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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 98)

a little faith Goldie
a little faith
a little faith

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 5:58am | IP Logged

Aysha, Big smile

This is the first piece of prose I have read of yours and I must say I am impressed. It is so well written. 


For life is no friend of mine. Death wouldn't take me. I loved these juxtapositions of seemingly contrasting positions that actually form a powerful union wherein he lies helpless.  Well written. StarStarStar

because Piya was his drug. Abhay was addicted to her Sharp analogy personalizing his feelings despite the fact  He didn't trust anything he felt anymore. ExcellentStarStarStar

I loved these details, He'd breathed in her scent & All around her the flowers grew brighter in colour while she remained constant.  adding to that surreal ambiance. Star

I loved that segueing onto All was still apart from Abhay. He was trying to leave her. Everyone always left her. Piya held on tight. Keeping Abhay in her embrace. That struggle within the stillness.  Just an iconic, ironic moment, beautifully woven by you. Clap

Love Sabah

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a little faith Goldie
a little faith
a little faith

Joined: 09 January 2009
Posts: 2037

Posted: 27 May 2011 at 1:44pm | IP Logged

It sounded so special calling her sister but it was how she'd felt Their bond so beautifully elucidated.

I loved the tumultuous tantrum of Misha, from guilt to begging, from love to threatening, from more guilt to desperation.  Nicely done, very natural sounding. Star

My favourite part of this update,
All this had to be a bad dream. Kabir went in to see Piya. He was glad she didn't see him like this. He didn't want her to know how disturbed he was watching her like this. So still. He really wanted to crack a joke but it wouldn't come. Kabir was speechless. For the first time in his life he was loss for words. So all he did was just sit by Piya. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze so she'd know he was there for her. Sometimes silence was bliss. 10 minutes in Kabir whispered in Piya's ears-You can do this my angel.

I loved, just loved this scene with Kabir and Piya.  The underlined parts being those heart lifting moments after the heart wrenching parts in between, just so beautifully done, reminding me the strength of even a little love to heal any darkness upon the heart.  StarStarStar

She was always waiting for him. He'd heard her cry for him and he never came. Interesting realization, adding a layer of intrigue on Abhay. She was his sunlight to his moonlight. Wonderful line. EmbarrassedHow show wished Abhay would smile more. Cute moment.

I loved the layering of details in this succinct sentence,
His warmth on her skin on fire. Wonderful. Star

I loved the urgency of the final paragraphs and that sharp end, whose light banishes all the darkness of doubts,
It was the only thing that mattered. This moment with Abhay.Big smile  Well written as always. EmbarrassedLove Sabah

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-Alone- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
wow!! nice.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged

:::Precap 24:::Info:::

Deep in thought Maithali ordered Sid to find out about this Akasha. They always thought she was a myth. Never in their wildest dreams had they ever thought she'd be for real. How many of her lookalikes were there on the planet? What was so special about this bloody face she tought long and hard. Surely this was just a coincidence or could there be a deeper meaning. Maithali knew drinking Pia dry would give her absolute power and acentuate her even further to overthrow anyone in her way. Now Akasha was threatening to kill her by tomorrow. Why was there such a big deal about gaining power. Maithali cared less for Akasha because once Pia was hers Akasha would never be able to stop her. Sid would see to it that she had no teething problems. He always did as he was told.
Sid was at the old vampire relic shop owned by one of their kinds seeking Akasha' info out. What he found had devastated him. She was unstopable. No single vampre could kill her. If they tried then all vampires would seize to exist. Killing the queesn was next to impossible. How was he going to protect Maithali from her grasp? Akasha wanted to punish Maithali and Sid would never allow it. He knew one person who might be willing to protect Maithali. Abhay. It was a last resort but he'd do it. Sid was sure of it with his own life. Abhay was always a sucker for saving the innocent. In this case its Maithali. Sid was going to have to hide this from Maithali. If she knew what he was doing then there would be trouble. Abhay would seek answers. Answers Sid had no intention on answering.

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_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
lovely precap
continue soon
poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
nice precapClapClap

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

:::Update 24:::Info:::

Abhay is back at the Raichands dropping off Pia at her hostel. He wondered who the mysterious woman was who'd attacked Pia. He was left asking a hundred quesyions. Then finally before him he found Sid at dawn in the back calling him out. Sid had a nerve coming to his turf. Did his brother have a death wish or what? Abhay skulked out back jumping over his balcony standing upright to face Sid looking his usual menacing self. Abhay growled at his brother while both did a fang off.

