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SidShiFF:Part51 I Pg 91 - Chahoon Main Ya Naa (Page 2)

-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Nish Hug

Great Start !!

I am glad to see another SidShi FF Big smile

Dey were Angels Embarrassed
Their love was unconditional & selfless

Loved d way u described Sid's pain

Can't wait 4 d next part..
Continue soon & Plzz add me to ur PM list

shiranlovers Groupbie

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged
gr888888888 start .........
soooooooooo happy to see one more sidshi ff..............conti soon
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
amaizng amazingClapClap
i adore ShiRan, and your FF is too good, please pm meSmile
zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:30pm | IP Logged

Part II:  A-Lone In The Crowd...

"Agar tumhe apna pyar nahi ka yeh matlab nahi ki sab kuch chor ke jaana hi zaroori hai..."

No sooner had his eyes met hers from the other end of the hall, no sooner had his mind registered her familiar face, no sooner had he recognised the woman was who had just entered, that the final piece of advice he had ever given her...those few words of the last conversation he had shared with her, came to his recollection.


"Dr. Siddhant, your academic record is truly commendable... During your internship at Sanjeevani, you went from being a normal intern to the Disciplinary Officer in the space of a few short months...we are very happy to have you here, Sanjeevani has an excellent reputation which you kept intact and under the supervision of Dr. Shashank Gupta himself, I'm sure you learnt alot...henji?!".

Looking up from the sheet of paper, which Sid had realised was his application form, the tubby Dean chuckled and smiled sanguinely at him, his moustache rising higher and higher up his plump cheeks. Filing the form away in a pristine, bright blue file, he continued, "We hope that the good work will continue and you will surpass your previous levels of excellence now that you have become a part of Indraprastha Hospital".

He smiled again.

Sid who had been sat in the office for the last twenty minutes, twiddling his thumbs, stopped immediately and returned the gesture with a small smile.

He had got into work with ample time to spare and had decided to sit in the car and walk in five minutes before his first meeting was due to commence with his new boss. He knew it was very unsocial of him, even on his first day in Sanjeevani he had rushed in embarassingly late, but even then had made some form of an effort to bond with his colleagues before their first briefing.

For whatever reason, he didn't feel the same about Indraprastha as he did Sanjeevani...

He missed his old friends alot, his old life....but he was determined to start afresh and that's why he had moved...but the effort that was required of him in order to bond with these new people, to be his charming, friendly, cheerful self, to be even minutely presentable as an amicable character...was something that he couldn't be bothered with right now.

All he wanted was to work, work so hard that he would never need to even acknowledge anyone around him.

He was grateful that atleast, if anything, he and "Dr. Tarsem Singh Dhami" (as he had introduced himself upon shaking Sid's hand) agreed upon this one issue to a certain extent. Dr. Dhami wanted Sid to deliver and so he would, if only Dr. Dhami would send him off to his first assignment rather than boring him with the tedious introduction... he could save the formalities for someone else.

If Sid had learnt anything from Dr. Kirti, it was that "time is crucial in a doctor's world...even a few ticking seconds can change a life or death situation".  

Sid realises that the Dean is expectantly looking at him, his eyes shining bright, obviously waiting for an answer to the question Sid hadn't heard. He hastily sits up in his seat and murmurs "Ji...main..."

"Good. To shift ke baad raat ko, 7/8 baaje, Conference Hall mein paunchjana...teek hai ji!? " And with a  with a quick smile he turns from his chair to place the file alongside the others on the shelf directly behind him.

Sid found himself frowing in confusion. "Raat ko....7/8 baaje?" he whispers to himself.

Obviously where patients were concerned, there wasn't really a set time period of "working hours"...whenever there was a demanding requirement, of course he would comply, but it was only the first day, and that too at a relatively small hospital...even at a major medical institute like Sanjeevani, working late hours had only ever been assigned as a form of retributive punishment for getting on the wrong side of Dr. Kirti...thus, was it wrong that he found himself slightly surprised at the idea of  working after hours so early on into his new job?

Shrugging it off, Sid gathered his new pager and ID badge from the desk and made to turn,

"Oh yes...And the dress code is black tie" Dr. Dhami turned back to the files, rifling through a red one now, stopping to read certain notes.

