totally adore you to the 100th degree. I hope you have a super amazing birthday! At the moment I am making a epic journey to steal all the yummy chocolates from the world. I might as well kidnap some guys for you :D If I don't come back in a month send a search team after me. On a more serious note, CC wouldn't be CC if you weren't around. Thank you for being this awesome!

Love always
Fanta (sh-tick)


Happy birthday Mimu Darling ;)

It's been so long ! Where the diggery are you :( I miss you *jumps & tackles*  I hope you have an amazing day and that you get to eat lots of chocolate and ok wait i'm forgetting the box of stride gum and Tim horton's ice cap's to drink :p Your a grown up girl now so before I begin my lectures about boys *ahem LOL how's the army of husbands front doing :p? I miss you and your talks so much!  You run a long and have the best time ever on this day ! Don't party too hard Tongue

May you get whatever you set your mind onto WinkBest of luck with studies-Love ya.. Takecare <3


happy bday mimi..wishing ya best of luck in life. enjoy my sweet young sister. Hug
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to youu
Happy Birthday to you<3
Happy Birthday my Degrassi buddy<3PartyDancingHug
Many many happy returns of the day<3
Have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true
May god bless you<3
Though school is keeping us busy and our degrassi convos havent been regular:( Will never forget our Degrassi conversations..about how much we love Eli and amazing the show is..everything!:) And we will for sure have more convos about them..especially after Feb 11th..New Degrassi episodes..the promo's are looking amazing<3
Happy Birthday once again hun<3
 Have a wonderful day<3 And since I know your a HUGE Eli and Clare fan..heres my present to you:

Love you<3


Hey MimiHugHappY BirthdaYParty
May your birthday be filled with excitement, joy, and laughter.On this special day,
I just want to say Happy Birthday.
I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise
Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.
Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday to someone who deserves a truly happy day.

Bday sig for uSmile

Happy Birthday Di! Hug
Hope you have a great one! and a great year ahead! Big smile
Thanks for being such a good friend :) Can you believe it's been 3 years since we first met? [:O]
Love You!

It's been so long.. I miss our MJHT times and BenJan stuff. Oh we used to drool like crazy over that simple scenes! I hope you have a wonderful birthday Mims! and get back to the MJHT forum of us. I wish we could be little crazy again with SaJan and BenJan. 

Made you a small gift. Hope ya like it

Love ya

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday..May you have all you wish for..Really Missing you..I need to catch up wid ya and SP too..Ughh I hate that all of us are separated..Anyway its your special day and May God Shower you with all the blessings You wants..Mwah
A Sig Fo you
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Dearest CP
Before i start I shall wish you a Very Very Happy Birth Day
Im glad that i met you on the MJHT forum, from which ive made great memories <3<3<3
I really admire each and everything about you especially your creativity and motivation for others
I've never told you this but i've always felt so good after talking to you(=
Be my CP forever, and never ever change
Love ya loadz
p.s. PLEASEEE write a FF im so eagerly waiting...hehe

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 06 February 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged


My dear, pyaari Mimi...

ROFL Okay that was weird. Let's try again.

MIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! *pounces* There, that feels more natural. LOL You're SIXTEEN! Can you believe that? My mummy is sixteen! It's supposed to be a special year, but honestly, there's nothing special about turning 16. LOL What makes it more special, though, is the fact that you'll be spending it with all your wonderful friends! Oh, forget it. Screw them. What's special is what's in your PM inbox waiting for you! *wiggles eyebrows* Unfortunately there is no kissing or smut (we will NEVER let you read smut. Even I find it weird reading smut. It's just...*shakes head*) and I for one think the ending is utter crap, but you'll like it anyway because I wrote it and because it's KLAINE! ApproveLOL Anyway, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! I'm jealous of your birthday, you know. LOL And you know why. *wiggles eyebrows*

Feb 5th: World Nutella Day and Darren's birthday
Feb 6th: NEW GLEE EPISODE. And it's the SUPERBOWL episode. *squees* How wonderful was it? Day Dreaming (it's weird writing this now because the episode hasn't aired yet, but yeah...*ahem*)

