AKAKR part 9 & 10 written update

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                                                     AKAKR part 9 and 10

CID 21st January 2011

The episode starts of with Abhijeet along with his 'gang' coming to the TS media building to hijack it. They get inside the building and hijack the whole building and keep all the workers of the TS company in a room from where Abhijeet calls ACP sir. Here Freddy feels bad about the way Abhijeet has turned against the whole team when ACP sir receives the call from Abhijeet. Abhijeet tells him that he has hijacked the whole building which leaves ACP totally shocked. ACP refuses to believe that Abhijeet would go to such a limit. So Abhijeet tells him he'll send a proof and records a video of all the captives and sends it to ACP sir. ACP sir sees the video and is shocked to see that Abhijeet has gone so against the team. The team arrive at the media building and ACP sends Kaajal and Sachin to go and find about the doctor who was treating Abhijeet.

Abhijeet calls ACP to hear his reaction after seeing the video. ACP asks him what he wants and he asks him to go to the central jail. ACP asks him what has to be done after going there and Abhijeet replies that he'll understand that once he goes there.

Here Ajeet comes to a room where he tells his boss Abhay that he wants to take his money and leave this job. Abhay doesn't agree and kills him.

ACP reaches the jail and gets to know that 2 people are to be hanged and the commissioner has gone for that.

Here Abhijeet along with Maya come to the room where Ajeet killed Abhay and Ajeet tries to attack Abhijeet but Abhijeet defends himself. Ajeet tells he wanted to test Abhijeet. Abhijeet and Maya are shocked to know that Abhay has been killed.

On the other side ACP reaches the place on time and manages the hanging from taking place. He calls Abhijeet and informs him that hanging has been stopped. Abhijeet asks him to bring them to the media building.

Here Sachin and Kaajal come to the hospital where Abhijeet was being treated and are shocked to know he was given shock treatment. They get hold of the doctor who was 'treating' Abhijeet who on being interrogated tells that He along with Maya and the criminals had planned to flee from the country and had to go and give the passports and fake visas.

On the other side ACP arrives with the culprits and is thinking about how to enter when Sachin and Kaajal bring the doctor. ACP makes the doctor call Ajeet and tell that he has arrived with the passports and visas. Ajeet tells him to come inside from the backdoor and knock twice as it's the code.

The doctor tells ACP that know one apart from Abhijeet and Maya recognised him. ACP tells Viivek to go instead of the doctor.

Viivek gets inside the building and handles the men inside and then starts searching the building and is shocked to find a chemical bomb in the building. He informs ACP sir about it who tells Viivek to immediately come out of the building and that he'll send bomb squad but suddenly hears a shout from Viivek and decides that the team has to enter the building immediately.

Just then he receives a call from Abhijeet who tells that his life is in danger and needs help from ACP sir and the team. ACP is unable to understand whether Abhijeet is telling the truth or lying but feels that he's telling the truth and so decides to go inside the building.

Ajeet hears Abhijeet speaking and feels that he's with the CID team to which Abhijeet replies that it's a part of his plan to kill ACP Pradyuman.

ACP sir along with Daya enter the building and start searching for Abhijeet . Freddy and Salunkhe are kept outside with the culprits so as to see they don't escape.

ACP-Daya-Sachin find one of the teams guy who's unconscious and ACP asks Sachin to handle him and he and Daya go into the warehouse searching for Abhijeet .

Inside the warehouse ACP and Daya start searching for Abhijeet and constantly feel someone is following them. Just then a crane weight-holder comes and falls on Daya's shoulder injuring him but still then Daya tells ACP sir that he's ok and the continue searching when ACP finds someone is behind a set of boxes and comes there to see it's none other than Abhijeet. He feels relieved to know Abhijeet  is safe and tells him that he should've been careful and it would have been dangerous if ACP sir fired at him mistaking him to be someone else. Abhijeet turns back and says that bullet will indeed be fired and shoots ACP sir and before Daya could react shoots at Daya also . ACP and Daya fall down after being hit by the bullet and Abhijeet gives an evil smile.

CID 22nd Jan 2011

The episode starts with Daya getting up after the bullet missed him and is very angry with Abhijeet. He's about to shoot him when Abhijeet snatches Daya's gun to shoot him. Maya comes in at that time and takes Abhijeet away from there.Sachin comes at that time and is surprised  to see Daya shocked . He rushes towards Daya who shows him ACP sir's 'body'. Sachin goes towards ACP sir and tries to wake him up who gains conscious and tells that he had becoame unconscious for a moment. Daya asks him if he's ok to which ACP tells that Abhijeet had fired fake bullets at him  and that he's very much with the team . The team search the ware house and find Viivek who gains conscious and tells that someone was about to kill him when Abhi sir came and that he doesn't remember what happened after that.

ACP and the team reach the place where the bomb is kept and call the bomb squad guy who tells him to search for a chip. The team search but do not find any to which the Bomb Squad man replies telling that there should be a chip or maybe it's a new type of bomb which can be blasted with the help of the remote.

Here Ajeet brings Abhijeet and Maya to a room where Abhijeet is shocked to see that Ajeet has kept Taarika captures and tied to a chair. Ajeet tells him that even if Abhijeet tries to, he won't be able to go against him or else he'll kill Taarika. Abhijeet brushes off saying that he doesn't care about Dr. Taarika at all.

