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My Maan...FF- PART 45 PAGE 85 LAST PART! (Page 66)

shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
so dev was maan's brother.

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
wowwwwwwwwwwwww awesomeeeeeeeee luved it yaar
n hope tht geet told everything in d past 2 maan as she ran away
continue sooooooooonnnnnn
RukhluvMaan Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged it.. Breathtaking update... OMG... Geet and pregnant again.... That was so cute., love alot... Continue soon
Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
Part 38: Enjoy and comment!

"Geet... meri file kahaan hai... " said Maan as he rummaged through his " organized pile". " Oye hoye.. what a typical husband... Maan.. sorry.. aap khudi dhoond lijiye.." said Geet as she got Aryaan ready. Maan frowned.. he went crazy... he needed Geet there..

As Geet was getting Aryaan ready she said, " Ladoo.. guess what? mama's going to have another baby like youu". Aryaan smiled, " Mamaa! a sister right? I can protect her like papa protects you.. .". Geet nodded and smiled, " Haan ladoo.. of course.. you have to protect her..!". Suddenly, Aryaan's smile vanished for a second, " Aap mujhe bhoolengi to nahi naa mama?.. ". Geet looked up at him as she knelt down, " Of course not baby! you are my Ari.. maama's arii".She hugged him tightly and he broke out of it suddenly, " Mama.. I love youu". She kissed him on the cheek and said, " Chal teri bus bhi aagayii.. chal.. bhaag warna Chachu tumhe late karenge". "Oh haan mama.. main bhool gaya" said Ari and as flashed out of the room running down the stairs. Geet followed him and she dropped him outside.

As she came in, she heard, " GEEET.. GEEEEEEEEEEEEET.. GIIITTHHH". "AAYIII" said Geet as she slowly went up the stairs. She finally reached the upstairs portion and found Maan going completely insane. Geet looked around at the mess of papers.. " MAAN.. I JUST CLEANED THAT UP.. ". She looked around and foudn the file lying in the corner and she almost bent to pick it up.. until Maan stopped her and bent down and picked it up.. " I got it". She smiled at him and put her hands on her back, " My back is already tired of going up the stairs for your son.. ". Maan smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek, " Tum aaj office nahi aaogi.. araam karo.. Meera bhi ghar mein hai aaj.. so she'll take care of you" . Maan was almost out the door until Geet said, " Rukiye!". Maan stopped and turned around,She walked towards him and hugged him tightly, " Aajj tussii boohoot hi sexy lag rahe hoo.. kya baat hai Mr. Khurana. " Geet yaar.. late ho raha hoon aur tumhe mazaak sooj rahi hai" said Maan as he was half smiling. " Theek hai.. biwi romantic ho rahi hai.. aur pati.. jeez! kya ho gaya hai!" said Geet breaking out of the hug and crossing her arms.. " Seriously Geet.. late ho raha hoon.. tum jaa kar araam karo" said Maan kissing her on the forhead and fast walking out the door. Geet sighed and said, " Chal Geet.. Tv room mein jaate hainn" .

She walked in and saw Meera sitting there watching her soap operas.. She sat down and put her head on Meera's shoulder, " Tu aaj phir serials dekh rahi hai.. ". " Shutup.. .. pata hai..Tulsi sach jaan gayii hai" said Meera as her eyes were glued to the Tv. Geet rolled her eyes and got up and went to the other couch and laid down. She closed her eyes and went back into the scene again..


" Bus Maan Singh Khurana.. BUS!.. Bohot ho gaya.. You Khurana's should take up a business in tricking girls.. I swear.. you would get the most profit" said Geet with angry tears in her eyes. It was raining down very hard and both Geet and Maan were drenched. Maan's eyes widened in anger, " Tumhari itni himmat Geet Handa.... what do you think you are? some president? someone I should care about? Someone that is special to me?.. get a life Handa.. you need one!". Geet got angry and she held onto Maan's collar, " Don't even try Mr, Khurana.. just dont... dont get me to do something you'll regret". Maan pushed her hands off his collar and looked at her with disgust, " Mujhe haath mat lagao.. tum meri kya lagti ho? excuse me. Handa.. I have no interest in dealing with you and your kind of women.. .. ". Geet's eyes were completely red and she broke down hard right there.. in front of him.. He looked down at her.. and his expression softened.. She was crying so hard.. and the rain was making it even worse.. " You all Khurana's are just traitors.. disgusting men.. I can't believe that I fell for you... I can't believe that I actually saw a man in you Maan.. you betrayed me.. my trust.. everything. Maan looked at her with stillness and a expressionless face.

She got up and held onto his hand and dragged him with her. " GEET. WHAT THE HELL.. " said Maan getting even more angrier. " Chaliye mere saath.. I want to tell and show you something..SIT IN THE DAMN CAR MAAN.. SIT IN THE DAMN CAR.. " said Geet half screaming and half crying. For some reason Maan stood there and lookedat her.. Her eyes were trying to tell him something. He looked away and sat inthe car. She drove fast.. through  roads.. through  towns.. and finally reached to a spot.. " Why is she bringing me to the camp spot?" thought Maan looking so lost for a second. " Get out of the car Maan.. " ordered Geet as she wiped her tears and got out of the car. She walked him through the forest and " Geet.. mujhe kahaan lekar jaa rahi ho.. W*H Geet.. I have no time for this.. and especially for you.. " said Maan as he was furious with her. She finally reached a spot and entered the small cottage.. he looked around.. it was so dark and deserted.. She went into the room where her life changed.

