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Love Me Or Hate Me I m All Yours{mannet}pt 9 pg15

rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
                Tongue hello every one this is my first ff hope you like it.....
        the story of 2 people who are different but time will tell them how they are made for each other......

        i hope u like the concept do tell me soo that i will carry on with this ff... 

       here goes the 1st part enjoy it...
          part 1.

as we all know Angrymsk owner of k.c..and the most eligable bechlor of delhi..same as shown in the serial.he loves her dadi the most and can do any thing for her.he is the same arrogant,high temper, self obbsessed person but kind by heart.He dont hate girls but makes a distance from them because he belives that they are here only for money that he had.Which is 50% right on his way bt his life will take a u turn when the destiny play its game...
on the other hand geet handa not same as shown in the show.Here she is equally rich as the great msk.Smileshe lives life like its the last day of her life nt afraid of death coz of her past....[past will be revelead by side by side]..she can do any thing for her parents bt unfortunately they are divorsed. but she never complaned..
   life of these 2 people are lets see what happens next..

precap;;;; maan geet 1st time face 2 face.

doo like it or comment it then i ll continue n my posts will be regular..

next post coming soon with in 2 hrs..Big smile

part 2

its 5 am and the clock starts beeping..a man of time get of the bed moves to his gym for ti chi..after that at 6 am had a shower and get ready in his usual attire of office cloths which is black pants ,red shirt n black vest..coming down fron his room he straight went to the dining table,
dadi: Goodmorning maan beta,ready for the break fast..
maan: Goodmorning dadi,yeh m ready soo tell me hws ur health.
dadi: beta mere health tabhe theek hoge jab tum shaddi karo ge.
maan: dadi aap ko baas shadhi ki pardhe rehte hai tabhi mai outhouse mai reta hu..or aab muje iis bare mai koi baat nahi karne,n i m getting late for the office soo bye...
dadi thought: kab tak bagho ge mai bhi dekhte hu kabhi na kabhi toh shadhi ke liye mna he lu ge.Wink
    on the other hand in khurana constructions every one is running here n there coz there boss is on way to office.He only has dadi left in family coz his parents died in plane crash.
maan enters his office...

maan: adi newyork project file le kar mere office mai ayo, jaldi..n gives an angry glare to every one n went to his cabin.
sasha: i hate mk aaj unhone muje ek baar bhi nahi dheka, huh.mai specially itna tyaar hoo kar aye thi,ahhh koi baat nahi ek din voo mere pass khud ayenge..Wink
adi:sasha thora dhere bolo kahe maan sir ne sun liya  toh tum toh he-he-he-he....
sasha:tum apna kam karo you------ n mk ko toh mai pa kar he rahu ge ek na ek din n with thats she goes to her work left adi n lost sense...
adi:iss pagal ka kya ho ga pta nahi..
maan call adi: hello..
adi:yes maan [adi is maan childhood frnd and works in kc n is very faithful to maan]..
maan: adi i called u, n its been 15 min u r nt here, y soo...
adi:woh i m coming n hang up the call..
may i come in maan si-sir..
maan:come adi..
adi:phew woh aaj toh bas ho gye yaar maan.
maan:adi abhi mai aya hu or maine tumhe bass file lane ko kaha hai or tumhare bass ho gye..
adi:nahi nahi woh nahi woh sashe..mai us ki baat kar raha tha.
maan:uski kya tumhare pass kuch acha nahi hai karne ke liye jo uske bare mai soch rahe ho.
adi:he-he-he mai nahi oh tumhare bare mai soch rahe hai or khete hai ek din voo tumhe apna bna le ge..he-he-he-he
maanAngry:adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shut up.
adi: maan voo-oo-oo- kuch nahi u know that.
maan: hmmmm woh sasha kyu nahi sudhrate i cant help it just ignore it n u y...she is a musium piece n just coz of her father she is here other wise i hve been thrown her out before..
adi: i know n one good news.
maan:hmm bolo adi..
adi:woh ma-a-an m-a-i ne pinky ko propose kar diya.Confused 
maan:who ws drinking coffi split on n said adi r u serious n ohh when, how soo sudden..
adi laugh:maan pinky n i know each other since i join this office n u know that soo we both u know..
maan:i m happy for u n i ll congratulate pinty at night coz u both will have dinner with me n dadi k..
adi:yes b-o-os.....with that they start discussing the project n for 5 hours they were working.
adi:maan can i ask u smthin..
maanConfused:hmmm yes adi bolo..
adi:y ant u get married?
maan:u know my ansure soo y u n dadi force me n u know i ll get angry,
adi:Ouch hmmm 
 maan:u knoe every girl loves me but its not only me its my money .
adi:i get it dont spoil ur mood...
with that the whole day went in work n adi n maan works like robots till the time stuck at 8pm coz its time to go home..
on the ther hand sasha fuming that mk is nt coming near to her n that adi always there to creat probs for me..