Abhay roared angrily at Sid-What he hell are U doing here Sidharth? U know Mom and Dad don't want U here. I ought to kill U for the stunt U pulled on Pia. She knows everything. What we are. I worked so hard to keep her from finding out the truth. Despite my best efforts U tried to kill her. How dare U?

Sid chuckled mocking Abhay-Stop being so melodramatic. She's still alive right? She has a pulse so she knows big deal. Nobody will believe her. Pia is not the reason i am here today. Its someone we both have an affiliation with once upon a time.

Abhay pushed Sid against his car-Spill!

Sid moved Abhay aside-Hands off the merchandise. Unlike U i actually care about what i look like. This is some expensive s**t.

Abhay glared at Sid-Enough with the wisecracks.

Sid blurted-U know how U thought Maithali is dead well she's alive and she's one of us. A vampire. I turned her while U guys left and hid her away from U. It seems she's in trouble by a higher powered being. The very first vampire Akasha.

Abhay closely focus's on Sid's features-Is this s**t for real. (No change in Sid's arrogant face) U didn't. (Abhay's voice changes filled with emotion and disbelief) Was the girl her? Did she try ti kill Pia?

Sid squirmed-Correction we both tried to suck the life out of Pia.

Abhay hurt by the revelation of Maithali being with Sid now stung him-Why? After all this time would U return here? why? U are both evil. Pia has nothing to do with either of U.

Sid let slip moving super fast away from Abhay-For power. Pia's blood holds the key for Maithali acquiring power. (Sid lied) She has enough of Pia's blood unfortunately by doing this we have woken up the archaic super alpha female vampire Akasha and she wants Maithali dead. Akasha is aware of Pia and will try to gun for her.

Abhay took all this information in brooding silently-So why do U want me to help U? As far as i am concerned U both brought this on to yourselves.

Sid found it hard to believe Abhay cared less for Maithali's safety-U don't mean this Abhay. Akasha will come for Pia.

Abhay stared down Sid's dark black eyes-And why would she do this?

Sid answered truthfully-They are all the carbon copy of the other. Akasha's face resembles Pia's and Maithalis. (Abhay's eyes reveal a shock he hadn't expected) This is very bizarre but its the truth.

Abhay sighed feeling under pressure-A vampire who sucks the life force out of a human duplicate takes all the power. Akasha doesn't want anyone to challenge her reign. I can't blame her but she won't be after Pia. She's only human.

Sid yelled-It will give Akasha more power to draw into herself. She's only just woken up. She'll want to drain all humans dry. Its what she does. Us men will be extint at this rate. She hates men.

Abhay laughed-Good then both U and i will be dead.

Sid countered-So will Pia. I won't go after her i swear just do something. Save Maithali.

Abhay pondered hard-Fine. But both of U will leave this town in return.

Sid nodded-Done. Just don't come chasing after Maithali. She's all mine bro.

Abhay was numb on Maithali's issue but his old feelings were still as fresh as ever-Whatever. I will keep my distance so long as she stays away from me. Pia is off limits. I don't care how much power she has to offer U both but U leave her alone.

Sid parted ways with a final-We only have till today. Akasha wants us dead by today. We have to move forwards.

Abhay headed back revealing everything to Chand and Haseena. Both of them were left in shock. The Queen being back spelt trouble for their kind. Her powers exceeded their own. Nobody could overthrow her. All the originals had guarded her tomb safe from all kinds but now the s**t had hit the fan. Chand raced upstairs rooting out an ancient bile on their creator to find a loophole.

Chand raced back down-The Queen being here is a disaster Abhay. If she wants Maithali dead then she's dead and so is Pia.

Haseena dark eyes filled with concern-There must be a way out.

Abhay saw Chand shake his head pacing around-I will seek her out.

Haseena grabbed Abhays hand-No U are not going nywhere. I won't allow U to go on a suicide mission all for the sake of the girls. They are not worth your own life.

Abhay cuts in-Pia's life is worth a hundred lives to me Mom.

Haseena plaeds with Abhay-Don't do this son. I can't lose U.

Chand concurs with Haseena-We will have to sit this one out son. Akasha's whereabouts is a secret. Nobody can locate her. She is shielded against us son.

Abhay breaks free and runs out to Pia. She hasn't slept at all throughout the night. She wasn't tired either. Strange. Very strange she was encapsulated with a mix of emotion. Good and bad both had made her feel extra ordinary. For once she could tell when Abhay was present just by his scent. Abhay's footsteps were like a calming beats to her heart.

Pia hugged Abhay with her wide mouth giving him a peck on his cheek-So what brings U round here bright and early?

Abhay's eyes drew Pia close-We have a huge problem. I need to get U out of here and to safety. Do U trust me?

