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hi all 
How r u all
Posted here all my fan fiction list and links of those fan fiction  for easy to find out .

Posted here all my fan fiction list and links of those fan fiction  for easy to find out .

Complete FF / SS / OS :-
Complete os 

New Beginning MG OS


after maan's memory loss, maan forget about his marriage with geet and ignoring her but destiny has some different plan slowly maan's thinking for geet is changing and he try to think differently for geet as her beauty, simplicity ,innocence ,hard working, honesty ,make him attract for her ,make him falling for her

after maan rescued by geet from store room, how maaneet coming close and slowly becoming friends again 


 OS of MG & Jr Khurana 
RajDulara MG & Jr Khurana OS


posted a MG OS

Bundle Of Joy ,MG & JR Khurana OS


New Os

Ek Salam Unn Veer Seenanio Ke Naam (MG OS)


this is tribute to all soldiers who r sacrificing their lives and everything to save our tomorrow, they r giving their today  to secure our tomorrow 




Maaneet & their love, passion, teasing, desire, dream and their romantic honeymoon
simple yet romantic yet passionate love story of maaneet



new way of wishing valentines day to maan from geet and giving a unique and beautiful surprise to maan and their "Pyaar ka nishaani" "Symbol of Love"



this is story about maaneet and their love, trust for each other but how their closed one try to separate them,make tap for them but how they over come this with their love and trust 



Maaneet and their daughter pari and their unborn child and dadi ma and their story, how their love,care, respect , trust, understanding for each other growing and intact how their life is going happily 

One Shot(OS):- 
Prem and Shakti maaneet os :-


Prem is a word, is feelings. Prem hota hain do logo mein ,unke dil milta hain, ek doosre ke liye dhrakta hain ek doosre ke liye.

Love, what is the definition of love. Can we know the meaning of love? May be yes, or may be not.

 Hum, pyaar ki kaya naam dete hain, kai tarah se express karte hain lkein iye ek aise feelings hain jisse sirf samjhna chaiye ,koi isse samjha nehi sakta.

 Love is purity, trust,loyalty, honesty , sacrifice,power and more than worship.Yes,It's worship cause it's touch our soul.It's an unconditional bond between two person or more than two soul.

 Iye kahani hain ek lerka aur ek lerki ka , jo ek doosre se Pyaar karte the aur unke Pyaar ko unke parivaar wale bhi maan lia aur  ek din un dono ka shaadi ho gaya??


new two part os  Hidden Truth & Unconditional Love & Trust MG OS


Nandini and Maan come to know about geet's past with dev, geet's fake marriage with dev and then what will be reaction and what will happen,

 Let's seeEmbarrassed


Falling for an unknown Feeling 

Concept :-

it's about love, emotions, feeling, confusion, trust, betrayal, sacrifice, passion, friendship, marriage and how maaneet will going through with this all emotions 


Complete SS :-

Concept :-

Dowry ...A curse of  Society... But how long ?                           

Simple concept of Suffering a woman or women in our society


  An  orphan girl who is burden for her orphanage ,she don't have any one in this world,she is alone ,she only came to know that her family thrown her , abandon her in dustbin ,cause she is girl, as she is or was burden for her family, as she was unwanted for her family.she is very shy and introvert girl and innocent and nave,

She crave to meet for her family ,longed for them and one day she got the chance

one day something happen & her life changed after this,


She Lost her beautiful voice and become dead almost.

her life shatter after this, her life become lifeless,without soul, her heart is dear but still she is living her life cause there is her angel is waiting for her, to rescue her from this darkness, to take her the world where life is different, where men and women r same .where only love belongs but is it so easy , what happen with her in past that changed her life, who is this angel ? how her life will become normal? Will she ever to see the emotion called love?

Ready for another journey of maaneet in a new way.


Complete  SS:-
Memory Loss MG SS 

 2nd Thread

Memory Loss MG FF 3rd THREAD 

it's about memory loss, after maan's step mom pammi and step brother dev attack maan, maan lost his memory completely , here geet is struggling to find maan and dev giving her problem finally maan's mother who was out of khurana family due to pammi , saved maan and take geet,adi and dadi ma there and then their ,maaneet journey start from the start, how geet will make him fine and how geet will help him to regain his memory , will she able to do it, will maan ever be able to regain his memory and remember his love , his geet,
will their love , trust will win and if yes then how 

Complete SS:-



Jealousy, love, trust and support, and a girl , success full in her career but some people , some colleagues envied her and trap her and wants her failure but there is some one who loves her, trust her and give her whole support and confidence then that girl come out from all problem and throw away all obstacles from her way and make herself win and make her man proud .


