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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Banner by me (: ^Inspired by Saadia*

I'm Aishwarya/Ash...whatever else..

^whichever goes for you, I don't mind (;

I'm a uni student ): handling a part time office job/and a dance teacher/choreographer..

I LOVE; arjun-rati/mayank-nupur, ranveer-anushka, abhay-piya

It means a lot to me that I have so many people who are regular visitors here, and have brought me to #3 in about 9 months only - don't know about you, but that's fast for me. And I haven't been making sigs for very long, in fact less than a year.

special THANKYOU;

My (IF) sisters forever who will do literally anything for me if I ask them Embarrassed ilyy you all endless and forever <3 you are the sweetest people ever.









Faru Di

My unbeatable brigadier of Ramayan writers - you make life difficult replying to these comments ROFL (haha i'm KIDDING) i love it. And you all.

You guys rock and I'm sooo proud no one else has such a jhhakaas team of writers ROFL

Sid (who is undoubtedly the captain) Cool






My inspirations...everything I've learnt is basically from these people on IF...they are the best inspirations ever.

 I could go on and on...I'm sure no one wants that though, leave it for another day ;p 


Faru Di







^This is a long list of like the BEST creators on IF...and it's really difficult to say I'm inspired by them...cause then I have to live up to something :| ...maybe someday my name can go in there as well (:


Hoor, Janu, Aish, Lola, Kanky, Rachu, Rabi, Komal, Sam, Zummi, Bona, Smriti, Nitz, Avni, Sofia, Priya, Sanu, Maham, Diya, Niky, Raee, Aditi, Rima, Sanii, Kawal, Sano, Sakina, Anu, Saadia, Farzana, Aisha, Fatima, Dhara, Vidya, Reena, Aliya, Karu, Divz, Jenny, Ashu, Zunni, Preeti,

SPECIAL mention to Rabi...I love you <3 I know studies are keeping you busy, but this is to tell you how much you're missed );
| p r e v i o u s   s h o p s |



I use Adobe Photoshop CS 5 for everything I make. And I almost always make my own colourings, apart from when I individuall credit mostly Mehwish (:


^Includes for brushes, textures etc.

Thankyou once again everyone for taking the time to go through this, and for everything else, scroll down (:
page 1

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..-Niru-..-Indescribable-monakhan.-kavita-anne156thousandmilessaniya.xPurpleRainKomal.Gull-Zeenat-Beetffkhankarishma23leeseunggilove-kirulicious-MagadhSundarishareenDulceAmor-Kruti.S-BeautifulDream..StarryPhoenixSobtiObsessioniwantitall-Aliya-jesss..khoobsurat.madhoshiyaan.No_CommentscoolpratzXSilentWishesXspamalotmuffins2wafflesHealer..MohitzPari.KaJen.xoxonanditasinghSweetAddiction.dangerouzIshk..-BalleBalle-.rainydays.lilindiangurl13theaishaOhmyjerryworldlipshaa-Pooja--Hoor--Zarwulicious-..-Kaju-..Meehak.ZumSrK.ruky786~*Mehwish*~ragzz.-Fatima-.ayesha..Jane..bones88aashizinmyownarearelentless.SunShine_A..-Jia-...JustaDreamSunshine GirlMehRya..YuNa4everBadtameez_Dil..RamKiJanaki..serendipity.-Preeti-JennyPennysanober.naadanmasakalli

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:00pm | IP Logged

-| request rules |-


***Do not request when I am closed

*HQ pics only - though I don't guarantee I will use all

*Text - please do not ask me to come up with any, or specify If you want none.

Vid Avis:

*Downloadable zshare/megaupload/upbulk etc. link ONLY. NO YT - my sever has issues with it :|

^Same applies for animated sigs.

*Post your request here ONLY. Unless it's for a birthday or surprise (:


No requests from those who have never commented in my shop before - I don't take requests from those, as I find it very unfair.


If you want to request, you better be reasonably regular here (;


USE your request for at least 2-3 days

If you ask me to PM you your request once done, I will ignore it. Previous experience (:


Current Shop Status:


| p m  l i s t |
Initially I used to send PMs to everyone in my buddy list (:
Now I want to stop disturbing those who aren't interested Embarrassed So please press the LIKE on this post if you would like to be PMed when I update (;
^^that is old. NO more PMs LOL now I'm getting PMs about why I don't PM anymoreStern SmileROFL

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:01pm | IP Logged


Made this fairly big cause it's on the front page, otherwise..don't expect so much stuff in one update ever again from me I think... Uni this year );

Tried to cover most of the suggestions. I think I've tried to make something for everyone (;



BBB/Ranveer Anushka

^Best movie of 2010 (; MUST watch if you haven't already I have to admit I hated Ranveer in the first promo...but now I realllyyy like him, lol. Tons more BBB coming (;

 PLUS, they're goingg to be on KWK together OMGG Dancing




Mohit Sanaya


Mijwan Show 2011 - PC/Anushka

..I loved loved LOVED Shahid in this epi...he was so honest...





