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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Farzana-

Weeeeeeeee! You updated! Dancing  I did(;ROFL

Okay I LOVE the Anu avis. Seriously, they are too damn amazing and yes I agree, she looks effin' gorgeous! I love her. Saved her avis. Dont even know when I'll know use it cuz my dabbas are always are either KaJen/Harshiti or Delena but I really like those avis so hopefully I do use them in the future LOL Big smile Really?Embarrassed You love her too?Hahah..I don't think there's anything in between. People either love her or they hate her. You know which I fall into(;
Arjuuuuuhiiiii, I love the sig you made on them! Its soooooooooooooo nice.
I watched that scene and it was very hot! Embarrassed I haven't watched that sceneROFL but I'll go by what you say, and thankyouu<3
Maaneeeeeeeeeettttt omgosh I used to be crazy about those two.. Not so much anymore cuz Geet isnt the same old Geet it used to be Ouch I know what you mean, I used to watch Geet as well, but as I told a lot of people..I'm finding it totally ..well just blah.Ouch But tip tap barsa looks like a HOT sequence so I will definately watch that epi! Anyway that sig is hot! And the Gurti one is beautiful as well! Drashtuu looks so gorgeous in that blue! <33. Hahah..I saw the whole epi of Chhoti Bahu just to see their perf.LOL It was definitely hot and Drashti was looking gorgeous(;
Erm, not a fan of the couple that comes after Maaneet but I like the sig you made on them. The placing of the sig is really nice! Make KaJen ones like that Big smile I really do love that style though =)
OMGG lol. Yes, I know. Embarrassed But I like them wayyy better than Kajen to be totally honest with you. And so that's why these come out better than Karan-Jenny ones(;  
MAYUUUUURRRRR Day Dreaming Hayee, they're simply magical! Loved those two and still do very much. Watched MJHT mostly for them Embarrassed And I loved them in the Khuda Jaane seq. They were so damn cute. And the holi seq was soooo amazing. Rati looks damn amazing! The Mayur sigs are my fav from the entire update simply cuz I love them.. Alot! I hope ArTi work on a new show together :)
Ahhh did I tell you I love you..for that last line?LOLI realllyyyy hope so too<3 And I'm glad you loved the sigsEmbarrassed My MN ones always ALWAYS come out really well than everything else. That's cause my love shows(;
Coming to the requests..
I really like Aisha's request. The coloring and yellowy effect is very beautiful!
Jia's request is sooooo gorgeous! Love how you blended all the pics. It looks great!
And Sofi or Sharona's? LOL  request is soooooooooooo amazing. Sukirti looks adorable there!
Thankyouu(; Jia gave me the pics. And I was like W*H..let me just use all of themROFL
It is Sofia's req, but as a gift for Sharona. Don't worry - I haven't lost itROFL
IDK why I write so much in your gall ROFL Idk why either, but thankyouuEmbarrassed I dont do this with any other galls.. Its only with YOU. LOL I feel specialCool I guess me just LOVES your work so much that I have to comment individually on them :) Psht be happy! Big smile Oh I am Embarrassed Love yaaaaaa & Im sending you some pics soon for sigs and you better make them Evil Smile HugLove youu too<3 And yes, I'll try and make something on themLOL
Originally posted by jenny1000

Woman, these sigs are so beautiful. I had to like drag my eyes to other sigs, as they were fixed on GurTi ones for a while. THEY are beautiful. Oh so stunning. I am gonna use them all really really soon..
OMGG are you serious?hahah Jenny that like means the worldd to meEmbarrassed I do like how the GurTi ones came out..I guess cause they were so gooddd in that Tip Tip Barsa Paani seqBlushing thankyouu so much!(;

Love the KaSh ones.. Please make some ShiRan ones. I want to use some ShiRan ones from you. If u need pics, then PM away and I'll give u some pics.
thanksEmbarrassed ahh..I think I could see this coming from youu and ashu!(; haha..yes go ahead with PMing me anything. you know you canLOL 

and yea, ArNaya pics in ur PM box in few minutes. LOLROFL I been dying to get an ArNaya sig from you. LOL, but I am too lazy to do pics. On a second thought, I'll get it to you soon as I am making stuff at the moment so migth be hard to pull out a folder or so.
Anyways, they are so so beautiful.. !! So so stunning..
will work on the Arnaya ones asap(:..I love the thinking out loud you did thereROFL lol guess you decided already(; thankyou so so much Jen! that means a hell lot coming from you(:

Yeah, am gonna use the Anushka avi cause she looks so pretty and well, it's a job well done. Make some more avi's of tv peeps. OMG:O you like anushka?or are you just using them cause the avis are good or somethingLOL fire away, and I'll make avis of whoever you like.. almost(;
Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

