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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devil's Den:Behind Every Storm There is Sunshine (Page 122)

panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
OK Updated my take on Page 1...dunno why I ended up there and that too today of all days...ConfusedLOL...Posting it here for you guys...Its 4 in the morning and I dunno what I have written so don't keeeel meeeSillyWackoStern SmileROFL

My Take for today...

All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest, never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principle of equal partnership.-Ann Landers

In terms of continuation I liked the epi...In all other aspects I was....Angry....

The first scene with Geet trying to seduce Maan into giving her a kiss was spite of the BDs....although I hated the part when the female BD was touching Maan's lips...Dead...But GC's expressions more than made up for that.....And DD was hot as usual....Wink.....And the scene that followed with Maan and Geet getting caught by Daadi and NES was funny....LOLLOL....

The next scene was kind of an answer to all the devils jaap a few days back when we were lamenting that at least MSK can have self-talks while he is alone about how he is hurting Geet and also himself....and today we got that too...Thumbs Up...Here he was hurting too...And I liked GC in this scene...But the kiss to the photo was...DeadDead

NES slowly seeing Arjun's true colors was interesting but the actor's acting impairment leaves us Confused....But based on my sharp brain cells powered by badam ....LOLLOL...I felt that NES is not going to take NEB's attitude lying down...She is going to give him a piece of her mind and bash him left, right and center...I would love it if she does that....even though she is NE for me....LOL

Maan trying to find excuses to avoid sharing the same bed with Geet was funny especially the dialogue..."Upar se torture karna khud ko"....LOLLOL Bechara I really pity him....I wish I could gift him the book A-Z of that he would learn something...or maybe like Opti said the Sex for Dummies book should be good too...LOLLOL

Geet's desperate attempts to entice Maan again was a scene worth watching in spite of the BDs...And she almost succeeded when she was caressing Maan's ears....Again I have to applaud Main Sant Khurana for such immense control over know what...LOLLOL...Him going and again sleeping on the sofa was...Ouch...but his shocked and scared act when Geet catches him was...LOLLOL

Well, after this everything went downhill....Initially when Geet was questioning Maan, he was desperately trying to tell her that hurting her is hurting him more...but he has no choice...But Geet was so distraught over the rejection that she made the major gaffe of questioning his love for her and that's what triggered his extreme reaction...He can bear her hurtful words and also her anger but her doubting his love was like a knife through his heart...And he went on a venting spree....As it is he was frustrated with not being able to share intimate moments with her but when she raised a finger at his love...he went ballistic and said words that he should not have said....The first sentence was forgivable when he said that..."Yeah she's right he loves hurting her and giving her pain...that's his favorite pastime"....but the words that followed these were such that they did the maximum damage...Both to Geet's psyche and also to the viewers' mental health....He said that "He has given her respect, the name of Khurana Khandaan and all the luxuries of life....what more does she want...and I am Maan Singh Khurana....I am like this only".....Well, these were the words that broke Geet...all the other things she could forget but this attack on her dignity was like a slap to her face and that too coming from the man she loves and worships was a bit too much for her....CryCry...

First time I saw the epi I was angry at Maan for hurting Geet again and again but then I saw the epi again and then could feel his pain too....Maan has always internalized his emotions and has never been a good communicator....And hence he ends up looking like the bad guy....

I cried for both Maan and Geet then...Coz both of them love each other so much but because of their lack of communication they end up hurting each other so badly...This has happened time and again....Both of them always in an attempt to keep the other happy tries to conceal things from each other and in the process ends up aggrieving each other....GC and DD in this scene were awesome...Again irrespective of them acting with BDs ...they brought out the pain and anguish that both of them feeling very beautifully....ClapClap
In the coming episodes Geet will come to know Maan's reasons...and will add another pedestal in Maan's God status....And then we will hear ...."Aap Itne Acche Kyun Hai"...."Aap Mujhse Itna Pyaar Kyun Karte hain".....

I for one want her to say Mr Maan Singh Khurana...I know you love me and it was stupid of me to have doubted that and I love you too but this is a relationship and there is no I and You in this....Its always We...So you cannot decide what's good for us and expect me to docilely follow your edict...I'm not buying that...I have feelings too...and you have really hurt me by the words that you uttered...If u had just communicated the problem then we could have together sorted it out....but you like a typical MCP thought that you knew better and went ahead with your skewed game plan....

