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Devil's Den - Mopey and Loopy ki ajab prem kahani (Page 106)

polly23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
@ Anwesha Good night enjoy ur weekend Hug  thank u so much for sharing with us Hug

@ Daqu so the two of u r the founder of Devils Den.  Buggsy and U  

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hey kadydeep *hugs
Shipa what song and why ru rolling? share asap
@ Geeks your showering me with a lot of love today, kya baat hai Ermm do you want something? ROFLROFLROFLROFL
plus isn't the superbowl on?
well Vini is Daadi's twin, so I don't know what rishta we can have ROFL
Sammy is my evil twin  which is freaky as we didn't realise until last week that her bday is 1st feb and i'm 31st jan but cause of time differences she lives in Aus and me in UK, when it's 31st in UK, it's 1st feb in US so we are kinda born on the same day
did anyone follow that? ROFLROFLROFL

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We were walking through New York streets and I saw an Ice Cream Van at 1 in the night and I was craving for it but I was feeling weird to ask him for it..BUt I quickly asked him: "Can I borrow some money, you can cut it off from my wages..I just want some ice cream" and he quickly replied "Excuse Me who do you think I am? One ice cream and I will cut that from your wages..I am not that the way do you know what the time is?It is 1:10 and you want to have ice cream"..I was excited like a baby"SIR you can have it if you want..Try it Ice Cream in the middle of night is like so Refreshing..There is nothing wrong in having ice cream at night"..


He sighed and took his wallet out..I grabbed it and ran to the ice cream van..I bought one and then I looked at him standing there alone in his thoughts and I asked the vendor for one more..I asked for some tissues too(not extra ones like Monisha Sarabhai would hehe)...

I went back to him and gave him the ice cream..He deined but after me persisting too much he took it and I was enjooying my icecream like a kid was just sucking her lollipop..We were walking at night 1:30 with ice cream in our hands on NY streetss Ahh that was so amazing..I just loved it hehe..and as usual me being the clusmy one..I tripped over my gown and it tore from my waist whichw as pretty strange..


I didn't buy a cheap one either it was from a brand..*sigh* Brands give dhokha too..I was embarassed and my ice cream fell off my hand. and I was trying to hide it.He saw what happened and he didn't have a coat and I was staring at the ground..I went all red and he said: "Don't worry, no one can see at night.."and I stammered "B-But.." He slowly swifted his hand to the bit where it was torn and hid his hands were on my naked waist..Honestly I had shivers down my body..We were walking and I asked "How long"..He said just 5 minutes the Hotel is down the road..He was having his ice cream and I was sad my ice cream fell so I was staring at him..

He Realised I was staring at his ice cream and he said: "There is an ice cream parlour in the hotel you can eat all of that but don't put your evil eyes on my ice cream" I turned my face away irritated..and I could see from the side of my eye that he was smirking..Besharam..Haha the next moment the icecream was on his nose..I pointed it out with gestures but he just went "what" his ice cream melted in his hand by the time and then he couldn't understand anything he was touching his face as well...Messy eater..I gave up and took the tissue and was wiping it off his face gently..


After the Cleansing process, we started walking again, the hotel arrived and I was praying we have separate rooms. We went to the counter and I inquired about the rooms and we took our keys and went to our own rooms. I said "Good Night" but sadoo didn't reply. I slept on my bed as soon as I reached my room. My eyes opened when someone knocked on the door I looked at the watch it was at 5:30 am. Huh who was waking me up so early? I opened the door to find a waitress standing at the door with breakfast plate and she gave me a piece of paper; my eyes weren't even open properly. It said said:"Good Morning Miss. Anwesha Bhatt, your breakfast is here and I want you downstairs in an hour". Aghhh me was just wondering this banda is so strange we had nice ice cream last night, I was hoping we would at least become good friends but some things never change..

I got ready and reached downstairs in an hour as per Ishaan Sir's orders. He looked at his watch, smirked and said "I like Punctual People, let's leave you have to finish with 4 Venue designs today itself and I want no complaints"..I smiled forcefully and said: "Yes Sir"..I was going behind him and then he suddenly turns so we bashed into each other, he asks me: "Watch where you are going"..I said: "But you turned around that is not my fault"..and the usual boss attitude: "I am the boss I can do anything"&he left..he forgot what he was going to say hehe..




