Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

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Epi#180 to 201

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Gopi informs koki that Aham found out about Umang and he went out in anger. Koki tries to call Aham to stop him but he left his phone at home. Aham goes to Umang's office where they get into a fight and Aham gets hurt. Gopi helps koki give Aham first aid when he gets home and he tells koki Umang is Anita's brother.

Koki asks Gopi to look after Aham but he asks her to leave. Koki has a go at kinjal and tells her to come with her to the doctor's to get an abortion but baa tries to stop her.

All the family members manage to stop koki and advise her to get kinjal married to Umang and she says she will think about it. Koki decides to speak to Umangs family but Aham protests. Umangs comes to meets the Modi's and says wants to marry kinjal and Aham says they won't get his blessings. Koki accepts to go to Umangs place with shagun.

Koki has a go at kinjal after Umang leaves and she goes to her room crying. Gopi consoles kinjal and asks her not to cry. Aham is upset that his mom accepted the proposal and koki says she is more concerned about kinjal's future than Aham's past right now. Koki asks Gopi to asks Aham for money to put in shagun envelopes and he gets angry throws the money on her.

Everyone goes to Umang's place with shagun but are shocked to see the door locked. Kinjal tries to phone Umang but he is unreachable. Aham says there is no point in waiting and they all go back home. They are shocked to find Urmila when they get home and she says Umang made a fool of kinjal and ran away. Koki shuts her up and asks her to leave.

Aham finds out that no Desai family came to India from USA and gets very angry. Aham finally finds Umang's wareabouts and koki, Aham and jigar find him dancing in a party. Umang says he never had any intention of marrying kinjal and koki begs him to accept her daughter as his wife. Umang says he and his sister suffered exactly the same way because Aham married someone else.

Kokila faints on the doorstep when they reach home and the doctor says that koki is in shock and she sould not be given mental stress. Koki tells Aham that if he had not gotten involved with Anita all this would not have happened and Aham says he will fix everything. Gopi brings food and medecine for koki but she refuses to eat and is worried about what to tell baa and baa enters the room and says she knows everything.

Baa tells koki not to worry and everything will be fine and Aham feeds koki. Gopi brings aarti for koki but Aham tells her to leave and not disturb his mom but koki stops Gopi and takes aarti and Aham promises koki to find a solution to this problem. Jigar tries to make kinjal understand that Umang does not care about her but she accuses Aham for doing all this to separate her from Umang. Aham gets angry and Gopi and jigar take her back to her room.

Gopi asks Kinjal to get some rest and leaves her room. Kinjal is still in denial that Umang could do this to her. Aham gives them a solution to the problem and everybody agrees. Urmila comes to Modi Mansion with Dhawal and finds out that the family is sending kinjal to USA. Kokila insults Urmila again and asks her to leave.

Kokila asks kinjal to pack her stuff as she is going to USA. Kokila tells kinjal that she should stop being selfish and start thinking about others as well. Koki tells kinjal that the mother daughter relationship they shared has now ended. Urmila speaks to Gopi on the phone and says that if they get kinjal married to dhawal the problem will be solved.

Urmila tells Gopi that Modi family helped them out during Rashi and Jigar's marriage and now it is her turn to help them out. Kinjal tries to tell Jigar that she isn't pregnant, but he gets a phone call from their bua in America. Gopi tells Jigar about Dhawal and Kinjal's rishtaa and Jigar agrees it is a good idea. Gopi tells Koki about Urmi's idea of Dhawal and Kinjal getting married. Ahem gets mad and tells her to be quiet. Koki tells her that it is her house and Gopi is her vau and she should only listen to her and not outsiders. As Ahem is dragging Kinjal out the driver comes and tells all that there is heavy fog and will be difficult to drive and that he heard all flights are delayed.

Urmila tries to use her kalakari to convince Dhawal for the marriage but Dhawal is against the idea. Rashi calls and says that she thinks it's a bad idea, but Urmila convinces her it's to their advantage. Parag tries to talk to Koki about making the right decision, but Koki gets mad and yells that she raised their kids while he was busy with his poetry so only she has a right to decide what is wrong and what is right for them. Koki tells Gopi that she is the oldest bahu of the family and needs to act like it and have more sense when Kinjal walks in to talk to her. Kokila gets furious and yells for her to get out and has pains in her chest. Modi family talks to Ranjana bua who states that she cannot have Kinjal come to America as they have a reputation they need to maintain. Hetal and Chirag think they should agree to the Kinjal Dhawal marriage and Koki is in thoughts.

Kokila and family reach a decision on the Kinjal and Dhawal marriage and Urmila convinces Dhawal for the rishta. The Modi family reaches Shah House for the rishta and Koki is upset at the state of the place. They go in and Urmila states that she hasn't spoken to Dhawal about the marriage yet and to give her a day. Dhawal asks her why she sent them away and Urmila says it's because she thought he wasn't ready for it and needed another night to think on it. Rashi calls and ask Urmi why she is keeping Modi family in suspense and Urmi says it is to see Koki feel helpless when Jigar walks in and Rashi pretends like she is trying to get them to agree for the alliance.

After the morning prayers Modi family is celebrating Sankranti when Urmila walks in and gives everyone the good news about Dhawal agreeing to the alliance. Everyone goes upstairs to fly kites and Dhawal brags about how good he is while Jigar brags about how good Ahem is and the two have a challenge. Rashi wants to fly kites with Jigar but Jigar is holding Ahem's line so Urmila tells that Gopi should do it as she is his wife. Koki tells Gopi to hold Ahem's line and when Ahem looks back to see her he gets distracted and loses to Dhawal.

Dhawal celebrates his win with everyone by giving them ladoo and when he offers one to Kinjal for her baby she gets upset and leaves. Dhawal follows her and overhears her calling Umaang and telling him about her pregnancy being fake to break up her marriage with Elesh. Rashi takes money from Jigar for the wedding and goes to meet her mom. Baa tells Kinjal that she is happy and blesses her that she will be happy with Dhawal. Dhawal tries to tell Urmi about what he overheard but Rashi walks in to go shopping.

Ahem tells Kokila he isn't happy with Dhawal and Kinjal alliance, but Kokila tells him they have no choice as no one else will accept Kinjal. Dhawal tells Urmila about Kinjal not being pregnant and Urmila sees her plan going down the drain. While preparations are going on in the Modi house, Urmila walks in with the wedding card stating wedding is to be in three days. Urmila tells Rashi about Kinjal not being pregnant and together the two try and convince Kinjal for the marriage for the sake of the family.

