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#*Devil's Den*# - MAANlo Main Tere BhagWaan! HAAN! (Page 2)

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Main to Aarthi Uttarun Re........ Maan Bhagwan Ki.......Unhappy

What sort of a cockamamie half-baked apology was that ?

He should list every hurtful thing he said and say I am sorry.

Why is the Bubblehead Gith tokofying before he can say anything?? Angry

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Today's Episode for me lacked the punch... thats why doing a short takeSmile

Reason is poor screenplay and execution of the entire sorry scene which was the most cruicial point of today's episode...Thumbs Down
I know members here hv said that GC was lost today..but from my perspective I felt Both actors din't give their best today...GC looked lost and DD overacted....and for this again I don't blame the actors becuase the scene itself din't make much sense to me...
I thought MSK was given the screenplay of Ram hereLOL who will just stand like a statue so that  Geet can become Sita and keep on praising his mahaanta like Prabhu Shree Ram ,we saw MSK standing with a divine smile and no expression...even his half apology comes without any feeling or emotion because God don't give emotionsLOL whereas Geet like Sita was overflowing with too many unwanted both characters were not consistent according to me....don't blame the actors but the poor screenplaySmile
Sorry to say but I din't see MSK or Geet today LOL...GC was playing Ram there and DD looked Sita to me....Geet too shows her emotions but today it went way over the top...she had no reasons to cry so much...for me she was less of Geet and more of SitaStern Smile
About the missing factor...Intensity was missing in the whole screenplay..they made the whole sorry scene look too divine as if Shiv-Parvati or Ram-Sita r hving the conversation....whereas in Maaneet we look for passion and yeah that was missing...can we blame the actor for it ?I dunno..I felt problem was with the whole screenplayErmm

Many hv issues with MSK's half-apology but for me it was fine and justified as well because here Geet din't even give the guy any chance to speak..she went on showering praises on him with her usual worshipping dialogues like "Aap itne achhe kyun hai...aap kis mitti ke bane hai"SleepyOuch

Geet first needs to stop giving this God-Complex to MSK or stop hero-worshipping her man and only then she can tell him to share all the issues with her....Right now MSK feels its his duty to protect his doll from all the troubles of life since she considers me as her saviour and so he hides things from her for the sake of her protection...thats his viewpoint because Geet considers him as her heroOuch...but here Geet should make it clear to MSK that its not just his duty but her duty as well to share his pain and emotions because he is no more her hero but her husband nowLOL...sharing is very important in any relationship...and thats what they need to do here...

I m not saying Geet considers MSK as her hero...but its MSK who has developed this hero-complex in himself thinking that Geet considers me as her hero and so I will hv to b extra careful with her for her protection even if it means hiding stuffs from herOuch...and why MSK has developed this hero-complex ??...its becuase of Geet's nonstop Jaaps like "why r u so nice"LOL...whenever MSK saves her life or does something for her,she starts her jaaps and that has given the hero complex to MSKOuch ....

For me best parts of the episode today were MSK putting the oinment on Geet's feet and then Geet finding excuses to make sure Dadi does not stay with her whole nightThumbs Up....and then the last part where Geet shows her enthusiasm for the reception partyEmbarrassed

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Although I was expecting to see Maan elevated to Maan God status, I still felt disappointed. Maan did give a sort of apology for his actions but it was not good enough for me for I didn't feel enough of his pain. 

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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If you say anything about any creatures that fly, please beware, I HAVE A GUN! Big smile


Dear Audiance,

We know you all wanted a sincere apology from both Maan and Geet. Instead we will apologize to you all for the disappointment. What can we do? The world is a hypocritical place. Our show is supposed to be about women power and how Geet fights for herself. But alas the world believes in male dominance. We are only following the rules of the twisted universe. Women were always supposed to be the inferior beings...even god set that up when Eve ate the apple. So tell us, how can we be wrong if Geet worships MaanGOD? We like follow rules, yes we do. :) So please forgive us if we did not live up to expectations.

Geet HSP Creatives

P.S. We know the execution and screenplay of the episode was as pathetic as Arjun's "evil plans".


