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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 92)

Shoonu Senior Member

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
i feel really sad for panch...and i hate sid..!!!
loved abhays part...continue soon

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged

:::Precap 23:::In Despair:::

From the moment Maithali got news of Pia being cornered into a trap Sid had laid out for her it gave her satisfaction knowing full well Pia was afraid of closed spaces. Maithali was revelling in Pia's despair. It won't be long now. Pia would be all hers. Maithali had trouble containing her glee at Pia's distress. B***h deserved everything she got for stealing Abhay from her. There was no way Pia was walking away scott free from this. Oh Abhay would pay for his betrayal by witnessing her downfall. Pia was his weakness so she'd make good use out of this for as long as she could. To bite or not to bite was the question? Maithali's eyes changed into an amber color. Maithali hated the way girls in this century dressed so provocatively like they had no shame. It was disgusting to see women being ogled as an object for men's fantasies. Where did these people lose all the sophistication of the past era? Maithali found women had become more independent relying solely on their wiles. She'd observed a bunch of girls during the day.
Sid met up with Maithali-I've ditched T and her gang of banshees.
Maithali observed Sid's playful eyes-U like the attention U get from these weak girls? U are so obvious.
Sid touches Maithali's cheeks with a stroke of his hands soothing her rage-Maithali i was merely playing along with their flirtatious nature. I have eyes for only one woman in my life and its always been U. I could never replace U with anyone in my life unlike my little brother.
Maithali hissed at the mention of Abhay's name seething with full blown poison as she pushes Sid away from her-U dare to mention his name in front of me! I told U not to ever talk about him. He is not worthy of my love. He is only suited to torture. (She faces Sid eyes filled with fury) U have always been there for me Sidharth but i know about the women U have been with. I've seen U with them Sidharth and i am not happy with it. The girls with skimpy dress's. Panchi ring a bell! Never touch me with the same hands again. I will never be number 2 to anyone. Do U hear me?
Sid softened his voice like a child-They are just a meal ticket. The girls are so easy while U ooze of qualities these girls will never possess in the form of purity. Maithali i am just stringing Panchi along. Its U i want. She is just a ploy to get to Pia. She means nothing to me. I will always worship U Maithali my princess. Haven't i proven my loyalty to only U?
Maithali warned him-She better not Sidharth. U know the punishment for messing with me. I will leave U and this is no idle threat. U do as i ask. Only then will i be yours truly.
Sid kissed Maithali's cheek-I promise to obey to your every whim. U are the only woman i bow down to.
Maithali enjoyed Sid's devotion to her but the person she was dying for was Abhay. He was worthy of feeling her wrath-Good. Now go see to our little pet!

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 May 2011
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
cool yr contenue soon...
mangona Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2011
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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
woow so metz stil luv abay waiting
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Gr8 precap Aysha.. So more promblems for Abhiya now.. Waiting for d
poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2011
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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 2:41am | IP Logged
nice precapClapClap
nice convo btw sid & maithali they r just a meal ticketLOL & i bow down 2 great line & maithali still waiting 4 abhay
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
Posts: 29081

Posted: 24 May 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged

:::Update 23:::In Despair:::

Pia was beginning to get anxious. It had to be her getting into these problems. She tried to open the doors but had no luck. It was useless. They were locked. She didn't want to shatter Sid's office with the chair. Pia hurried for her mobile and dialled Abhay's number. He picked up.

Pia-Abhay i need U to pick me up. I tried calling Sid but he's not picking up.

Abhay-Where are U?

Pia-At his office. I got locked in somehow. Please hurry. I feel so claustrophobic in here. Can U get Sid to open the doors or one of the watchmen. I don't know how to get in touch with them.

Abhay assured Pia-Don't worry Pia. I am on my way.

Meanwhile Sid with Maithali headed to Pia's direction filled with hunger for power. Sid entered the premises and locked the door behind him giving the watchman a break. He scoped out the premises for Pia's scent. His eye's narrowed in finding a trail of scent and fingerprints.

Sid laughed heartily-Pia's scared. I can feel it in my bones. Poor thing is about to get the fright of her life tonight.

Maithali cackled in glee-Good. She brought it on herself. Lets just finish this.

They moved fast to where Pia was huddled in the foetal position but had their attention diverted to someone in a rush to get to Pia. She has heard with her new powers the arrival of Sid with a female. He was bragging about her being in distress. How could he be so evil? So cold hearted? Pia was frightened at the possibility of Sid being a serial killer or even worse? Abhay had warned her to stay away from him. Now she knew why but not the full reason. Who was this woman he was with? Pia didn't have the courage to see for herself. Abhay rushed all the way to Pia breaking the doors down. This was coming out of Sid's pocket for daring to hold Pia captive-Pia where are U?

Sid cursed heavily-I told U didn't i whenever i try to hurt the b***h Abhay's there to rescue her. His fixation on her has no boundaries.

Maithali fumed-I will personally see to it he stay away from her.

Sid was taking no chances-I think we have to get the grl first and deal with him later. We have only a three day window otherwise we have to wait one full month.

Maithali huffed-I don't care. I can't trust U to do a job straight.

Sid weaved directly in Pia's direction baring his fangs while someone held her from behind. Pia's eyes widened at the horror right before her eyes and felt a bite on her neck.

Abhay zoomed forward straight into Pia's arms whisking Maithali from behind throwing her grasp on Pia while making Maithali jealous. He cuddled Pia washing away all her anxieties. He cupped her face making eye contact with her-I'm here now Pia. U don't have to be afraid. We'd better get out of here before trouble arrives. I can sense us being surrounded by unwanted threat.

Pia felt safe in Abhay's arms-I heard someone here Abhay. It's very eerie but now U are here i feel more at ease. How could Sid do this to me? What the hell was that? He isn't human Abhay. He's a...

