YEH KAISA PYAAR HAI..chp 22(part 1n2) pg 143n146 (Page 52)

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edit ur post
n just paste the full YOUTUBE link between this ]here[

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Surbhi's chapter 10 FF Video--
Big smile

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thanxxx amittt

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gonaa update the next chap in 2 mins
abi i'll reply to ur pmss tooo ..just give me a few mins 

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aww sure dearrr:$ i will make a video on that chapter aswell thennn n then from the next chapter we will do this >>
wenever u complete ur FF, send it to me i willl make a video n then u will post ur FF with the video:D
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i will be back surbhiii, dad had to use the laptop

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Shakti came in arhaan's cabin.

Shakti-arhaan check this file.

Arhaan-no reply .he was  holding his mobile and busy in thoughts.Confused


Arhaan -no reply.

Shakti went and shook his shoulder.

Arhaan-haa .kaun hai.

Shakti-arhaan kahan khoya hua hai.

Arhaan-shakti bhai aap .

Shakti- ha main ..kab se bula raha hoon.why rent u listening.  Arhaan-kuchh nahi .aap boliye kya kaam tha.

Shakti-check this file.

Arhaan-theek hai.he kept the file on the table .  Shakti-abhi check karni hai.

Arhaan-shakti bhai I'll check it later.

Shakti-teri tabiyat toh theek hai na.

Arhaan-haa ..i m fine .  shakti-theek hai check karke mere cabin mein bhej diyo.okk

Arhaan-sure. Shakti left the cabin.

Arhaan looked at the watch.he knew surbhi wouldn't come but still he was waiting for her.

Arhaan-aaj poora din usse baat hi nahi ki hai .theek se dekha bhi nahi apni angel ko Disapprove.i should call her.he called her from his blackberry.

Surbhi-hello .she was with rolli selcting dresses

Arhaan-ahem ahem .      surbhi- aap.

Arhaan-ahem ahem .Wink

Surbhi-hmmm ..

Arhaan-u r still in the mall.   Surbhi- haa abhi bhi mall mein hoon .

Rolli saw surbhi busy with the phone .she got up and went to her.

Rolli-kaun haiii ..

Surbhi-shhh   rolli-chall naa .chod yeh phone ko.

Arhaan-kaun hai.

rolli-mein phone cut kardoongi. Surbhi- accha tu chal mein 2 min mein aat hoon.

Rolli-pakaaa ..  surbhi-promise ..

Surbhi-hello   arhaan-hellooo '.seem to be busy.

Surbhi-ha .my frnd is calling .i have to go.Ouch

Arhaan-tumhe tumhari frnds kabhi akela chodti hi nahi hai.Angry he didnt like them .he murmered

Surbhi-kuchh kaha aapne .. arhaan-nahi kuchh nahi

Surbhi-mujhe jana hai .she was going to cut the call .

Arhaan-ruko.  Surbhi-ji boliyen

Arhaan-tum poora din mall mein rahogi.  Surbhi- haa .bahut saari shopping karni hai.

Arhaan-bye .he cut the call .

Surbhi-naraaz ho gaye .par main kya karoon.Confusedshe went to rolli.

Roli-aagayi tu .dekh yeh wala dekh .accha hai na ..u'll look damn good in this .

Surbhi-rolli mujhe na office jana hai.pleashh .i'll come soon.

Rolli- nahii .kitne dino baad yeh mauka milla hai.i wont let u go.

Surbhi-she made a sad face.  Rolli-achha ja yeh try kar.

Arhaan-thodi der ke liye bhi office nahi aa sakti.jab mera time aayega na tab thodi der ke liye bhi akela nahi chodunga.par abhi kya karoon.mujhe surbhi se milna hai .

Arhaan-agar who nahi aasakti toh mein toh jasakta hoon.he got up to go the mall.

Arhaan started his masadies.

Arhaan-aisa kabhi ho hi nahi sakta ki mein apni blushing queen ko na dekhoon.Big smile

He reached the mall and started searching surbhi in the gals shop.

Surbhi came out wearing the black  thin strap churidaar suit.the dupatta was only a thin strip of cloth.she was looking like a black swan .pure beauty.

She was seeing herself in the mirror when arhaan entered that shop.surbhi saw him in the mirror and turned.

Surbhi-ARHAAN sir.Shocked

Arhaan's eyes caught her .he opened his mouth to say surbhi but his mouth remained opened seeing her.he glanced her from bottom to top.Shocked

Arhaan-woww .

He quickly messaged her .

Surbhi got the message and read "u look hot " 

Surbhi blushed reading the msg and typed "dhat ''.." Embarrassed

Arhaan saw her blushing face and red the msg .

arhaan-ufff '..i m fida over u.Tongue

Rolli-she noticed surbhi standing and blushing. Rolli-omg u look so gooddd .

Surbhi-sachhi  rolli-sachiii .yahan kyun khadi hai wahan aa naa .

Rolli took surbhi to selct some more dresses.arhaan too went there.

Arhaan intentionally went close to them so that rolli notices him.

Arhaan-mujhe kuchh suits dekhna hai .he said in a loud voice.

Rolli noticed him .  rolli-arhaan behll .she pinched surbhi and whispered 'dekhh tere arhaan sir.surbhi too acted as if she didn't know .

Rolli-chal na milte hai unse.aisa muaka kahan milta hai mujhe baar baar.

