Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF Going Forward - KMH-PART-I (Page 79)

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene108 Arjun and the kid

Next day, Arjun is crossing road to his work place. A girl 11-12 years old is trying to cross the road but is unable to as the junction is busy.  She is unable to cross because of heavy traffic. She keeps trying and suddenly a bus is about to hit her. Arjun runs and pulls her back. The bus driver stops and starts cursing. Arjun asks him pardon on behalf of the kid.


Kid: Thank You

Arjun: You are welcome. Come i will leave you on the other side

Arjun holds the kids hand and leaves her on another side.

Kid: Ok, thank you. Bye, i am getting late to school(American accent)

Arjun is still holding on to her hand and not leaving lost somewhere.

Kid: Thank you and shakes his hand.

Arjun: Welcome, be careful and leaves her hand

Kid: Bye and walks till her school gate and turns back and waves to him and goes into school

Arjun freezes there. He has never felt this way ever. He is feeling the same way he felt when he interacted with his baby girl- his angel the same bond the same emotions and feelings. He wishes the kid comes back and he speaks to her.

The entire day at work Arjun is just remembering that kids face. He knows the school leaves at 4pm. At 4pm they have a tea break for 15 minutes at work. He crosses the road and waits for the kid. The school leaves and kid comes out. But a posh car is waiting and the driver takes her bag and she sits inside and leaves. Arjun disappointed.


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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
wow...who s she?
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
who s she prem??? n wanna c aroi realising her mistake
..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
who is she????
update soon...

arta Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
curious update Prem

and the girl Shocked???

is she a relatives of Arjun?? maybe a sister or step sister??? 
myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene109 Sudhir-Kartar take Arohi to house for new year
Wednesday evening Arjun, Arohi and Raj are all excited. Arjun has taken leave. They are getting ready to leave as they will travel overnight.

Raj: Dad Dad Dad, i want to see fish in river and take loads of pictures

Arjun: I will show you tommorow Raj

Raj: Did you ever go to forest with bade dadu

Arjun: Yeah, when i was a kid

Raj: Where, i never saw pictures

Arjun: There were pictures but they were destroyed in fire and looks at Arohi.

Arohi feels guilty and goes to kitchen

Raj: Fire

The door bell rings and Raj opens

Kartar and Sudhir at the door

Arjun gets up. Arohi is in kitchen.

Arjun: Please come in Kartar Saab

Sudhir: We will not come in. Call Arohi(in angry tone)

Arjun: OK, i will call her but please come in.

Kartar sees people on stairs looking at them and both go in. Raj locks the door

Arjun: Raj, go and call your mom

Sudhir stares at him as if he will kill Arjun now only

Arohi comes out.

Arohi: Dadu and dad, and goes and hugs them

Raj: Who are these uncle and dadu mom?

Arohi: They are my dad and grand dad

Raj: Namaste dadu

Sudhir and Kartar are staring badly at Raj and he gets scared and hides behind Arjun holding his leg tightly

Sudhir: Arohi, you are coming with us right now

Arohi: What? But why dad?

Sudhir: We plan to celebrate New Year and we want you to be with your family

Arohi: But Arjun, i and Raj are going on trip for three days with Arjun's family

Arjun: Raj beta go inside the bedroom

Raj: Why dad?

Arjun: Go and see your bag packing and put your color pencils for drawing. I forgot to pack that.

Raj: OK daddy

Arjun: And close your bedroom door

Raj: Ok

Raj goes in bedroom and locks door

Sudhir: You are coming with us. Pack anything you want and come right now with us

Kartar: Its New Year and we want you in house Arohi.

Arohi: But the trip, Raj will feel bad and Romit and Rashi too.

Sudhir: Those criminals just act as if they like you. You are innocent to understand their tricks. Who knows they must have given one more supari in your name

Arjun: Sudhirji, i respect you because you are Arohi's father but you cannot talk like that about my siblings,son and family(sternly)

Sudhir: Otherwise what will you do kaminey and grabs Arjun's collar and raises fists to punch Arjun

Raj who has heard Sudhir shouting opens door and sees his dad's collar being held by that stranger-Arohi's dad.

He runs to Arjun and holds Sudhir's pant and starts crying saying "leave my daddy alone, do not hurt him, why are you shouting at him, leave my dad, daddy, daddy"

Kartar: Sudhir, leave Arjun's collar

Sudhir leaves his collar reluctantly. Raj is crying scared very much.

Arjun bends down and hugs and pacifies Raj. Sudhir is staring at Raj with hatred.

Arjun: Raj beta, you have mistaken. No one has done anything to me. Stop crying now and go in

Raj: No, i will not leave you and go anywhere. These bad people will hurt you(looking at Sudhir and Kartar)

Arjun: Please beta, i am fine. Nothing will happen to me

Raj: No, no, no. That bad uncle will hurt you. I will not leave you and go anywhere

Sudhir: Stop all this father-son drama you criminal and that najayaaz son of yours. Turns to Arohi- come right now

Arohi: But dad

Arjun thinks and says: Arohi, you go with Kartar saab and your dad

Arohi: But

Arjun: I am telling you. You go with them and celebrate new year. They are your family and must be missing you on the first new year after your marriage

Sudhir: Marriage? You criminal, you scoundrel i will

Raj now getting angry: Don't you dare shout at my daddy or hit him or or i will put frogs in your shoes like i did for chotte dadu and Mikhael uncle

Arjun: Raj beta please, you should not speak like that with elders. Say sorry

Raj: No, i will not say sorry daddy. This uncle shouted at you. He must say sorry to you.

