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when pratigya reached sarangpur it was around 3pm.her elder brother adarsh was waiting at the railway station with mahindra jeep.

pratigya:'namaste bhaiya....Smile'

adarsh:'kaise ho?Tongue....chalo subha se mummy tumari intazar karahi hai...Smile'she got in to the jeep and sat beside adarsh.

saxena's haveli was busy to receive pratigya.saxena's family is one of the top three wealthy families in saranpur with lot of orchards, farms, agricultural lands and cattle.their house is the biggest house in sarangpur called as saxena haveli by the saranpur people.naina saxena pratigya's mother,kesar saxena pratigya's bhabhi that is adarsh's wife and lucky their 5 year chubby and cute child.this is what pratigya's family.
look at the saxena haveli!Tongue

as soon as pratigya reached saxena haveli they all gave her a warm welcome.pratigya went and hugged her bhabhi and mother. both of them were wearing expensive sari with ghunghat on their head.

pratigya:'mummy tum teek tho ho na?Smile...'

naina:'muchay kuch nahi hua pratigya.mai bilkul teek taak hun...Smile'she took her inside.

after dinner they all gathered in the big hall.

adarsh:' pratigya tum nitin ko jaan thi ho?Smile...'he opened the subject slowly with a smile.

pratigya:'kun sa nitin...?Confused'she tried to remember.

adarsh:'wahi....mathur family of the wealthy family in sarangpur....Smile'

pratigya:'shayaad ....yaad nahi araha hai...kyun..? kya hua uss ko...?Confused'she tried to remember him.

adarsh:'wo london se engineering  kar kay aaya hai...Big smile'

pratigya:'tho...?'she showed no interest in him.

shyam:'hum ne thayri shaadi ki baat uss se ki hai...Big smile'he blast the bomb

pratigya:'kya...Shocked?'she was taken aback.this type of news was expected by her but not so soon.

naina:'pratigya... wo bahut achcha ladka hai.bachpan se hum jaan thay hai.mathur ki parivaar bhi bahut achchi hai...Smile'she gave detailed information about them.

pratigya:'Ouch....mere padaai abhi abhi tho ghatam hue hai...Ouch'she tried to find some excuse.

kesar:'uss ka hi tho hum ko intazaar tha!...Smile'

shyam saxena:'beti ! adarsh ki shaadi ho kay 6 saal hoga ya hai.ab tuhi hai...thayri bhi hogaye tho mera mann halka ho jaaya ga...Smile'

pratigya:'papa mai ab shaadi nahi karna cha hathi hun...Ouch'she blankly refused.

shyam:'yeh hi tho 5 saal se kaharahi hai...ab nahi....Angry'his voice showed slight jhalak of his anger.

kesar:'kyun nahi karna chaha thi hai?...wajah kya hai...?'

pratigya:'aur thoday din kay baad...'she refused for no reason.
adarsh:'kyun thoday din mai PhD tu kar thay gi kya?Angry'

naina:'pratigya jab tu chaho ge thab achcha rishta nahi mele ga...Smile'pratigya did not get a single valid reason to say NO to her marriage.

pratigya:'papa maine singh company kay saat contract sing ki hai...Approve'suddenly she said a solid lie.time begin she want to delay if not completely avoid.

adarsh:'pratigya ...ab engagement karlo...shaadi kay baare mai hum baad mai soochangay.....' he shut her mouth.
next day evening when rolli reached saxena'a haveli it was over crowded with guest.the engagement function was on.during that time rolli could not meet pratigya in private.pratigya was wearing bridal dress sitting in a decorated sofa.beside her nitin in black suit.he was fair with sharp eyes,slightly sharp nose,silky hair,neatly trimmed slight stubble, tall and build up body.looking handsome and hot.

kesar gave the finger ring to pratigya and nitin.

kesar:'pratigya nitin ko pehena wo...'Tongueshe and others forced her to do so.she did mechanically without even looking at his face.

kesar:'nitin...Big smile'she pulled pratigya's hand and showed to nitin.

nitin:Smile...he gently took her hand in his left hand to put the ring. pratigya felt as if she kept her hand on cactus plant.when nitin put the ring in to her finger it was very big and loose big for her.even for her thumb it was loose.

