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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Di.. Ur Updating now?
yep i am trying toSmile...may be with in half an my net is very very slow...Ouch

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Tak ur own tym dii. .Hehe. .
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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by KriYa_life

Di.. Ur Updating now?
yep i am trying toSmile...may be with in half an my net is very very slow...Ouch
Oh.. OK. Take ur time di..
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part -28

next day morning:
it was sunday.
komal's bed room!

it was beautifully decorated and furnished in western style especially for komal! when komal woke up from her bed it was 8.30 am.yesterday she was late from the she could not wake up early.she got down from the bed, went to the wash room, brushed her teeth,washed her face and fixed her front hair.
before she could go down for break fast she thought of checking her mails.(girls i have already said in my earlier chapter, her PC is in the next room .there is a door in her bed room itself which opens to that room. you can see the glass door in the pics which leads to the next room....Wink)
look at the next room!
she opened the door, went to the next room and sat on the computer chair.while she was logging in she felt that she is not alone in that room.she turned back, checked and found none. she continued with her PC again she felt some one's presence in the room.she looked around and could not found any thing or any one.
komal:' tch!...Confused' she went to the hotmail to check her inbox...again she got the same feeling...presence of some one! this time she got up from the chair and looked around keenly and found the quilt on the bed was in irregular and uneven condition. ' why chandu kaka did not make the bed?...yeh kaka bhi na...' she went near the bed to fold the quilt and place it neatly.when she pulled the quilt in hurry for folding....she was shocked to found a handsome guy in his pure white cotton pijamas sleeping beneath the quilt.she was about to scream....but closed her mouth with her hand and stared at him with shock and surprise.
komal:Shocked Shocked Shocked....she could not see his face completely.his hair was disturbed, spread on his fore head and covered his face partially.clean shaved fair face with one night stubble, thick pink lips and strong jaws... he was looking so cute while sleeping.'omg...a man can look more handsome while sleeping'she remembered her friend's words.
he too felt that some one's presence beside him, standing and staring at him! without hurry or tension , without getting up from the bed,in a slow motion he opened his eye lids. his dark brown eyes caught big blue eyes of komal and stood still.few seconds he did not blink. he moved his front hair elegantly with his fingers and wiped his face with his palm and looked at her again...and blinked once!
''she ran out of the room ...came running down the stairs towards the hall.krishna was sitting in the hall and reading the paper.shakti heard her scream, he too came down running from his room following her.

shakti:'kya hua...komal..?Shocked'he was running down the stairs following her.

komal:'.uuff...ShockedOuch'she was taking deep and long breaths .she could not speak immediately.
krishna:'what happend? ...what is wrong with you?Shocked'

komal:'what is wrong with me?AngryShocked...every thing is wrong in this house...ShockedAngry'she spoke in between her long  and deep breaths.
she slowly raised her eyes ,looked at the balcony with doubt and saw that man who was sleeping on the bed standing there and looking at her.krishna followed her sight and caught nitin standing in the balcony.
early in the morning...straight from the bed...middle of his sleep pure white cotton paijamas ...he was looking cool.

komal:''she closed her eyes tightly screamed again.

sumitra:'are you ok?' she heard her scream and came to the hall.

komal:' not okAngry...not at all okOuch....every thing is wrong in this house.have you people rented this house for ghost?Angry...'she spoke in a loud shocking voice.

krishna:'ghost!!!!...Shocked'he wondered

komal:'then?... who is that ghost?...that too just beside my room!!! what  is IT doing there?'

krishna:'oh!!!....he?...he is not ghost , he is our guest...Big smile'he said coolly

komal:'guest!Shocked i have never seen this ghost guest before...Shocked'she was still under shock.her words stammered.

shakti:'ghost nahi dost...LOL...'he confused her.
komal:'ghost! guest! dost!...Confused...what the heck!AngryConfused'
shakti:'LOL go and fresh up.come down for the breakfast we will introduce him.'he laughed at her.
so much hangama happened but nitin did not spoke a single word. he was looking cool and chill.he is like that.he speaks very less and always try to to keep him self calm and quite.when others dispersed he too went in with a plain smile spread on his face.
it is break fast time.almost all gathered on the dinning table.krishna was in his room getting ready for his breakfast.

krishna:'tum...nitin ko invite karo breakfast kay leyeh...Smile'

pratigya:'mai!Shocked...mai kyun...?Angry'

krishna:'mai tho wooper ja nahi saktha...Ouch'

pratigya:'i will go...i will go...Angry'she accepted immediately because she don't want him to feel in that way.
krishna:' eidter awo...Tongue'he understood her and pulled her towards him.

krishna:'baito...Big smile'she sat.

krishna:' thanks...Tongue'he gave a quick peck on her cheek.

pratigya:'Embarrassed  expensive bribe!...Tongue'she touched her cheek with fingers and smiled at him.
pratigya:'you know?...usually i don't take bribe...Embarrassed'
krishna:'jaanu!....i too don't give bribe so easily...Wink'
pratigya:Embarrassed...she pat his cheek and left his room with a pleasant feeling on his cheek and her cheek.

she went up to nitin's room.she stood near the door with out looking in or looking at him.

pratigya:'aap nechay ajayeh...'she said as if she was talking to the wall.
without waiting for his replay she came down immediately with a great relief as if she did a great job.