Dear Audience,

I, Maan Singh Khurana, better known as Geet's lord, would like to inform you all that it is not my fault she worships me. You should ask the people who created me why she thinks I am her Bhagwan. Yes it's true, I may have a god complex, but most guys do. It's our cardinal rule. I did say sorry to her, if you heard clearly. She knows I did not mean what I said, and she knows I am not a man of words, my hugs and eyes speak more to her then my lips. My Geet gets me and I didn't need to constantly say sorry because she understands why I was harsh. Maan ki Geet is one of a kind and don't you all doubt it! HAAN!  And she was saying such nice things about me...I really didn't want to interrupt. I mean everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, don't you? You all are the sole reason we are here and crib incessantly, but do we complain? Nope. You can't blame my wife for thinking I'm king of the universe, I mean just look at me...all my hawtness is enough to make any women think I'm their master. Then there is my killer attitude and I am waaaaaay to ishmart. So don't blame me, blame the ones who made me. One last thing, I was very sleepy and couldn't make out what Geet was saying so I gave zilch reactions.

Keep loving me,
Maan Singh Khurana a.k.a King of the Universe B-)


Dear Audience,

Now just wait a second! Don't misunderstand me yet.  The truth is I don't think Maan is god, but "they" make me say things that make it seem that way. Someone keeps making me say "aap itne ache kyun ho"...I think "they" might see Maan as gawd.  But I pinky swear it's not me. Please do something! I don't want to say it anymore. This is really contradicting who I am. Everyone knows I'm a sherni, otherwise who else would have the audacity to jump Moron Maan? Why can't I just say things like "Thank you for respecting my wishes and I'm glad to have you in my life". But no they make it seem as if I pray at Maan Singh Khurana's alter, I totally don't because that's just not GEET. *sigh* I love Maan like no other, I do not think he is any kind of god...they stupid things he does proves he is only human. That is the truth. Why should I have not apologized? I assumed things and doubted his love for me, even though he has proved that he loves me time and time again. I said sorry because I felt guilty for misunderstanding him.That doesn't make me his worshipper, I am his lover and that is what I will always be. It's another thing that my dialogues come from Baba Adam ka zamana. It's a sexist world, don't point fingers at me for it. 

Testosterone sucks,
Geet Haanda...oops! I mean Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana


Dear Audiance,

I don't know myself what my plan is so please stop asking. I don't even know what's to brilliant about it. I'm not as smart a villain I thought I was, we all end up thinking we're smarter then all, but mostly that's not true. So yes I admit I am dumb and my evil plan makes no sense.

I'm no Einstein
Arjun Stupid Rathore


Dear Audiance,

I know I should probably stand up to Arjun now. I should be brave an teach him a lesson, but I think I may be stupid. In fact im actually very confused about what is actually happening. I really hope I do something soon. And for the love of MaanGOD, stop complaining about my petrified expression...I have been blessed with non-emoting skills and I will never be able to. So suck it up...I'm here to stay. :-| (that's me trying to smile). Even Da'vinci's Mona Lisa has one expression on her face and yet she is the most famous and expensive painting in the world, excuse me for trying to look like a masterpiece.

With much non-existent love,
Anwesha Statue Khurana

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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An unassuming bird
having little else to do,
remarked within the darkness
a discreet and subtle "WHOOOOOOOOOOO!"
An eager girl
having little else to do,
responded to this message

with an overblown and excited YIPPEEE Whoooooo  

(No Offense intended - peace is my Motto LOL)

Mahanatma Maan

Mein Hu Maan
Ek aam Insaan
Lekin sabki mujhe samajte hai Bhagwaan
Toh kyon na mein bhi enjoy karlu yeh position Pradhan

Abala Naari Geet

Mein Hu Geet
Ek mere mortal naari who can do anything for my Preet
Aap hi mere bhagwaan ho mere Ma(a)n Meet

Episode Analysis

Hmmmm. Where do I begin? I guess with an apology. I am sorry guys. Every time I reserve in the first few pages to write, we get an incomplete, unwanted, unbearable and the likes episode. I am beginning to wonder if I am the bad luck ROFL. I think I won't reserve anymore. I promise.