Kinjal finally blurts out in front of the family that she is not pregnant. Kokila drags Kinjal to the mandir and makes her swear on Kanaji that she is telling the truth and Kinjal does. Kokila is furious and leaves and Kinjal tries to stop her and tells Ahem to stop the marriage. Ahem yells at her and tells her to go and cry in front of Umaang and he is the only thing she has ever cared about. Everyone is the Modi family turns away from Kinjal's cries as they are all upset with her drama.

Jigar tells Kinjal how upset he is with her and Rashi taunts Kinjal. Rashi tells Urmila what happened and Urmi tells her to go and tell everyone in the Modi family that they are still for this alliance no matter what and so she does. Ahem and Kinjal are trying to get Kokila to open the door when Gopi comes. Ahem shouts for her to leave when Kokila opens the door and tells her to prepare for the sangeet and to make sure that the wedding invitations are printed and sent out that day. Kinjal and Ahem try and get her to change her mind, but Kokila is adamant and shouts at Kinjal.

Rashi goes and tells Urmila the good news. Baa tells Kokila that she made the right decision. Hetal and Gopi are making the preparations for the sangeet and Rashi taunts Kinjal about Umaang marrying into her family. Urmila arrives at MM with more guests than she stated and they all gawk at the mansion and everything inside it. Hetal tells Gopi that they don't have enough food but Gopi says she anticipated it and she made more than enough.

Everyone is dancing to garba while Gopi is cooking dinner. While the guests are eating dinner one of the ladies asks Gopi to pack food for her son who isn't there and then many other guests ask for food to be packed as well. Gopi goes inside to see food being finished so Mani and Gopi make more food. Then the Modi family goes for dinner and Urmila states that food is gone and Gopi says it is being made. Urmila criticizes Kokila and Kokila yells at Gopi for not having everything prepared.
Rashi is mocking Kinjal while Kinjal is having her mehndi done and Kokila overhears and yells at Rashi. Kinjal tries to get her mom to stop the marriage but Koki refuses and tells Gopi not to let her out of her sight and get her ready nicely. Parag comes and gives a gift to Kinjal and Kinjal tries to get him to stop the marriage. The barat comes and Gopi goes down leaving Mani with Kinjal and Kinjal asks Mani to leave. When Gopi goes to Kinjal she cannot find her anywhere in the house. She bumps into Ahem and tells Ahem that Kinjal is gone. Ahem tells her to take care of things in the house and not to let Kokila or anyone else while he goes out to look for Kinjal. Hetal comes with cameraman to take pictures of Kinjal, but Gopi makes an excuse and she leaves. Gopi spills water on the camera to get camera man to leave. Ahem calls Kinjal and Kinjal tells Ahem that she will not marry Dhawal and gets off at a bus stop. Kokila knocks on the door to take Kinjal down and Gopi is shocked and doesn't know what to do.

Koki comes to kinjal's room and asks Gopi about but goes away seeing someone dressed as dulhan thinking it's kinjal. Mani was dressed as dulhan and Hetal came to the room and said she wants to take kinjal down and Gopi and mani have to go with her. Aham finds out that kinjal is at the bus depot and goes to get her. Aham brings kinjal back on time and asks her to wear the wedding clothes quietly and GoHem take her to the mandap.

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Epi#202 to 221

purple flower
Kinjal and dhawal get married and kinjal cries during the whole ceremony. They both get blessings from everyone and koki gives them shagun. Urmi arranged for a scooter for the newly weds in the hope that koki will not let her daughter travel on that thing and give her a brand new car. Kinjal asks for her mom when she can't find her while leaving for her sasural and is told that koki is in her room. Kinjal runs to koki's room and GoHem follow her.

Koki asks kinjal to leave as it's time for her bidaai and kinjal asks how can she go without koki's blessings. Koki tells her to leave as she is not her daughter anymore but she is someone else's daughter in law and Gopi takes her away. The whole family go out for kinjal's bidaai and are shocked to see the scooter. Aham says his sister won't go on a scooter and Chirag asks him to bring the new car. Aham tells them to keep the car as a gift Urmi is very happy. Just when kinjal is about to sit in the car koki tells her to stop.

Koki says that kinjal is a married woman now and she will have to adapt herself to her in laws way of living and also says that kinjal will go on the scooter instead of the car. Koki tells kinjal to leave and she has no choice but to go on the scooter with dhawal. Urmi's neighbours taunt her about bringing the new bride on a scooter. Urmi welcomes the new bride in her house and kinjal is very unhappy to see where she has been married . Gopi takes milk for koki and asks her not to worry about kinjal as she will be fine. Dhawal asks kinjal to drink milk while he goes to change.

Kinjal pretends to be asleep whe dhawal comes back. The next morning Gopi tells koki that she gave Aham a glass of milk last night and koki asks her to prepare breakfast. Hetal tells koki to call kinjal but koki says that she wants kinjal to adapt herself to her new life. Urmila calls koki and tells her that kinjal is still sleeping so they will have to do pag phere the next day. Gopi tells koki that gas is over and she gets upset at her for not checking earlier and tells Rashi to make breakfast for everyone. Aham asks koki to fulfill her promise and send gopi away from his life.

Koki tells Aham that she thought he would be used to Gopi's presence by now but he says that he was just tolerating her in the hope that she would go away as soon as possible. Urmi asks kinjal to make sheera and she has to get water from the municipality tap since there is no water in the kitchen. Koki doesn't know how to ask Gopi to leave and is very worried. Kinjal comes back without water and says she could not stand in the sun for so long and Urmi is shocked. Aham comes back from his meeting and tells koki again to asks Gopi to leave and Gopi who was at the door hears everything.

Aham asks koki if she will tell Gopi to leave and she says she will tell Gopi as Aham has not left any other option for her. Gopi comes back to her room and realises that koki did not know how to ask her to leave and she starts packing to make it easier for koki. Dhawal buys a sari for kinjal but she insults him. Everyone see Gopi with her bag and parag asks koki if she asked gopi to leave but gopi says she is going on her own. Hetal scolds her and says she will not go anywhere but Gopi tells her she is fulfilling the promise she made to Aham and she takes blessings from everyone.

Koki stops Gopi and asks Aham to drop her at her mama's place. Gopi arrives at her mama's place and Urmi is very upset at her. Rashi tells urmi she's worried about her but Urmi tells her not to worry as she has got a free servant in the form of Gopi. Kinjal is rude to Gopi and tells her that Aham sent her back to correct the mistake which was done by their mom and hopefully koki will realise she made a mistake by getting kinjal married to dhawal soon.

Koki scolds Rashi early in the morning and tells her that she will have to do all the now since Gopi is not here anymore. Aham complains about the food at the breakfast table and Rashi gets some more scolding from Koki. Koki's mom arrives and asks about Aham's wife after meeting everyone koki tells her Gopi has gone to her maayka. Nani keeps asking about Gopi and says that she won't eat until Gopi comes back.