few minutes later nitin came down stairs.while coming down he noticed pratigya bringing krishna to the dinning table in his wheel chair.

shakti:' is our pleasure if you join with us...Tongue'

nitin:'its fine...Disapprove i don't mind skipping breakfast...'he was very much hesitated.he found it difficult to mingle with them.
krishna:'pratigya tum bolo...Big smile'he looked at pratigya.

pratigya:'mai...?Ouch'she bit her lower lip.

pratigya:'aap baite yeah...please have some...' she said to nitin without directly looking at him.the words did not come out clearly from her mouth.
he looked at pratigya.she was wearing golden yellow short sleeve tight salwar with dupatta on one side of her accessories except a small ear ring.very causal and simple but natural beauty, without much make up.this time he did not refused.he sat opposite to krishna.he want to know what is going on in that house.

while chandu kaka was serving the food for all pratigya served for krishna because he has his own diet system.she served oats meal with par boiled vegetables and sat in a chair next to him.

before they start their breakfast komal came down and join them.

komal:'hi...i am komal singh...Big smile'she introduced her self looking at nitin and sat beside shakti.

nitin:' nitin...'without looking at her he gave a incomplete introduction of him self with his first name alone.his concentration was towards pratigya.

komal:'nitin...!' she repeated his accent and surprised to hear him speaking in the same accent as she has.she liked his western look too and disliked the way he reluctantly said his name.

while eating krishna spill the oats meal on him.his hands are not still strong enough to eat as a normal person.

pratigya:'that is why i told you that i will help you. aap sunn thay hi nahi...Angry'she completely forgot about nitin sitting opposite to them.she quickly took a napkin and wiped the food stuff from his chest.she took a glass of water, hold his shoulder and helped him to drink.

krishna:'tum chodtho...i will manage....Angry Disapprove'he took the glass from her. pratigya realized nitin's presence and gave the glass to him.she don't have the courage to look at nitin hence lowered her gaze.even though nitin's head was down, facing at his plate his eyes were looking at pratigya. he swallowed his food without any expression.there was a dreadful silent for a minute among krishna,pratigya and nitin.
after the break fast they gathered in the hall except sumitra.she moved in to her room leaving the youngster alone. they were hesitant to speak.they don't know where and how to start.finally nitin broke the silent.

nitin:'i think i have to leave now...Smile'

krishna:'if you don't mind aap ka maksad kya tha delhi aane ka...?Smile'

nitin:'..well...maksad tho tha...par ab nahi...Ouch'he looked at pratigya while saying.krishna followed his sight and his feeling got hurt.

komal:' you charge for speaking?...itna gin gin kay kyun bol thay ho?..saaf saaf bolona...Big smile'she want to know about him.

nitin:' be frank i came to go around delhi and visit important tourist places with pratigya...' which left pratigya embarrassed.she looked at krishna.
komal:' are you pratigya's relation ..?Confused'  she don't aware that last night krishna has introduced him as his friend.
nitin:'umm...Confused' he looked at pratigya.
pratigya:Ouch...she looked at him with worry.
nitin:'....a kind of...Smile'he said staring at his finger ring without looking at pratigya.he moved its finger ring to and fro in his finger and played with it...which was his engagement ring! pratigya noticed and recognized that it was her engagement ring. she felt suffocated and wiped her sweating face continuously.

 komal:'fine...Smile pratigya is like one of our family member. you stay with us for few days and go around delhi...'she suggested.he did not show interest either to look at komal or to replay to her.

krishna:'what are you..?Smile'he seriously want to know about him.

nitin:'well...basically i am a chemical engineer from london,but my interest is in business.i have also done business management course from UK....'komal interfered.

komal:'i knowBig smile...i got it...that is why your accent is similar to mine...'
he gave a plain smile and continued...

nitin:'well...i have an idea of starting my business in delhi.that is also the reason for my visit to delhi...before i start my business i want to study about delhi...'

shakti:'that is greatBig smile.....we have a big business in delhi.if you wish you can stay with us...for sure we will help you to start your business and learn about delhi and the present business trend in delhi...'nitin thought for a while.

nitin:'well...i can think about that...but i don't want to stay here...Ouch'he looked at pratigya.

komal:'dude...don't go to hotels.don't you know that hotels are the prime target for terrorist?.....ROFL.'she laughed and remind them about the terrorist attack on taj hotel.
shakti:'ROFL... she is right. ..LOL'

krishna:' ROFL ...don't scared him'
komal:'well'....Wink...we can give you safer shelterLOL...' she said in his tone starting and stressing with 'well'
nitin:Smile... a slight smile creeped on his face.

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*edited* ME... Heehaha.. FIRST !!! The chapter was Superb... Loved the Komal & Nitin part.. Especially the Ghost part & The Hotel part.LOLAwww.. Even I would love to be Bribed by My Krishu..Wink. Jaldi se next part likhbo di.. Pls mere Krishu ko theek karo..

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Originally posted by zash_LubUKriYa

Tak ur own tym dii. behoodi ek numbari!LOL...i took my time and updated tooBig smile.Hehe. take ur time to readLOL no worry LOL.

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

LOL...where is my jaanu aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaOuchLOL

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