Maan ki chere pe regret hoga, he will feel miserable for what he said to Geet. He will feel unworthy of geet when she apologizes to him. Aur bhi kuch sapne the jo choor choor ho gaye. ROFL

Daadi being worried about Geet and scolding her for being irresponsible was natural and good. Daadi still doesn;t know that her great grand child is a super baby.

The scene with all of them in the hall did nothing much. So I will skip. Except that Geet is Maan's lucky charm. But daadi again does not know that Maan is bhagwaan and does not need any good luck. Well, anyways. Whatever.

Geet tripped against something? I couldn't see why and where she hurt her leg. But bhagwaan the waha pe. He carried her to their room and nursed her well. I am glad daadi followed them to the room. The was the only natural reaction and I appreciated it.

Anne-Arjun conversation. I told you guys yesterday. The way Arjun talks about Maan, it is him that he is stalking. See, Arjun acknowledged it himself today. MSk ka khabar rak raha hai woh. ROFL

Geet's self-talk in the room was cute. From her point of view, she knew why Maan was doing what he did and has forgiven him. But what about Maan's self talk? He was wondering why Geet was all smiles. Never once wondered about how rude he was and felt guilty about it. Geet had gulity written all over her face. But he felt none of it. I was disappointed. Anyways, they said sorry to each other and Maan wasn't talking to the lightman when he hugged, so I will let it pass. Although even the hug did nothing to me today because I was terribly disappointed with his behavior.

Humm. so we will have a reception where Arjun will show the MMS. Bravo Arjun. Great going. Lets see who becomes pappu LOL But the scene b/w Maan, geet and daadi was a fun one and I smiled when I watched it. Only for Geet. Mind it. ROFL

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veil_of_roses IF-Dazzler

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i didnt like episode *dont kill me*
bt seriously story moving at ant's pace upps slower than thatOuch my mom was super irritated when i took remote n kept geet for 5 mins...she said its very slow n she cant tolerate.....agreed maaneet are gr8!!! good chemistry good actors bt to sustain a show u need STORY.... 
  • geet always ranting maan god's aarti
  • maan doing same "wade" & promises gith ki happiness
  • no dev, no dev ki bhakt myra
  • no NT 
  • arjun being hopeless
  • dadi doing some random things
  • romeo n gang same stuff
  • adi-pinky no development
the story is at same place whr it was in 2nd wk December, no major development except maneet married
brij aake gaya... i felt they didnt use him properly...i wanted more damakas n drama, more maan n brij fighting sequences
same darji i wish they show cunning motive behind.

i wish they explore some tracts AA tract is not working coz its not going wid NE's character plus star1 viewers dont like cry babiesDeadthey like shernisEvil Smile

thats all from me...
i wont blame any actor for episode its CVs story writer...who has to be blamed..
n for that geet singing "aap kyun itne achche ho?" i wanna keel BD..if 1 more time she says this i will keel BDAngry(berry dhillon)

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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He got Scared "Washroom se jaldi aane ko keh rahi hai"..he is wondering what ACTION kurri is gonna do nextROFLROFLROFL
I like the new Bed its much smaller than the previous one so atleast they can sleep Chipkoo..If they decide to sleep together for one nightStern Smile

I love the fact that they are talking while they are in each other's arms instead of looking at each other and talking..

I am wondering how many glycerin bottles have been emptied..Kurri cries when she is happy..she cries when she is sad..
Cry Cry Cry Itna Karke hai Kayiko
Sad Hote hai Kayiko

Scene Is Set
MSK All Excited for Chandigarh Project so he will go back there and GC will enjoy his wedding and in the show Gith will find out NE's Raasleela act with Err-Jun on her wedding day so When Maaneet will be celbrating their Wedding Anniversary, NE-Err-Jun will be celbrating their CON AnniversaryROFL
Where was I Yh Then Bhabhi will help NE to fight against Err-Jun..Err-Jun might find out the truth then NT ki Vaat..NT sees herself losing again so she plays the Sam Aunty Card..Then Maan Comes back with his Samaan so we have that track then...

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