Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Zee's Oneshot- Hotel Room, Honeymoon!

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Hey people this is a quick OS for SOME people who requested another one off me! (you know who you are! AngryLOLLOL) Anyway there was a thread topic for SR topic for Maneet: and I got an idea for an OS after Maan stopped because of the baby!!! Ouch Anyway sort of using Deniac's idea of the waterfall on their honeymoon and Geet coming out the bathroom, all wet, here's my take! (hope you don't mind Deniac! Embarrassed)

Oh and just for warning, coz of the mods, it's quite x-rated so aware!EmbarrassedSmile

Hotel Room, Honeymoon!
Geet was in the shower, thinking over what happened since her wedding to Maan. Since the first night, Maan always had a weird or lame excuse to not make love with her and she was starting to wonder if it was her fault since she was pregnant by his younger brother. She shook those thoughts straight away, knowing it had nothing to do with Dev, but kept asking the same question, over and over in her head; why was he avoiding her? When Dadimaa gave them two tickets to go on a honeymoon package, she was excited, thinking Maan will give her more attention, and relax more after he persuaded her to go to the hospital after the incident with Brij and see if the baby was okay, which the doctor confirmed everything was good and well. However as soon as they arrived at the quiet, isolated hotel, bordering near a jungle and checked in, Maan gave some lame excuse about "checking things out" and practically ran out of the room. They had been here for two nights and both nights Maan made excuses for them and she was fed up with it.
After managing to to persuade Maan to take a walk with her, they were walking on the path through the jungle, the one guide told them to follow in the welcoming speech yesterday, and she had done her best dressing up sexily for him, (a dull gold sari, with jewellery Dadi gave her and anklets Maan gifted her) she was sure he would say something, anything to get onto the subject of life. But still nothing, he just walked alongside her, agreeing to everything she said just now and finally gave up, quietly praying to Babiji for help. A bit further on into the jungle, Geet heard the roar of a waterfall nearby and her face lit up! She had never seen a waterfall before, but knew of them. Then she looked down her at her sari, glanced at Maan who still wore that blank, expressionless face, and then up to the sky and thanked Babiji.
She practically skipped to the waterfall; it was pretty small with a small pond at the bottom, where the water was gathering, before trickling down somewhere. She held her hand out, wanting to feel the water on her skin and bit her lip, thinking, before taking a quick peek at Maan over her shoulder. His eyes were on her, attention focussed entirely on her and she smiled at him then, not realising that her face was telling him that she was going to do something impish. She started swaying then, humming a song she was familiar with and stepped into the small pond and went underneath the waterfall. The water freezing, so why was it warm???
She blinked her eyes open and stared at the shower wall, before shaking her head. She switched the shower off and got out, drying herself before putting on her dressing gown, dried her hair with the hairdryer, but then switched it off, leaving it a bit damp. She sighed heavily and went to the sink, wiping away the condensation and stared at her face; plump lips, fevered eyes and blushing red cheeks, her mind instantly went back to the waterfall.
She had closed her eyes, and raised her arms above her head, mimicking the dance movements she remembered to the song, hoping that would get Maan to act! Opening her eyes slightly, her breath got stuck in her throat, and she frantically looked around, her eyes searching for Maan who wasn't anywhere in her eyesight. What she didn't realise, that when she had turned around, eyes closed, facing him; Maan walked quickly to the waterfall, ignoring the shrieking in his head, shouting at him that this was wrong because of the baby, but he couldn't keep his eyes off the sari sticking to that dancing figure, underneath the waterfall, getting wet. As soon as he reached her, his hand went towards her face, but then narrowed his eyes, before going round her, making sure his body never touched hers once, and got behind her.
When Geet was about to move forward to look for him, Maan quickly caressed his fingers slowly up her spine, before using both hands to caress her arms from her shoulders, held her hands tightly, and drew her body back into his, into a backwards hug. He nuzzled his face into the left side of her face, before moving down to her shoulder and took open mouthed kisses along her shoulder, up her neck, towards her lips, giving her a kiss so intense, she had to move her head away slightly, to take in some air. She turned around in his arms then and hugged him tightly, kissing the base of his neck, while Maan's hands stroked his fingers from the bottom of her spine, all the up to where her blouse was tied before going back down to where her skirt was wrapped around her waist. Geet shivered, not noticing the lustful expression on Maan's face, as she leant against Maan heavily, the use of her legs completely gone.
Geet shook her head and sighed once more, before looking away and muttered about the rain falling at the wrong time, destroying what could have happened at the waterfall. "Thanks Babaji! We were finally getting somewhere, and then you had to open the skies and let rain fall!" glaring up at the ceiling, hoping that Babaji could hear her, and she swore she could hear him laughing at her. She turned around and walked towards the door angrily, opening it and stepped through, taking a quick glance of the empty hotel room and rolled her eyes. "Ran off again, as usual" she muttered, before uttering some swear words, that if her mother was around, she'd be speechless that they were coming from her own daughter's mouth.
She shut the bathroom door and closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down, and then started walking to her suitcase to get her nightgown. But before she even took a step, she felt a hand grab her left arm and pull her in that direction, before pushing her gently into the wall behind her, and then a man's body was pressed into her, so close she could feel his muscles into her own tense body. She shivered when she felt Maan's breath in her ear, and clenched her hands tightly, against the wall, "I tried my best, I really did but I can't control it anymore."