In newyork.....
its 10 am n nobody is awake.yes here come our geet madam who is the owner of hc{handa construcion}she is the only daughter of her parents so she at the age of 17 joined bossiness n started working.she is totally opposite of maan. she is moody n when it comes to her anger she is more dangerous then maan..
dimaa:beta uth ja subha ke 10 bje gye hai.
geet:hmmm maa bas 10 min aur phir mai aye..
dimaa:from last 2 hrs u r saying the same thing now its ur last warning..
geet:with th last sentence she wake up like a thunder coz she knew her dimaa that she will pour cold water on her...
dimaa:it ws easy said with a smirk..
geet:ahhhhhhhh i hate morning itne jaldde  ate hai yeh..
dimaa:geet tum itne barde ho gye ho par harkte bachoo jase hai..
geet:plzz maa asa maat kaha mere reputation kharab ho jaye ge ..
{geet lives alone in her banglo with her dimaa or u can say grandmother,shes is the one who know her pain n geet only lives for her cozz she hate her parents from depth of her heart}
ddimaa:tere  reputation han idhar ah btate hu...with that geet runs..
geet in bathroom:maa towel doo mai bhul gye..
dimaa:isa kya ho ga office mai toh sab ase darte hai jaise koi bhoot hai hai agar ghar mai dheke toh kahe ge ki bache hai oufff..
geet:bas kijey maa muje sun raha hai..
dimaa:avha hai kam se kam tme pe office toh ja..
geet:office mere,boos mai toh tme mere hath mai hai..
dimaa:then joo vaha kam karte hai unhe itna late kyu nahi bulate jitna tu jate hai...said with a smirk..
geet:i pay them they hve to be on tme n i work full tme as they work just that i work till late soo makes no big difference..
dimaa rolls her eyes..
geet:maa can i ask u smthin?
dimaa:tumhe kab se permission ki zarrort par gye hai..
geet:y u love me this much jab ki apko pta hai ki mai mom dad se kitni nafrat karte hu..said with no emotion in her eyes..
dimaa with teary eyes:coz u r the best thing happend in my life bete n ur mom dad in there personal problems forgets u..that i ll never forget thats y i m here for u... said with a smile..
geet:i love u maa...
dimaa.i love u too mere bacha..
geet:now i ll get ready for the office n i want full allo paranta with butter said with a wink..
dimaa:apna yeh akroo pan office mai dhekna yaha nahi...said with a smile..
dimaa thought:geet i m sry fr what my dad n mom done to u thats the main reason i left them n came to u...


geet mom:i cant live with u..
geet dad: i also dont want to live with u who never have time for family..
gm:dont u dare say that,u r the one who is alwys out of work soo wat do u expect from me i cant goo any where..
gd:i go fr work nt fr partis like u.
gm:tell me 1 think wat will i do at hme with 15 yr old girl chit ways i also want freedom like u..
days went n there fight grew more n more...none of them relise that their daughter is always near by door listing to there harsh  words...
one day geet came back from skol n saw her mom dad talking about divorse...from that only geet decided thatshe will let her parents live there life n will not going with any one of tham....
days went....n court decided to talk to geet...geet n the other and told then she dint want to live with them...n all are shocked,
judge:then with whome u wana live?
dimaa:i ll take care of her,with that geet immideately said yes n till nw they r living far fron her parents...her dad gave the owner ship of hc to her daughter n she is totally aceppted it n worked hard in her company to make it to top...........
              ''''''flashback ends''''

dimaa:geet jaldi ayoo breakfast ready hai, with that she saw geet coming down in her business attire n ate 2 paranta n kissed dimaa n left fo office..
geet banglow
in her office all are hell scared of new project with khurana construcions coz they all knew that a single mistake will cause them out of the job.
geet enter her office n saw a man n women exchanges roses n when they saw geet...
man:maam woh woh sry,,
geet with a smile:bth r fired nw ....with that she enters her cabin..
all othres are hell scared what happened few minutes ago...
pari:maam can i come in...{geet skol frnd n bst frnd}
geet:i dont want lecture now..
pari:woh u r true hitler with that both laugh alot then agin back to work...only dimaa n pari knew about her cheer full nature othere r hell scared pf her...