Pia's innocent eyes hung on to Abhay's softly whispering-More than my life Abhay.

Abhay found Pia's voice rather sweet but her words affected him more than he'd realised. He had her life in his hands. He could not fail her-There is one place i can think of for U to be out of harms way. (He takes her in his arms whizzing her to a safe haven)

Pia gets off of Abhay's arms-The church

Abhay divulged-Its a place of worship and U have holy men here Pia.

Pia reveals-She's tasted my blood Abhay. They can find me.

Abhay knew they could-Sid and the girl have a vamp on their tail. They are a little preoccupied now. Just stay here.

Pia moans-They will be after U Abhay. Sid is dangerous. The girl attacked me Abhay. Its two against one. Please don't do anything brash.

Abhay touched Pia's face softly-I won't just be safe.

Pia asks-Who is this new villain Abhay? Who is she?

Abhay in silence. He was brooding meaning the answer was very disturbing.

Pia continued to bug him-Tell me Abhay or i have my own methods of seeking out trouble.

Abhay reluctantly divulged-Akasha. She is after both U and Maithali. I have said enough. I must go.

Abhay left Pia with a little talisman. Only Pia had no intention of sticking around in this place while Abhay places himself in grave danger. Pia had discovered she had some special powers of her own. Digging for info from the computer at the main offices nearby. Sid's place wasn't far from here. Pia left to find out about Akasha and Maithali. She'd heard of this name before.

Then she'd finally uncovered all the little folklore and legends on the net. Most of it seemed unbelievable but with what she'd witnessed last night this all made sense. Abhay, Sid, Maithali and Akasha were all vampires. It explained how they managed to live for a long time. Abhay and Sid were brothers just like she'd speculated and Maithali looked like her exactly. So this must be why they were after her. But how did Akasha fit into all this? Pia discovered she was the Queen Bee so if Maithali was trying to gain power by draining out her blood it would mean what for Akasha?

Pia was safe as long as she had this talisman on. She'd be fine  thought Abhay. He searched out Sid at the cemetery-So how do we do this?

Sid smuggled a quick look at Maithali from a far-No idea. Akasha just finds us. I don't know how she does it but i am sure she is somewhere enjoying herself bathed in a pool of blood.

Abhay saw Maithali sneak towards him-I can't believe after all this time U are here right before me. I wish we met under different circumstances.

Maithali seethed-I wish we never met. Where are U hiding the b***h? U couldn't have me so U moved on to her. u are sick.

Abhay was hurt by Maithali's spiteful tongue-This is not the time for insults. U have changed so much but the meeting can be done at another time. Akansha wants U because U challenged her power. (Abhay found it hard to let the words come out) Pia's blood would have done the job but U woke Akasha up. So now we have to find her. Before she gets to us.

Maithali motioned towards Sid holding him in her arms making Abhay uncomfortable-She can find Pia by scent so wherever U left her she won't be safe. Pia is turning. Another bite and she's no longer human.

Abhay's eyes filled with anger-Do not even dare to go there.

Sid stroked Maithali's face-Maithali is a little anxious. Her powers have gone up a gear and so has her need for blood. Pia's blood has made her want more.

Abhay tensed up-Right. Just get started with this job so i can back to protecting Pia from both of U.

Maithali was peeved by Abhay's protectiveness towards Pia. He had the nerve to take her name in front of her-Ah the weak human you've gotten so attached to. What U didn't get the real deal so U end up with the pitiable version of me. I guess this is how she gets the men to do her bidding.

Abhay heard the anger in Maithali's tone. He hated this bitterness she'd developed-What the hell happened to U Maithali? U were never this cold. U sound so inhumane. U were never this heartless.

Maithali spat back-U happened to me Abhay. U took my life and never came back for me. If it hadn't been for Sid i'd never have been around. U betrayed me and my love for U Abhay by loving another. U deserve pain and Pia deserves death for daring to love U. I am no longer a human Abhay and neither are U. So learn to live with it. Behave like the animal U are.

Abhay shot Maithali his hurt look-U have turned into Sid's monster.

Maithali glowered at him-Don't bring him into it. Sid why did U bring Abhay here? we could have handled this on our own.

Sid protested-Abhay came to protect Pia. After Akasha is done with us she'll finish Pia. Abhay's here to make sure nothing happens to her.

Maithali-I should have known. Anyway Akasha will be here anytime. Have U brought ant resources to combat her?

Abhay shook his head-Mom and Dad are working on it.

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bmtdluver IF-Rockerz

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Interesting update. Can't wait to read what happens next

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