We left in the car and when we reached there all we did is work lol there was nothing except endless eyelocks..We were working continuously for 4 hours and I didn't take a seat either was just running around with all files and designs..We had a deadline to complete and there were only 2 hours left for teh deadline and I was tired so I crashed on the sofa and I fell asleep for some time..The next moment my eyes opened were when someone splashed water on my face..It was Ishaan Sir: "Miss Anwesha Bhatt didn't you sleep well last night you wasted half an hour already, if you are feeling weak here have  a banana and get back to work"..He put the banana in my hand and since I was feeling weak,I ate it..Now I had to get back to work and I admit I was lazy,so I put the banana skin on the old newspaper in the corner of the table and got back to work with the designs..


He decided to help me out so he was instructing me with the quotas the clients wished for and I was working accordingly..Then something went wrong and he came next to me to correct it and as soon as he came he slipped and he pulled me with him he fell on the floor and I was on top of him..I realised it was the banana skin,it fell out of the newspaper..We got up and he came right next to my face and said :"If I have to continue working with you, I need to confirm my life insurance and first I want to buy insurance for all my body parts since you are attacking all of them one by one. First my Foot, then my hands and now my butt"He did "ughhh" and left..And I was ashamed but I still found it amusing lol i followed him and he was acting strange..he was standing to a wall and he said: "Why don't I just get rid of her, why can't I fire her?" I heard that much and stopped listening and he was still murmuring something..He needed treatment..




Work was finnally done and we met the deadline..I submitted the four venue designs to him and he rushed to sumbit them to the clients..I left for hotel to freshen up and then I came out and my phone rang there was a voicemail and Ryan was on it, it said: "Anwesha open the gift box next to the dressing room and I just wanted to ask you whether you can come for dinner with me tonight, if yes just give me a missed call and if no it is ok"..I was confused ermm thought for some time but he was a nice guy so just gave him a chance it wasn't like I was saying yes to his marriage proposal..So I gave him a Missed call and I opened the gift box..awww that was a sucha  pretty dress.. I wore it and I left..


I entered the lift and I found Ishaan Sir there huh was there any place on this earth where he wouldn't be there..He was looking at me then looking away..He did that too many times and then my phone rang and it was Ryan I told him: "I am coming, I am in the lift"and I hung up..He asked me:"Are you going somewhere?" ..I replied "Yes I am going for dinner" and he was asking me with his questions with his eyes and raising his eyebrows asking me:"With whom"..and I replied: "Sir I am sorry but I have a personal life too"



He got agitated and hit his hand on the lift buttons..The lift crashed down and I got worried..It was like an earthquake..I was taking god's name and holding him tight..after several minutes it was calm and I opened my eyes and I was in his lap..I got up and started screaming at him about him being insecure with me going out with someone just because I didn't tell him the name..I was really angry with him..He stood there listening to me all quiet..I was surprised he didn't open his mouth..I tried to call Ryan but no network..huh..The lift was now spoilt..


There was pin drop silence for several minutes.. and I was screaming my lungs out for help..There was no proper oxygen medium either..I was running out of breath so I crashed down and stuggling for breath..He got anxious and he told me to calm down and take deep breath and look at him..I was doing all I could but I needed fresh air..I was really suffocated since we were stuck in the lift for more than an hour..I fell unconscious and I woke up after some time when he gave me mouth to mouth..He asked me whether I was ok and I said Yes..and there was awkward silence again..


The lift door finally opened and the whole office staff including the lift mechanics were standing there and I said Thank You and ran out..He followed me..and I called Ryan to apologise for the delay, Ryan said its ok and he is still waiting..I turned around and Ishaan was standing there he asked for Ryan's whereabouts and I knew what he was upto..He heard me talking to Ryan..I said: "I don't know"..He called Ryan and asked where he is,and ryan probably confessed that he is going for for dinner with me..So Ishaan sir hung up and said: "Miss Anwesha Bhatt I am sorry for ruining your special plans  but I have to discuss something very important with Ryan so do you mind if I join you"..I got irritated and left, he followed me to Ryan's Car and I knew he was smirking without even looking at him..We then left for dinner all three of us..Ryan me and Ishaan Sir...