 She stood there and looked at his face " You want to know why Im upset?" . " That would be great!" said Maan sarcastically looking so bored. " You know what happened to me here?." said Geet as she was trying to calm herself down. Maan looked at her.. " Kya? ". " I got raped here Maan... I had my virginity taken away from me. " said Geet with an expressionless face. Maan looked her sort of shocked, " Kya?". He froze, " What is she talking about?". " If you want.. you can tell the whole world.. Geet Handa was raped.. the best businesswoman in Delhi.."said Geet with empty eyes. Maan looked at her so shell shocked that he was feeling sorry for her and he just wanted to hug her.. keep her in his arms.. " And who did this to me? Well.. your younger brother Dev Singh Khurana.. " said Geet looking at him with her red eyes.. Maan glared at her, " What the hell are you talking about.. my brother Dev can't do something like that.. why should I believe you". He rolled his eyes, " Whatever.. mujhe kyun farak parega?". " Why you should believe me? ask your disgusting brother yourself.. actually he wont.. he acts like a chuha in front of you..

" That  B**** took my life away from me.. a woman's dearest possession.. her respect.. her body.. " screamed Geet. Maan stood there just watching her.. Geet ripped her duppata off and moved her hair out of the way, " MAAN.. YOU WANT PROOF.. HERE.. LOOK.. MARKS.. ALL OVER.. ". Maan looked at it.. they looked like they weren't healed.. Her skin looked so scratched up.. it looked like an animal attacked her.  " IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU.... I HOPE THAT IS.. NOTHINGS ENOUGH FOR YOU KHURANA'S.. YOU USE AND ABUSE.. DISGUSTING!" screamed Geet. She was screaming and crying.. Maan stood there looking at her.. " She couldn't lie about that.. ". He softened his face and he went upto her and helped her up.. he hugged her tightly and she just cried and cried, " I hate you Maan.. I hate you so much.. ". "Shh... its okay.. " said Maan as he hugged her even tighter.. She was grabbing onto him even tighter, " Maaan... " said Geet with tears in her eyes. " How can you be his brother... you are so different from him Maan.. WHY? why aren't you like him and take a part of my body too.. just for damned revenge... for a broken heart" said Geet in the middle of sobbing. Maan was getting so angry.. he couldn't see tears in her eyes.. he saw so much honesty in those eyes.. She ripped out of his embrace, " You want more proof Maan.. I'll give it to you.. She went into the store room and went into the box where she hid the ripped clothes.

She came back out and walked into his face, " HERE.. YOU WANT MORE PROOF? " she threw on the floor. He looked at her with sorry eyes. " Geet.. please.. i understand. ". " NO MAAN.. ITS DONE.. YOU WANT PROOF?". Maan picked up the fabric and saw its rips and blood stains.. he looked at it and his eyes were errupting anger.. he clenched the fabric and looked at Geet who had tears in her eyes.. He took her hand, " CHALO MERE SAATH..". " Maan. where are you taking me??" said Geet trying to get out of his hold. It was too tight.. so typical.. He dragged her all the way outside and walked until they reached Geet's car... " Give me your keys.. NOW" demanded Maan with angry eyes.. Geet took them out and gave it to him.. " Get in the car Geet..." ordered Maan. She sat down and looked straight ahead.. He drove fast and reached KC.. .and went into his office still clenching the fabric.. and she looked at him with angry puzzled eyes.. Maan looked around but then went into Dev's personal cabin and saw Dev pinning a girl against the wall.. She was crying... ". Maan got angry and went up and turned him around and punched him in the face. " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND OFFICE DEV... GET OUT.. NOW" yelled Maan with full rage. Geet got a little afraid. " But bro.. yeh ladki mujhpar.." said Dev holding his cheek that hurt badly. " GET OUT DEV.. HOW DARE YOU.. YOU HURT GEET.. NOW YOU HURT ANOTHER GIRL? DISGUSTING.. YOU AREN'T EVEN WORTH CALLING A KHURANA.. GET LOST DEV.. AND DONT COME BACK HOME.." yelled Maan in his face with his eyes. " Oh so its about this b**** isnt it? I knew it.. she would tell you things bro.. " sneered Dev.