Super gorgeous!
i just LOVEEEEE how the MN siggy came out, seriously! Stern Smile *stunner*
and anushka avis [oh i thot they were stackd :P] shes stunning, LOVELLY!
LOVE it!
and aisha's req is amazingg! everything is gorgeous, im still waiting for you to be UN-Forgetful :P
u cud do me atleeast this much favour WITH/FOR Credit! Approve LOL
Anyways, no probz, i just LOVEE your colourings, toh... anywayss... choro, Keep it up, and waiting for more :]
Reenz thanks so much<33 The MN sig was originally a colour experiment(; and the Anu avis. ohh yes I think a lott of people thought they were stacked(; well that was just me being lazy to leave a space in btwn them while postingLOL I haven't forgotten. relax. thankyouuuuu(:
Originally posted by ayeshaaa.

ohh yeahhhh.

agree with jenny, ShiRan siggs from you :)
we got GurTi & KaSh from you ;p now ShiRan :D LOL.
I finally made a GurTi sigg with tip tip pani barsa pics ;) *yayy*
OMG:O Hahah Ashu..you and Jenny need to PM me pics. I'll make anything for you like(;
Did you? link me to it(;
Originally posted by Sano88

wowww.. goregous as ever aish.. Clapdekha pehle famous hojao and then stop pming.. people will follow you ROFL just kidding okay ROFL loveeeeeeeeeeed the siggies alot. specially kash ones...
thanks so much sano(; you don't need to be kiddingStern Smile i'm finding it's trueROFL you guys know it the second I post something hereCool
haha I'm glad you love the kash ones(:
Originally posted by --blossom--

Aishhhhh awesome update...i love everything....all are amazing..iam so much excited for next update...DDLJDay Dreaming[8>] jaldi update kar na 
awwehh thanks zummi(: Hug hahah I could totally see that reaction coming from you!(: yepp I'm trying for monday lol. friday was being too hopefulLOL
Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Gr8 work..love the sugz..
thanks Hinu(:

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 26 March 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angeldmg16

Aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hug
Hawwwwwwwww KaSh Sig's Stern SmileShocked 
pinch me!! Tell me it's not a dream!! LOLZLOL 
Day Dreaming   Day Dreaming   Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming
WOW Stunninggggggg Updt!
Loveeeeeeee ur work!
Style and colring is so Awesome <3
Anushka avi's looks GORGEOUS <3
and She is Gorgeous too EmbarrassedLOL
Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shocked
When this happen? i dint watch KMH last week HUh DisapproveSleepy
Ahhhhhh They kissed EmbarrassedBlushingLOL
Hawtt Sigggggggggg <3
WOW This two are so Gud
Love the colring and Style
Awesomee Work
am making a lot more of these two so be patient with me(:
Such a KaShSome Sigggggggggg <3
I love these two so so much <3 Blushing Thanku so much for making! Love you more for this <3
They are so AMAZING <3
Ahhhhhhhhh!! Day Dreaming
Beautiful Sig
Love the Style colring and text <3
I am really Staring this EmbarrassedLOL
Miss them :(
Both version's are graceful Embarrassed
@red : WOW I am so ExcitedDancing DancingDancing 
and Def Using this one Embarrassed <3
MayUrrrrrrrrrrrr Dancing
Goshhhhhhh these sig's are so WONDEFUL <3
Love it <3
  and Req's looks so fabolous
Cant wait for ur Next updt
Ps : Sam Jaani Thanks for the PM! Love you! MuahHug
Awehhh Nori that's so so so sweet of you!(; I got rid of the sigsLOL cause people would complain their page is not loading hahah:D And no, the Kash sigs were not a dream, and hopefully more coming, that's a promise, I think(; I'm so glad you love the styles and colourings I tried(:
Oh and as for KMH then I can't fill you in lol. I don't watch the show, but I felt like making something on seeing those caps! hahaha..and thankyou so much for using the Kash sigs<33
Love youu too..x And Sam..haha lol thanks for PMing herLOLEmbarrassed
Originally posted by Mysterygirl_me