IN delhi...
maan:adi andar ah ya arthi utaru..
adi:i came with pinkey..
dadi:ohhh pinkey come beta i missed u n tell me when r u both getting engeged..
pinkey blushed n adi saw that..
maan:dadi aap sab ki shadhi kyu karvane mai lage rahte hai..
adi:maan voo dadi hai.
pinkey:maan i mean sir woh bhiya.......uffff
with that all laugh n maan said u can call me bhiya..
bt in office noo...with that all again laugh....aafter the dinner dadi n pinkey talk n maan n adi discuss about there new project with handa consruction...
adi:maan kal tumhe newyor jana hoga 1 week ke liye..
maan:okk par dadi akele hai....
dadi:mai bache nahi hu maan joo tum ase bol rahe hoo...
maan:muje pata hai par aap medicine nahi tme pe lo ge toh mai kya karu....
adi:maan toh phir mai dadi ke pass ruk jata hu kuch din what say..
dadi:is ki koi zarrort nahi hai beta yeh tumse vase he kitna kam karvata hai..
maan :toh bus decide ho gya tum dadi ke sath raho ge,muje is bare mai koi baat nahi karne..
alll made there faces as angry man ws back....

next day maan reaches new york airport n out there car was waiting which was booked by adi..
maan called adi:adi i have reached n going to my flat soo i ll call u later bye take care of u n dadi..
with that he left...
next day maan wake up at 8am n its late for him but not for geet who usually wake up at 10 or 11 am ...hehehehe....
maan:ohh toh aaj mere meating 12 bje hai hc mai chlo i m getting ready mail me all the papers.
adi on the phone:i ll do it maan n i willl join u after 2 days as i told pinkey that she has to stay with dadi.
maan:ok n he hangs up..

at 12 maan reaches hands construction n memorised by the view in office that is every one is running here n there talking to one anothe..while he enters the office,he hits with some one n give an angry glare to him..
maan:cant u see n walk....
pari:so-o-ory sir ...
maan:where is miss the timw he said winds stats blowing n lady i business attire enters the office n the whole office is hell scared n wat he saw ws no emeotions on her face...
geet:natasha i dont want u in my office from now onwards.
natsha:m-a-am wat i did....with that geet gave a angry glare with is noticed by maan..
geet:do i hve to tell u....whole staff knows her temper n staring at her...
natasha:"m s----r--y m-a--a--mm...i ll not repeat it again...with that geet gaid
geet:u ill not repeat i know that cause i m firing u...
with that she left the place shocked everyone behind..
maan:is she this much angry all the tme..
pari:almost 24 hrs sir with a smile..
maan:hmmmmmm thought 1st tme he saw a girl eith this much anger n no emotions...y i m bothering.........
pari:sir maam is wating fr u in confrence room..
in confrence room while entering he head geet voice that she was saying..
geet:dimaa bass or kuch nahi mai 3 je aap ko doctor ke pass le ja rahe hu agar or kuch kaha toh mer gussa pata hai na n then maan enters n she hang up...
maan:hello,miss handa i m maan singh khurana..with a proud in voice..
geet:hello,i m geet handa nice to meet u,plz have a seat..with same proud in her voice which maan dint like at all.
maan thought:how arogant she is always speaks in anger...his mind struk in thoughts wwen geet said 
geet:if u r nt concentrating in dealing then we r cancelling it...
maan:i m concentrating n dealing is nt by speaking dialouges but one needs to think alsoo..
geet :mr maan lets nt waste tme in arguging lets discuss the house project...
maan:as if i said no to u....
geet thought:wat the heck he think he is i m geet geet handa n noo one talk to me like this on the other end maan thinks the same....

precap:fighting in office maan geet
plzzz press like button soo that i shouldconti. this ff...n sry for any mistakes n any thing u would like me to add then let me knoe.....

INDEX on Pg 5........
part 3 on pg 2

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nice intro
plz add me in ur pm
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do conitnue soon
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hiii u all there thanx for ur appriciation but i want more soo that i would conti..this ff n thanxx once again..
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awesome FF............continue soon..........cant wait to read more........ we have two MSK to deal with PM me Smile
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nyc update
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please add me to your PM list
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wow i love it Geet arrogant for change pls pls cont soon cant wait to read next part

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