For my twin's HBD Lovee youu Saki Hug Made an RK sig early for you (; wanted to be first to wish you and give you this lol.. LOL hope you like it (:
Made for Zoah's shop..she lost the other banner cause of TP issues ):
For our MJHT forum awards...and worked real hard on them thanks to hamare Ravjot ji ROFL 

^That's it (;

Feel free to suggest anything (:

AND...NZ pictures will be coming soon ;p I'm being a little lazy with uploading them to my laptop but will do. Lastly, I've made 20-odd 100x100 textures from scratch - can be used for icons/avis...if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post them soon (: 

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sapphire_flamesCess-anne156saniya.xPurpleRainchahaat.monakhan.-Indescribable-BeautifulDream.Beet-Zeenat-Yashh...karishma23-smiley--Kruti.S-MagadhSundari-kirulicious-Mysterygirl_meshareenBarishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *AbhayVakil_1992DulceAmorxTimax.StarryPhoenixiwantitall-Aliya-jesss.madhoshiyaan.-RegalVintage-Farzu-SobtiObsessionpatroclusmuffins2wafflesHealer.-Sakina-lilindiangurl13-KingAragorn-KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.dangerouzIshk..-BalleBalle-.theaishaOhmyjerryworldlipshaa-Pooja-..-Kaju-..-Hoor--Zarwulicious--KimSungHyun-spamalotXSilentWishesX.VanishingDreamMeehak.aartipartyyshewolf..ayesha.QueSeraSeraruky786~*Mehwish*~bones88nikita_88AS..ragzz.-Fatima-.PINK..JustaDreamSunshine Girl.Jane..aashizinmyownarea..-Jia-..relentless.MehRya....RamKiJanaki..-Preeti-JennyPennyBadtameez_DilYuNa4evernaadanmasakallisanober.

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged

reserving incase I need to quote/post someone who doesn't get to the first page (;

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..-Jia-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
Posts: 28933

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
can I reserve? Shocked well too bad i did already ROFL

And I would reserve but that means I would have to find pictures which I don't like doing. Plus you know my favorites right? Wink Let me see, MoNaya, GurTi, Anushka, SRK, Shahid, some Korean singers! LOL Just kidding! (: I will unreserve this soon! (: Gotta go do some hw *sighs*


m . u . n . n . i

I know I know it is like forever after you opened this shop ErmmROFL But what can I do, better late than never, right?

OMG Munni I can't explain how happy I am for you. Seriously when you PMed me that you were going to open your new shop I think my heart was jumping up and down, since I wouldn't want to jump and down you see Ermm My sisters already think I am a little weird to the head ever since the engagement ErmmROFL I am kidding. <3
But I remember when you opened your first shop, and you have improved tremendously by the end of your first shop and whipped through your second shop. I felt like I blinked my eyes and your second shop was done. (: Here you are on your third shop and you are already on page 90 and here I am editing my reserved spot that I reserved two months ago. So you are going to be like who cares, let me skip Sheila's message ROFL You better not warna I will take that arrow back that I hit you and Munna with ROFL
Anyways, I just want to say that I am so proud of you. No matter how many times I say this, it will not be enough. You are an amazing siggy maker and I admire you so much. Though you say I am  an inspiration for you, it should be the other way around. As a matter of a fact you are an inspiration for everyone, including me. I can not express how much I love your siggys. Each siggy has its own essence. They are all so beautiful in their own way. You have so much talent Munni and I am so glad that you get to show it off with us.
I wish you all the best with this shop, though it is pointless saying that because you are more than halfway done but I just want you know that I do care ROFL Hehe, and I hope you open many many more jaani because you deserve it. I bet you, I will still be on my second shop and you will be on your 10th or who knows 20th LOL
Keep rocking my Munni and keep making people smile with your creations! <3
I love you so much. I don't need to keep telling you that since you know how much right? LOL

Here is something, something I made totally randomly and ugly. It looks horrible, but this is a little gift from me. You told me you like her in the gold dress though I had already started this siggy LOL But I will definitely make you another siggy (:

