YEH KAISA PYAAR HAI..chp 22(part 1n2) pg 143n146 (Page 103)

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wonderful updateClap
loved itEmbarrassed
update soon

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what can i say yaar.U r such a darling.keep rocking

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Originally posted by rockin_gal

Yay u updatedd again after a long break and again with a small update Disapprove awww ..this time i'll give u all a longg a nd interesting chapterrrEmbarrassedbut I'm still happy tht u atleast updated so thnk u for tht and as usual I loveddd itt Big smile thankk uuu omg beach and all of u woooh sounds fun and very interesting Wink how nice of arhaan to make a plan for u ahhh I wish he made it for me too lol LOL and awww ammar couldn't say no to abi tht is sooo cuutteee Embarrassed with every update of their story I'm falling in luv with their couple too Tongue overall wonderful chap and plz update sooner with a longer chap plz Smile   Hugaww ..suree ..huggsss

Lol I'm the first one to comment AGAIN!! Yay see this shows tht I'm ur biggest fan lol LOLawww ..shaguf sis ..i can see how much u lubb my ff...its so greatt that u like mine and arhaan ;s story ..lubb uuu 
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Arhaan's room.

Arhaan wore a knee length capri,a black vest and a big locket.he wore a head sticking cap and had a little bit of stubble.He was looking damn hot and handsome.Embarrassed

He quickly packed up the necessary things and took his guitar too.

Ammar came to his house.they both left to pick up the girls.

Abida 'surbz comeon sweetheart get ready.

Surbhi-abi mera bilkul bhi man nahi kar raha..tu aur rolli jao na please.Confused

Rolli-surbhi I don't wana hear any no.tu chal rahi hai bas.

They forcefully made her to change her clothes. Abida and rolli were very ecxcited and all ready too.

Surbhi-abi hum kis ke saath ja rahe hai.

Before anyone could answer abida's phone was from ammar.he called them to come downstairs .abida and rolli happily took all the things and ran down.surbhi stood there with no clue as to what was happening.She didn't even know with whom they were going.

Finally ,she switched off all the lights and was closing the room .

Arhaan and ammar were standing outside the car.Both were truly handsome.

Abida 'mashallah  ..kitne handsome lag rahe hai.Embarrassedshe stopped in between and stared him.

Rolli gave all the bags to ammar to keep them inside.

Arhaan looked around but didn't find surbhi.

Arhaan-surbhi kahan hai''this picnic is only for her.wheres she. He asked rolli.

Roli-surbhi aa rahi hai.she is on her way.

Arhaan-ohhh okk.he took a breath of relief.he was dyeing to see her.

Surbhi came down. she wore a skin fitted tight black jeans and a black and red sleevless top,opened her hair and wore a big black bracelet in her right hand.she was looking gorgeous in her dress.any guy would fall for her looks.she was wearing long black boots and was now wearing  black shades.Embarrassed

she came down and was surprised to see Arhaan.

Arhaan had no words.This was the first time ,he was seeing her in jeans.His eyes stared at her from bottom to top.Though surbhi was a simple and shy girl ,yet she was modern.

Arhaan-OMGG..this is my blushing queen.ShockedShockedEmbarrassedhe forgot the people around him.he could only see his hot shott surbhi before was such a pleasant surprise for him to see her in this outfit.

Arhaan-BREATHTAKINGGShockedEmbarrassed''.he couldn't get his eyes off her.

Surbhi was equally amazed to see him here.she had no idea that they were going on picnic with arhaan and ammar.

Abida 'surbhi kya hua'come and sit in the car.

Ammar-Arhaan ..chal come on we are getting late.

Arhaan-haa ..aa raha hu.he was still under trance.unable to focus on anything .

Abida sat in the middle portion of the car.seeing abida sit at the back ,ammar also shifted back.abida smiled seeing that ammar came back because of her.Rolli sat the back.arhaan was driving the car.

Surbhi opened the middle door to get in along with abida.

Abida-surbhi u sit in the front dear.wahan koi nahi baitha.she wanted to sit with ammar alone.

Surbhi-abi plss ander shift ho ja na.

Rolli-surbzz tu aage baith ja na .we are getting late.

With no other go surbhi in the front beside arhaan.Arhaan fixed the car mirror in a way so that he gets a clear view of surbhi.Embarrassed

Arhaan concentrated more in seeing surbhi ,rather than driving.he looked at her jeans,her top ,her bracelet.Today she was the dazzling queen.

Arhaan-she is soo perfect.she looks like a princess in traditionals and equally gorgeous in western.I m so lucky to have her.TongueHe was very very happy to have her.

Surbhi was still confused about  the whole picnic.she was angry with arhaan so didn't ask anything from him..she was all quiet.

Arhaan-someone is dazzling today.Wink

Surbhi didn't pay attention to what he was saying and started looking outside.

Arhaan-aaj isko kya smile ,no blushing.Confused

Arhaan tried talking to her but couldn't.everyone was sitting he texted her .

Surbhi read the text 'surbhi kya hua.are u upset with me'.surbhi didn't reply.


Rolli opned a big chips packet and shared with everyone.abida too joined with her.

Everyone shared the chips packet.they had coke too.rolli gave coke cans to all of them but surbhi avoided it and seeing this arhaan also didn't drink it.

Rolli,abida and ammar had coke.abida was crazy after cokes.she drank the whole can in no time.

Abida-rolli give me one more.

Rolli-tu saara pi gayii.     Abida-haa ..give me one more naa.

Rolli-nahi dungii..yeh surbzz aur arhaanji ke liye hai.i wont give them.

Abida became sad .Ammar was having his coke and seeing all this.

Ammar-yeh lo.he gave his half drank coke can to abida.

