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4/2/2011 Writte/Vid/Pix Update Taanulicious scenes


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4/02/2011 Tere Liye Written Update
Hey guys i am mariam your updater for today sorry for the delay as i fell asleep on the way home from uni on the train and ended upat a random stop ROFL well the taanu scenes will make my day today Day Dreaming
Short Update
- Jonaki taunts mollie shamona says to her husband taposh is usless who dosnt relize his responsibilty
-shekar tells anu to attend a meeting he says he has another meeting to attend shekar understands they have a sweet talk
-taposh and mollie have a sweet convo
laboni, neelu, taani go shopping anu calls taani out to help him shopping she dosnt listen and goes back in
anu is confused and chooses all three rings and make preps for the date
thakhur ma came she teases anu he signals taani to come she nods no he does khatti with her and go
taanu's date scene anu puts a ring on her and tere liye bg music plays
Detailed Update
Part I
The Eposide starts of with mollie shamona sitting down while jonaki is looking through the jewelery she looks at them and says she needs the one that weighs most heavy molie says that its nothing like that jonaki says that nothing like this happens if you have the knowledge you can identify it eaisly plus there is going to be top class people there i dont want anyone to make fun of me you wont understand, then she taunts mollie her mom says jonaki she says what did i say wrong mollie di has nothing to do with jewelry her huband gave her a chain and she is very happy with that and this sort of jewelery forget looking at it its not in her destiny to even wear it (Angryjonaki is just horrible not sutable for robindo) Jonaki says tell me what should i wear shomona says on this occasion you wear jewelry from your maayka jonaki says its not like you given me a pot full only few and they are also very light if i wear them everyone will make fun of m you understand i am going to wear those that came from robbie's house (Jonaki dont fly to high woman your wedding hasnt happened yet Ouch) shamona says i am not going to force you wear whatever you want outside the room mollie's dad is talking to a worker her says see on my daughters wedding the jewelery is being made of 30 carot gold(sorry my num in hindi isnt good correct me if i am wrong) all these things should be of 30 carot meaning if someone eats it they should lick there fingers, nothing should be missing from the list you know Jonaki's anger and bring them from the karwa market shamona comes out she sends the worker away
Part II
Shamona says to her husband i have sopken to taj caters and everything is going to come from there he says the quality isnt good she says you dont understand our rishta has been fixed with a big house you dont look at quality but brand, she says have you phoned the madap people up yet he says oh yeah mollie says i will do it shamona says there are loads of wedding preperations to be done and only 4 hands and our son in law he is just usless my small son in law is good he has phoned 10 times asking if i need a hand i cant give him any work how much will mollie and i do mollie is sad her mum says whats the point crying now she has jumped into fire herself and were not expecting much from taposh just to help in the work he has no sense in filfuling his responsibilitys she leaves so does her husband (poor mollie i feel for her Ouch) @ganugaly house anu lies on his bed and says to himself ma hd to go shopping tomorow and tani had to go with her what shall i gift her last time i coudnt give anything nice like a necklace he says oh god please help me then he says taani reads magzine a lot idea he looks at the magizine (Day Dreaminganu looks so cute Embarrassed) shekar enters the room he says to anu tomorow we have a meeting in our textile mill with foreign deligates i am busy with wedding preps and yur mums order is i look at everything so you go to the pffice and attend the meeting anu says i have some work shekar says what he says i have other clients and have a meeting with him he says other clients who and looks at the magizine anu hides it behind him and says hmm shekar says i have understood other client come on they sit on the bed, shekar says other clients my clients anyone can attend but this client only you can attend anu says baba actually, shekar says whats the reason to be shy before wedding i also used have these client meetings you meet this client remember one thing your shekar gangualy's son and dont come back before impressing and if you need to give a gift dont give anything less then a solidatare got it anu says yes he says best of luck and leaves (cute scene between anu and his baba Smile)
anu looks through the magizine and says solidtare then he says i will ask baba and goes away back @ taani's house taposh is in the room mollie walks through and says you he says my work finished early thats why she says you didnt tell me you should have phoned i would came early from ma's place he says no its nothing like that its your sisters wedding and there are loads of wedding and you have loads of work so its important for you to be there, he says tomorow they have planned dinner or something she says yes he goes actually ma was telling i will come with you also, he says i have bought shirt, pant and saree for robbie and jonaki how is it she says nice he says the rasam parts ma will be doing but we have to do something on our behalf, she says i have bought some wedding cards for taani tell me if she will like it he says this she goes on the way back from ma's house the wedding cards shop is nearby i bought them taani will like them or not taposh says that its your choice and my wife chooses something for her sister in law is the best, mollie says your choice is good too i dont know about jonaki but i liked the saree she gets up about to go taposh holds her hand and stops her he says that i am sorry so much is happening in the house and its important for me to be there so many responsibility's and you alone it must be difficult you know in all this stuff i am not good weddings, household stuff i never gave them importance, ma and taani stopped complaining ages ago but you complain it feels nice and feels like your my own bg tune plays they hug (cute scene for taposh and mollie fans Embarrassedi am personally robbie and mollie fan)