some one among the crowd:'lag tha hai yeh pratigya kay leyeh bana hua nahi hai....Confused'he referred the ring

yet anothe person:'kisi bhi ungle mai jam raha nahi hai...Confused'
adarsh:'nitin...try with other fingerSmile...'nitin tried again with her other doesn't fit in any one of her.actually the finger ringers were brought by bridegroom people.
nitin:'i am sorry pratigyaji...Smile' he said sorry to her behalf off his parents for bringing her a improper size finger ring.
pratigya:....she tried to smile formally but failed.
kesar:' yeh try karo...Smile'suddenly she removed one of her finger ring and gave it to nitin.

nitin:'rahane dhoSmile...i don't want my first shagun be a used one ...'he gently denied.

shyam:'koi baat nahi hum shaadi kay ek din pehele  firse ek baar yeh rasam karlengay...Big smile'he convinced

after that all dispersed for the big dinner. pratigya went to her room along with rolli.

pratigya's room:Tongue

pratigya:'why so late?...'Ouchpratigya started removing her bangles.

rolli:'you know about railways right?...all the trains were late due to the derailment of some local the way congratulationBig smile......'she hugged her.

pratigya:'congratulation!!!Shocked i am not interested in this...Ouch'she  moved out of her hug.

rolli:'why?Confused.....that guy is looking smart ...i think he is qualified too...Big smile'
pratigya:Ouch...she remove her heavy ear ring and kept it on the  table.
rolli:'he is too cool! Tongue kya english bol tha hai! Tongue ek dum western style mai...Day Dreaming...'
pratigya:'please rolli...stop...Ouch'
rolli:'maine such tho kahaBig smile....waise why you don't want to marry him ?'

pratigya:'...just i don't want to marry NOW...Angry'

rolli:'look pratigya ! you have resigned your job.with in 10 to 15 days you are going to come back her...'

rolli:'you don't have a single reason to say NO to that guy...'

pratigya:'i know yaarOuch...that is the problem now...Ouch'she was worried.

pratigya:'you know???..i have not told them about my resignation.instead i told them i have signed a contract with singh company...'

rolli:'why so?...Shocked'she wondered.
pratigya:'atleast that way i can postponed these things...Confused'

rolli:'that is what...why?Confused..'

pratigya:'muchay yeh WHY ka answer nahi pata rolli...Ouch'she said sincerely.

rolli:'within this 6 months what miracle you are expecting?Smile...'

pratigya:'i don't know.but...see... even god doesn't wish me to get engaged with him.that is why the ring was so loose...non of my finger fit in to it...'

rolli:'pratigya it is a human error....LOL'

rolli:'thank god that nitin, your mangeetar, does not try with your foot toe...ROFL'

pratigya:'rolli...Angry 'she did not like when rolli told mangeetar.
rolli:'he really look like decent gentle man.did you notice? he did not want to put used ring to you sweet naTongue.....'

pratigya:'yeh! i too like that...Confused'

rolli:'like that or like himWink'


rolli:'lol he is handsome...Tongue'

pratigya:'sirf handsome kaafi nahi hai shaadi karne kay leyeh...Angry?'she was angry.

rolli:'she is wealthy and qualified too...Tongue'

pratigya:'i don't care....Ouch'
rolli:'he looks decent wo kya kaha thay hai 'gem of character'...Smile'she continued.

pratigya:'stop talking nonsense.even if he is the worlds best guy....i don't want to marry him...Angry'

rolli:'LOL....fine....after six months what you are going to do?....LOL'

pratigya:'it is too early to think about it......Angry'

rolli:'so... for another 6 months i can spend my hostel life with you without tension....Big smile'she concluded.

next day afternoon:
rolli was in pratigya room packing her things to leave saxena haveli.
kesar:'pratigya ...Smile'she called her.
pratigya:'ji bhabhi ...' she came down with rolli and shocked to see nitin sitting in the hall.felt as if all her body parts became numb.
kesar:' nitin want to talk to you....Smile'
rolli:'jaana...Smile' she pushed her ahead.
pratigya:'you shut up idiotBig too are coming...Angry' she hold her hand tightly.
rolli:'me! why?WinkLOL...'
kesar:'aap log baito... mai kuch thanda lathi hun...Smile'she left them alone and went inside with lucky.pratigya and rolli sat in a long couch opposite to nitin.