Rolli-hi mr.arhaan.

Arhaan-hiii log yahan .

Rolli-ha hum yahan kuchh shopping karni hai.surbhi ne apko bataya hoga .

Arhaan-haa Ms surbhi ne bataya tha.par mujhe nahi patah tha ki aap bhi isi mall mein ho.Wink

Rolli-kya coincidence hai.surbhi was standing behind rolli.she was busy messaging.

Arhaan got the msg and read"bahut achi acting karte hai aap."

Surbhi rec a msg "ha ..kabhi kabhi kiike liye karni padti hai'.she smiled reading the msg.

Rolli-wiase aap yaha ladies section mein   arhaan-ha who mujhe apni bhabhi ke liye kuch chahiye.

Rolli-ohh okk .waise u can take our help if u want.

Surbhi 'yeh kya bol rahi hai.she whispered in rolli's ear . rolli-shh .itna achha mauka mila hai arhaan behll ke saath kuchh time spend karne ka .

Surbhi-par '.before she could say arhaan spoke up.

Arhaan-yehh suree .waise bhi I don't know much abt these suits and all.

Arhaan tilted his face to see surbhi.he smiled looking at her cute face.

Arhaan msg her.dekha aakhir maine raasta dhondh hi liya.

Surbhi read the msg and replied "par jhooth bol kar."

Arhaan read and replied "everything is fair in ''''''''.."he didn't complete the sentence

Surbhi read the msg and blusheddd to no extent and completely hid behind rolli.Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Rolli-surbzz hum iss dress ke saath earings le lete hai.arhaan aap bhi aaiye naa.

Arhaan-yeah sureee.he was more than happy.

Surbhi sat in front of the mirror and arhaan sat behind her.she could see his face too in the mirror.

Rolli-yeh try kar. Surbhi wore it .

Arhaan-naaa .he made a disagree face.surbhi saw it and left that earing.

She tried another and arhaan did the same.she left that one too.

She tried almost all the earings .but arhaan showed that disagree face and she left all of them in the end she got frustrated and got up.

Surbhi-mujhe koi earings nahi chahiye.Angry

Rolli-par kyunn .yeh wale dekh .kitne pretty hai.tujhe yeh design kitna accha lagta hai.

Surbhi-chod na yaar .mujhe nahi chahiye.

Arhaan enjoyed teasing her .surbhi seeing his smiling faced got more annoyed.Angry

Surbhi-mein yeh change kar ke aati hoon.

Rolli-par iske liye sandals . surbhi-woh tu choose kar le.

Surbhi went to the changing room but none was empty.she searched another section too.when she was coming back.a hand caught her wrist and pulled her in to a empty guys changing room it was a very small room .just enough for 1 person and now two ppl were standing there.the lights were off

Surbhi couldn't see who the person is.that person was standing behind her and holding both her hands.she got very scared.

She opened her moth to shout but he quickly kept his hand over her was ARHAAN.

Arhaan-shhh main hu arhaan.he switched on the lights.

Surbhi turned her face .she saw arhaan and stopped shivering .arhaan loosened his hold a bit.she quickly turned back and hugged him.

Surbhi- mein kitna darr gayi thi .she was sobbing she hid her face in his broad chest and tightly hugged her,.Cry Cry

Arhaan too put his arms around her and got her into a tight and comforting was their first hug .arhaan got surbhi more close to him.both were experiencing a new feeling.

Surbhi didn't wanted to come out of his hug and arhaan didn't wanted to leave her.he wished time could stop and both could remain in that position.

He gently rubbed her back to calm her down .arhaan-heyyeee .he separated her and holds her face with both his hands.

Arhaan-main huu '.now stop crying .tumhe kuchh nahi hua hai.

Surbhi-agar koi aur hota toh main kya karti .mein toh tumhe awaaz bhi dene waali thi.

Arhaan-awaaz deni ki kya zarrorat hai.main toh hamesha tumhare paas hi hoon.waise mein kisi aur ko tumhare itne paas aane bhi nahi doonga.

Surbhi-her cheeks grew more red cux of blushing.Embarrassed

Arhaan-hayee blushing queen.this time he said aloud 

Surbhi- his words made her embarrassed.she again hugged him to hide her blushing face.

Arhaan-oiyee hoyee.ab mein har roz yeh kahunga and everyday I'll get a hug.

Surbhi came out of his hug ..surbhi-dhattt.

They both were standing very close.arhaan was still holding her around her waist.arhaan wiped away her tears

Surbhi-mujhe yahan kyun lekar aaye .

Arhaan-I'll tell u .he gently turned her around to face the mirror.he took out a pair of earings from his pocket.he put them in her ears too.

Surbhi-omg .kitne sundar hai yeh.par yeh toh earing box mein nahi tha.

Arhaan-wahi tha .i took this pair when u two were busy ctrying and choosing..this ones the most beautifull of all.

Surbhi- toh wahan itna pareshaan kyun kiya.

Arhaan- aise hi.wanted to see how beautifull u look in an angry face too.

Surbhi- she lowered her face.

Arhaan-oiye hoyee .he holds her chin and lifts up her face.surbhi closes her eyes .


Surbhi quickly turns around ,picks up her clothes and runs from there Embarrassed

Arhaan-I love u ..he spoke to himself .arhaan-very soon I'll tell u too.





 link to update

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going to read it dearrr..

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