Koki asks Rashi to prepare bath water for nani and rashi is upset and thinks that it would be better if Gopi comes back. Koki goes to Aham's room and asks him to bring Gopi back but he tells her to tell nani the truth. Koki tells Aham to tell nani everything himself if he wants to. Aham has no other choice and brings Gopi back from her mama's place.

Gopi feels bad when Kokila's mother taunts her for not staying in her in-laws house and is hurt when Aham reveals the truth to her that the reason behind him getting her back was because of Nani. Rashi She is eager to know the gift which Nani plans to give it to her. In order to woo Nani, Rashi gifts Jigar a bracelet in front of Nani. Jigar is touched to see Rashi proposing her on Valentine's Day. Nani is impressed to see the love between Jigar and Rashi.

Kokila orders Aham and Gopi to act like a couple in front of Nani. Rashi feels that Nani has kept lots of jewellery in the suitcase as it was heavy and
tricks Nani to leave her room so that she can open her suitcase. Urmila advises Rashi to be in Nani's good books and makes sure to portray herself better than Gopi. Rashi is elated when Nani reveals to everyone that she plans to give the gifts to to the responsible daughter-in-law of the house either Gopi or Her. Kokila tries to stop Nani from giving away her stuff to either Rashi or Gopi.

Jigar informs Gopi that he is very happy to see her back. Nani gifts Gopi and Aham a framed picture of their wedding day and asks them to hang it inside their room. Aham asks Gopi to do whatever Nani is saying. Nani asks Aham to help Gopi hang the picture. Aham finding no other options do as per Nani's wish. Nani also asks Aham to hold Gopi's hand and help her step down from the stool. Dhawal decorates the room for Kinjal to give her a surprise on Valentines Day. Kinjal pays no attention to him and also refuses to accept the rose from Dhawal. Dhawal gets disheartened. Gopi gets frightened to see a cockroach inside the room. Aham gets angry with her and asks her to let him sleep.

Rashi plans to impress Nani by doing the aarti. Rashi gets nervous when Nani asks her to start the prayer with Ganeshji's aarti.  Kokila asks Gopi to sing the aarti as she knows Rashi does not know it. Nani praises Gopi and asks Rashi to learn aarti from her. Rashi asks Gopi to stop impressing Nani. Gopi is shocked when Rashi tells her that she knows her intentions of impressing Nani and taking the box which she had kept for her daughter in law. She asks Gopi to stay away from Nani and let her handle her. Nani asks Gopi and Rashi to apply tilak to on their respective husband's forehead.  Gopi is reluctant to go near Aham and apply the tilak. Later she does it when Nani asks her to do it. Nani asks Gopi and Rashi to apply tilak ion their husband's forehead everyday without fail. Gopi is upset when she notices Aham rubbing off the tilak from his forehead. Kokila is shocked to see Rashi cooking food for Nani in the kitchen while Gopi is away. She gets angry with Gopi and asks her to do something to impress Nani. Gopi tells her that it does not matter as she is there with them for few days only. Kokila is shocked to hear this from Gopi and asks Gopi who has feed in this thought in her mind.

Rashi is stunned when Kokila confronts her for scolding Gopi. She is shocked when Kokila tells her that she is aware of her intentions to win over Nani's heart. Hetal expresses her disappointment with Rashi's behaviour. Rashi is happy to know that Nani is going out and has asked Mani to take care of the suitcase. Kokila stops Rashi from opening the suitcase. Urmila is worried when Kinjal lies to her about her sprained hand. Kinjal is furious when Urmila insists her to wash her hair. Kokila scolds Rashi for offering chat for Nani and not preparing any food. She is stunned when Nani loves the chat and does not have the dish prepared by Gopi. Kokila asks Gopi to impress Nani and win the suitcase

Upon Urmila's advice, Rashi decides to check the suitcase when Nani is sleeping. As Nani is sleeping, Rashi decides to break open the suitcase. Rashi is irked as her plan to open the suitcase failed because of Gopi. Urmila is stunned when Kinjal refuses to keep the jewellery in her cupboard. Kokila is happy when Nani scolds Rashi for not preparing the dish properly and praises Gopi. Urmila convinces Dhawal to take Kinjal out for a walk. Rashi is worried about Nani finding her hair pin in the suitcase's lock and decides to sneak into her room to take it. She is scared when she drops Nani's puja thaali.

Nani sees the hair pin in the lock and doubts Gopi of trying to open the suitcase. Kinjal is furious when Dhawal gets her to a shoddy theatre to watch a movie. Urmila decides to stage robbery at home so that she can steal Kinjal's jewellery. Rashi is shocked to realise that she has thrown her broken hair pin near the dhobiwala. Kokila is stunned when Nani complains to her of Gopi trying to break open the suitcase's lock. Kinjal and Dhawal are stunned when Urmila tells them about the robbery at home. Kinjal is relieved to know that the thief has not stolen her jewellery. Urmila is elated when Dhawal asks Kinjal to keep the jewellery in Urmila's cupboard. Kinjal understands Urmila's plan and asks her to give the cupboard's extra keys to her. Rashi is worried when Kokila questions her regarding the hair pin. She is scared when Kokila finds the broken hair pin next to her.

All are stunned when Kokila accuses Rashi of trying to break open the suitcase. Kokila stops scolding Rashi only when Nani asks her to forgive Rashi. She warns Rashi not to go to Nani's room henceforth. Gopi is scared when Nani asks her to apply tilak on Aham. Rashi is furious when Kokila asks her to follow Gopi's orders in getting ready for the puja. Urmila is stunned when Dhawal requests her to send juice in Kinjal's room. Hetal is happy to know that Gopi is taking care of all the arrangements for the puja. Rashi is furious to see Nani praising Gopi for decorating the mandir and decides to ruin it.

Rashi is irked when Kokila interrupts her while executing her plan. She is furious when Kokila asks her to take care of the guests' slippers. Rashi is worried about Panditji going towards the mandir before she can execute her plan. Rashi hides the prasad prepared by Gopi. All are stunned to see Pandtji falling off from the slanted stool. Rashi tricks Mani into thinking that Gopi has kept the prasad in the sweet boxes. Nani and Kokila are shocked to realise that the sweet boxes do not contain the prasad. Rashi is stunned when a guest catches her wearing her heels and yells at her. She is shocked when Kokila defends her in front of everyone and proves the guest wrong. Kokila is hurt when Nani taunts Gopi for not keeping the prasad in the sweet boxes. Rashi is happy when Kokila scolds Gopi for being irresponsible.