" GETTTTTTTTTTTTTT OUTT.. " yelled Maan and it shook Dev.. .everyone came rushing into the office.. Dev left out the door and Geet was just standing there looking so angry. " GET BACK TO WORK.. OR ELSE YOU'RE ALL FIRED" roared Maan. They all quickly ran out and went back into their places. Maan stood there with a hurt look on his face and he turned around to look at Geet who was still in tears.. " I'm sorry Geet... ". She turned around and ran out of the office.. He ran after her... and stopped her and grabbed her hand and spun her around.. It was still raining so hard.. He knelt down, " Please accept my apology Geet.. I never meant to hurt you.. .. I could never hurt you... you came like an angel in my life... i can;t take my mind off of you.. and truly.. and madly I say it Geet.. I love you.. ". Geet looked at him shocked but then walked closely toward him and knelt down, " I love you too Maan.. don't be sorry.. .Its not your fault Maan.. it will never be". He smiled at her.. ," You won Handa.. and Maan Singh Khurana lost.. ". She smiled at him and said, " I lost my heart to my Dhak dhak.. thats all I can say.. " . He kissed her forhead and they hugged so hard..

The rain stopped and it was just cloudy... Both got up and realized, " Mere kapre itnay ganday ho rahe hain.. yuck.". " You shoudl get home Geet.. I'll drop you.." said Maan. She nodded and they both got into his car and he drove her home.. She got out of the car but Maan stopped her by the hand and said, " You won't let me in?". She blushed.. " ji.. aajayiye.. " . He smiled.. and got out of the car and she was about to get her keys out until Meera opened the door.. Meera's eyes widened, " GEET? KYA HUA.. TERI HALAT? aur.. ". Meera looked at Maan who was shivering, " Aur.. Maan Singh Khurana.. aap?". Her face looked so surprised.. Geet frowned, " Yahaan par saare sawaal poochay gii.. yaa andar aany degii". " Haan.. andar aa.. jaldi see" said Meera letting them in. " The washroom is that way Maan.. " blushed Geet... Meera squinted at Geet.. " Kya hua Geet" whispered Meera. " Chup kar.. baad mein baata ti hoon".

Maan freshened up and he came out with his wifebeater drying his hair with a towel. Meera came out and dropped her cup. Maan turned around and looked at her.. " Are you okay Meera". She melted and had a cheesy smile, " Dhak dhak karne laga!" thought Meera. She thought she was in heaven. Geet came out suddenly as she was already dry and ready.. " Meera.. tu theek hai naa? aur meri chai! thanks yaar,... drop kardi" said Geet frowning. Meera was still and frozen staring at Maan. Geet looked at where she was looking and waved her hand in her faace.. She snapped out of it and said, " Sorry.. phir se banati hoon. aur aapko coffee ya chai peeni hai". " Coffee.. " said Maan smiling at her slightly as he was weirded out. "aa Meera.. jaldi se.. " said Geet pullling her away. They got into the kitchen and Meera burst, " GEEEEEEET KAMEENI.. TU NE BATAYA NAHI.. IDIOT.. MEIN TUJHSE ITNA NARAAZ HOON KAY BUSS.. ". Geet looked at her, " Sorry yaar.. sab kuch jaldi ho gaya.. ". " Its okay.. acha baad mein batana.. Waisay... yehh Maan Singh Khurana yahaan kya kar raha hai.. tere ghar.. ? " winked Meera.. "Chup kar.. woh aarahe hain" said Geet as Maan came in. " OOO.. aarahe hain" teased Meera.

Maan came in and Geet gave him his coffee and they all had a little chit chat session.. " Mujhe jaana chahiye.. " said Maan getting. " Okay.. " said Geet trying not to blush... She didn't want him to go. Maan saw it in her eyes but only smiled. Geet led him to the door and Meera followed.. but she soon realized that it was a lil private time between the,m.. She only hid behind the opposite wall eavesdropping..

" Thankyou Maan.. apne mujhe par yakeen kiya.. " said Geet looking away shyly. He touched her cheek, " I'll call you tonight... keep your phone on you.. and I think we should get to know eachother. "You are right.. we should.. " said Geet looking down at her feet. " I'll get going.. bye Geet.. take care" said Maan kissing her forhead.. He left and Geet only waved to him.. sighing and looking so in love..

Meera jumped out from behind and scared Geet. " MEERA.. KYA HAI YAAR.." yelled Geet. " BATA BATA.. JALDI SEEEE!!" said Meera excitedly. Geet took her arm and they sat down in the family room and Geet was telling her as if she had her first crush..

-----------------------------End of flashback-------------------------------------------------

"Geett!" yelled Meera as she dropped her bag of chips.. " KYAA" said a startled Geet as she got up off of the couch. " TULSI DIED! HER SON KILLED HER... PUSHED HER DOWN THE CLIFF." yelled Meera. " O MY GOD. .tu ne mujhe dara diya.. and shut off the serials Meer.. seriously" said Geet rolling her eyes. " Sorry.. acha... jaldi se ready ho ja.. hum bahar lunch karenge" said Meera as she got up. Geet nodded and slowly got off the couch and went upstairs to get ready for lunch. " Shilpuu bhi aarahi hai.. " called Meera from the opposite sides of the hallway.. " Acha.. jaldi se.. 10 min main ready ho ja" said Meera.. Geet groaned.. " Theek hai.. wait kar.."

I hope you liked it! Smile

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
lovley update dear 
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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome update.
simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
wonderful update
pls cont soonnnnnnnn
thanks pm

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