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FF-REMORSE-~maaneet- THREAD 1 (Page 100)

komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2011 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharmake11

but ur updating today right Embarrassed....not a problem...... enjoy ur V-day with ur BF.......... i hope u guys have fun Big smile

i think u should open new thread Smile
priya happy v day with advance sweetheart
enjoy that day

THANK YOU...........u too  happy sure it will be special bc its ur first V-day with ur BFWink

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cant wait to read ur update. lol u should update fast i am very bored listening to my pof talk

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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                           100 PAGES
Party PartyParty

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by LoveLiveDance

cant wait to read ur update. lol u should update fast i am very bored listening to my pof talk

hey stranger long time no talk.........  Big smile
mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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THANK YOU...........u too  happy sure it will be special bc its ur first V-day with ur BFWink
thanks yeah i hope keyama
give us special remorse tonight

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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part 9

I still have no clue is this FF or SS' lol lets see how many parts i can type'.
From now on i am PM u all from FireSafireFire2'
if you didn't get any PM thats because you are NOT in my list' so pls pm my 2nd acc & i will add u

Geet made the sweet. She smiled and ate it. Left it for other two. Even knowing it will go in the bin.

She walks in to the bedroom. Maan was still sleep. She sat down on her side. She had no clue what to do. Where to go. She just sat there hugging her knee. Her dupata slides off & lands on maans face. He gets irritated and pulls it off. Geet jumps. He was still sleep. She decided to look round & start doing some Designee. She was bored. She walked in to maans study....

Maan woke up about 6pm! He had some parties to attend. Some clients to meet. Along with girls. He was completely naked. No Geet.
After hour of getting ready he walks out. Hearing the noise Geet appears from the room. Maan gives her one angry glare... He promised him self. He will make this girls life wars then miserable.

He walks out.

It was 3am when Geet felt someone on her body. Undressing her. His hand exploring her curve. He stank of alcohol.
Geet- please! You are not in your sense!
Maan- that's good. I don't want to be in sense to touch a filth like you. He pines her to the bed...
Geet straggle a bit but he didn't stop. She eventually gave up & let him do whatever he wanted.
Maan- I hate you. I hate you.
Geet- I hard that allot! Tell me something new!
Maan- Sammera she does not even want to see my face. I hate you.
Geet- if you loved her truly you would not have done this with me. You would have thought about it before! Geet replied. She was calm.
Maan- shut up! You... B****. Shut up! Maan spreads her leg and roughly enters her. Geet moans. She still didn't hug him back or kissed him when his lips met hers. It was simply him doing everything. Just him. He bite her lips then traveled his way down to her curve. Licked them. Plaid with them. Geet felt nothing. There was nothing in that touch. Nothing. No feeling. Nothing! Simply touch of pleasure. Nothing turned her on. His aggressive words were turning her cold. Very cold. She didn't respond to any of his touch.
Maan- good that you don't respond. Other wise I would have felt sick you touching me!
Geet didn't reply at all. She sadly smiled... Geet clenched the spread as he gradually started to move. With each contracting he started to increase the pressure. Both panting. Moaning. But geet still didn't hold him. There was no attraction that she wanted to enjoy this pleasure. This was simply body pleasure. Nothing els. Geet hide her face on the pillow... Moving in a rhythm. Rubbing against the bed. He bend down and sucked on her nipple. Giving her orgasm. She still didn't touch him or responded to any of his kiss. Nune. No kiss.... The peak... Maan reached over & over again. She was too enjoyable for him. Every part of her body... The curve was so perfect. He could never get bored. Her figure was petit. He started to give her wet kiss. Licking and sucking every parts. It tickled Geet. She still didn't response. Luckily it was better then there first night. Geet had more control on her self.

Next morning Geet made breakfast for everyone. Everyones favorite. Maan walked down. Geet serves him breakfast. Maan snaps- what makes you think I will eat this? He throughs the pasta on the floor! Geet looks at him in shock. But didn't reply. Anvisha got up and took the whole tables food & through it in the garbage.
Anvi- that's where they belong. I think you should go along with them to. Geet ignored her and turned round to walk way when anivi grabbed her by arm. Geet let's out a slight moan.
Anvi- don't you dare ignore me b***. How dare you?
Geet looks at maan. He ignores the whole situation. Who am I kidding? Why would he save me? Anvi pushes Geet. She lands on the floor. hurting the same hand. She closes her eyes not to let any tears escape. She stands up & walks in to the kitchen.
Anvi- oh god BRO! I HATE HER! I HATE HER! Please through her out.
Maan- you know we can't do that. The press! The media. We just have to wait until everything calms down. & also the land property. I need at-least 1 year to transfer everything under my name.
Anvi- this is to much! She leaves.
Dadi scrims at Geet in to the kitchen to get out. How dare she enters khuranas kitchen. How dare she.
Dadi- you filthy little. From today on don't you dare come in. Understood. Get out you dirt!
Geet doesn't say a word & walks out.