We were in the car and Ishaan Sir sat with Ryan in front and I sat on the back seat..We left for dinner and we went to a restaurant in brooklyn and we took our seats..And we were ordering food but I didn't order much as I wasn't in the mood so just ordered some salad..While we were waiting I could feel someone kicking my foot and I gave cuts to Ishaan Sir and he gave me a "what" look..he was still touching my foot so I kicked him back hard and he spilt all the water out on me..ewww I screamed and he got up and blasted me for attacking his feet all the time..I realised it was Ryan who was kicking me..I said: "Sorry" and ran to the washroom quickly..

When I reached the washroom I got a message from Ryan saying "Sorry I have work will ahve to leave you with Ishaan Sir, I am sure your dinner will be great with him"..Huh I know why this happened he probably convinced Ryan to go for some work..I went out and I saw he wasn't there on the table, I looked around for him but no signs..I knew it this man was going to leave me stranded..I was walking out and was passing near the swimming pool and I was wearing heels again..and I slipped,landed in the swimming pool..

I didn't know how to swim then so I was screaming for help but no oen came forward then I drowned inside and when I woke up someone was giving me mouth to mouth..I opened my eyes and saw it was Ishaan..Ok I was smitten there with his wet hair and shirtless avatar I admit that..but was wondering at the same time was it important to remove his shirt like Salman Khan..He asked for a towel and he was wiping my hair with the towel and I was just staring...


Actually I was thinking how he had given me mouth to mouth twice so he has given life to me and my baby both twice..I was really grateful to him,I smiled held his hand tight and said "Thank You" with tears..He wiped them and said; "No need to get emotional, if you died here your mother will place charges against me and I will be behind the bars" I laughed..We Walked on..He gave me his Coat and he was wet too so obviously he would be cold..I could see him shiver and I gave the coat back but he wanted to be Mard and he denied..
I asked him to change the Silent atmosphere:"Are you in the league to the next salman khan by stripping when you had to just jump in the water"..and he said: "See this is how Women are, instead of being grateful you women look for faults"..


I said:"Ishaan Sir Don't you understand any sort of sense of humour?" and we argued continuously unless we burst out laughing because we were arguing for nothing..We were in a restaurant in brooklyn and we walked till the brooklyn bridge and we were standing there looking at the beautiful waters at midnight..The atmosphere was so perfect and I got a call from Mom then..I picked it up and we were talking, Mom asked me about the baby and I said baby is totally fine.."I didn't realise I said that and when Mom hung up..He was puzzled and he asked me: "Didd you just call me baby?" and I realised the error I made.I denied and said:"Mom was talking about someone else"..He had this expression which was asking me"Do I have the right to know who you were calling baby?"..I didn't answer his expression because I was feeling awkward then...We drove off for the hotel and slept..Next Morning we had to leave to go back to Canada..

Next day I knocked on his door and no one was answering the door..I was wondering where is he...I called him but it was switched off..I called Ryan and he said that Ishaan already Left for Canada..I was shocked what was going on in his mind..I left the hotel with thoughts and reached the flight..I sat on my seat and was tired so I fell asleep..and I woke up when the flight took off..I wasn't feeling well so I didn't even open my eyes for food..I just woke up when the flight landed and I was woken up when someone's phone rung..I opened my eyes to find Ishaan sir in front of him..I was signalling him asking where he was and he kept on signalling me to keep shut..
He screamed "Blind Date? are you insane? you know I am not interested in women?"..He hung up and I asked him with surprise: "What do you mean by you are not interested in women?","Are you different from all normal men?"..He said: "What do you mean different from all men?"..I didn't know what to say so it just came out of my mind:"Are you Gay?".

He stumped his magazine on the glass and it broke..I got a bit scared with his reaction:"If I've saved you some times or maybe smiled with you it doesn't mean you can say anything to me" I said: "I was just joking, don't get offended you seem experienced with women too then why do you hate the?"