Yayy finally u updated, hope ur jeeju is all fine noww who wouldnt be when they get to eat such delicious gulab jamuns made by u LOL hayee u have made me want to have them now im gonna have them in the evening now for sure LOL.
OMGG:O Ridaaa you're too sweetEmbarrassed He's not exactly all fine lol. I guess he's just finding bed rest and all hard. But aside from that yes he was very happy to see gulab jamunsROFL
Now coming to ur updatee, the anushka avi's are rocking I havent seen this performance of hers but boy i lovee her so much nowadays LOL she's become one of my favourite actresses Big smile.Really? now that's new to me(; hahaha..you have to see this perf!(: that was her best on stage live one everrr :D
 I love the blending in the arjuhi sig and it doesnt even look like the pics were low quality cuz as always u've done magic with it. The GurTi sigs are sooo hot i love the use of gradient in the first one and the way u placed the pics in the second. The KaSh ones are totally awesome i love ur blending in this entire update yar seriously ur a pro at it and also the texture u used in the kash sigs looking forward to much more kash stuff from you Tongue. Aww thanks<3 the pics weren't exactly LQ but they were just dark and hard to work with I think.lol. I'm quite happy with how the Gurti ones came outEmbarrassed and I'm so glad you love the Kash ones!(: They're my fav after the MN sigs from this update, and yes you can look forward to more hopefullyLOL
The MaYur sigs are my absolute favourite from the updatee. The KJ sig toh im already head over heels in love with LOLEmbarrassed and the holi one aww it is just too adorable i adoree the coloring as well going to change my dabba right away. Yes, mine tooEmbarrassed I saw that one in your dabbba! your dabba made it look even more prettyLOL 
Aisha's request is so cute i love the light texture on it. And jia's request is very hot u sure did wonders with this sig WinkLOL. With the besharam pics you meanStern SmileROFL I just felt like chucking them all into one sigLOL
Again blending is toh awesomest and wowest. The suku sig is so gorgeous and creative and lastly ravs di ka sig hayee soo pretty and innovative i want a sig like this too LOLEmbarrassed. aweehhh! well that's just ravs to go around asking for surprise sigsStern SmileROFL but sure one day I will make youu one(; but remember that I always love you, so there's no need for me to put that on a sigEmbarrassed
And i cant tell u im the happiest person on earth to read u'll be doing a DDLJ updatee, u know i love srk-kajol to bits and i just cant wait for that update and im gonna start counting the days for that now Tongue. :O I'm quite happy tooROFL hahah well wait until monday i think. it's comingg!

Loveee youu HugHugHug and me too<33
Originally posted by siddhi209

Amazing update!! The Anushka avis are beautiful, love the coloring <3
Thankyou so muchEmbarrassed I'm glad you like them(;
Originally posted by -Arti4ever-

res =)
wowwwwwwww aishhh  drolicious update Party.....how u always manage to make such gorgeous and killer stuffSilly.....and ya congoozzz for completin' 100 pagessParty
thankyouuu so much jenLOL let me ask you, how do you always FIND it gorgeous? that's a better question(; lol. and thankyou again..I have actually completed 100Shocked
......OMFGGGG ur anu avii m drollin' over it....it is lookin gorgeous..the colourin' is outstanding....i m in lovee with these avis ghoshhh she looks stunnin here....she does look stunning! i'm so glad you love the colouring, i had fun with itLOL
the karanika one was really hot....and it turned out really well though d caps were less (; ...gohshhhh they are tooo adorablee ....Silly
yes they really areEmbarrassed which is why I LOVE them even though I don't watch the show!(;
......and the gurti oness awwwww  its way too beautiful...specially secong one my fav <3333....gohshhhh aish ur colourin' is terrific...i need to take tution classes from u for colourin' and texturesLOL
thankyou so muchEmbarrassed as I'm telling everyone..the second was an accidentStern SmileROFL oh and the colouring is cause I LOVE colour(: that's why it naturally comes out well I guess. lol anytime..that's too cute!
....kash one was really amazing...wowwww lookin' forward to see more of them :Dand MN ahhhh its wayy tooo gorgeous...KJ and HOLI my too fav scenes :D ....both were mindblowin'....and requests....WOWWWWWW  they all are flawless specially for ravz...awwww its damn cuteeBig smile...and suku one was cute tooo Embarrassed ....i loved every sig....saved almost all <3333 
hopefully I can make more Kash!(; I'm so happy you love the MN ones..and hahah the one for RavsROFL she loves it too(: that's really sweet of you<3
PS: sorry for shorty short comment LOL as my exams are goin' on so nt able to give long reply ): aww that's alrightt! I don't mind(:Embarrassed
lluv yaa

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Jessy-

Lovely update!! Loved everything especially the Anushka avis <3
Thanks JessyEmbarrassed means a lot(;
Originally posted by Zarwulicious

ssooo hawwwttt!! aish u rock baby!=D
really?hahah:D thankyouu so much Zarwa that's too cuteLOLEmbarrassed
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

BEAUTIFULLLL update Aishuuu!!Hug
Loved all the creations..!!
omgoshh ArjuHi, MayUr nd KaSh ones are my FAVOOO...HeartBlushing Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Other ones are Superbbbb!!
nd reqs came out FABB! loved Aisha & Sofia's req the most..
Keep rocking like this!!Big smile
Awehh thanks so much Avni!(; I'm so glad you love the AA, MN and Kash ones<3 I knew you would, but you're just too sweetLOL And thankyou for loving the reqs you mentioned, really means a lotEmbarrassed love you<33
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Gorgeous update, Aish! Everything turned out fab!Clap I really like this one.
And though I'm not a fan of Gurti, the style of the 2nd one is amazing! Do make a Gurmina one like that sometime.Wink
And great job with the reqs, I really can't wait for mine now!Dancing
Thanks so much JanuEmbarrassed means a LOT to me(; And yes I know you're not a GurTi fan..I like them more than Gurmina to be completelyyy honest with you!(; but, anything for you..PM me pics please and I will definitely tryEmbarrassed I'm making you wait too long aren't I?LOL
Originally posted by aishix