Aham is irked to see Gopi coming into the room and avoids talking to her. Rashi sneaks into Nani's room to steal her dentures. She hides the dentures in the store room. All are stunned when Nani tells them that she has lost her dentures. Kinjal is elated to meet her friend Reema in the parlour. She lies to her friend Reema about Dhawal's business. Dhawal is hurt when Kinjal tells her friend Reema that he is her driver. While the family members search for Nani's dentures, Rashi goes to the store room to get them. In a hurry to hide from Kokila, she drops the ink bottle on Nani's dentures.

Gopi notices Aham's pant zip being open and is scared to tell him about it. Rashi is worried as the ink on the dentures is not washable. Nani decides not to eat until she will not get her dentures. Rashi lies to everyone that she is visiting the dentist as her tooth is paining. Aham is embarrassed when Gopi tells him about his pant's zip being open. Aham taunts Jigar when he decides to take off to accompany Rashi to the dentist. Kokila suspects Rashi of hiding Nani's dentures when she finds Rashi's footprints in the store room. Rashi requests the nurse to send her in early to meet the dentist. She requests the doctor to clean Nani's dentures as it's critical for her to return home. Rashi is worried when Kokila cross questions her regarding her tooth ache. Kokila is convinced of Rashi's misdeeds when Rashi declares to everyone that she found Nani's dentures. All are stunned when Kokila shows them the proof of Rashi's misdeeds.

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Epi#222 to 245

purple flower

Episode : 222

Rashi twists the facts and tells everyone about her finding Nani's dentures soaked in ink. She is happy when Nani defends her actions in front of Kokila. Jigar expresses his displeasure in Rashi lying to the family. Kinjal taunts Dhawal when he plans to take her to a multiplex theatre. Urmila is stunned to learn from Rashi the recent developments at home. Kinjal is furious to see Urmila using her cosmetics. Nani is surprised to see Gopi standing outside the room while Aham is inside. Aham misunderstands Gopi and scolds her for complaining against him to Nani. Gopi is worried when Nani insists Aham to apply sindoor on her forehead. Gopi is hurt when Aham finds a reason to go out without applying the sindoor.

Episode : 223

All are surprised when Rashi declares to them that she will not eat food until Nani will not forgive her. Dhawal is hurt to overhear Kinjal expressing her displeasure in living in Urmila's house. He requests Kinjal to give him some time to start his own business. Nani observes the tensions brewing between Aham and Gopi. Parakh is hurt when Kokila taunts him in front of Nani. When Jigar gets food for Rashi to eat, she refuses to eat. Kokila and Gopi are stunned when Nani questions them if Gopi has fought with Aham. Nani and Kokila overhear Jigar insisting Rashi to have her breakfast. Rashi is elated when Nani forgives her. Aham is stunned to know from Kokila that Nani has suspected his strained relationship with Gopi. He is shocked when Kokila asks him to promise her that he will respect Gopi henceforth. Kokila is happy when Aham and Gopi promise to her to respect each other.

Episode : 224

Kinjal is furious to learn that Urmila broke her expensive perfume's bottle. Gopi prays to God to give her enough strength to stay in the house according to Kokila's wishes. Nani is surprised to notice that Mani is serving Aham the breakfast instead of Gopi. Kokila handles the situation when Aham snaps at Gopi in front of Nani. Gopi is elated when Aham speaks to her nicely in front of Nani. Urmila is furious when Kinjal taunts her in front of her neighbour Mrs Desai. Rashi is happy when Nani decides to give the preparation of phalhaar's responsibility to her instead of Gopi. Aham is irritated to see Jigar buying a bouquet for Rashi instead of working. Kokila scolds Gopi for not winning over Nani like Rashi. Gopi is hurt when she cannot complete a small work given by Nani. Aham and Gopi act like a normal couple in front of Nani. Rashi fails to check on the Prasad because of which birds peck on it.

Episode : 225

Kokila scolds Rashi for allowing the birds to peck on the prasad. She scolds Hetal for trying to defend Rashi's mistake. Rashi is furious when Kokila asks Gopi to prepare the Prasad. Hetal is stunned when Rashi taunts her for not defending her in front of Kokila. Urmila demands a microwave from Jitu. Kokila is elated when Nani praises Gopi. Nani praises Gopi for reciting the Bhagwat Gita for her. Rashi is furious to see Nani giving Gopi all the responsibilities. Urmila gives a new plan to Rashi to spoil Gopi's arrangements for Shivraatri. Urmila tells Rashi that she plans to ask Modi family to gift her microwave. Gopi is worried to see Nani entering her room early in the morning.

Episode : 226

Gopi is happy when Nani gives her a thread to tie on Aham's hand. Nani is delighted to see Rashi tying the thread to Jigar. Gopi ties the thread to Aham while he is asleep. Urmila decides to irritate Kinjal by asking her to heat the food repeatedly. Rashi learns of Gopi's preparations to make Gowra's idol from rice and decides to ruin it. Rashi ruins Gopi's preparations and throws away the extra rice kept at home. Nani is elated to meet Kinjal and Dhawal. Gopi is stunned to realise that her preparation is ruined. Kokila is irked when Urmila tactfully puts forth her desire to own a microwave to help ease Kinjal's work in the kitchen. Gopi is worried about preparing Gowra as her preparation is ruined. Gopi is elated to find extra rice kept in the mandir.

Episode : 227

Rashi thanks Urmila for her plan to ruin Gopi's Gowra idol preparation. Gopi gets the rice from the mandir and prepares the Gowra idol. Rashi and Urmila are stunned to see the idol prepared by Gopi. Rashi and Urmila tactfully send Gopi out of the kitchen so that they can break the idol. Kinjal insults Gopi when she advises her to accept her in-laws. Urmila is stunned when Kokila comes to the kitchen to take the Gowra's idol. Rashi forces Gopi to wear heels to the temple. She and Urmila are happy thinking that their plan will be successful. Gopi is worried when Nani orders Aham to do the puja with her. Rashi is happy to see Gopi tripping and falling because of the heels, but is sad to notice that Aham saves the Gowra's idol. Nani is stunned to overhear Kokila and Hetal arguing with each other regarding their daughter-in-laws.

Episode : 228

Nani is happy to see Gopi and Aham performing the puja in the temple. Kokila is irked to hear Urmila telling Nani about the inconveniences which Kinjal faces at her house. Gopi is surprised to know that Revati Nani and Baa are childhood friends. Nani expresses her disappointment with Kokila and Hetal for fighting with each other regarding their daughter-in-laws. Kokila is stunned when Nani gives Rashi's responsibility to her and Gopi's responsibility to Hetal. Nani advises Kokila to teach and punish Rashi the same way she does for Gopi. She requests her to treat both the daughter-in-laws equally. Nani is happy when finally Kokila and Hetal agree to abide by her suggestion. Rashi and Gopi are stunned to know that for the next one week they will have to take orders from Kokila and Hetal respectively. Kokila is worried when Baa requests her to fulfill Urmila's demands of a microwave.