It was 10 pm when maan returns from the office. Geet had a burned hand. Dadi have put a hot spoon on her hand because she entered the kitchen. Luckily it wasn't that bad. She removed her hand in time. It was already healing. Geet sat there hugging her knee. She was hungry to. Surviving on water.
Maan walks in to the bathroom. Geets eyes flows. He haven't spoken to her since last night. Now probably will come to her for his sexual desire. Geet changes in to her nightdress. Her small body looked more sexy. Soon as maan walked out he noticed she have changed. He wanted to play today. He will not touch her tonight. But least he knew... Geet was glad. She was never desperate. It was he who was desperate not him. To fill her body. The pleasure he could never ignore.
Geet slept peacefully.... While maan had the desire to touch! He controlled for that night. Just one night he thought. Just one night.

Months have passed like this. Everyone in the family was so cruel to her. Just hated her to the core. Maans words was killing her inside but at the same time it was making her strong. Stronger then ever.

Sammera walks in. No one was in the house luckily. No one. She looks at Geet who looked more I'll then ever. There was no tears in her eyes... And talking! She haven't spoken to anyone except maan at night. When she couldn't help her self not to reply when he had his body pleasure with a dead body. That's what Geet considered her self now days. A dead body without souls.

Sam- what have you done to your self Geet? She asked in a shaky voice. Geet smiled at her... At-least there are still someone who cared for her. Maybe not understand her pain but understanding her situation.
Geet- it's so nice to see you.
Sam- one way I feel lucky that I never married maan or came close to him. But I cry for you. Why you doing this to your self. You are in a prison Geet. A prison. He & his family. You have the power to destroy them! Why you are not doing it? Why?
Geet- remorse. Money is nothing. It comes & goes. But remorse. It haunts you every day & night. It never leaves you in peace. The guilt... The guilt Sammera... Can you feel the guilt of loving maan?
Sam nodes...
Geet- I never had that guilt. I never will. I never experienced the guilt. Because no matter what I will always love him. Always. She smiles sadly. This love will haunt him forever. Forever. Yes it taking my maan time but I am afraid ... that....hope He is not too late. To late to realize. Otherwise this remorses will come back everyday & haunt him. I could never see him there. Never. I am scared where he is taking me. Geet cried. Her eyes twinkled. He loves me. I know he does. That's why I am scared of the remorse. I don't want him to fall in that. I never have... But that's what he wants. How can I refuge.
Sammera looked at her scared. Petrified. She her self was shaking to fall in to this storm. She wanted to stay far way as possibly. She is lucky that Geet was her savior but Who is geets saviour? Who will save her?
Sam- Geet! Come with me. I will take you somewhere safe. Somewhere far from here. Somewhere you could start a new life.
Geet smiles- how could I leave my maan here? She smiles. If you ever come back after 10- 20 years. Tell my husband & child... Just one word... Remorses. Will you? Just one word. Just remorses. Geets heart could come out any minute from the pain. The pain she have been building up. The pain.... That she could never share with anyone. The pain she could possibly not tell anyone... But there is one person... Just one... My husband. He will understand... Only him. Just him.... Geet smiled.

Sam gave her a last hug & goodby. She felt sick loving a person like maan. Disgust.

Anvisha walked in. Calling Geet like a servant. Geet ignored as usal & walked to her bedroom. & that's when she grabbed her hair.
Anvisha- don't you dare ignore me. You bitch. I want my room clean.
Geet slowly frees her hand from her hair.
Geet- there are servants for that. I am sure you don't need me. Geet answered calmly.
Anvi- you are a servant. So hurry up. She shouts.
Geet- I think your brother needs me now. Geet watches maan walking up the stair from there bedroom. And I am sure he hates it when I am late. & will take his frustration out in anyone.
Anvisha looks at Geet angrily- let's see what you do b****! you are just lucky... Actually let's see. After he will take frustration out on you. Not me. She smirks and drags Geet to anvishas room to clean.

It was 12 minding when Geet returned. Maan was angry. Annoyed. Geet guessed. She gets changed ans sits on the bed. Waiting for him. This have been scheduled. Same things! At the same time. He walks towards the bed taking his cloths off one by one. Geet didn't utter a word. She slowly laid in the pillow as he came on top of her. He holds her throughout- what took you so long? He asks angrily. Tears tolled down geets eyes. He knew well what took her long. Anvisha dragged her eight in-front of him. Of course this is another plan of there's. Only thing they possibly couldn't do is kill me. As the property will be heading towards the charity. Other wise I would have been long dead. Long gone. He took off my cloths. I started to were less cloths now days. It's easy for him to take it off.

Maan bends down and bites corner of her lips. Bleeding. He sucked on the blood. Kissing Geet roughly. Geet didn't react or moan. Or scrim. This pain started to become sweet. He hurt her to a extent that now days the pain seems to give up.
He explores her body in every possibly details. Sucking. Licking. Taking in all the body pleasure. Then finally the climax....
After hours both laid there panting. He brings her between his leg. Gently stroking her curve. Geet still didn't react. She have never reacted to his touch... And what to react those touch was nothing special.

It was 5am. Geet gets up to pray. She still kept her value. Her privilege. She is still a traditional simple girl.
Maan wakes up. Looks at her praying from sleepy eyes. He falls back sleep again. It wasn't long when Geet comes back to bed. Wearing fresh clean cloths. She laid down... Far way from maan as posible.... But still in his sleep je will some how come close & huge her tight. It surfactant Geet.

thanks for all the love & support'

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OMG........ how could someone be so cruelCry.......poor geet Cry was very nice of  sameera to ask geet to come with her........annie Angry........ maan is such a monster......... Angry Angry Angry

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congrats 100

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