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makebelieve: Game of Thrones, Barfi - 41. (Page 22)

naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

Joined: 07 March 2006
Posts: 135845

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
OMg Yaar FAB FAB FAB FAB i m completely speechless i love the way you make stuff Just Superb and Unique 

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26javey IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 October 2007
Posts: 22328

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
OMFG!!!! Fatty you're backShocked Where were you? I missed your work. It's so fking awesome. Your style is so unique. I hope you remember me..from the AN fc. If you don't let me introduce myself ...I am JAVERIA Big smile.

This update is EPIC. I love the BBB stuff a lot. The house stuff rocks too,

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 July 2005
Posts: 13906

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Thank you Lola, Rummy, soul_angel, Arjunlicious, Salz, Sidra, Fatima, and Fizzy! Smile:hatoff:

Originally posted by aisha_1992

OMG OMG loved full updte
awww lovly avis of BBB
awww loved Qaid-e-Tanhai sig and avi. saved will use soon.. btw where u gt the video, i mean ur video avi is Extra HQ.. wooow


Thanks, Senorita! The QeT vid was from the YT uploads only...I just cropped out the tag!

Originally posted by koolchick

I'm a fanatic about BBB so I absolutely loved your updateTongueTongue

The Chace-Cameron stuff is really beautiful too...but I just hated how Cameron just walks out on him after all the time they were togetherCry...and the House and Wilson stuff is just hilariousLOLLOL

@underlined: I think I might be one too! :unsure::lol: Thank you!

Yep, Cameron walking out on Chase was sad...definitely sad...and they were the only couple on House that I remotely even ship...all the way from the first season, they were the only ones who seemed natural, meant-to-be as they say! But the way the fall-out between them was showed was very interesting too with the Dibala murder...I'm glad at least that Chase was back on the team full-time after it since he's the only one I like to some extent after House himself.

Originally posted by JZephyr

MB!!! What a lovely wholesome update! I'm going to steal away some kind dozes of House right away - because hey! we both know how rare that is LOL

The Malaal stuff intrigues me so much - I'm going to hit tubing right this weekend! 

And I love love love the stocks - ofc the one I had too - but the new one is... unadulterated awe! The hint of that fallen person in the right lower side is... Thumbs Up intense! I love how you can use colors and images and merge them into something so damn brand new! The update always ends up looking so fresh! 

ps: Special shout out to BBB - It wasn't my favorite movie ever, but it was a bindaas entertainer, and your creations fit that totally! ROFL at the love confession. Candid might not be word enough that I need LOL

Thanks for making and sharing (:


Hey Jzee, thank you! It's all selfishly my pleasure to make and share LOL 'm glad you noticed that in the last one...it mirrors the words/situation which the song/poet are talking about (: 

Re: BBB, it wasn't my favouritest ever either, but a lot better than anything that's come out recently in the same or even other genres, I think! Well-written, well-enacted and sensible Thumbs Up...can't ask for much more these days LOL

Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

 Fatima jii, tussii great ho!!
Ur too gud!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the updatee!!
LOVE it like TOTALLY!!!
BBB stuff ekdum perfect hai, jaise hii i see ur updt i just straight away wanna use EVERYTHINGGG!!!
i used the jal lyrics sig for around more than 40 days!!! ROFL
[i usually dont use stuff fr this longg!] :P
and now BBB, malaal Day Dreaming, quaide tanhaai, and the stockk,,, too too gud! Approve
Will keep using some stuff or the other till u do the next update, which doesnt mean u shud keep us waiting for another half a year! Ermm Get it?! Stern Smile

LOL, u rockk, my Inspiration! Embarrassed

Aw, that's very, very sweet of you, to say and to use! Much, much appreciated from my end! Smile

Originally posted by .Lone_Persona.

 Goodness me!! That was like WOW. Seriously, you're never fail to amaze me with the beauty of your creations. I really don't know what to say. Each one of your signatures represents elegance and emotions.  No exaggeration here. Your work is splendid. Defining Perfection is what I would like to call it. I love love love the BBB sig, esp this one - I heart the colouring <3 If I were fan of this movie, the signature would have been in my dabba forever  but fortunately/unfortunately, I'm not fan of this film :P Weird, I know but I didn't find the film so appealing to me. Anyway, everything looks so mesmerising that can't choose which one is best. However, I absolute adore the stock esp the first one. *saved* Going to use it really soon :)
Fatima, magnificent piece of work. I absolute love it <3
x x

Lone Persona, if you dole out such sweet words in such large quantities, you're going to be solely responsible for the diabetes I contract (bad joke LOL) But really...you are far, far too kind with your words, thank you so much. Smile And you're not much of a fan of BBB!? Hmm, I wonder why :)

Originally posted by Raiinie2

In need of some new NOLE stuff Wink

No.1!! WOHOOO!!

It's one month too late! LOL But #1, indeed! :banana: *proud-mom face* :p

Originally posted by nureat01

This is a biggg update...I felt too overwhelmed to comment on first glance...lol

It's all gorgeous as always...my favs in no particular order...the motorcycle train avi and the ending scene sig from BBB, the Malaal one is a MASTERPIECE...LOVE the caps you've chosen...you've captured Zeenia's journey perfectly! The LTL ones...lol that juice scene which I remember as his Lord Grumpy version...haha...love the text you put on it...the Kala-Dutta one...Dutta looks socommanding in that scene with his penetrating stare at Kala even as she's maaroing her 'bhala bura' lines...gives you this impression that there's a lot he comprehends but doesn't say...still waters run deep kinda thing.