Episode : 229

Kinjal is irked when Urmila makes her do menial jobs. Urmila is stunned when Rashi tells her about the recent developments in the house. Urmila is furious when Kinjal taunts her for being greedy. Kokila scolds Rashi for giving up on her task easily. Hetal asks Gopi to serve lunch for Aham as Mani has gone to the market. Gopi is touched when Aham gives her his handkerchief to wipe off the stain on her forehead. Rashi is stunned to see Kokila overhearing her conversation with Urmila. Kokila lambastes Urmila for not teaching Rashi the required skills to run a household. Kinjal is stunned to see Urmila receiving a parcel from Kokila.

Episode : 230

Gopi is surprised when Hetal asks her to take a break from work and go sleep. Kokila wakes up a sleepy Rashi and asks her to concentrate on her work. Kinjal laughs at Urmila as Kokila would have sent her a gas stove instead of a microwave. Kokila requests Hetal not to help Gopi in her tasks as she knows that Gopi is capable of finishing it alone. Rashi requests Jigar to allow her to sleep for sometime as she is sleepy. Kokila asks Rashi to order mosquito repellent from a shop for Nani's room. Rashi decides to sleep for a while and then forgets to order the mosquito repellent. Kokila scolds Rashi for not ordering the mosquito repellent. Kokila is furious to see Rashi's incapability to tie a mosquito net to the bed. Urmila advises Rashi to ruin Gopi's work so that Kokila is busy in correcting them rather than paying attention towards her.

Episode : 231

As Nani suffers from acute ear pain, the doctor advises the family to take care of her. Rashi is surprised when Kokila tells the truth to Nani regarding her not sending the microwave to Urmila. Kinjal snaps at Dhawal for not being capable of buying an air conditioner. Upon Urmila's advice, Dhawal wets the bed to help Kinjal to cope with the hot weather. Nani's health worsens hearing the loud crackers noise. Urmila is stunned when Dhawal requests her not to demand for household items from his in-law's house. Gopi requests the neighbours not to burst crackers but they refuse to listen to her. Aham defends Gopi and takes away the crackers from them. Urmila removes the fan's regulator knob to make sure that Kinjal suffers in the heat. Kinjal finally decides to help Urmila in getting an AC from Kokila. All are surprised to see Kinjal coming home and complaining about the heat in her in-laws house.

Savita comes home and fights with everyone for taking away the crackers. Kokila lambastes Savita for being insensitive towards Nani's requests. Kokila stops Urmila from fighting with Savita. All are stunned when Savita proposes to play a cricket match between both the families to sort out the issues. Savita continues to taunt everyone for not accepting her challenge. All are stunned when Kokila accepts Savita's challenge. Savita complains against Kokila in the colony.

The neighbours turn up to watch the match between Modi and Savita's family. Everyone wishes Aham and Jigar to win the match. All are stunned to see Savita's team having seven players while Modi family's team has just four players. All are stunned when Kokila asks Rashi and Gopi to join the team. Aham calls Gopi aside and warns her not to play in the team. Urmila is elated when Dhawal and Kinjal decide to play for the family.

Episode : 232

The cricket match between the Modis and Savita's family commences. Savita taunts Gopi for not playing with the Modis. Aham and Jigar play well. Jignesh plots with Savita to distract Aham and score some extra runs. Savita convinces Gopi to give Aham water in the middle of the match, making Aham miss a catch. Rashi faints from the heat. Savita taunts Kokila about her daughters-in-law. Team Modi starts batting. They play well until Jignesh cheats to get Jigar out. The Modis lose two more wickets. Dhaval goes to bat, and gets out on the first ball.

Episode : 233

Aham is disappointed when Kinjal gets out. Kokila is furious to see Rashi giving up on the game. Nani and Jigar force Gopi to replace Rashi in the game. Hetal advises a worried Gopi to play for the family. Aham is stunned to see Gopi entering the field to play. All are stunned when the bowler purpously makes Aham to fall down. Aham is furious to see Gopi wasting the balls while trying to manage her sari. The Modi family is worried when Gopi does not score during the last over. Everyone is elated when Gopi scores four runs and wins the game. Rashi and Urmila are furious to see everyone praising Gopi for winning the match. Kokila warns Savita not to burst crackers during the cricket world cup season as they have won the challenge. Gopi is touched when Aham praises her.

Episode : 234

Aham is irked when Nani forces Gopi to apply ointment on his sprained leg. Rashi is stunned when Nani asks her to prepare tea and snacks for everyone. Rashi is furious at Kokila for asking her to do menial jobs. Rashi decides to finish her household chores early so that she can go the parlour. Kokila is shocked to see Rashi's outstanding phone bill amount and scolds her for her lavish spending. She is furious to learn from Gopi that Rashi has plans to go to the parlour. Rashi is stunned when Kokila asks her to finish all the household chores before going to the parlour. Kokila is furious to learn that Rashi has already paid Rs 5, 000 to the parlour. All are stunned when Nani asks Gopi to go to the parlour instead of Rashi. Baa requests Chirag to send an air conditioner to Kinjal's house and not tell Kokila about it.

Episode : 235

Urmila comes to the parlour to meet Rashi but is stunned to see Gopi there. Rashi is furious at Kokila for making her do menial jobs. Urmila is worried as Rashi is not receiving her calls. Kokila fights with Parakh for not taking up Kinjal's responsibilities and allowing Chirag to fulfill it. All are stunned to see Kokila coming home. Urmila is shocked to know that Rashi's phone is with Kokila. Kinjal and Urmila are happy to know that Kokila is getting AC installed in the house. Kokila is proud of Dhawal when he requests her not to install AC in the house. Dhawal requests Kokila to give him some time to buy an AC from his hard earned money. All are surprised to see Gopi's new look.

Episode : 236

Rashi is furious to see everyone praising Gopi. Dhawal requests Kinjal to give him some time to buy her all the luxury she requires. Rashi decides to ruin Gopi's work allotted by Hetal. Kokila asks Rashi and Gopi to go to the market to buy groceries. Rashi taunts Gopi when she tries to help her in the kitchen. She finally dumps her work on Gopi and leaves. Rashi executes her plan by mixing the nail paint in the food. Kokila is stunned to find nail paint in the food. Gopi is worried when Rashi blames her for mixing nail paint in the food. Rashi is shocked when Kokila asks her to prepare the food all over again. Rashi is stunned to know from Urmila the recent developments at home. Urmila decides to help Rashi by making sure that the street children in the market will put Holi colours on Gopi.