how are you?
this is WOW
i love ur upd^
Firstly, Anu avis are GORGEOUS!
ArJohi/GurTi stuff are HOT, Love the style^
KaSh 2 sigs are STUNNING;
'm tellin' u, its fab work on 'em^
MayUr 2 sigs are BEAUTIFUL,
esp HOLI one, so using it ;)
Reqs =D
aisha's one is Great!
jiyu one's was the bestt^
just love everything about the sig;
its was so so pretty^ lucky ;//
sofi one is so cute^
love how u used the pics ;D
lastly, the gift sig - its fabulous :)
Keep rockin' Love you forever <3
Aisho I LOVE LOVE LOVE you; thankyouuu so muchHug I'm so glad you love the Anu avis and Arjuhi /Kash sigsEmbarrassed and thankyou endlesslyLOL for using the MN one(: I like how it turned out so I'm glad you did tooROFL Jia's one was my fav tooEmbarrassed Sheila if you're reading this, then it doesn't make you any less besharamStern SmileROFL lol. I'm so happy you loved the other ones too<33
I love you tooHug

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sajjal-

'**rubs eyes** just woke up 10 mins ago!LOL YOU UPDATED!!
first i want to ask is your jiju better now? aww i hope he gets better really soon but i have to say how he fractured his leg was really funny never heard of that instance yet! but nonetheless my wellwishes are with him...
Well he is kind ofLOL ehh he's finding the bed rest part of things so difficult!:(( I'll tell him, jeeju you have a lot of people praying for you. Be happy. As much as I love him, he was very stupidROFL and it's okay. you can laugh all you want over it tooLOL
 Okay what should i say about your update...because you always leave me speechless.....and bring the thoughts that i need lessons from you that too badly...but i will take them later, ahbi thora busy hoon..but after wedding i'll be free atleast for a month. :) than i'll bug you days on to give me lessonsLOLLOLLOL .....
Aww that is so so so sweet!Embarrassed This is your speechlessness?ROFL whatever it is though, I love it(; I'm always open to teach you anything you wish! But to be honest it's an overstatement cause I LOVE your work and you have no reason at all to be taught by meLOLEmbarrassed 
Arjuhi sig....beautiful, its fun actually when i was looking at it my grandmom walked by and she was suprised by what she saw she was like beshram larki...Wacko she is kind of old century woman so i had to sit her down and explain what i was looking at and why..LOLLOLLOL but anyways the sig is really beautiful i love how you captured their intense emotions at that moment reallly brings the sig to life and the simplicity outshines right through it.
OMGG:O Hahaha I can totally imagine. Awkward momentsStern Smile lol.
That last line really made my day AmbyEmbarrassed I can't tell you how much it means, thankyou so very much..I feel like hugging youLOLHug
the Arsh, awww i use to love them in AR mode...but not in Arsh stance it just pulled out all the life of the character...anyway the sig is beautiful...the text more than beautiful i love the song even though its sad ...its been my fav for a long time...
Me too, in fact.LOL But I haven't seen that seq of theirs, cause I never ever even tried to watch DMG2..it had lost it's feel for me way before that!(: but as soon as I saw those caps, I felt like making something..for some reason or the otherEmbarrassed And yes, I do love the song too..it is beautiful..the text was the thing which literally immediatel came into mind(;  
MAYURRR...FINALLY CAn talk about them,,LOL you know how much i love them right so i love your sig double..because well they are stunning...the KJ one is soo beautiful and the holi one its so simle but very unique the blue stands out so well and looks really really pretty...well to be exact anything and everything looks good on them..they can bring anything to live !Embarrassed lets play holi is saved...i might use it one when i decide to use signatures....LOLLOL but really amazing sigs..
Hahah that's sweetLOL Yes, I do know how much you love them!(; I'm so glad you love the KJ one, a colouring experiment turned into a sig badi mushkil seLOL and the Holi one I do like how it turned out myself, so thankyouuu lots and lotsEmbarrassed lol. I never used sigs for a longggg time..about months after I joined IF I started using them. Even now I don't change my dabba too oftenROFL
Reqs...Aish that toby spencer one....for Jia..is STUNNING and beshram also like you said but it doesn't matter i like this couple alott too ....&& the show also ofcourse also...today is their series finale...finally gonna be revealed who that tortorous A isLOLLOL anyway look at me talking about something you have no clue about...but the sig is superb...Jia you lucky gal..
Ahh you like it?LOL That means so so much!(: Jia is buggin me to watch PLLROFL maybe I should then. I have so much to doROFL hahaha;D yes I have no idea what you're on about there;/ ust so so glad that you love the sigEmbarrassed
the sukriti sig is beautiful also...she looks amazing in the blue dress and the texture you have used it prettyy!!
she really does look pretty and I'm glad you loved it!(:
&& DDLJ UPDATE do it...beause i love that movie also...would love to see sigs on it...i'm thinking to do kahbi khushi kahbi ghum...i love that movie so much...LOL especially SRK&Kajol in it they both rocked....
Will definitely do itEmbarrassed Awehh you make me want to make K3G stuff tooROFL maybe I might!(; goshh I totally lovedd Kajol in it..hahah gamlaaaaaCoolROFL
Anway sorry about the LONGGGGGGGGGG...comment...!!LOLi'm happy finally got to write a long one for you .No thank you for a PM...LOL but i still found the gallery..Tongue
I've stopped sending PMs, as you knowLOL sorry!:( And you don't have to be the least bit sorry for the long long comment, cause I love long comments Cool and I'm used to themROFL
& also anything you write for me can never be a rant because well they are words from heart
just as lyrics are of songs and notes of music!
^I love this as much as I did when I read it last timeEmbarrassed 
Update soon...
Originally posted by -Dharu-