You have a lovely birthday. Except for the fact that you have a test. That sucks. See, me? My birthday falls in my recess week. Cool Jealous? 'Course. LOL But I'm also jealous of your prettyful birthday present. I think it's pretty so you should too. Here it is!
Ta-dah! Have a Klainetastic day, sweetie! *squishy hugs* Love you! :D

Bhav :D

P.S. I would beg Darren to wish you a happy birthday, and hopefully he will, let's cross our fingers! Even if he doesn't, he's still absolutely perfect. Day DreamingLOL Also, remind me to tell you this quote about what Darren Criss reduces us to. ROFL Happy birthday! :D





erm I really cant think of what to say so imma just keep this shortConfused i miss those old CWTC days...those were fun...then everyone disappeared and it became boringCryand u became lazy tooLOLLOL

But no matter what you will always be my fishy and Brij Handa's wifeSmile I know you hate him but love always starts with hate and you two are just made for each otherEmbarrassed

I love talking to you on MSN and discussing things and having a laugh (even though u ignore me sometimes u batameezAngry) but just know that i still love youHug

Have an amazing birthday with all your friends and family and 175847584758 husbandsLOL Hope all your dreams and wishes come true and may you get everything you deserve in life and always be the cheerful person you are.....InshAllah =)

Love youuuuuuuuuu
your hin finEmbarrassed
Happy Birthday Mimi Hug
Hey mimz, its been ages since we last chatted..miss 'em gd old days :( hows you? wish u a very happy birthday, may ur birthday be filled with happiness, excitement, joy and laughter. I would have made u a sig but idk what ur into now..whats ur latest obsession. :P anyways, hope u enjoy ur special day. (:
- Chandz..x
or Dr. Squid/Cookie, as Amuzzz puts it
Its yooooo Birthdayy
We don't really know each other, and I hope to get to know you!
I'm sure you know figured out why i kept visiting your profile ROFL
By doing my so called stalking i guessed you LOVE miley jab hum tum
If you dont then you have full rights to kill me
I hope you like your gift -->
IF I COULD, i would gift you this real diamond necklace:
OH who am I kidding?
I can't even afford one for myself
Now to be a bit serious, your an AMAZING sweet person Heart
I wish you all the best
Have a great birthday [I almost wrote have a great fear, idk whyy ROFL ]
Now, since for some reason those people who use dialoges seem cool, i'll write one as well LOL
Mimi: Its my birthday. Gimmie the day off
Aman: HA! Stop being a kamchor like Ravjot
*Ravjot i shown sleeping on the couch*
Mimi: But Amaaaaaaaaaaaaan
*Ravjot snores*
*Aman throws a baseball at Ravjot*
Sweetu: Amuzzz, my concert starts in a few hours. Please go call the make-up lady
Aman: At your service Madam
Yes, this dialogue is an epic fail, but who cares ROFL
Hello there my Sexy Client...
Many Many Happy returns of the day.... Its fun being your lawyer.... but i still didnt get my pay which isnt a nice thing you know.... since you didnt give me a pay im expecting a huge piece of cake from the birthday cake.....
Its wonderful to know you Mimi's your just sooo fun and always helpful but sometimes you gets Ravs disease of been lazy LOL I think i got to know you a little more that last year like for example i found out that you too love degrassi which is like the best show....Wink Im glad that i got to be a CC so now i'll get to know you more and im damn sure you'll be one of the best ST boss with your crazyness and all...
Once again a very happy Happy birthday and many you get many many many gift and dont forget my piece of cake or i might just start looking for a new client and then sue youWink
A little gift from me which i know you will love....
Love Shini