Abida-nahii its okk.tum peeyo.

Ammar-have it.waise bhi  I don't like all this and if having my coke someone would be happy ,it will be a pleasure for me.Tongue

Abida gave a big smile and took it and had it.

Abida-I haven't drank a tasty coke than this.Embarrassedshe looked at ammar and blushed.

Ammar smiled at her.

Abida to rolli-she showed her tongue.see I drank a coke.

Rolli-who gave u '

Abida-kisi ne bhi de ho.but dekha I had my coke.

Rolli also showed her tongue.

Ammar laughed at abida's cute childish antics.He felt them so funny but still loved them.

The journey to beach was quite long.they stopped in between near a hotel kind of small place to freshen up .it was not a proper hotel but had all the necissities

All of them got down .

Surbhi ,rolli and abida went towards the girls washroom and arhaan and ammar towards the guys washroom.

The washroom as only for two at a rolli and abida got in and freshened up.there arhaan and ammar too had a small freshen up.

Arhaan was still worried about surbhi.

Arhaan-yeh plan jiske liye banaya who hi khush nahi hai.Unhappysuddenly arhaan's eyes caught surbhi standing outside the washroom.

Abida and rolli came out and surbhi entered it.

Arhaan-I'll have to talk to her.he went towards the girls washroom.seeing no one around he went inside.

Surbhi was standing in front of the mirror and washing her face.She saw arhaan and stood dumbstruck to see him in girls washroom.She forgot to wipe off her face .Shocked

Surbhi-Arhaan tum yahan girls washroom mein Shocked'she said aloud.Arhaan came to her and put his right hand over her mouth and took her to the corner.

Surbhi and arhaan were just inches apart.she kept her arms in between them to maintain some distance.


Surbhi was so close to him .she was seeing him in vest for the first time.If she was pretty ,he was no less handsome.he look ravishing.Embarrassed

He stared at her face which was so close to hers.The water drops on her face made her look so beautiful .arhaan blew some air on her face .surbhi unable to bear such closeness ,closed her eyes and lost herself in his world.arhaan caringly wiped her face with tissue.He held her face with her right hand and continued to look at her.

Abida's call disturbed them .surbhi came out of the trance.she looked at the cell and was going to pick it up but arhaan didn't let her.he took her mobile from her hands.

Surbhi-arhaan mera mobile do na .abida ka call aaya hai.

Arhaan-nahi dunga.i want to talk to u right now.

Surbhi-par mujhe koi baat nahi karni.tumhe cell phone nahi dena na,toh mat do.I am going.

Surbhi started leaving but arhaan held her hand and pulled her towards him and held her more closely this time.

Arhaan-you think I'll let you go without talking to you.

Surbhi-arhaan leave me.i need to go.

Arhaan-nahi.pehle answer me ,why are u upset with me.

Surbhi-arhaan mujhe jana hai.

Arhaan-tell me first.why are u angry with me.

Unable to take it more she spoke out-tumhe rolli se baat karni thi ,toh uske cell par call karte na.why did u call me and picnic ka plan abida ,ammar aur rolli ke saath banaya tha na ,toh mujhe kyun let me go.she moved to go but arhaan again caught her.

Arhaan-itni si baat.accha tell me .agar mein tumse mere saath picnic par aane ke liye bolta ,would u have said yes to me.

Surbhi kept her face down.

Arhaan-tell me na .he raised her face by her cheek.

Surbhi nodded her head as NO.

Arhaan-phir ,tabhi I told rolli.tum apne friends ke saath bahar jaane ke liye kabhi mana nahi karti and picnic plan sirf meine banaya tha.

Surbhi looked up at him in surprise in his eyes asking him REALLY

Arhaan-haaa.i made this plan for someone special to surprise that special person.Wink

Surbhi had tears in her eyes.she felt sorry for misunderstanding him.she kept her facelow.

Arhaan-heyee.surbhi please don't cry.

Surbhi-I m'am so..sorry.mujhe nahi patah tha ki yeh plan tumne mere liye'Arhaan stopped her in between.he kept his finger on her lips.

Arhaan-shshshs'.koi baat nahi.It happens sometime.i don't want my special person to cry and get her dazzling look down.WinkTongue

Surbhi stopped crying and blushed when he said 'my special person'.

Arhaan-hayee ..i missed this blushing face so much.Tongue

Surbhi blushed more and smiled too.

Arhaan-waise patah.You look hot today.he winked her.Wink


They both were disturbed by abida's call.

Surbhi-whos call it is.

Arhaan-tumhari abida ka.He said with a unhappy and angry face.he hated whenever her friends disturbed them.

Surbhi-haa ..i m just coming.she said to abida.

surbhi-arhaan mujhe jana hai.abi mera wait kar rahi hai.

Arhaan-jao ..but I'll not leave u.

Surbhi-I'll not let u catch me.she showed her thumb and ran away.

Arhaan  smiled at her.Big smile




 link to previous update

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mme firsttt READING IT NOWWW

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Originally posted by Abida0201

mme firsttt READING IT NOWWW
awww ..soo happyy to see u ..missed u these daysss 
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Originally posted by snigdhabd

what can i say yaar.U r such a darling.keep rocking
awww ..thankk uuu ...u r not less than a daslingg too ..lubb uuu
btw where r u these dayss..miss uuu 
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oh god surbhi another miracle, how did u know i was crazy about coke n u know ammar doesnt like coke at alll n now i dont drink coke anymore;P coz he said U WONT EVER hehehe nnn woww it was a luvly update;) arhaan to boht naughty he hahhahaha:P n hayee ammar my SONU MY LUVV, i hav a smile on my face all the timeee wen i read ur FF:D
wait5ing for the next one:D

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