And for this your punishment is No Con for 6 months....and this shud be said after the doc has given a go-ahead for the Con....Oh then I would love to see the Mahaan Atma Maan....haan....ROFL

Stern SmileWackoLOL

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shadowstreet Goldie

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A painful episodeCry both are hurt, both are in pain just within 2 days of marrigeCry but the ray of hope is both are madly in love with each other. Only death can apart them now. other than that they will sort out everything. just need some time & proper communicationSmile

lets see who is at fault. BOTHLOL
Geet thinks Maan dosent love her anymore so he is making the distance. she is going in a typical way where husbands get bored with wives & they dont feel the love anymore. But it happens in very few cases. Also if it happens it will happen after 1 or 2 years of marrige. As a woman Geet should realise that Maan cant get bored with her as they havent done the legal act yetEmbarrassedLOL some part of Geet is still undiscovered to Maan.Wink Maan have to discover it, get habituted with it & after that boredome may comeLOL not so fast. thats a very general thing ppl say about marrige. But the main thing Geet is not understanding is their relation is not general anymore. After so many ups & downs it became unique.Big smile so she shud not have think of lessen in love from Maan's side. She knows Maan cant speak his heart out. so she must think of that route. It happend many times earlier. she is the one vocal in their relation & Maan did admit it many times he is weak in words. so before judging his love she should have think of other possibilities. it is hard for her to think other way as her hopes are very high now. but she has no other choice left. Thats the man she loves. who cant express his love, sorrow, pain, joy, guilt, excitement, problems in words. she has to figure out there is some problem. The love is intact but something else is bothering her. Thats Geet's fault.
Maan thinks he is protecting Geet & the baby by scrificing this way. He is a man of less word. His acts work on behalf of him. But whenever he brust he goes extreme.Cry He love the grl beyond anything. He can die for her, he is living only for her. He is keeping the physical distance because of his ignorance & over protective nature. He is not able to talk about this matter with anyone as he is a loner. He cant ask his granny. He has no friend. so final result is he made up a theory & he is thinking he is protecting her. He was ashamed of his act too & afraid to face her questions as well. Tonite he was saying sorry to her & he was all guilty when he was questioned. But when she questiond his love he could not take it anymore. He brusted on her. As he is extrimist by character so he brusted badly. He will certainly pay for it & make it up. but tht is not the question. The question is how long he will do so? he will make blunder seriously & make it up deeply. Thts not normal. He has to change it. He has to learn to open his heart & share his probs. The only person he can do it with is Geet only. He has to admit that Geet is his only friend & his strength. Geet is not so weak that she will break in every situation. Once he learns to share his problem with Geet then most of his problem will be solved. he has greater issue to disclose to Geet, the danger about her pregnancy. If he keeps maintaining distance he will never be able to disclose it to Geet. He should do it by himself to her. bcoz here a choice has to be made. Geet will make the choice. what will she do is her decision & Maan will respect it. If Geet chose to keep the baby with her life at risk & handover the baby to Maan if she dies. Then MSK has few months to spend his best time with Geet. After that noone knows what will happen. May be Geet will die, may be not. but docs are saying it is risky for Geets health. So as per medical science these are their last few months which they will spend together. So he will have take & give maximum happiness in these months. If Geet chose him, not the baby then Geet has to realize tht this lonely man has noone in his life except her. Till now he bet everything for her. Now how will he live if she dies. What will he do if anything happens to her. For everyone else life moves on but if something happens to Geet life will be stuck for MSK. He loves her to that limit that there is no world beyond this. So if Geet has to chose Maan over her baby she has to be close to him. both mentally & physicaly. Physical closeness matters in relation.Embarrassed so If they didnt get physically intimate their relation is incomplete. So in both case Maan has to talk to Geet. being harsh, runing away from the problem & making distance is not the solution.

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Himaja, welcome.

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Geekgod IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Devils relax...let us not smother her which so much affection...she might decide to take offLOL
Hey Himaja...jump right in and yeah, ignore me. I open my mouth and utter gibberishLOL

Edited by Geekgod - 28 January 2011 at 3:39pm

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Do I look like I'm freakin defending Maan? I can't say anything here w/o being told I am defending someone. I'm leaving the den!

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Haan ..should I change itLOL....well all were in ferocious thought why not bring some sunshineLOL
no - don't change! I may prefer rain, but ur our sunshineHug

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Himaja Hi Smile

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shali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
@Anvi...I already posted the almost same another reply off me....yes Maan could have lied...but his emotions took over...and he lost control....(when we are hurt we also say /do things which hurts others).....and yeah me worried too how this will effect geet...not only mentally but emotionally too....
Anvi, me aint defending Maan, cause he is wrong....but I do understand his dilemma...and his helplessness...

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