Episode : 237

Rashi is furious when the children sent by Urmila throw water balloons at her instead of Gopi. Nani asks Gopi to serve tea for Aham. Aham is stunned to see Gopi's new avatar. Gopi is hurt when Aham scolds her for spilling hot tea on him. Rashi is happy to know that Aham has fought with Gopi. Kokila stops Rashi from cutting Gopi's nails and taunts her for neglecting her work. Kokila advises Gopi to take care of herself and not neglect the household chores. Nani tries to apply gulaal on Kokila but she stops them. When Kokila taunts Rashi for playing Holi instead of finishing the work, Nani defends her. Rashi is stunned when Kokila asks her to mop the floor before going out to play Holi.

Episode : 238

Kinjal is woken up as everyone is playing Holi in the neighbourhood. She locks herself in the room when she sees Dhawal and Urmila coming to get her out to play Holi. The Holi is in full swing at the Modi Bhawan. Rashi feels jealous to know that Gopi has got money as shagun from Hetal and Chirag. Rashi is happy when Kokila gives her the shagun. She is stunned when Kokila takes back the money to pay her mobile bill. Dhawal and Urmila trick Kinjal and apply gulaal on her. Jigar invites Urmila's family for the Holi celebrations. Gopi decides to apply gulaal on Aham but decides not to. Nani and Jigar force Aham and Kokila to join the celebrations. Rashi is irked when she drops the sweets because of Jigar. Rashi and Jigar spend some romantic moments with each other.

Episode : 239

Everyone is happy to meet Urmila's family members in the Holi party. Rashi complains against Kokila with Urmila. Urmila decides to teach Gopi a lesson and makes her eat sweets mixed with bhang. Kinjal is surprised to see Gopi high on bhang. Aham is furious when Gopi applies gulaal on him. Aham is stunned when Gopi expresses her love for him. Rashi and Urmila are stunned when Nani praises Gopi for applying gulaal on Aham. Urmila orders Rashi to steal the suitcase's keys from Nani. Urmila divides Gopi's attention when Rashi steals the keys from Nani. Kokila and Nani search for Gopi in the party.

Episode : 240

Kinjal is embarrassed to see Dhawal expressing his love for her in front of everyone. Kokila is irked when Dhawal requests Kinjal to dance with him. Gopi in her drunken state stains the sofa with gulaal. Rashi and Urmila are elated to find the suitcase's keys in the cupboard. They are shocked to see Gopi creating a mess in the hall. Nani is shocked to realise that her keys are missing. Urmila gives Rashi a soap which has the imprint of the suitcase's key and asks her to keep it safe. They are happy to see Gopi in a drunken state and plan to complain to Kokila regarding it. Rashi pretends to search for Nani's keys. Urmila is furious when Kinjal continues to taunt her. Nani is elated when Rashi returns the keys to her. Kokila lambastes Gopi for ruining the sofa.

Episode : 241

Jigar eats the ladoo which is mixed with bhang and makes Rashi also to eat it. All are stunned when Kokila stops the party and requests everyone to return home. Kokila reveals to everyone that Gopi is high because of eating bhang. Kokila is furious to observe that along with Gopi, even Rashi and Jigar are high. She tells Nani that she wants to take Gopi's responsibility back as she has given up on Rashi. Dhawal stops Urmila and Kinjal from fighting at home. Gopi is hurt when Kokila refuses to forgive her for her blunder. Kokila punishes Gopi to wash all the bed sheets stained by her. Rashi is elated when Hetal returns the phone to her. She is stunned when Hetal asks her to help Jigar wash his back. Jigar and Rashi are embarrassed to see each other in the bathroom. Gopi feels guilty of hurting Aham while she was high.

Episode : 242

Kokila is surprised to see Rashi in the kitchen and asks her to prepare tea for everyone. Gopi apologises to Aham for her behaviour in Holi party. Nani scolds Aham for not taking Gopi's help. Dhawal is hurt when Kinjal fails to appreciate the gift which he gives her. Urmila is furious when she learns that Kinjal has ruined her bed. Rashi is stunned to realise that the bar of soap is missing from the kitchen. Rashi realises that the soap is with Gopi and takes it from her. She is happy when Kokila appreciates the tea prepared by her. In a hurry to hide the soap from Kokila, Rashi drops it in the khichdi bowl. Kokila lambastes Rashi when she finds a bar of soap in the khichdi. All are happy when Gopi does damage control and prepares food fast. Kokila taunts Rashi for being negligent.

Episode : 243

Rashi is irked when everyone praises the food prepared by Gopi. Urmila feels jealous of Kinjal when she learns that Dhawal has gifted her gold earrings. Kokila is happy when Gopi saves Aham from slipping on the oil spilled floor. Hetal advises Rashi to concentrate on working hard rather than feeling bad for Kokila’s words. Urmila scolds Rashi for ruining the plan. Rashi is stunned when Urmila plans to steal the suitcase to revive her financial status. Aham scolds Gopi for not being able to find the day's newspaper. Jigar and Aham are relieved to realise that their tender contract's ad will be published in the next day’s newspaper. Rashi is furious to overhear Nani and Kokila praising Gopi.

Episode : 244

Rashi is irked when Kokila asks her to buy groceries for the house. She is stunned when Urmila meets her in the market and gives her a bottle of sleeping pills. Rashi mixes a tablet in the kheer and serves it to Nani. Rashi is worried when Nani and Kokila insist her to eat the kheer. In order to avoid eating, she drops the kheer's bowl. Urmila is stunned when Rashi tells her about the recent development. Rashi mixes a sleeping tablet in the milk and tricks Gopi to serve it to Nani. Rashi is irked when Kokila stops Nani from drinking milk. Rashi is stunned when Nani asks her to drink the milk as she is has a headache.

Episode : 245

Gopi is stunned when Rashi mixes the milk in the atta and asks her to prepare the rotis. Everyone praises Gopi for the rotis. Rashi is shocked to realise that everyone who has eaten the rotis are feeling sleepy. Urmila is worried to know from Rashi that everyone except Kokil and Gopi have eaten the rotis mixed with sleeping pills. Urmila sneaks into Modi Bhawan and tries to wake up Rashi. Rashi gives reasons to Jigar for waking up in the middle of the night and stops him from accompanying her downstairs. She rushes to open the door for Urmila. Urmila takes the trolley from Rashi and warns her to stay awake outside Nani's room. Urmila ties the suitcase to the trolley and sneaks out of Nani's room. While trying to wake up Rashi, Urmila accidently kicks the trolley and it heads towards Kokila's room.