Complete SS:-

Illusion To Reality MG FF

struggle of a young woman  , who is princess of her parents , they loved her , their world revolve around their daughter, their princess. But one day all went wrong; all shattered her world crashed down in front of her eyes, she broke down, she come to know some bitter reality , she again stand on her feet and fight with this cruel world and then she met her prince charming , and both meet, work together and both falls in love with each other , and their story start but but there also cruelty , there also bitter things, evil eyes , but again she fight , now fight for her love, and ''.the story begins of two different individual but there is too many obstacles, too many evil eyes, r they will win ,  


Complete SS:-
Memorable moments 

Concept:- Maaneet are married and now proud parents of  a baby daughter .they remember their journey from geet's pregnancy period.
it's about maaneet , their love and their life , mahi and maaneet's past and presant

 FF - Memorable moments updated :-


Completed FF :-

Pyaar ,Dosti aur Duriyan :-

This is story of a two people who loves each other unconditionally. Who marry to each other but their past are not good in fact very bad and left many scars in their life.
it's story about love, friendship, relationship, sacrifice, betray, passion, desire ,blame, curse ,hard reality and dream

 FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan thread2:-

Pyaar ,Dosti Aur Duriyan Thread 3 Maaneet FF  


Complete FF:-

Love at First Sight :-

  Love at First Sight Thread 2 :-

Love at First Sight Thread 3

~~~ Love at First Sight Thread 4~~~


it's about maan and geet who met due to their parents and have to marry each other but don't want to marry.both are very strong headed but nice person. how in arrange marriage couple fall in love
how they will falls in love with each other and now how their love story will take turns . let's see.

 Angel and Her Savior 2nd Thread

Angel and Her Savior 3rd Thread

Angel and Her Savior MG FF 4th Thread


an orphan girl and her struggle and a savior who is hard from outside but from inside he is gold. but who is savior and whom is in struggle here, that man also has deep past which make him tough and emotionless , both meet and start their journey  and both will conquer this world, but destiny will take lots of exam.let's see how they will manage this all?

Completed FF:-

This is story of  Man who is full of principal in his life , he rules his life by himself and his rule, his principal, he thought women r weakness for men and work but what an irony he loves his Grand mom  & mom more than anything, his guru is grand mom but for some reason he has that thinking for rest of women

He is most handsome man , he has his own kingdom have from his maternal grandfather , he got construction business from his ancient but He devoted  himself for his country .

he is king, but has golden heart also but some time circumstances change something and make him more rude , arrogant .

He hot, rude, arrogant man. He never believe in marriage neither willing to bind by any bandhan

Here that, Young , gorgeous, beautiful brave girl is alone in this world, no one have with her, but she fights with high spirit , loving her life with high spirit her family thinks her curse, and make her marry with a king when she is only 18yrs and  it's new world, new palace, or new jail,two different people met in sacred bandhan but r they willing or can able to carry this relation and how 

ready for another passionate, intense love story of maaneet 


Completed FF:-

" Do Ajnabee" MG FF

Do Ajnabee MG FF 2nd thread

Do Ajnabee MG FF 3rd thread
Concept :-

               He is MP             

She is First Yr M.COM student

He is King of his Place, territory

She is Princess of Her Home

He is laadla of his home

She is laadli of her home

He is arrogant, angry

She is kind hearted.

He has his own charm to love his near ones and destroy his enemy

She has her own charm to make every one love her.

He has his own world and very few friends

She has lots of friends and she can make easily any one her friends

He is well matured

She is too naive and innocent

He don't believe in love , he believes in hard reality

She dreams about her prince charming and for her love is everything.

His love for his near one is extreme

Her love for her near one also extreme

His hate for his enemy also extreme

Hate word doesn't exist in her life

Meet MP Maan Singh Khurana and bubbly, beautiful Geet Handa in

"Do Ajnabee"

Completed SS :-

Love N Trust will keep us together Prologue pg1 

Love N Trust will keep us together

On Hold FF :-


Love is like fire which will ignites ur desire, passion

Love is Feeling some times makes people do a thing which forbidden

Love is blessing for one but curse for another

Love is divine for one but another for sacrifice or Game

Love is purity of sacred feeling

Or love is game of lust

Love is destiny for one and Object for another

Or Love is destination for one & protection for another

Love is dream for one But illusion for another

But Reality for both

Love is fire which will burn u forever

But what if Love convert to Ego

What if love convert to object

What if love convert to lust

What if Love convert to cage

What if Love convert into passion ,desire which is undying


what if love is feeling which is playing with u


Love and Ego is mirror of a game called "Hide & Seek"'''..


On Going FF :-

Genre :-

This is mystery FF with twist of Passionate Love Story 

Concept :-

This is story of two ppl two r completely different yet two r like same...this is thriller love story between Maaneet but in new way... 

Saathi ,Saath Zindegi Bhar ka ...

Concept :- Arrange Marriage can turn into a Love Marriage .

On Going FF :-



Maaneet two different personality..Both has past...

Geet who faced death n the ugly face of dowry n this society...

Maan who has faced death of his only sister cause of Dowry...who is facing the ugly society n it's bitter side everyday in his hospital...

Both r fighting n both r becoming inspiration for each other...

The story about Maan & Geet & how they will become Maaneet n how they will fall in love n their journey of love , care n Respect n many more things...


The concept about Arrange Marriage of Two best friends n how they fall in love n when n then what will happen ? Simple concept with little new twist n Turns...

I am happy that previous time During session 1 of Road To Love & Beyond u gave me immense love n support n I am expecting same also this time .

So r u all ready for this new Journey with Maaneet...

Their Friendship, their love, their passion, they fight , their cry, their smile ...


 Do Ajnabee:-


Which is True Reality or Dream?which is good Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage ? what is more imp Family or Dream? What is more love or Adjustment?

Is there any chance to get Soulmate or does Soulmate belongs in this world...does Marriage is imp than career or Career is imp than marriage?Does love is everything  ? or family?

Simple concept of another Soulmate arrange marriage but with twist n turn.


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thanks a lot rakhi!!!!

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ty hun :D

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thx dear it will be easy to find your marvelous work

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thanks  u sooo much for the link rakhi.....

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