My icons are no where as good as yours so take it as you get it ROFL

Your Sheila forever <33

P.S. What did I tell you? I am full of surprises ROFL

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MehRya.. IF-Addictz

Joined: 06 December 2009
Posts: 68960

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged

Edited u knowwwww WHATShocked before i open the message i dont know whom Pmed me! i was Like am sure it's Aish as today is WED and she is going to open her new showwww Dancing i wassss damn lalalalalalaDancingDancingDancingDancing u cant know how happy i was whilleee seein ur PM!Day Dreaming am just in urrrr siggys icons everythings Dreamlandd<3Day Dreaming *Sighhh* u urrr justttt A FABULOUSSSS Siggy makerrr<3Blushing

coming to the updateeee hayeeeee ArTi MayUrrrr siggys are soo damn *Dreamy*Day Dreaming Esp MayUr Shaadi staff'sss<3Silly
and thissss Arjun siggy OMGBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing soooooooooooo hayeeee what can i sayyyyy am speechlesss<3ROFLby Goddd in lloveeeeeeee with it<3 will be ussinnn it right now<3Blushing
OMG howwww comee u hated Ranveer *am going to tell u a secret*ShockedROFL hshhhhhhhh dont tell to anyone OkayyyyCool when i saw the Poster of BBB before watching the promo my sis like to me Sam i think this film is going to be a good and am like No see the guy he looks like ewwww *howwwww BAD* me Angry and when i watched a movie BKB they showed off some promos in this BBB movie and am like OMGGGGGGGGGGG heee looks super duperrrr HOWT and how come am sayin this to him!ROFLROFLROFLROFLBlushing oyeee hoyeee in love with Ranveer and Anuskha Siggyss<3 will be using them veryyyy soon<3Embarrassed

^Best movie of 2010 (; MUST watch if you haven't already I have to admit I hated Ranveer in the first promo...but now I realllyyy like him, lol. Tons more BBB coming (;

Silly this isssssss sooooo danmmm AMAZINGGG USINGGGGGSillySillySillySilly
Edited req<3Big smile


here are the picz<3Embarrassed
text: baby i love sooo........Embarrassed and somewhere for SamEmbarrassed
anddd ermm i want matchin stacked icons for my avatar<3Embarrassed
Goood Luckk with all the Req's Love you<3

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muffins2waffles IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 September 2008
Posts: 12894

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
I was scrolling through the update and my jaw dropped. YES DROPPED. YOU ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING AT MAKING SIGGIES. Each one is like a masterpiece! LOOK AT THEM!
OH MY GOSH! I love love love love love love love love LOVE the style of all the Arjun Rati ones, so professional! You use photoshop right? Amazing :P And I LOVE the BBB ones. Ranveer is cute and Anushka is soo gorgeous! Loving the Mohit Sanaya ones as well. Not a fan of MaNeet at all but the style of your second sig is a such a stunner. AMAZING work :) You are extremely talented <3 And congrats on #3! Very very very well deserved! Missed you so much and good luck with uni! HugHugHug
EDIT. Can I pleeeeeeeeeeease have a non ani siggy in this style? Pretty please? No icons needed.
Please use as many pics as you can fit :) I know all of them is too much to ask, but please please do use the 2nd and 3rd one for sure. Embarrassed
Text: Ron&Hermione (this is in the box like you did on the above sig please)
Everything is easier when you're by my side.
Thank you VERY much Aish! Take your time! Thank you!

Edited by aishi.muffin - 01 February 2011 at 8:09pm

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:17pm | IP Logged

Aish! Gosh do i even need to comment on your work my dear!!!! Hug Your work makes me go speechless...OMG everything just looks so DAMN perfect!! Each and everything looks fabulously stunning....Arjun, ArTi, AbhiYa, Delena, BBB, MoNaya, MaNeet and everything looks mindblowing man!!!! how can you be soo perfecttt!!!! Day Dreaming From my fav. pairs i cannot freakin choose what to use..i feel like using everything but obviously that much wont even fit in my dabba ROFL ROFL But for now im using the AB and Abhiya ones Silly Blushing loveee the colouring the MOSTTT in these two!gosh..Day Dreaming

I really dont need to exaggerate my appreciation for your brilliant creativity ROFL as you know i've already seen MOST of those siggs few days back...and sorry again for not uploading them Stern Smile Hug got way too busy...but now im so so so GLADD you're back with a BANG! missed you like mad!!!
Ok enough of my bakwaas ROFL
Here are my requests Embarrassed
1. Text : They are somethin' like you've never seen before for Yamini
2. Karan-Sukirti
We makes heads turn for Yamini
3. It's gonna be me and you forever for Yamini
Thankkkkkkk youu my sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!! Hug Heart Hug

Edited by .Yamini. - 01 February 2011 at 9:42pm

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