Here ACP along with Viivek,Daya,Saching after seeing the video Abhijeet sent reach the room where all the workers of the media building have been kept. They try to save him but one guy refuses to co-ordinate saying that if caught Abhijeet and the others would kill them . ACP tells that these people are scared and so will not co-ordinate and asks Viivek to stay there dressed as one of Ajeet's men.

He,Daya and Sachin come out to search for the rest of the people. They see Abhijeet,Ajeet and Maya coming and ACP takes out 2 roses from a flower vase and places them on the floor and hides with the tam behind the table. Abhijet and the rest cross the table but Abhijeet notices the 2 flowers and makes out that ACP and the rest are there. He acts as if something is stuck on his shoe and passes a ring towards the team and indicates to the next room and leaves with Ajeet and Maya.

Daya sees the ring and tells that this ring was gifted to Abhijeet by Taarika. ACP tells that they should immediately go to the room Abhijeet was indicating at. Here Abhijeet,Maya and Ajeet come to the room where the captives have been kept and decide to leave along with them. Abhijeet notices that it's Viivek disguised as a man from their team and tries to avoid Ajeet from seeing him. He along with Ajeet and Maya are about to leave with the captives when Ajeet says that he has some final work to take care about and that he'll join them soon .

Abhijeet along with Captives and Maya come outside and ask Freddy to free the culprits . Freddy follows that and sets the 2 culprits free. He also asks Salunkhe whether he has arranged the similar looking number plates covered  vans along with the helicopter and permission to leave the country and Salunkhe responds telling everything has been arranged.

Here ACP and Sachin come to the room where Taarika has been kept and try to save her but Ajeet comes on time and tells that he had been feeling that something's fishy from a long time and asks Sachin and ACP to handcuff themselves with the chair.

Abhijeet tells everyone outside that he'll go inside and search for Ajeet and on entering sees that Ajeet has got hold of Taarika and tells Abhijeet that he did wrong by cheating him and that he'll shoot Taarika. Just at the right time ACP shoots on Ajeet's hand and Taarika escapes but Ajeet tells that if someone tries to get hold of him he'll blast off the building.

Ajeet comes outside and tells everyone that Abhijeet had betrayed them and decides to escape when viivek tries to attack him when one of the captives warns him and Ajeet defends himself. He gets hold of Viivek and tells that he'll shoot him when Abhijeet comes forward saying that only he knows where the helicopters are and so he should go with them. Ajeet agrees and everyone along with the captive who helped sit in the vans and disperse . Here ACP makes out that the bomb is fake and they too leave behind the vans

After going some distance they have the cover from their number plates removed and spread out in different directions.

The all reach a hill top where Ajeet is shocked to see that there isn't any helicopter . and Abhijeet tells that it was just his plan to divert the people so that the whole building is emptied and even if Ajeet blasts the building it wont affect anyone .

Ajeet aims his gun at Abhijeet and warns that he'll shoot him . Sachin who is disguised as one of the car's driver sees that and tries to save Abhijeet but the captive notices that and hits Sachin on his head with a rod . Hearing Sachin's shout everyone turns towards there and the team arrive at the right time and a shootout takes place . Abhijeet to gets hold of gun. during the shootout Ajeet aims at Abhijeet and is about to shoot him when Maya suddenly comes in between and the bullet hits her.
Maya's brother comes towards her and asks her why she came in between to which she replies that she had fallen in love with Abhijeet and was feeling guilty for her actions . The team get hold of the rest of Ajeet's team members and ACP tells that death sentence would be given to Ajeet for this crime.

Here in the building the bomb squad take the chemicals to dispose them off and ACP,Salunkhe,Freddy come towards Abhijeet and tell him that he should now be back to CID. Abhijeet refuses saying that he has seen in his  dreams that his past is haunted and so doesn't deserve to be back in CID and leaves the place.

Abhijeet's House
Abhijeet is feeling sad seeing his pic with the whole team when suddenly someone knocks on his door. He is shocked to see that the guy who enters is none other than the one he saw himself murdering in his dreams. He wonders how is it possible when ACP,Daya,Freddy come and ACP clears that this guy was in an undercover mission with Abhijeet before his memory loss and during that mission Abhijeet had to act as if he killed this guy and only that part of the past was coming to Abhijeet's mind continuously and haunting him. Abhijeet feels relieved to know that he hadn't murdered anyone and is happy .
ACP tells that atleast now he should be back to CID and Abhijeet agrees. While leaving Abhijeet stops Daya and apologizes for having behaved rudely and harshly and Daya responds telling that he's his friend all all mistakes of friends should be forgiven and forgotten . Freddy tells Abhijeet that he knew Abhijeet would never do any wrong  and welcomes him back. Abhijeet also tells them that CID is everything for him and he too can't live without it and Freddy demands ACP for a party and everyone break into a laughter .

Sorry everyone for this short update. Vis had asked me for it as it had been pending for a long time now. Forgive me if there are any mistakes. SmileSmile

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Better Late than never....   Nice update bhavana ji EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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thx for the updates

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thnx bhavnab. gr8 work!!!!!!!!!!! ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Thanks Bhavana and Sorry VisromUnhappy I couldnt update

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thanks buddy....added to the episode thread.Smile

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thanks to a of the above who liked it !!! It was a bit rushed abs done via cell as vis had asked me long back and didn't want it to be further postponed !!

@Priya nice to know you didn't have any issues with me doing the update !!! It's a tough job and you're doing great !!! Anytime you're unable to update due to any personal commitments let me know !!!

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Great update, Bhavana. Really well written! Clap

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