Sid had stopped in his chair midway....A dress code? To work after hours? Who was coming to get treated...Jhansi ki Rani??

Sid now frustrated, queried, "Dress code? ...Kyun?"

Dr. Dhami turned back round to face him, his face gleaming in amusment, pausing momentarily to choose his words, he spoke, "Aap...yeh pehenkar bhi aasakte hain" he nodded to Sid's jeans-shirt ensemble, then closing the file , "par colleagues par ghalat impression par sakta hai....Drinks reception pe koi aise hi kaam se seeda aajaye, acha nahi lagta, haina ji??" He chuckled again, wiping a stray tear from his eye, clearly the 'joke' was alot funnier than what Sid could comprehend.

Ignoring the last gesture, Sid tried again, "Drinks reception...?"

"Hanji, abhi maine samjhaya tha aapko" almost bouncing into his desk chair, " Is hospital mein bauhat salon se organise karte aaye hain...humari induction  ka akhri event hai".

Realising that Sid was about to interrupt, he raised his hand "-Dr. Modi, is hospital mein hum jitni importance patient ko dete hain, utni hi importance har ek staff member ko bhi dete hain...kyunki agar staff ek saath na uska assar kaam pe par sakta hai..matlab ke patient par. Isiliye, yeh drinks reception ek aisa zariya hai, ke aap apne colleagues se milen unse baat karein, unko samjhe aur wo aapko....aapka kaam to yahin se adha ho jayega! Aur agar apko drinks ki fikkar ho rahi hai to...they will be non-alcoholic", he roared with laughter at his own wittiness.

Defeated, Sid exhales irritated, "Par Sir, kya yeh zaroori hai, I mean....I'll meet my colleagues now, to phir mujhe raat ko-"

" Haan, ab bhi mil sakte hain..." Dr. Dhami scratches his chin contemplating, "aur raat ko itna zaroori bhi nahi hai" he then folds his hands on the desk before him, a twinkle in his eyes as he looks to Sid, "but a member of staff has never missed this event...aur agar phir bhi aap aana nahi meri ek request samajhe ke aap aajaiye..."


Sid turned off the ignition, his car once again parked in the same spot which he had left it in this morning. He had an odd sense of deja vu, only now it was pitch black outside and the only light was of the lampposts dotted about the area. Additionally, heeding the words of his jovial employer, he was now adorning his finest Armaani suit, white shirt and black tie with his freshly polished formal shoes.

He rolled his eyes, how things turn out...he was the one person in the history of the hospital who had nearly cancelled on the event in a move to avoid his dull associates and, instead, now he found himself fighting for the "best dressed" title.

 Of course he didn't actually know whether they were 'dull'. Contrary to his previous assumption, Sid had found that the hospital did host many patients, he did not even leave for his lunch break and only when his shift had finished a couple of hours ago did he rest. As a result, he hadn't even looked up to absorb the environment around him.

Of course, he'd seen people mirroring his own actions, running around like headless chickens, but not for long enough to familiarise himself with their appearances, thinking back now, they all pretty much looked the same in their lab coats.

Maybe this event wasn't such a bad idea after all...besides, he'd have to reassure himself anyway since he was here now and there was no turning back. A couple of hours at the most, then he would leave if it became too unbearable. After all, Dr. Dhami couldn't complain now, atleast he had shown up ...and that too in an outfit that would put James Bond to shame.


Ten minutes into the event and Sid was already regretting his decision to stay for a minimum of a couple of hours.

 Upon entering the hall, he had no trouble spotting Dr. Dhami in the small crowd and had respectfully greeted him in response to his beaming smile. Soon after he was introduced to some other members of staff from interns to seniors, from peons to nurses, Dr. Dhami was right when he said that no one missed the event.

Sid had even managed to make some small talk; asked them their names, where they came from, how long they had worked at Indraprastha....but in the end, he realised he hadn't been listening, he didn't remember their names, nor had he taken in any other facts they disclosed. It had worked in his favour though; he had realised how easy it was for his impassiveness to go unnoticed, all he had to do was nod and smile at every interval and snicker when his company laughed.

