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Tuje kaisa lagta hai?~Maaneet~Thread 1 (Page 2)

sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 August 2010
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
nice ....

continue soon

plzz add me to the PM list


Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2011
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Scene 3

Maan looked so dashing in his black suitBlushing and Geet was wearing a hot pink glamorous and revealing sari..anyway thats what Maan thought due to her choli being adorned with lots of dori design at the backEmbarrassed. Maan kept looking at Geet tied up hair in a bun..and the diamond choker and long killer earrings she was wearing and the high heels were driving him madSilly. How could a girl be so attractive he thought...he has never had these feelings for anyone.

Maan escorted his wife in his smashing bugatti veyron and both left the cinema...Geet was thinking where is he taking meConfused Maan kept looking at his wife with passion and Geet was blushing and her heart was beating fast...Maan being a bit naughty took hold of Geet hand and changed gears with her. Geet felt the desire of what was on his mind, On their suhaag rath he had told her they will not consummate their marriage due to tradition and build up their relationship first. Geet was happy that Maan was different she always admired him because he was not like any typical guy.

Maan was thinking where shall I take her now....Confused He decided to take her for a country drive and in the middle of the night!Shocked It started to rain very badly as it was the monsoon was pouring. Maan was finding it hard to drive. The road were kache and his car got stuck in the mud...and it would not moveOuch Maan had no choice but to come out of his car and assess the situation. The rain was so bad that Maan got drenched...Geet seeing this came out of the car and said "Maan aap beemar ho jaye ge"...

Maan replied "Geet hum yaha pas gaye hai..hume uss cottage mein rath guzarana hogi"...Maan held Geet hand and led her to the cottage. Maan shouted "koi hai hume pana chaiye aik rath keliye" one replied he made himself at homeLOL

Geet was drenched her Sari was drenched and clinging to her slim figure which Maan couldnt help noticingBlushing. Her makeup had run down and her mascara had blackened her face. She instantly washed her face. Maan lighted some fire as it was freezing. He turned and sees Geet with no make up and stares that omg she is so can she be this pretty.  Geet was feeling uncomfortable the choker was cold and Maan helped her take it off...she was shivering due to the experience of Maan teasing her with slowly taking of her choker  and earrings. But then he vanished leaving her high and dry like alwaysROFL

To be continued...Tongue

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VirIka4ever Senior Member

Joined: 02 August 2010
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Amazing ... Can you please add me to your PM list ... Please update soon ... can't wait to read what is gonna happen next.
anshimanshi Goldie

Joined: 28 June 2006
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
nice FF....can u please add me to ur PM list. thanks
komlika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 April 2006
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
nice FF.........can u PM me Smile
Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2011
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Hi guys I'm back due to huge demand of what happens nextLOL only kidding...I couldn't help but writeLOLTongue

Scene 4 continuation from scene 3....

Please be warned its gonna get hottttttttttttttEmbarrassed

Geet bechari looked left right where had her hot hunk hubby MSK goneErmm...she started thinking this place looks similar to Roop tera mastana cottage...however, it was renovated well now and it was romantically decorated...white and red chiffon bedding..white and red roses everywhere and candles lit like the cottage knew Maaneet are coming there. Geet wondered have they gatecrashed someone elses suhaag rath?Stern Smile

Anyways guys play this song in the background at this point and forget Sunny deol and Madhuri dixitROFL and let me guide you through the journey of when Maaneet became 1Embarrassed ps but you can see Sunny and Madhuri to imagine how Maaneet would be giving their passionate expressionsBlushing Please read and pause the song if needed if the song is playing too will be really effective if the lyrics are followed with the actual song music.

here's the link

The seductive music starts....Geet calls out "Maan" and is walking backwards that Maan like Roop tera mastana days lets geet bump into him and undoes her bun that her long silky hair fall and she looks ohhhh so sensual...and he with passion and lust grabs her Embarrassed and starts singing "main teri mohabbat mein paagal ho jaaunga"...Maan exudes sheer frustration of keeping himself away from Geet and teasingly with his eyes says
"mujhe aisa lagta hai tujhe kaisa lagta hai ??" Geet sees the the wild desire and naughtiness in Maans eyes and place one of her hands on his eyes and sings "ho o o main teri nigaahon se ghaayal ho jaaungi"
and raises her eyebrows with equal naughtiness "mujhe aisa lagta hai tujhe kaisa lagta hai?".Wink
The seductive music plays and Maan nuzzles her neck from behind and Geet feels shy and runs off towards the window and pretends to look out at the rain...the rain sighhhh makes the atmosphere so romantic.Day Dreaming

Maan in his dashing style flings his jacket and starts stripping in his MSK Style...
Maan by this point only has his famous black vest and is close dancing with Geet hugging her from behind..both are wet and cold but fire is cooking between then...Maan forcefully turns Geet aroung to face him and sings
"kuchh din se main toota toota rahata hoon
apane dil se se rootha rootha rahata hoon"

Geet breaks away from Maan's mascular body and dreamingly states her state of affairs and is playing with mangulsutra and bringing it to her lips, which is turning MSK onEmbarrassed
"kuchh din se main khoyi khoyi rahati hoon
jaagu bhi to soyi soyi rahati hoon"

Hearing her halat Maan grabs her but she feels helpless and hugs him and looks at his seductive sexy eyes and says
"deewani aaj nahi to kal ho jaaungi
main teri nigaahon se gayal ho jao gi muje aisa lagta hai tuje kaisa lagta hai...?"
Maan knows he has cast his spell because he knows Geet is going mad by their close proximityEmbarrassed