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Epi#246 to 266

purple flower
Gopi is suspicious
Episode : 246

Rashi and Urmila are worried when the suitcase gets into the Kokila's room. Kinjal makes reasons and does not sleep with Dhawal in the room. Urmila sneaks into Kokila's room and takes the suitcase out. She is furious to see Rashi asleep and wakes her up. Rashi is happy to learn Urmila's plan. Gopi comes out to check when she hears noises in the hall.

Urmila drops her purse when she sees Gopi coming. Gopi is shocked to hear noises and searches for the thief everywhere. Urmila and Rashi hide when they see Gopi coming towards them. Urmila praises Rashi for getting duplicate keys of the house. Gopi is shocked when Aham holds her hand while sleeping.

Urmila, Rashi lose the suitcase
Episode : 247

Kinjal and Dhawal are shocked to realize that Urmila is not at home. Rashi and Urmila hide near a well when they see a police van coming towards them. Urmila asks Rashi to hold on to the suitcase while she gets her purse back. They are stunned when the suitcase accidently falls into the well. Rashi lies to Dhawal when he calls her telling about Urmila missing from home.

Kinjal is suspicious when Rashi lies to Dhawal about Urmila's whereabouts. Rashi worries about Nani not finding her suitcase in the morning. Jigar wakes up and is surprised not to find Rashi in the house. Rashi is furious when an auto driver refuses to drop her home. Rashi is worried when Jigar questions her about her whereabouts.

Kinjal decides to unearth Urmila's lies
Episode : 248

Kokila is surprised to see Rashi awake early in the morning. Urmila lies to Kinjal when she questions her about her whereabouts. Rashi is irked when Urmila asks her to make sure that Nani will not find out about the suitcase. Aham is furious to see Gopi sitting next to him in the morning. Rashi tricks Nani and asks her to leave the room immediately. Urmila is worried when no one helps her in getting the suitcase out of the well.

Urmila is worried to see Kinjal and Dhawal following her. She is scared when Kinjal decides to stay with her. Kokila is suspicious of Rashi's change in behaviour. Urmila is furious when Kinjal tags along with her to the market. Urmila reveals her plan to Rashi and asks her to keep Nani out of the room. Gopi cries when Aham refuses to have breakfast prepared by her.

Rashi acts according to Urmila's plan
Episode : 249

Urmila is elated to find a trunk which is an exact replica of Nani's trunk. Rashi finds some cockroaches in the store room and plans to leave them in Nani's room. Gopi is worried when Kokila asks her to assist Rashi in cleaning the room. Gopi falls from the chair when she sees the cockroaches in the room. Rashi suggests everyone to call the pest control workers home. Urmila is irked when Kinjal does not leave her alone when Rashi calls her.

Rashi asks Urmila to bring the trunk before the pest control workers reach home. Kinjal is shocked to find her makeup kit and Rashi's costly sarees in Urmila's cupboard. Kokila is suspicious of Rashi's change in behaviour. All are surprised to see Aham coming home early. Rashi is stunned to see someone when she opens the door.

Nani's decision surprises everyone
Episode : 250

Gopi is surprised when Aham drinks the tea prepared by her. Rashi is elated to see Urmila coming home with the pest control workers. She is worried when Kokila decides to oversee the work. Rashi and Urmila take the trunk from the pest control worker. Kokila catches them taking the trunk inside. All are happy when Nani tells them that she has decided on who should own the trunk next.

Rashi is irked when Kokila taunts her and Urmila for helping the family. Kinjal is surprised to see Urmila coming home from outside and is suspicious of Urmila's whereabouts. Rashi is worried when Urmila asks her to get Gopi out of the house to execute their next plan. Rashi lies to Hetal when she questions her the reason behind carrying two big boxes.

Urmila, Rashi trick Gopi to jump into the well
Episode : 251

Kokila asks Gopi to try and woo Nani by giving her some gifts. Rashi is elated when Gopi agrees to tag along with her to go to the market. Urmila is happy to learn that Rashi has lied to Gopi regarding the trunk. Gopi is surprised when Rashi meets Urmila and they take her near an abandoned well. Urmila and Rashi trick Gopi into believing that because of her negligence the trunk feel into the well.

Urmila and Rashi are elated when Gopi decides to jump into the well to get the trunk back. A man comes to help Gopi in retrieving the trunk. Gopi gets scared while getting into the well. All are happy when Gopi finds the trunk. Nani is stunned when she cannot open the lock of her trunk.

Urmila decides to swap the trunks
Episode : 252

All are elated when Gopi gets the trunk out of the well. Urmila is irked when Rashi decides to head home immediately with the trunk. Kinjal is happy when Dhawal agrees to give his credit card for her shopping. Nani asks Kokila to invite Kinjal home. When Gopi goes away to buy a gift for Nani, Urmila decides to take the trunk to a blacksmith. A man comes home and gives the trunk's keys to Kinjal. She is stunned when the man tells her that Urmila had bought a trunk to gift it to her.

Rashi is furious to learn from Urmila that the blacksmith will take more than an hour to make a duplicate key for the trunk. All are surprised to know that Rashi and Gopi haven't returned home still. Rashi is worried when Kokila asks them to come home soon. Urmila and Rashi plan to sneak into the house to take the duplicate trunk out.

Rashi escapes with the duplicate trunk
Episode : 253

All are surprised when Kinjal comes home to meet Nani. Rashi warns Gopi not to tell anyone about the trunk. Kinjal enquires about the trunk with Nani. Urmila asks Rashi to get the duplicate trunk near the back door. Kokila is stunned when Kinjal tells her that Nani is not able to open her trunk's lock. Rashi hides when she sees Jigar coming towards her. Kokila decides to check on the trunk's lock.

When Kokila is busy scolding Gopi outside Nani's room, Rashi quickly swaps the trunks. Rashi hides herself and the duplicate trunk under the bed when Kokila walks into the room. Kokila is surprised when she is able to open the trunk's lock. She is furious at Kinjal for doubting Urmila.

Urmila gets locked in the car's bonnet!
Episode : 254

Rashi meets Kinjal and taunts her for coming home frequently. Rashi sneaks out of the house with the trunk and gives it to Urmila. Urmila calls up Kokila and complains against Kinjal. Kokila scolds Kinjal for doubting Urmila and trying to instigate everyone against her. Urmila hides in the garden when she sees Parakh talking to Rashi. Urmila hides in Parakh's car's bonnet when she sees Kinjal coming towards her.

Kinjal understands Urmila's plan when she reaches home. Dhawal is hurt when Kinjal does not appreciate the gifts which he has got for her. Rashi is worried when Kokila asks her and Gopi to come to Nani's room. She is elated to know that Nani won't be locking her trunk as she had problems opening the lock. Urmila calls up Rashi and asks her to save her by opening the car's bonnet.