Geet opened her eyes slowly, and looked up to Maan's eyes, glinting feverishly with lust and as she searched into those eyes, she realised something, "I've finally broken Maan's control, but....something else is there now, something that wants me and to never let go!" thinking to herself, trying to figure out what that something was, but not finding the answer within Maan's glinting eyes. Her right hand rose, and gently placed it on his left cheek, "I didn't want you to control it, Maan. You're my husband and I love you, isn't that enough for us to be together?" Maan's eyes dulled slightly, thinking over her words and smiled slightly, "Geet, I know that. You don't know how happy I am; that you're finally my wife, but our baby..." and left the sentence hanging, placing his right hand gently on her stomach, where their child was growing. She smiled at him and whispered, "Maan, I trust you. You wouldn't hurt me in anyway, and thus wouldn't hurt our child in anyway either, so stop worrying and let us be together, please?" practically begging, and pouting unconsciously which made Maan's eyes instinctively stare at them.
Maan flashed his eyes back up to Geet's and seeing the trust and love in her eyes, his eyes glinted happily, before turning dark once more with lust and turned his head to her hand and kissed the centre. His right hand single handily untied the knot and then with both hands, he pushed off the dressing gown, making sure his hands caressed her body, letting the gown drop and pool around their feet. He then grabbed hold of her right hand that had clenched his shoulder when he took off the dressing gown and picked it up, looking back up into Geet's eyes, which were closed and her mouth open, trying to get oxygen in her body.
He pressed his lips together and skimmed his lips along the hand, from her fingers, to her palms, to her wrist up her arm, slowly and gently, not kissing but a touch barely there yet just enough that Geet was aware of his lips and goose bumps followed. He slowly lowered Geet's arm, when he got to her shoulder and continued on, going across her collarbone to her left shoulder. His right hand went to her left hand and entwined their fingers tightly; raising it up to he could skim his lips down the arm and stopped at their joined hands.
He opened his eyes and tilted his head, looking at their hands, thinking to himself, "We fit perfectly," smirking to himself happily. He then brought their hands to his lips and gave a gentle kiss on the back of Geet's hand, before letting go and started unbuttoning his wet shirt. As he got to his second button, Geet stopped him, and shook her head when he glanced at her, worried that she had changed her mind. Instead she went on to unbutton his shirt for him, with a slight tremble to her hands and he smiled softly, chuckling quietly, amused. Either she acted like a mouse or a lioness, he could never tell with his wife.
Geet felt him chuckle and she pouted angrily, stopping from undoing the last few buttons and slightly slapped him on his chest. Maan stood still and narrowed his eyes, and grabbed the hand that slapped him, he raised it and waited for Geet to look up at him. Geet fidgeted slightly, waiting to see what Maan would do, since she did slap him a little, but he was still holding her hand and not doing anything, so she looked up at Maan, opening her mouth to say something only nothing came out, her eyes dilated considerably, her breathing shortened, and she tried to close her legs together, but Maan's leg between them prevented that.
As soon as Geet looked up, Maan stuck her forefinger in his mouth and closed around it, breathing hot air on it, before slowly and caressingly releasing it from his mouth. He then gently blew cold air on the finger, watching with eager eyes as Geet's mouth snapped shut and her left hand resting on his hip, clenched tightly, feeling something rise within her....He then moved on to her middle finger and did the same, moving on after he blew cold air on the finger he just had in his mouth and then lowered her hand and let it go.
Geet opened her eyes then and frowned at him unhappily, moving her hands up from his stomach, to his chest, to his neck and around to the back of the neck before taking off his shirt, caressing her hands down his spine, like he had done with her before. She then spider walked her fingers up his spine, feeling him shiver, staring into his heated eyes, and flashed him an impish smile when her fingers reached the back of his neck. His eyes glittered dangerously, only happening when he was angry, but this time it wasn't anger but lust that was the cause and he was waiting for her next move.
Her hands went through his hair, before grabbing hold of it and pulling his head down towards hers, and gave him a kiss he would never forget! After a few minutes Maan moved away slightly, catching his breath while his hands fiddled with the opening of his jeans. As soon as his jeans and boxers were down his legs and kicked them away, he glanced back up at Geet, who was staring at his waist area, with wide eyes. He grabbed one of her legs and made her wrap it around his hip, and did the same with her other leg. So that her both of her legs were wrapped around him and they were sort of....touching. Geet leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes, while Maan kissed his way up from her stomach, up the middle of her chest and up her neck, stopping at her chin.
She took a couple of deep breaths and then leaning her head forward and staring into Maan's eyes, nodded slightly, using that as a cue to go ahead. Geet held onto his shoulders tightly, legs tightening around his body, while Maan buried his face in her neck, trying his best not to fall to the ground. At the same time, they felt they could be like this for eternity; that time had frozen just for them in this moment. But then their heartbeats started to slow down and Maan slowly dropped to his knees before sitting on his legs, Geet still wrapped around him; their heads on each other's shoulders, just breathing.
After a while, they both opened their eyes and slowly moved away, so that they could see each other. Maan stroked away some hair that was sticking to Geet's forehead and getting in the way of her eyes, she smiled at him, and with a sleepy look to her eyes, kissed his chin and whispered, "Thank you." Maan just smiled down at her and said, "No...thank you Geet, for trusting me," and with Geet still in his arms, stood up and walked towards the bed, Geet frowning, "Don't we need a shower?" looking at Maan puzzled, before glancing over his shoulder at the bathroom door.
Hearing that, Maan chuckled deeply, within his chest and just said, "We haven't finished Geet. We barely got started...." and winking at a shocked Geet, he dumped her in the middle of the bed, before getting on himself and started crawling towards her, eyes glinting mischievously......