The seductive music plays Geet runs off due to becoming nervous and Maan tries to catch Geet but Geet is too shy to let herself goOuchEmbarrassed her shyness was a huge turn on for Maan...he felt he was catching his prey but she wasn't his prey he loved her like crazyEmbarrassed

MSK does his staring session LOL he grabs her mangulsutra and pullls her near him and sings "ji chaahe teri aankhon mein kho jao "
Geet reveals her desire for her husband physically Blushing"aaj abhi is waqt main teri ho jaaun" she passionatley looks at Maan and hugs him so tight.
Maan continues to tell Geet is frustration and his desires for his wife "kab tak aakhir ham milne ko tarsenge?"
Geet honey it is savan so please barsoROFL"kab saavan aayega kab baadal barsenge?"
Maan encourages Geet to let go like he was telling her about the birds and the beesROFLLOL

"tu mast pavan ban jaa main baadal ban jaaunga"
"main teri mohabbat mein pagal ho jao ga muje aisa lagta hai tuje kaisa lagta hai?"...

Maan vanishes again and Geet has tears in her eyes due to the pain of not physically becoming hubby and wifeCry The emotions Maan had awakened in her were making her hopeless, weak and tearful...did she love Maan so much?
Maan realises Geet emotional state and comes near and Geet touches MSK face and touches his lipsBlushing and sings

 "tujh bin lab par koi naam nahi aata
dil ko tadpe bina aaraam nahi aata"

Maan smirks and grabs Geet and seductively sings suggesting what was followingBlushing he grabs her tight and interlocks his hands to hers like the hands were making loveEmbarrassed and brings his lips next to her cheeks, eyes and chin
"donon taraf lagi hai aag baraabar ye Blushing
rakh degi bas hamko raakh banaakar ye
tu bhi jal jaayegi main bhi jal jaaunga
main teri mohabbat mein pagal ho jao ga

Maan gives his naughty look and asks Geet  "muje aisa lagta hai tuje kaisa lagta hai?" ...Geet covers Maans naughty eyes and sings"ooo main teri nigahon se gayal ho jao gee muje aisa lagta hai tuje kaisa lagta haiii?"

The seductive music plays and Maan picks up Geet in his trademark style and takes her to the bedroom fit for new bride groomWinkEmbarrassed He places a kiss on her foreheadEmbarrassed while still holding her.

Maan lays Geet on bed going down with her and Geet quickly gets scared and says "Maan" but he puts his finger on her lips and says "chup bilkul chup aaj humare beech main koi bhi nahi aye ga...muje koi rukawat nahi chahiye..samji tum?"Blushing
Geet goes silent as she knows what to expect now Maan slowly looks into Geet eyes and brings his lips onto hers..kissing ever so softly...Geet first loves that and starts kissing badly she had wanted to kiss him. Maan realised she had loosened up
and started to kiss her aggressively and literally ate her upEmbarrassed He grabbed her hair so wildly and began kissing her neck and giving her love bites...she was bruised and her lips puffed up.

Maan decided it was time he went a notch up as Geet was shivering because of his touch and of her wet sari...Maan used his mouth to untie the dori of her choliBlushing he started placing seductive kisses on her back, this was complete hopeless toture Geet was experiencing..she felt like she will explodeOuchEmbarrassed and he started taking her hot pink sari off and Geet closed her eyes and grabbed Maans mascular armsEmbarrassed

Maan looked at Geet and said "Geet your soooo hotttt" Geet blushed...he was admiring her womenly assets and playing around with them. Geet wasn't sure how to react so she let down her guard and let Maan be the boss as usual!LOL

Maan realised Geet plight and whispered "Geet don't worry, main tumara poora kiyaal raku ga"...Geet thought I feel worse now that he had noticed her being afraid to being naked infront of him
MSK thought I need to lead the way as its her first time...he took off his vest and Geet remembered the time she had been attracted to his physique she touched his abs and Maan giggled fully aware that he was turning Geet on...Geet hugged him and by this time their bodies had no partitionEmbarrassed She was melting away in his sexy chiselled warm body...because he was so sexy it made her feel sexy as well.

Geet hugged her hubby so tight and started giving him kisses on his neck and torso..Maan let her and when he couldn't take it no more he grabbed her and started giving her french kisses.

They were almost was still pouring but all they could hear was their heartbeats, their moans and their uncontrollable "I love yous".

Geet realised they were at the last stage now...they had torn each other apart...Maan placed himself on top of her and went inside her and gave each other the pleasures they had always imagined but realised that in reality it was so much better...they had become 1Embarrassed

When both came into their senses they could hear the rain still vigourously falling and Geet became her shy self and placed her head on Maan's chest to avoid eye contact...she said "Maan we better get dressed...what if the owner of this cottage comes and finds us in this state?"
Maan giggled..Geet looked puzzledConfused Maan goes "Geet ye hamara cottage hai...yaad hai jab pehli baar hum yaha aye te tab se maine isse kareed liya tha iss rath for the first time I will make love to you I got it renovated and all this drama I done is to surprise you so you can remember for the
rest of your life...and we can come again and again for our marathon rendez vousWink

Geet lovingly looked at Maan and he got his mischief again..."Geet round 2 ho jaye"...WinkEmbarrassed Geet pretended and goes "umm-uh"
Maan teases "iss ka matlab hai haan...aur Geet ab dekho ke kitna pyar tume mujse milta tho shuroowaat hai"Blushing

The love making continued till dawn till both could not keep their eyes open...Geet felt sore but she was complete now....both lay in each others arms and heard the morning birds singing..till both drifted off to noo noo landDay Dreaming

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
it was hot Blushing Blushing......cont soon
Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2011
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by komlika

it was hot Blushing Blushing......cont soon


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