Before long, Sid found he needed a break, even his feigned interest was wearing him down. Excusing himself from the group of doctors discussing the latest scandal of finite resources, he proceeded to a small table on the other end of the room where drinks were being served. Taking what looked like a very dilute fruit punch, Sid turned around watching the people chatter and laugh as he slowly sipped his drink, sometimes not even letting the drink touch his lips, for if he finished it too soon, he would have to go back and involve himself in the lively gathering.

Yet all he wanted now was an affirmation signalling the conclusion of the event...or at most that it was okay to leave the premises without hurting Dr.Dhami's feelings...

The room he realised had been decorated especially for the event, there were candles at every table, though no one sat at them, preferring to stand in order to be mobile, making the most of the networking aspect of the event. Although the room was dim lit, it was enough  to create a relaxing ambience in the room, not bright enough for people to feel intimidated and scrutinised during conversations but not dull enough to prevent any personal acknowledgment whatsoever.

 It was then he had seen her enter; despite wearing the highest shoes, her footsteps were dainty, the frock of her suit swaying with every stride, an invisible breeze blowing slightly at her poker straight hair. Her expression read just the same, reserved, like it had been the last time he had seen her.

For a second, a very small millisecond, Sid was stunned. Whether it was because he had now accepted he wouldn't ever encounter anyone from his past, or whether it was because of all the people he presumed he would, she was the last one to ever come to mind...he didn't know...

Yet after that small millisecond, he was genuinely sooner had he allowed himself to give his biggest, and more importantly, most genuine smile since he had left Sanjeevani that it was cut short by a very vivid memory of when he had last spoken to Shilpa.

"Agar tumhe apna pyar nahi ka yeh matlab nahi ki sab kuch chor ke jaana hi zaroori hai..."

No sooner had his eyes met hers from the other end of the hall, no sooner had his mind registered her familiar face, no sooner had he recognised the woman was who had just entered, that the final piece of advice he had ever given her...those few words of the last conversation he had shared with her, came to his recollection.

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
@ Lennie- Thank you!

I loved the characters of Sid and Shilpa, they're incredibly relateable, as two selfless beings who never got what they wanted in the end..your immediately drawn to analyse their emotions and thoughts!

The photo part is my personal favourite bit too :) glad you enjoyed reading it!


@ jasangel- thank youu for commenting/reading! I've updated, enjoy :) xx

@ sidsk -yay! Glad you enjoyed it! Loved your chapter 7 too! Can't wait to read the next part :)  xx

@ veena_rocks-thankk yoou my dear! Glad you enjoyed the post, I've pm'd you with the update! Enjoy :) xx

@monty22- Hello!! Thanks alot, glad you enjoyed it! :) I agree, always want to preach the right thing-we fall so that we can learn to stand again..Sid's done that in this intro! Although he can't live his old life, he appreciates it nonethless :) no regrets... Updated! Hope you enjoy it xx

@ssdtvgojan-Thaank you! I completely agree, SidShi are troopers! Updated the FF, hope you enjoy it! xx

@ DJ..-haha  thank you for the reserve! I eagerly await to hear what you have to say :) xx

@sidma_love- Helllo! Yes me too, hope I can do it justice!  Love them to bits and pieces, I've added you to the list :) let me know what you think!  xx

@shiranlovers- thank yoou my love! Glad you enjoyed it, updated, please read and let me know what you think! xx

@shewascool90210-thank you thank you! Glad you liked it! I've pm'd you :) Hope you like it xx

@ zeenia- loong time! :) hope you're well!  Hope I do justice to the FF- aww that's so sweet, I really do hope you enjoy it! Next part updated, let me know what you think!

P.S THank you to everyone who liked the post! Hope you enjoy the next part, if I've missed anyone off the PM list, apologies, just let me know and I'll update appropriately :) xxx

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
WOW!!!!! amazingClap
i really like the way you describe SidShi scene, it felt so real, this is going to be amazingStar

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sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Oooooh I loved this chaper Nish! I was totally engrossed while reading it and didnt want the chapter to endLOL

Love the way you describe everything.........Sid, his dilemna, his reluctance to meet his new colleagues and Shilpa's entry.......

I cant wait to see what happens next!

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