Awww ArJuhi one is gorgeous i love the pics you choose its perfect!

Loveee Anu avis/GurTi ones/MN ones they're  so beautiful love the colorings you're soo good at it!

all requests looks splendid open the shop soon pleaseeee!:)Hug
Aww thanks so so much Dhara!(;Embarrassed I'm so happy you love it(: And I'm so gladddd you love everything else as well, especially the colouringLOL thanks once again, and I'll see how I go with the opening and allROFL
Originally posted by DulceAmor

Aish, what an amazing update!!! OMG everything is so stunning! The avis look fab! The Mayur sigs are just fantastic - i love them both so much, and the Holi one is just too cute! KaSh ones are awesome! I am so excited that you made them - loved the style and will def be using soon. Reqs have turned out brilliant! Super stuff yaar!
Thankyou so much AnuHug I love reading your comments always! They are so encouraging..And I'm really glad you love the MN and Kash ones, thankyouu so very much for suing them!(: love you<33
Originally posted by aisha_1992

wooow beautiful sigs yaara.. like blending most
ohh  i love ur coloring, is it posible u share with me few urs coloring?

OMG i love my req
itts okay yaara, i loved it alot using..

ps: can i make animated sig of my req? as u see my sig box is very large, all reqs done at same time..
so can i make animated sig?

Thankyouu Aisha!Embarrassed will definitely try and send you some PSDs when I get around to it(; And I'm so glad you love your request, really means a lot to me! And yes I know you already have made a slideshow of itLOL don't worry about asking in future..I don't mind you making one anytime!Embarrassed
Originally posted by lil_mizz_shawty



OMG!! She looks fab!! Haven't watched it yet, gonna go YT it now lol but seriously these avi's have turned out GREAT!
WOW!! This is simply brilliant!!
Love Arjuhi!! So obviously LOVE your siggy! Embarrassed
Is it just me or are these two just like extra HOT!! Blushing
Tip tip barsa paani was just amazing!
Love the colouring effects used and again LOVE the text! It looks really good!
This request as turned out AWESOME!!
Not really a fan of Sukirti but you make her look really good!! AGAIN your use of text if simply FAB!
Marj thankyou so very much, really means a lot to meEmbarrassed Haha yes, Anu looks way too gorgeous..and I'm glad you went and YT-ed the vid cause of my avisLOL And Im reaaaaally happy you love the Arjuhi sig(: btw..it's not just you, GurTi were so hot in that performanceBlushing I watched the whole special episode for their Tip Tip barsa paani(; I'm so glad you love that sig, and the way it turned out!(: Plus I love it when people say I'm not a fan of so and so yet I love the sig you made on them..that's what really makes me happy so thankyou heaaaapsHug