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The song I had in mind, while they were at the waterfall....Embarrassed

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omgg zeeeeeeeeeeee!! wat wat thisss i need the *fan* imm speechless hun
its amazing!!! and as always u make ur momma proudddd!!!!
loved it!!!

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awesome OS!
super hott

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reserved lmao gonna read and edit tomarow :)))
edited LOL
OMG OMG zahra loved it !!!! This was written flippin fantastically!!! Yours thoughts and ideas for OS's always come to life whilst reading them !! ( does that even make senseLOL) I am so glad i bugged you hehehe i knew you would do and amazing job !!!! I cant stop blushing and afta reading this !!! glad i did not read this last nite or i dnt know what would have happened LOLLOL bechari shyz ka kya hua ??LOL sorry but i will keep bugging u more in the future WinkWinkLOLLOL

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Oh woman why do you do this to meEmbarrassed…how am I suppose to sleep after reading something like thisBlushing. You know right I am a FYWOuch and this does not help one bitBig smile. Not saying I didn't love it…I am hyperventilatingTongue. Like always…it was a delight reading your OSDay Dreaming (was gonna say pleasure but I thought it might be taken the wrong wayLOL). Keep them coming…I know you have plenty more ideasWink and I am still waiting to hear about the museROFL.

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love it Heart

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super hot yaar woooooooooooooooooooow u showed us there whole SR (sex) lol love it yaar u guyz were perfect thx. Smile  Clap Big smile Thumbs Up  Blushing   Embarrassed

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