P.S. I watched your Nole in today's Wimbledon final and was totally rooting for him just phor you! :P lolll...Jokes apart, this is the first time I watched a match of his and I liked him...even more so after I watched his post match interviews...he just seemed so genuinely, sweetly HAPPY...it was endearing to watch. 

@bold: That's all MJ, na...the show is so damn artistically shot Thumbs Up...all ARTSY types. Haha, the juice scene and Lord Grumpy :P Word about the still waters run deep thing with Dutta knowing about Kala as the theory goes! This scene and MR's expressions in it just reek of it...

Aw @ you rooting for Nole just phor me Tongue How bery kind of you to remember this nacheez :P So first time you came across a match of his and you liked him, yay! *secret fist-pump behind the back* LOL It's nice to see how many people watched the final actually, very surprising! The marketing people over at ATP who are always worrying about the reach and exposure of tennis in the US through NBC and Fox Sports should be glad to hear of this LOL And Nole winning...yeah, it was unbelievable...despite the kind of year he was having, despite everything, I still hadn't expected or even thought in my wildest dreams that he would win Wimbledon this year or even in the next, least of all as his second slam after the two Australian Open's Smile So that's why he was dazed himself too...because he hadn't expected his 'dreams' as he says, to come true so unexpectedly either (: And he really is a genuinely sweet kid...expresses his happiness, joy, even all the negative emotions very freely LOL

Originally posted by JZephyr

MB!!! Wimbledon splendor should ensure a coming up soon edition from you - you know I realized yesterday, that the best part about watching Djoko win, is how easily he steps into the shoes of a winner - like he's always been there done that, and not like his coming in has disrupted this Fed-Nada stalemate the tennis world had come to live with... There was almost no excitement watching those two (okay, there was, watching the games, but never in anticipating as such) until he came along! 

Anyway - the man deserves exclusive creative ode (: 


Anyone who wants to overcome Federer or Nadal in this era of their dominance really has to believe indeed that he is a winner...and he's worked so hard at being this person for so long, so many years of challenges, defeats, ups and downs, of being second-best, just so close but not there, of learning and maturing to now finally getting there...and that is entirely surreal Smile I don't think I quite believe it myself either yet...waiting to see him play in Montreal...maybe it will sink in then (:

Originally posted by 26javey26

OMFG!!!! Fatty you're backShocked Where were you? I missed your work. It's so fking awesome. Your style is so unique. I hope you remember me..from the AN fc. If you don't let me introduce myself ...I am JAVERIA Big smile.

This update is EPIC. I love the BBB stuff a lot. The house stuff rocks too,

Of course, I remember, Javey...don't introduce yourself to me, I already know you! LOL Itni bhi burri memory nahi hai meri abhi :P Thank you for dropping by, glad you liked the previous update!

Originally posted by nureat01

Are you working on an update to post soon?? I know you're back...I see you hitting "like" silently and commenting in Vasu's galleryTongue 

I don't know...oh no wait, that's for me to know and you to guess CoolLOL You're such an evil mind-reader/psychic, btw...I pressed like on your gallery update and then was writing up my reply and itni der mein you posted here and said ke mein SILENTLY like dabba rahi thi, haaan? Tongue Ustaad! :P 

Edited by make-believe - 29 July 2011 at 9:41pm

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 July 2005
Posts: 13906

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anotheranfan

Fati, Hug

Its been long.. today i was looking for Lost creations and there are hardly any.. I stumbled on your thread and that is how i realised you have a gallery too  Smile All this while i was in dark and never knew this gallery even existed..  LOL Nice job girl.. Turned out i picked up all the creations from you and my Siggie box is revamped.. Party


Prrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! You can't imagine what a pleasant, pleasant surprise it is to hear from you! Your unexpected stumbling made my day. Seriously! Hug I'm so entirely flattered that you liked my creations, thank you...and I've missed you so much, dude :hug: It's good to see you active somehow, even if it's just through changing your sig box LOL *smothers you with hugs* (:
desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 09 July 2007
Posts: 20138

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
fatiji, this is 3 much..ek mahina hogaya hai aur ek bhi update nahin hai! :( ur pankhas demand update.. :)

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 July 2005
Posts: 13906

Posted: 07 September 2011 at 4:42pm | IP Logged

Stanley Ka Dabba:




Delhi Belly:



Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam:

Laagi Tujhse Lagan:


Love Story:


*Bano talking about how she's not allowed over to the other house during Suraiyya's wedding*
"Kyun! Tumhari hamare ghar shaadi ho rahi hai kya?" LOL
"...kya matlab?" 
"Nahi! Mera...woh matlab nahi tha..." Stern Smile

"Mere dard-e-dil ki kashish usse khud keench laayegi!" :rolls:
"Thenga! 'Kheench laayegi.'" 



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MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 November 2008
Posts: 8313

Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
YAYYY... res

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

Joined: 28 March 2006
Posts: 113750

Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:01pm | IP Logged
Whew! This page took AGES to load! You cleared out the backlog of all those old PM sigs too?? lol

The look! *swoons*Day Dreaming

Awesomesauce update, CB! I haven't watched SKT but I want to soon...Swades stuff is awesome...you liked Aish-Abhi a lot in Guru, haan? It was a good movie. Those pics of Yami are lovely...I wanted to make a siggy on them at one point too but forgot...lol...love what you've done with them!

The stuff on the all the Pakistani shows is awesome too although I can only identify Daam and Malaal...I'd so use the Malaal sig but it has that loser Danish ki shakal in it too :P lol...and you know how easily allergic I am to ppl of that sort.

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