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dangelz

Eeeeeeeps! Reserveddddd!
Aishhhh this update is like crazZZyyy HOTT! Silly Mainly thanks to KaSh and GurTi! Blushing Will come back and comment in detail! I don't have class on Mondays, so I'll comment after I come back from some volunteer work I do at an elementary school =)
Oh and about my req...are you sure the pics I gave you weren't HQ? Confused I mean as a sig maker, I don't think I would give you low quality pics to work with. As far as I remember, I didn't give you caps and they were HQ pics...but whatever is more convinient for you is good enough for me =) Feel free to use whatever pics you think would look good together. Embarrassed
^I already replied to this part somewhere I thinkLOL
 - - EDITED - -
Yayyy...I got back here faster than I normally take! LOL Thanks to me having Mondays off =) I was thrilledddd to see your update yesterday cuz I usually die waiting for you to update! ROFL 
You have Mondays off? Ehh I'm not happyLOL Well my sole lecture was cancelled on that Monday so technically even I had that Monday offROFL Don't dieStern Smile surely I don't take that longROFL
You know what? You should have parcelled some gulab jamuns to Ashu, cuz thanks to her...we all got an update from you earlier than planned! ROFL I'll make more tomorrow morning then cause this girl knows how to get me to update(; Miss I'm-too-lazy as you call herLOL would be getting hiccups nowROFL
Sorry to hear that you had to run in and out of the hospital constantly cuz of your jeeju's fractured leg...hope things are better now and less hectic =) You really need a well-deserved rest! Approve Well after your exam on Wednesday that is...and how did I know about your exam? Obviously cuz I read your PARAGRAPHS as Ashu likes to call it, in my shop just a few hours back! ROFL 
They're less hectic definitely, as he's back home and not in the hospital(: but he's finding it quite difficult cause he's the really up and about typeLOL And yes I NEED rest. I'm getting it. Oh you almost got me there for a secondLOL I was like W*HH how did you know about my examROFL but yes. My PARAGRAPHS gave it awayStern Smile
Ok this is so random, but you know...I never really used the ROFL emoticon much before on IF. Thanks to you...mujhe bhi yeh ROFL emoticon ki bimaari lag gayi! ROFL Anyways, I'm gonna jump into your update because that is mainly what I'm here to write an essay on! You say you randomly rant alot? Well take a look at me, cuz I do the same! LOL 
Yeh bimaari badi achhi hai Wink  I usually can't do a single post without a ROFL so I'm glad I got you hooked onto it. Apparently you use it only with me though cause other people think you're mad or something?Ermm they are mad to think that wayStern SmileROFL
No but I random rant more than you so CoolROFL
So like I mentioned above my edited post, I really meant it when I said that this update of yours is crazyyyy crazyyy HOT! Then again, you probably already knew I was gonna LOVE this update right? LOL Haha...anyway, lets get started...like seriously. LOL The Anushka sigs are so so stunninggg! I adoreee the colouring you've done on them <3 She definitely looks super gorgeousss, especially in her sparkly black outfit! The Arjuhi sig is very simple, yet really prettyyyy! I loveee the softness in the entire sig =)
Well you had startedROFL what was all that I was just replying to?Shocked
I did tell you, you would love the update..Embarrassed and I'm glad I lived up to itROFL thankyouuu so much! I'm so glad you love the Anu avis...she is one HECK of a gorgeous girl and I can never ever get tired of saying that(; I'm so glad you love my colouringEmbarrassed 
And the Arjuhi sig..I really didn't do muchStern Smile maybe that's why people like itROFL haha but thanks<3
Ahhhh...I love, love, love the GurTi sigs! The first one is just simply HOTTT! Blushing Loveee the b&w colouring and the way you wrote the tip tip text =) You HAVE to make more sigs from their actual performance, and the HQ caps are posted in the Geet gallery =) The second GurTi sig is so adorable! They look so perfectttt together in one frame...*sigh* I think half the credit goes to how both are equally super good-looking =)
That is like the simplest way I do text..and plus I was too boredd to do anything more with it, but I'm glad that even though that's the caseLOL you love how it came out! Mainly cause the pics were LQ I decided to go for b/w otherwise I'm petrified of b/wStern SmileROFLROFL and then it was low on colour. so that's why(; I'm so glad you love the second as well, and I gotta agree..in fact all the credit goes to them looking so perfect together!Embarrassed 
OMGGG the KaSh sigs! *dies* Those sigs definitely stand out to me the most from the entire update! Being a KaShian, I'm probably being bias...but even in sig-making point of view, I honestly think those sigs look mindblowingggggg! I literally stared at those sigs for a few good moments! Embarrassed That is like one of my fav ArSh scenes! Gorgeous colouring + Outstanding blending + Stunning texture + ArSh moment = PERFECTION! That's how I'd describe the first KaSh sig, and I don't think I need to say much more than that =) I love, love, love the second b&w version too, even though its more subtle...its still very very dreammmyyyy! Embarrassed Goshhh, I cannot WAIT to see more KaSh stuff from you! Try to make KaSh stuff from their original AR scenes =) They were classic!
They stand out to me tooEmbarrassed but after the MN ones of course lol.
I don;t mind you being biased AT ALL...but then again I do agree that there is no bias cause a lot of non-Kashians want sigs in that style of their faves nowROFL I guess they just came out really well because of KashEmbarrassed 
I've only seen the promo of that scene..not the actual. And as far as I know the promo has a lot of chopping and changingLOL anyway...but yes, those caps stood out to me in my folder and I immediately went for them OMG:O I totally LOVE that equationROFL hahah..I'm gonna frame thatCool no seriouslyROFL okay no. But that's how much I LOVED it!
I will definitely try for the original DMG ones. Actually I saved all the Arsh ones firstt and then theirs so that's why I ended up going for these before them! does that make sense?Stern SmileROFL
The MN sigs are just amazingly beautifullllll! Those are definitely some of the best MN sigs I've seen, seriously! The first Khuda Jaane sig is just super stunningggg! The colouring is just simply wowwww...see how I'm running out of words to describe your fab work? LOL Anyway, so yes the colouring is gorgeousss in the first MN sig, and I LOVE the overylay text! Fits in so well with the sig! The second MN Holi sig is equally stunninggg, and I seriously can't pick which MN sig looks better cuz both are unique! I adoreee the lighting you've done in the second MN sig, and the blending as always is so so awesomeeee!
Really? Can I like come and huggggg you super tight? Those first two sentences like made my day againLOL cause it always means a hell lot to me when people appreciate my MN workEmbarrassed Yes I know you're running our of words..but still. At least you know how I feelROFL
Hahah I FINALLY tried the overlay text..that's cause I thought the text was too prominent on the sig and I wanted it to sort of be there but not be there..if you know what I mean..to keep the simpicity of the pics aliveEmbarrassed hahah you and my blending. atoot rishtaROFLROFL
All the reqs turned out so so prettyyyyy! I especially love the Sukirti one cuz of the placing of pics, and the colouring! Embarrassed Anyways...I think I shall end my lovely essay here =) Goshh you just updated yesterday and I'm already waiting to see your next one! ROFL That's how greedy I've become of your creations! LOL Love you lotsss <3 Oh and goodluck on your exam for Wednesday =)
I'm so glad you love the Sukirti sigEmbarrassed the pics just fell into place I thinkStern SmileLOL yes I know. IMPATIENT girls..I have a lot of them who are already reminding me, oye aish it's the weekend..when are you updatingROFL awehh but that is too sweet!Embarrassed 
I love youu too<33 And thanks for the luckLOL even though my exam is OVERRRCoolROFL
Originally posted by Cess-