Arjun: Rajjj

Raj: No, I will not say sorry, let him say sorry to you first

Sudhir staring at Raj very badly

Kartar: Sudhir will you keep quiet and come here

Sudhir smirks in anger and goes and stands next to his father

Kartar: Listen Arjun, let me clarify our entire family wants to spend some time with Arohi. Sunday evening is new year eve and we want Arohi at our home.

Arjun: I understand Kartar saab. Just give me one minute. Arohi, please come to the bedroom.

Sudhir really angry and wants to catch Arohi hand but Kartar stops him.

 Arjun takes Raj and Arohi and goes to bedroom

Arjun: Arohi, please go to your house with your dad and dadu

Arohi: But trip

Arjun: I and Raj will go on jungle trip you go and enjoy with your family. Right now that is the best thing.

Raj: But dad, i want mom on trip

Arohi: Yeah, i want to go on trip, i want to go on trip

Arjun: Stop acting like a small 3 year old kid Arohi. Already matters are complicated. I promise we three will go on jungle trip some other time

Arohi: Promise you will take me on trip to jungle

Arjun: Promise if you listen to me

Arohi: OK i also wanted to celebrate new year with bua, sanchit, chachu but i will miss jungle, fish, lion, tiger, adventure

Arjun and Raj laugh

Arjun: Ok kiddo, i will take you someday and show lion, tiger and fish. Now will you go to your home

Arohi: OK

Arjun: Thats my good baby and hugs her

Arohi: But i want lots of pictures and a souvenior from jungle

Arjun and Raj: OK mom

Arohi goes to restroom to wash face and get ready.

Raj: Why you said mom to go to her house?

Arjun: Because Raj, there is already too much bad blood between our families so i want them to realize that i do not mean any harm to her or her family, and do not want to snatch Arohi from her family but share her with them. By staying away for three days from her i will be able to get her for life. So they will eventually accept me as her husband and you as her son. Understand.

Raj: Wow daddy, you are so intelligent. After all you are my daddy

Raj: Dad, why does mommy act like a kid like me always. Isn't she big?

Arjun: She looks big, but she is by heart and mind smaller than you baby. Promise me, you will always take care of her even when/if i am not there

Raj: Where will you go again?

Arjun: No where, but if i go somewhere like few weeks back i went away for 5 days and do not come back promise me to take care of her

Raj: Promise dad

Arjun: Thanks baby. That's my boy. You are a big man now haan after all my baby will be 7 years old next month.

Raj: Yes, i am a big man. I will protect you and mommy. I will not allow anyone to shout at you or hold your collar like that bad man outside. Sometimes i wish i was big and strong i would have punched him and lifted him like this(shows action) and thrown him like in WWF(showing with full action).

Arjun: Shhh do not say like that. He is your dadu, your mom's father. You must speak with respect Raj.

Raj: I donot care. I love you most in world and cannot stand anyone shouting at my daddy

Arjun has tears hearing this and kisses him

Raj: Do not cry daddy, you felt bad no that Arohi mom's dad shouted at you and raised his hand on you

Arjun: No, i did not feel bad (thinking: Its my fate Raj, since i am an orphan many misbehave with me but i promise you will not have the same fate as me although you are an orphan like me)

Raj: what are you thinking?

Arjun: Nothing, you are an angel baby sent by God in my life. I love you very much

Raj: I also love you very much daddy

Arohi comes out all dressed up.

Raj: Happy new Year mommy and kisses her

Arohi: Happy new year in advance beta and kisses him

Arohi: You will not wish me haan (looking at Arjun)

Arjun: No, i will wish you on new year only

Arohi: Really, how?

Arjun: You will see. Both me and Raj will come on new year and wish you

Arohi: Ok, i will see

Arjun: Lets go

Arohi: I will take 5 mins to take somethings

Arjun: Ok, me and Raj will be outside

Arjun and Raj go and wait outside with Kartar and Sudhir

Sudhir looking angry

Raj: Daddy, See Arohi mom's dad nose become red with anger

Raj(looking at Sudhir): Daddy i call your daddy bade dadu so what shall i call Arohi moms dad chotte daddu- no no thats your mom, i will call him dadaji. What say dadaji?

Sudhir is angry and asks: When is Arohi coming? Call her out immediately?

Raj: Dadaji anger not good for health in your age. You will get BP, then if you get BP you will have cholestrol then if you have cholestrol then you will have heart attack.  So smile a bit Dadu. Look at Romit bhaiya and me we keep laughing always and make jokes of everything, no daddy

Arjun smiles, Sudhir looks like if he had a gun he would have shot Raj fiirst before Arjun.  

Arohi comes and Raj rushes to her and says

Raj: Mom now i know from where you get angry for everything so many times- from your daddy.

Arohi embrassed

Arohi: Shut up Raj. Where do i get angry?

Raj: What? You keep shouting at daddy at every opportunity and slapped him also a few time in fights and break  lamp and what not . Poor Dad is really patient if someone

Arjun: Rajjj

Raj keeps quiet

Arohi leaves with Sudhir and Kartar

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arta Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Loved the update
and Raj is great Big smile
..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged
suprb update...raj is so sweet..
luv d bonding b/w arjun n raj...

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