H a p p y  B i r t h d a y  M i m z Hug

i hope u had a gr8 dayy sweety!!  m soo srryy forr beingg l8!! Tongue n for datt i wudd likee to givee full credit to!! *looks around* ravzz dee!! ROFLROFL shee was d onee joo latee hui thii!! u know me mimzz m a seedhi saadi bacchi ab apni kya tareef karuu!! ROFL ohh kayy mizzz!! jokes apart!! meetingg u was gr8!! talking to u was alwayzz funn n u undoubtedlyy r one of my fav sisters on IF!! Hug i knoww we first met in sid bhias cc!! n dat reminds me of him!! kaha h voo aakhir?? Shocked he vanishedd!!! mujhse dar k bhaag gayee Evil Smile ROFLROFL oh maan i wz speaking a senti speeech!! ROFL soo i go baqq!! haa to first we met in d cc n den on mjht forum!! i still remember r awards at mansionn!! Day Dreaming kya din the vo b!! i juss miss dose dayzz n dose people!! itss been a longg time baat hi ni hui!! as i leftt d forumm n d cc too!! [:] i keep on sayingg to everyonee dat u vanished u vanishedd1 bt noww i thingg its actually me whu vanish alwayzz!! ROFLROFL maii jadoo parii hu!! Shocked ohhh!! mm juss d bestt!! ROFLROFL ohkayyy enogh of my rubbishh noww!! n m srryy for being l8!! bt as i saidd!! i wudd like to give full creditt to r favouritee ravzz dii!! ROFLROFL bt shezz a sweetheartt anywayy!! Hug ahann herezz sumthingg for u!! Big smile i hopee u like it


 yaa when i saw ur thread i came to know dta der r 2 more people u likee n i dunno der name LOL voo kyaa h naa m kindaa desii!! ROFLROFL  bt like u m a smartt aquariouss!! soo i googledd demm!! Wink i knoww m smartt!!![8)] soo here u go!! Big smile hopee u like dem too!!



n yaa inkoo usee krnaa!! pakka see!! i know m dhamkaingg u bt kya karuu merii chalti kaha h!! ROFLROFL




tomorrow. maybe.LOL

you have been an AWESOME mod, seriously, i loved the CFC and CC section after u joined! you always come up with interesting stuff and make the forum fun.

i see your MIA nowadays, but hopefully you'll be back with a bang. I love your creations <3..they're so professional that i can't dream of making stuff like that..

hope u have a blast!

I know you always wanted this so here you goLOL Don't mind the ugly writingROFL The top part and bottom kind of got cut off but I'm sure you can read itBig smileROFL

And of course your giftsLOL Hope you like em =)
And there's another oneBig smile
^ this took hoursStern Smile LiterallyStern SmileROFL Hope you like em both and happy b-day once againBig smile

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Armu4evaAngel-Jot.sourpussAnhdara13curledupAbhayVakil_1992lilindiangurl13spln_Manpreet_aish_punkAngelic_Aviniva sharmashininggal2008mimi0295nikita_88indiandoll89HeavenlyBliss.sanober.

Angelic_A IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 February 2006
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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 12:28am | IP Logged
@ Ravu- WOW!! Stern Smile you are a genius. You actually worked so hard for this. Stern Smile I am soo proud of you. Cool The post looks just A M A Z I N G!! Stern Smile I am speechless. 

and for that divorce certificate thingy was for this... OHHHHHHHHHHHH!! ROFLROFL I wouldn't have guessed that. ROFLROFL Man I miss Amarjeet.. he was to good!! LOL

@ MP- AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE spoof video!! Love it haha.. and the laugh hehehehe.. and the song.. mast mast. ROFLROFLROFLtoo good. Clap


MIMIIIIIIIII.. aka SQUIDDDDD or should I say Intern squid. Blushing

One year older today huh? how does it feel? LOL 

prepare to write a acceptance speech for this thread. CoolApprove

and and and don't forget to tell ravu how the siggy I requested for you turned out better than the one she made you. ROFL ROFL this is gonna make her day YUP! ROFL

Well any ways!! Happy Birthday!! Hug

-Dr. B.Fly.  can't believe u forgot this...  INTERN SQUID! hmph Angry ROFL

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 12:43am | IP Logged
Reserved.. for siggy

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indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

Joined: 15 January 2006
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Posted: 07 February 2011 at 12:46am | IP Logged
reserved! Big smile

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 13 April 2008
Posts: 19645

Posted: 07 February 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Just for fun I'll reserve tooROFL

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