Hey Aish...

I am not sure if you remember, but I did comment here once - once upon a time! LOL I think about 10 million updates ago? Ermm LOL but anyway, I dunno why the heck I keep forgetting to come here and comment. I always see your work around, even in the KMH forum, but just never remember to come here! Anyway, that's not the point! ROFL
OMG:O CessHug Of courseee I remember you goshh! I don't forget anyone that easilyROFL
It's okk(: I don't think I've ever update that many times myselfROFL and you're not missing out at all on anything cause..well you just aren't lol. And it's absolutely fine with me! Just means a LOT that you come here and leave such longg and beautiful commentsEmbarrassed Btw you should know...I don't mind people sidetracking.LOL I'm the queen of rantingCool

You have no idea how much I love your work. Seriously, I love all your stuff, and I just adore you're colouring and pretty much everything! It's really really amazing. I think you have the best colouring in the whole IF! I truly am amazed. I also loved your Arjuhi ones - the shower sig and the new one too. I know the angles are kinda weird and awkward but it looks just stunning in you sig! 
Awehh that is just too sweet!(; I'm really very glad you love my work that much!Embarrassed And I can't tell you how much it means to me when you say I have the best colouring on IFLOL I literally stared at my screen for a while to digest thatLOL thankyouu so very muchh!
Haha the Arjuhi ones - yes the shower scene caps were tough to work withStern Smile same goes for these! yet you liked the sigs so much, which is what matters moreEmbarrassed

I also adore your Mayank-Nupur ones - pretty much all of them. All of the 1000+ that you've made! LOL I am not a huge huge fan, but I like them. Your sigs make me truly believe they are soo awesome! Love the way you just make them look better than they already are! (: 
OMGG lol. Yes I've made tons of MN stuff!(; It always makes me happy when people say my work makes them like someone or a couple so much more..thanks heaaaps!Embarrassed
Awesome awesome job! I am a huge fan of yours, even if it doesn't seem like it! LOL I should try and become a more frequent commenter here! Ermm because for the millionth time, I just love your work! (:
Of COURSE it seems like it! I'm totally flatteredLOLEmbarrassed I don't mind you not commenting at all in fact this made my day..so much so that you can get away with not commenting and I will still always appreciate this(; thankyou so very much once againHug
Originally posted by -Sofia-

Aww thanks so much SofiaEmbarrassed I'm so so so glad you love everything(; Thankyou so much for the superr sweet comment and yes, I'm really happy you loved your reqLOL Everyone thinks I've lost it cause I wrote For Sofi up the top and for Sharona on the sigStern SmileROFL

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by *payal_15*

the last one is gorgeouss Aishh, im just a mega fan of your text style!
the avis are really really pretty! but i love the gurti sigs the mostt...the blackness is awesomee!! the text on the arjuhi sig is amazing ^_^
Payal I can't tell you how much that means<33Embarrassed I'm so glad you love that last sig, really means a lot to me(; And I like how the GurTi sigs turned out too! Credit: them for being so hot and looking so awesome togetherLOL thankyouu so much once again!Hug
Originally posted by .Yamini.