Naani is impressed with Gopi's gift
Episode : 255

Rashi is unable to get Urmila out of the bonnet as Jigar comes there. She feels uncomfortable when Jigar tries to come close to her. Rashi finally manages to help Urmila and asks her to leave immediately. Gopi is hurt when Aham does not appreciate her efforts. Rashi sneaks into Nani's room and is shocked to see the contents of the trunk. She is determined to win the trunk after seeing the expensive jewellery.

Nani praises Gopi for gifting her a jap maala. Rashi is irked when Nani does not appreciate her gift and accidently breaks it. Everyone comes to witness Naani giving her trunk to either Gopi or Rashi. Naani praises Gopi and Rashi for taking care of her well.

Rashi wins the trunk!
Episode : 256

All are happy except Kokila when Nani decides to give her trunk to Rashi. Urmila is elated to know that Rashi has got the trunk. Kokila is disgusted to listen to Rashi thanking Nani for giving her the trunk. Rashi is shell-shocked to realise that she has got a Lord Krishna's idol. Rashi masks her unhappiness in front of everyone.

Kokila stops Gopi from apologizing in front of Hetal for not being able to win the trunk. Hetal consoles an upset Gopi. Rashi expresses her disappointment with Urmila regarding the trunk. Kinjal is shocked to see Urmila fainting in the room. Hetal expresses her happiness with Rashi and asks her to keep the idol safely. Gopi is hurt when Kokila asks her to leave her alone for some time.

Kokila confronts Nani
Episode : 257

Rashi is irked when Gopi congratulates her for win

ning the idol. She is disappointed when Jigar gives her flowers for the puja. Jigar is hurt when Rashi scolds him for hugging her. Kinjal goes out shopping with her friends and splurges on buying dresses for herself. Kokila overhears Nani and Gopi's conversation. Kokila requests Gopi to leave her alone for some time. Aham meets Kokila and requests her to have her lunch.

Kokila scolds Gopi for telling Aham about her not having food. Kokila argues with Naani for never understanding her and for giving away the trunk to Rashi. Kinjal shows off her new dresses to Urmila. Kokila is stunned when Naani explains to her the reason behind her being strict with her since childhood. Naani tells Kokila the reason behind her choosing to give Rashi the trunk over Gopi.

Nani advises Kokila, Gopi
Episode : 258

Kokila is hurt when Nani blames her for being unsuccessful in getting Aham and Gopi together. Nani requests Kokila to save Aham and Gopi's marriage. Hetal and Gopi are stunned to learn that Nani is leaving the next day. Gopi is touched when Nani gifts her a sindoor box and advises her to win over Aham. Kokila contemplates on Nani's advice and decides to bridge the gap between Aham and Gopi.

Jigar expresses his disappointment with Rashi regarding her change in attitude. He is furious when Rashi refuses to listen to him. Rashi is irked when Hetal asks her to help Nani in her packing. Dhawal and Kinjal are stunned to see Urmila splurging on her shopping. In order to avoid helping Nani in her packing, Rashi pretends to have sprained her back. Aham is furious when Gopi tries to help him.

Kokila's decision stuns everyone
Episode : 259

Dhawal and Kinjal are shocked to see Urmila's new avatar. Kokila requests Nani to stay back for few more days but she refuses. Gopi decides to follow Nani's instructions in winning over Aham's love. Nani praises Gopi and Rashi for taking care of her well. Everyone is sad to see Nani leaving. All are stunned when Kokila declares that she will not send Gopi back to Urmila's house.

Aham is furious when Kokila scolds him for not respecting Gopi. All are stunned to see Aham walking out of the house. Hetal and Chirag try to console an upset Gopi. Aham confronts Kokila for forcing him to lead a marital life with Gopi. Aham is stunned when Kokila blames herself for his failed marriage. She is hurt when Aham refuses to acknowledge Gopi as his wife.

Kokila's promise to Gopi
Episode : 260

Aham finally succumbs to Kokila's demands and decides to allow Gopi to stay in the house. Kokila is hurt when Gopi questions her regarding her future in the house. Kokila consoles an upset Gopi and promises to help her in winning over Aham's love. Rashi tells Urmila the problems between her and Jigar. Jigar tells Rashi that he will not talk to her unless she will not reciprocate his love. Gopi is happy to learn from Kokila that tomorrow is Aham's birthday.

Gopi is stunned to see Aham packing his bags and questions him. Kokila stops Aham from shifting to guest room. Gopi is scared when Kokila asks her to wake up Aham and wish him on his birthday. Aham is furious to see Gopi first on his birthday. Everyone wishes Aham on his birthday. Aham requests Jigar not to organize a birthday party for him.

Rashi ruins the party decorations
Episode : 261

Kokila is irked to see Chirag gifting a new car for Aham on his birthday, while Parakh gifts him a pen. Kinjal is happy when Aham invites her home for dinner. Aham is stunned when his friend Jignesh tells him about his surprise birthday party. Kinjal is stunned when Dhawal tells her about them going to attend a Satyanarayan puja. Hetal is stunned to learn that Rashi has kept the Lord Krishna's idol in the cupboard.

Aham is irked to know that Kokila has invited his friends for the birthday party. Urmila advises Rashi to ruin Gopi's arrangements for Aham's birthday party. Kokila taunts Parakh for gifting Aham a mere pen whereas Chirag gave him a car. Parakh is hurt with Kokila's words. Rashi convinces Gopi to decorate the house with balloons and crepe papers. Rashi is happy thinking that Aham will hate Gopi's childish decorations.

Aham's birthday celebrations
Episode : 262

Kokila scolds Rashi for asking Gopi to make childish decorations. Urmila is furious when Kinjal refuses to attend the puja at home. Kinjal is stunned when Urmila complains against her with Kokila. Gopi requests Rashi to help her in ordering a cake. She calls up the shopkeeper and changes Gopi's order. Kinjal is irked to see Urmila's antics in front of the neighbours. Aham is annoyed when his friends insist him to introduce Gopi to them. Hetal asks Rashi and Jigar to leave for the puja in Urmila's house immediately.

Kokila is worried as the cake hasn't yet reached home. Kinjal is livid when Urmila asks her to do menial jobs. Rashi comes home and tells Urmila about the cake fiasco at home. Aham is stunned to see the cartoon shaped cake. He is furious when his friends make fun the cake. Kokila is relieved when Chirag handles the situation. Gopi is touched when Aham saves her from burning her hand while lighting the candles on the cake. The puja is on full swing in Urmila's house. Gopi is shocked when Aham's friends request her to sing for Aham. Aham feels humiliated to hear Gopi trying to wish him in English.

purple flower

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