He said "I hate women..they can never stay loyal to anyone..same with you I opened up a bit to you and you decided to say whatever comes to your mind..You are no different from everyone else..Women are always Insensitive to Men's feelings..Just leave me alone"..I wanted to speak but he was hurt..I could see that he wasn't affected by the gay bit but something else was disturbing him..I followed him till his car but he didn't let me in and drove off..And I had some self-talk as to how insensitive I could be, because it was obvious my words had just opened up some old wounds of his..

I was pretty upset about what I did, I didn't mean to..It just happened..I went home and spent some quality time W*H men..I opened up to Mom about everything that happened in canada..She was giving me a really weird look which said: "I am worried about you"and I asked her what happened?..and she said:"Its not the same anymore everything has changed"and she left..I just sat there resolving that statement in my mind but I had no answer..I left for office and I was a bit nervous to face him..I had to attend a meeting early in the morning and submit all the designss that we created in NY..


And I quickly wrote a sorry note with a smile and submitted it to him as he had to recheck them..I stood by him for his reply because the guilt was killing me..He opened the file and closed it immediately..I was anxious for his answer..He told me to take a seat and I walked to my chair and sat..The meeting was over and my eyes weren't off him..Everytime our eyes met I was asking for an answer but he turned I had no idea what was going on in his mind..

Meeting was over and I reached my cabin and found that sorry not there where the smile was changed into a huge frown and eyes were changed which showed anger..Honestly I smiled that he replied that way but then was worried that he is really angry and I have reached out for his most sensitive part..I went out to find him, he was reading a newspaper I knocked on the door and no reply so I walked in and he wanted to walk away but I blocked him and said:"If you are ignoring me for last night I am sincerely sorry about it, I didn't mean to open your past wounds"..He just stared at me and didn't talk:"


And I said If you think women are insensitive men are no less they love to make us plead" He said: "I don't need your apology, you didn't mean to but don't get into my personal life because it is too complicated and you will get lost in it, you will never be able to come out my dark past, for your own good just keep away"and he left..I stood there in deep thoughts and realised I had actually moved into the phase where I was very close to him and there was just there something between us..


We never knew what it was but we learnt to just talk through eyes and expressions..I knew him a lot by had been 3 weeks since I was working with him and I knew he was a mysterious character..He could be extremely generous but he was very reserved he doesn't like interference..but when he opens up I neevr wanted him to stop, just wanted to know more about him..and I also realised Aaag Dono taraf lagi thi..


I went back to work day was over and I reached home and I got a message from Ishaan sir and it said: "Will you be my blind date?" I was totally confused with 10 million thoughts going on in my mind..I called him back and asked him "What did you just text?" And he was confused too..He said: "He will call me later" and he hung up..Now I got anxious...after 15 minutes he called me again and said: "Sorry that was my granny's prank, she is worried about me and wants to hook me up with someone..she found you the first girl in my contacts so she considered your for my blind date"I laughed off and he laughed a bit toe..He hung up and next day normal day to work..I reached my cabin and I found a letter there clearing all my wages..As I read the letter it said, I was fired..I ran out to search for him and he wasn't there..

I knew he would be in his personal washroom, I went inside without knocking..He told me to get out and I asked him now what was his new problem..he clearly said: "I don't talk to liars and you are fired ..Thankyou Miss Anwesha Bhatt for proving to me that women can never be trusted..It is not your fault actually, it is me..2 Women have broken my Trust till date and you are the last woman who is going to deceive my trust..I should learn a lesson it is my fault and he walked away from there leaving me wondering..what did I lie to him about?



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Totally out of context question. Any of you in the US planning specials for the super-bowl? Are there anything else we will need for a party other than chips and pizza? ROFL

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@Sigma...superbowl is tomorrowEvil SmileI will be  eating my weight in snacksLOL No we are good, I was thanking you for saying I write the lines wellLOL

Edited by Geekgod - 05 February 2011 at 3:31pm

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@WW.. did bugsy make a seperate thread aftr t den was born?? whn was t den born.. i am confused now!

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Stern Smile
you can't leave now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
this is proper cliffhanger
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thks goooseyy hugs...

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