Res Stern Smile
three letters one emo. very good.Smile
chal I can't say anything cause I'm yet to edit my spot in your shopStern SmileROFL
Originally posted by lovekasuforeva

awesomee andd fab update loved all of them!
my favorites:
ahhh,soo hawttt haven't watched kmh2 in a longg timee im missing everything goddd,suckss yaarrr.
thiss iss justt soo beautifull,lovedd their rain scne could you do me a favor and send me the caps for my sig?
thiss iss drop dead gorgoues,misss themmm soo muchhh,lovedd itt HAPPYYY HOLII AISHHH!
this might not be my request but sofi i loved your req thiss iss justt beautifula nd it show our sunshine's natural beautyyy,<333
Thanks so very muchh Mona!Embarrassed Really means a lot to me(: I'm so glad you love the Arjuhi sig(: and lol. who are you asking? I don't even watch KMH myselfLOL Alreadyy sent you the Gurti caps..thankyou so much for liking it! and happy *late* holi to youu too MonaHug I like how that MN one turned out as well, so thankyou,Embarrassed And yes, Sukirti truly does look beautiful in that sig..I'm glad the sig made her stand outLOL thanks so very much once again..x
Originally posted by -Sharmila-

I'm soooooo happy for you! Hug
I was sure you'd do well... aakhir saheli kiski ho * pulls at an imaginary collar* Wink ROFL
Okay jokes apart... Good job Aishu! Embarrassed ( don ask me why I'm calling you that.. )

I'm so excited for friday now... I'm surely gonna have loads of stuff I'll wanna use! Yay!..
waise you making any avis? I want the sarson ke kheth wala avi.. where Sim runs into raj's arms! Day Dreaming
waise.. your DDLJ DP works only in the SB.. not here.. so most of them wouldn't know! ROFL

Love ya! Hug
Aww yayLOL hayye...teri hi saheli hoon toh poochhna kya hai betaCoolROFL no doubts(;
lol but thankyouu so muchEmbarrassed and call me whatever floats your boat(; I find that cutee..x
I guess it's sort of past Friday nowStern SmileROFL I kind of pushed it to Monday(: And yes I'm making a lot of avis I think. Haven't yet. And oye pakka am making a large size avi of that one(; I've totally fallen in LOVE with the movie again. Not to forget..the yellow flowersEmbarrassed because of someoneROFL who will come and like this post sometime anywayROFL
Stuff IFLOL lol. It works now(; love youu too<33
Originally posted by -Sameena-

i know i still have a res.. i pinky promise to edit as soon as i can.. things are a 'lil hectic :S
iloveyou xoxo
It's okaay SamEmbarrassed I know they are. I've still gotta edit at your shop too:(( loveyouutoo..xx
Originally posted by -Hoor-

So im 3 days late in commenting Ermm Khair, i'll do that right now (duuh!!) ROFL's
Awehh it's okayy!LOL I don't mindLOL

Firstly, im khaffa from you for not sending me the gulaab jamans! Its the only mithaai i eat nd you didnt send me some of that, woh bhi which you made urself Broken HeartUnhappy

HawwwOuch You should have told meOuch In that case I'll make more for you tomorrowEmbarrassedLOL 
And yes..I cook myself oftenLOL 

Moving to the update, those Anushka avis are stunnnniiing!! I am officially officially her fan now (how can i be not though?!) LOLDay Dreaming The ArjuHi nd GurTi siggies are hot! Blushing
Did I convert you to an Anu-fan?ROFL If I did then I'm proudCool exactly how can you not be her fan?(; a) because she is just so so gorgeous yet down to earth and b) cause I drilled her into youROFL
lol I'm so glad you love the Arjuhi and Gurti onesEmbarrassed

Nd the KaSh sig is gorgeous!!!!! The blending/coloring blah blah (LOL) everything on it is perfeeeect!! I cant stop staring at that sig yaar Day DreamingDay Dreaming (you love this emo, nae? Yeh lo aur lo LOL)

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
OMGGG:O yes I think I love that emo more nowLOL you are too cuteEmbarrassed I'm so glad you find it that good..I liked how it turned out but I'm so glad you LOVED it.LOL 

The MN siggies are as usual amazing! All the requests came out stunning, esp the one you made for Sofi .. Sukriti actually looks beautiful in it (am not her fan btw) Embarrassed
Aww thanks<33Embarrassed That reaaaally means so much to me(; and I loveyouutoo<33Hug

Great work again jaani!
Loveyou! <33
Originally posted by Rohini.star

loveee these stuff!
sorry for the late comment, i hardly check my Pms these days!
LOVEE the coloring on the anu avis, they're brillaint! and the AA sig is OUT OF THIS WORLD! seriously, i loveeeee them!

and the second gurti sig is soo pretty, its simple and classy.

also love the kash ones, they're really great! and I LOVEEEE jia's req, it came out sooo brillaint!!

love ya loadss!
Rohi thankyouuu so much for a sweet sa commentEmbarrassed LOVE youu..x And I'm so glad you love everything, especially the Kash sigs and Jia's req(; And I gave up on PMs btw LOL

Edited by -Aish129- - 26 March 2011 at 5:25am

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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@Everyone else, thankyou so much! I've lost the patience to reply individually anymoreLOL
And all the impatienttt people here..I'm so sorry I promised Friday/weekend;/
hahah..well I promise now that it will be worth the waiit! I hope.ROFL

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serendipity. IF-Addictz

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GODDD! Stern Smile
i pity u! Ermm

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