Part III
Laboni, neelu and taani are out shopping, neelu says show me the saree's they show her few and her phone rings before she aswers they interupt saying its so beautifull on the other hand anu decides to rings neelu who says if you want to talk to taani she is bust anu says ma you always think i am wrong i phoned to talk to you where are you she says i am at the market he says that its a really nice place i am at home getting bored i will come and help you she says that we three are too much he says that i could carry your bags LOL she disconeects it before hearing that anu says you could listen to me neelu says its been 25 yrs anu never stepped in a saree shop and today he came to help, laboni says first you had to look at ma's stuff now its his wifes understand anu says to himself so what if you dont need my help i need tani's help i am coming he tells the shopkeeper to keep them safe and not give it anyone he will get help and come he peeps through the window and knocks on it to get taani's attention and tells her to come there she says no he says please laboni says what are you doing anu hides(cute scene Embarrassed) anu pleads taani again she says ma am phoned i will come after talking laboni says hurry up were selecting saree for you taani walks out anu comes and pulls her to the corner and says ma might see taani says she might come and ask questions he says come and help me in my shopping for 2 mins she says your gone pagal she goes back in he says your concerned about saree anu says to the shopkeeper show me the rings he gives him 3 anu tries to decide but cant and says pack all 3 he says i will take all 3 she will like one scene shifts to anu lighting candles he has decorated it beautifully with loved shaped heart baloons all around he says i wonder if she will like it Day Dreaming
 he says where is she its 700 she's meant to come at 6:00 i will go and pick her my slef @taani's house she is serving food neelu says to anu's dadi if i knew before i would came myself to the railway station she says that i told the manager that you have to handle everything i am going to my sons if i loose some money it will be done but i am going to give blessings to my grandsons anu comes and says thakur ma when did you come he says i came now look the groom came she says look his face is going red look like the wedding joys is going to his face anu says how are you thakur ma says i am good and going to dance a lot in your wedding how are you i have heard your getting eager for your wedding, anu says its nothing like that thakur ma i dont say anything but taani she says i can read whats in your heart in your eyes i am your thakur ma dadi now sit here and massage my legs he says ok she says after 2 days you will be married and busy in serving your wife LOL then you wont come in my hand anu wisphers to tani its 7:00 now come she say she cant he says khatti
and gets up (aww anu looked so cute Day Dreaming) thakur ma says what happend he leaves ends on taani face.
Part III
anu is at the venue where he has made thedat preperations taani comes they look at each other whil the bg music plays he says go to your house what are you doing here there are more important people i am small anurag, taani says thakur ma came so i had to talk to her for a while now dont be angry you did all this for me she says its really beautifull now give me my gift anu says how do you know i bought a gift sh says i spotted you going in a jewelery shop he says smart and come and sit down he sits say 1,2,3 gives the gift taani says 3 rings so you thought i might reject you back up planning he says pagal which shop i wne tot i coudnt decide and liked these the best Embarrassed she goes anu you know what i like he takes one ring out and makes tani stand up he sits on his knees and proposes to taani with tere liye playing in the bg she puts her hand out he puts the ring on he kisses her hand and they hug Day DreamingDay Dreaming 
(must watch scene for all taanu fans Embarrassed) ends on them hugging
10/10 it was an awsome epi with taanu date scene anu making preps for the date anu doing khatti from taani chosing rings for her taanulicious epi minus the jonaki part out cant wait for monday Smile all taanu fans have to watch the last part i coudnt do full justice writing it
dont forget to press the like button to thank me Smile
Vid/Pix update by Nipun:   http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1608852 [/CRYPT]

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lol that nearly happened to me once as well!!!

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Lol....that happens 2me 2a week... Lol ...:)

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thanks for the lovely update
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thnks 4 da update really helpfulHug
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Taanu are getting married. . . oh yeaaah. . . oh yeaaah. . . oh yeaaah!DancingHeart Onu Tani ke pati hai, Onu Tani ke Pati hai!!!DancingHeart

Thanks for the update as well!! I enjoyed todays episode a lot.

P.S:  Onu Tani ke pati hai. . . oh yeaah! ha ha haLOL
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thanx 4 updateSmile

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