pratigya:Approve...she was sitting as if she was in emergency to go to toiletLOL.
rolli:'....hiBig smile...i am rolli...your would be's friend....ouch!Ouch...' pratigya stamped her for referring her would be.
nitin:'Big smile...nice to meet you rolli ji...'he smiled
rolli:' yaar....peheli baar kissine muchay rolliji kaha... how sweet na?...Day Dreaming'she whispered to pratigya.
pratigya:AngrySmile...bakwaas band kar duffer...AngryBig smile...'she too whispered.

nitin:'pratigyaji.....i am sorryOuch ...wo... mere gharwale anguti ka size teek se banwa yeh i brought a another one.hope it will fit for you...Smile'he spoke in western accent and gave a small blue jewel box.

pratigya:....she took it with hesitant without telling thanks.

nitin:'will you please try?...'said politely in a soft requesting tone and western accent.

pratigya:'i will try laterApprove...'she did not even care to open the box and see.
'omg!Shocked....rolli was right. this guy is too gentle and i doing injustice to him?Shocked Ouch' the thought ran in pratigya's mind faster than lightning.
rolli:'kyun nahi?Smile ...let us try...Tongue' she grabbed the box from her.
nitin:'it is can try later...i am getting late...' he got up from the that time kesar came with cool drinks in a tray to offer them.
nitin:'thanksSmile...he took one, had little for formality and left the place with 'bye' to all three ladies.
rolli:'i told youBig smile....he is so coolTongue...muchay tho lag raha hai he is perfect for you...Big smile'as soon as he went rolli opened the jewel box to see the ring.
look at the ring:
rolli:'aww...lovely ring!Tongue...'
pratigya:'eww...what a taste you have?Angry...'
rolli:'...golden heart is embedded with diamonds! don't you think it is symbolically representing himWinkLOL.....'
pratigya:'come on rolli....don't annoy me...AngryOuch...' she went upstairs to her room.
rolli:'pata nahi...isskay mann mai kya chal raha hai?Confused...Ouch' she went and gave the jewel box to nainaji.
rolli:' see you tomorrow in delhi...Hug...Smile' she hugged pratigya and left saranpur by 4pm train.
it was tuesday:

for the past two three days krishna was feeling restless.his left eye lid was continuously flickering involuntarily.some were he heard that it is a sign of ill oman.even thought he don't believe oman in one corner of his heart he was worried what could be that?
after his office hours krishna and shakti drive in to a shopping mall.there they met rolli shopping with her colleague.

rolli:'aray krishna , shakti...tum logTongue!!!...nice to s see you after a long time...Big smile'

krishna:' a days you don't come to the club too...Big smile'he was surprised to see her wearing saree.
rolli:'right...i don't Big smile....i am a teacher now.this rolli became roll model to her student...LOL'
shakti:'do you work!!!...Shocked'he was surprised with her look too.

rolli:'i do and i like to..'Smile

krishna:'good to see you like thisBig smile...i think it is all because of your friend...what is her name?Confused...' he scratched his fore head and acted as if he don't even care to remember her name.
rolli:'pratigya...Big smile'
krishna:'yeh...pratigya is she?...'he causally asked her showing as if he is not interested.

rolli:'don't you know she got engaged?......Smile'she said happily without knowing that she has created thunderstrom in krishna.
krishna: what!!!Shocked...Shocked...Shocked....he felt as if the ground under his feet was missing.

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Originally posted by premprem1

please update soon!!
updated...hope you will enjoyBig smile
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nice chapter... please just make them meet !!! and they should tell each other that they like each other!! :D:D: but nice chapter.. i like this ff!!
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Wonderful chap di.. Aww poor prats, she was so helpless and ma lubly krish got another shocker. Sob sob sob... Hate that Nitin and those saxena's... They all suck simply... Btw di , thanx once again ... I have got addicted to ur ff.... Can't get to ma books until I read ur ff and that too wn ma exams are just days away..... Still , ur ff is the best refreshment I can get in these exam days.... And yup update soon... Allah bless u...
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Awesome chap shumi diClapClapClapClapClap....eagerly waitin 4 Krishna's confession
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awesome chp.Clap.... liked  the pic of saxena haveli..............  saxena fmy s the wealthy fmy wow gr8..........liked p& r conversation; eagerly waiting for krish confession,,,, loved 2 see how he propose p  Day Dreaming
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Originally posted by premprem1

nice chapter... thanks Big smileplease just make them meet !!!  and they should tell each other that they like each other!! :D:D: yep they will meet in chp 14 Big smilebut nice chapter.. i like this ff!! thanks Big smile 

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