Abhay knew who was here. Sid was here and had shown exactly hat he was in front of Pia but right now Pia had to be out of his reach. Sid had an ace up his sleeve and Abhay wished he knew who the woman was?-Now i am going to use my Olympic sprint to get U out of here. U ready?

Pia knew what this meant- Abhay picked her up in his arms and zoomed out of the office-Abhay are we in trouble?

Abhay didn't bother to answer Pia. Then BOOM! An explosion. The entire building is burnt to the ground. Abhay flies with Pia out of there while he covers his body to protect Pia from the harsh flames. It took him by surprise. Abhay got himself off of Pia examining her body into the woods. She seemed fine. A little shaken but in good condition. Pia eyes Abhay curiously with questions forming inside her head. She saw his shirt all burnt revealing his bare flesh making Pia blush. Pia tries to regain composure.

 Pia shakily states-Wow U sure made my world shake Abhay. U always surprise me. Now U can't evade this fact i have witnessed right before me. We just escaped a blast with not a scratch on us. How do U explain this Abhay? I know U have powers. I feel so different around U. I feel honed in with my senses taking this extra leap.

Abhay had his own questions like who was responsible for blowing up Sid's office with all of them in it?-Its been a long night Pia. U have been through the wars. I suggest U get some rest and we'll discuss this in the morning.

Pia remained glued to Abhay's arms-U are not squirming your way out of this Mr. I won't let U. Who is after us Abhay?

Abhay cursed under his breath-My brother?

Pia heard-Your brother. Well now we are full of secrets aren't we?

Abhay cursed again at his error-I meant someone devious.

Pia pushed Abhay away-Yeah right? No backtracking. I heard U loud and clear. Is Sid the enemy Abhay? Is he the person U are afraid of? U seem aggressive at the mention of his name. Its him isn't it? I know Abhay. He has a brother. One he keeps as a closely guarded secret. I've seen him with your mother. I'm not stupid. He has the same aura as U but only darker.

Abhay froze-Its not what U think?

Pia knew exactly what was going on-I saw your eyes Abhay. U may lie but your eyes. Both of U aren't normal. U are blessed by something.

Abhay-U mean cursed. Now we are at your hostel. Sleep tight Pia.

Pia wondered how they got here so fast?-See U are gifted Abhay. Keep this hidden if U like but the truth has a way of spilling out. I know I will get to the bottom of this really soon. Until then? By the way U can get your fangs out anytime U want. I know what U are Abhay and U don't scare me. Its Sid who has given me a fright but U should make me feel scared but U don't. I don;t understand why?

Abhay was left baffled-U know?

Pia burst out into a fit of hysteric-Silly i'm not stupid or a naive little girl Abhay. I do have a few brain cells even if i fail to show it to U by my stupid antics. Don't dwell on it for too long Abhay. You'll give yourself a migraine. That is if vampires even get headaches. Goodnight Abhay.

Abhay was left stunned. He left Pia but remained by her hostel just to make sure she wasn't attacked again by Sid or his accomplice. He knew Sid would be safe. Vampires weren't affected by fire.

Back at the Office

Sid screamed in anger while Maithali seethes in rage. They are burnt but heal up really fast. Maithali rants-We had Pia and now we don't. Who did this Sid?

Sid watches a dark figure approach them looking scary-Who the hell are U?

Akasha eyes Sid and her annoying lookalike-U dare to challenge me in POWER? U DARE TO OVERTHROW ME! AKASHA! YOUR QUEEN!

Sid saw the dark woman before him with red eyes and white fangs shining at him-U are a what?

Akasha raged by Sid's insolence-U have a death wish vampire? U dare mock me?

Sid was afraid for the first time. He was no longer sure of himself or cocky-Wait a minute. U are supposed to be a myth. A legend to scare us.

Akasha laughed in Sid's face as she held him up with one hand in the air-I can rip U in one go Sid. Not such a cocky vampire now are U?

Maithali sizes up her competition-I look like U! How is this even possible?

Akasha drops Sid to the floor-You've tasted her blood. U stupid novice! U are not meant to drain her blood. Now U have to bear my wrath. I will take U both down one at a time starting from tomorrow. I want to see how U fight with your last shot slipping away from U.

Maithali didn't care about Akasha's threat. She felt the power running through her veins. She just needed a full power boost. Pia's death would finish the task itself. Make her stronger-U mean U aren't going to hurt us?

Akasha's crazed eyes kept both vampires on edge-I have been a statue for over a millennia U think i will let this moment of showing the vampire world my dominance over? All vampires will hail to their Queen. I made U all. It is my bloodline that flows through your veins. My powers U have. U think U can win this fight? U weakling have no chance. It is my Blood that ties U to me. I die then U all die.

Maithali now had two things to tend to. One her love rival and second her arch nemesis the queen vampire-We are spry for waking U. We didn't know. The girl is my ex-lovers love. I was merely trying to eradicate her from his life. So he can feel the loss i felt when he abandoned me.

Akasha's fury rose-I don't care. Either way U would be headed to my stature. I cannot have another weak vampire ascend to my level. It is I who created U so only i must be worshipped by my species.

Maithali pleaded-What if i change my plans to kill the girl for power but just finish her off for good?

Akasha turned her back on the meddlesome vampires-Enough. U have till tomorrow and then U are mine. I'm sure your vampire ex will save the girl. There can only be one ruler.

With this she disappears. Leaving Sid and Maithali in a dilemma.

Sid places his hands over the back of his neck-We are so royally screwed. We woke the Queen. She looks like U. Damn. It explains the whole doppelganger thing. S**t. What do we do now?

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pallavisarkar Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
thnx for d pm n great updt

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