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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 88)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged

:::Precap 22:::In too deep:::

Abhay had spent all night lost in Pia's thoughts. He hadn't felt this alive in a long time. She made him want to dream again. To make him want to live again. Could he allow himself to give in to his desires and feel free? Only problem for Abhay was he didn't know how to blow caution to the wind. He could feel it in his waters. He had always belonged within the shadows. Darkness was his companion. It was the ways of their kind since the beginning of time. No matter how much Abhay had tried to persuade his mind and heart they betrayed him by wanting. Abhay had driven himself to College feeling elated at the vision of Pia already with her friend Misha. He honed in on their conversation about the date. Pia had this look in her eyes she'd always had for him but this was different. He had this fleeting urge to run to her and take her into his arms but he kept his grip on the steering wheel.
Misha to Pia-U still have the glow Pia. Nice to know i did my job effectively.
Pia's voice had a hint of a girl still living in her day dream-Thanks Misha. It was the best night of my life next to meeting Abhay this is one moment i will always cherish.
Misha's face had the usual playfulness to her teasing Pia-So i take it U want a repeat of yesturday? I can arrange this for U but this time i'd rather sit and watch the two of U whispering sweet nothings to each other. I missed most of your date so it will make up for it.
Pia blushed-We were'nt that moony eyed U know.
Misha begged to differ-Abhay wasn't but U were. So what are U doing later on?
Pia replied-I have to see Sid for the final evaluation. Its my last day with him.
Misha-Ok then good luck with this.
Pia beamed-Thanks.

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Shoonu Senior Member

Joined: 19 March 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
lovely precap..!!!
waiting for the date...
it was typical of abhay to think this way...he always has something that restricts him..
poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
nice precapClapClap
ur 1st paragraph , 1st 3 lines r amazing & cute convo btw misha & pia
JanFer Senior Member

Joined: 03 November 2010
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
always good yar
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
Posts: 29081

Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

:::Update 22:::In too deep:::

T arrived bright and early to get her recommendations. All the apprentices were getting a cool prize for their efforts. She was due for a raise for all the papercuts she'd received the past week. Her fingers had never been this ill treated like this before. Nothing a good mainucure wouldn't solve. T flirtatiously wrapped her arms around Sid pouting playfully holding her eyes locked with his. She inhaled his scent so masculine. Sid had read T's mind wanting to seduce. He was tempted by her offer but he needed Pia here. she was his main priority. He removed T's arm from around his neck and tutted at her for being so obvious.

Sid slanted a cocky grin-U know T if U were a few years older and a little less on the promiscuous side i'd have maybe gone for U but this is a little below the belt.

T stomped her feet like a child-Maybe U aen't man enough for this booty Sid. Ever think about that. Any red blooded man would be dying for a piece of this. Stop being so boring and live on the wid side. I can show U heaven.

Sid had no interest in heaven just in hell-Maybe i'm not a man T. Maybe i'm something much more dangerous. U should really be careful of what U say little lady.

T frowned-I'm just trying to make Siddy boy into a more fun man. U promised me a good night.

Sid sighed-I know but i am with Panchi now.

T insulted harshly-The frumpy old lady. She doesn't know fun if it bit her in the a**.

Sid agreed silently but he had his orders from his princess-Do U want this reward or what?

T nodded-Yeah but i also want U Siddy boy. Want to go for a wild ride?

Sid chuckled-Some other time T. I am a busy man. Once all my jobs are done i'll come searching for U.

T's eyes lit up-I will hold U to it.

Sid waited for Pia to enter listening to her feet echoing in his ears. His face lit-Excuse me T i have a few others to meet.

Pia opened the door to find Sid already waiting for her. She was pleasantly surprised by Sid's attentiveness-How did U know it was me? Never mind U remind me of Abhay. He is always doing this.

Sid's features changed a tad bit annoyed with Pia-So we all set for the presentation?

Pia motioned to T who roles her eyes at her-U too. (To Sid she queries) Why are we having two presentations? Isn't one enough?

Sid answered with a brilliant smile-I like plugging my company in front of everyone. This reward is from me while the other one is on behalf of my company. I wanted to show all my staff how much i respect and admire the work they do for me.

Pia just couldn't believe this week was over-So sweet of U Sid. I'm sure everyone at college will be envious of us. Its been an honour working with U and learning your craft.

Sid returned the compliments-I just wish this could have been sponsored for a longer duration than just a week. I'm going to miss having my star worker at my beck and call.

Pia teased-U mean the go between U and Panchi. I'm sure both of U will go the distance.

Sid hated the mention of Panchi. She made his skin crawl-It's not her i'm worried about. Its U Pia.

Pia confused-I'll be fine. Thanks to your apprenticeship and the money from the modelling i have enough saved up to live my life on my own terms without being reliant on anyone. For this i thank U Sid. U have been my life saver.

Sid delved into her chocolate brown eyes filled with benevolence. Such a shame she had to die. Pia was such a fool it made him want to snigger at her expense. Humans found joy and appreciation in the most diminutive things-I'm sure U will repay me by choosing to work for me in the near future.

Pia heard a hint of sarcasm in Sid's voice-Are U feeling alright Sid?

Sid snapped back-Just dandy. This party is going to go through till midnight. I hope U stay. I'll drop U off later.

Pia had the urge to tell Sid she couldn't but was stopped by his kindness-Sure. I'll just mingle with the rest of our team.

Sid paved the way for her to leave-Make sure U come back to me again.

Pia nodded-Where's Panchi?

Sid answered-It's her day off. She's relaxing at home.

Pia-But she is going to miss me receiving the prize. I owe her for this moment.

Sid explained-I know but she wasn't feeling well. I am sure she will be OK. Its best if we don't disturb her.

Pia left to check up on her workmates.

Abhay Raichand didn't like it one bit that Pia was spending her time in the office. It maybe the last day of work but Sid was up to something. He had no idea what but he'd find out soon enough. Abhay vented out his anger on a tree then growled angrily into the night. The forest was becoming a part of his hideout now. Whenever he needed to release his inner animal it worked a treat. Abhay couldn't stop thinking about his life in Dehradun again. His brother being back had sent him reliving the past far too frequently than he wanted. The awful memories he'd buried along with the sweet life some other innocent boy had lived. For now the human life was almost like it was someone else's and not his own.  Abhay made a visit to Maithali's gravestone and was shocked to find a dead flower there. From the scent he knew it was Sid's doing. He was sending him a warning. What are U up to Sid? What do U want from me? From Pia?

Abhay rushed out of the gravesite back to his mansion. His Mom and Dad were concerned with Abhay's sudden interest in a relation to Pia. Chand had been warned by his superiors of a threat they'd sensed already in Dehradun. It was going to destroy the order of balance with all beings concerned. Chand was under scrutiny and so were the rest of his family. Sid had been filling their leader with lies.

Chand scurried to Abhay mindful of the mood he was in-We are in serious trouble Abhay. It so happens our son Sid has been playing a game of chess with all of us while he goes under the radar. He has filled their mind with the notion we intend to overthrow his highness with new power. Sid has let them know about a girl U have been heavily involved with.

Abhay's rage soon took over-The b*****d had the nerve to place the blame on me. I should...

Chand held Abhay still-U should do nothing Abhay. Pia's been bit its in the past. We have nip this in the bud. Pia must not be bit again by either U or any other vampire with our venom. Pia maybe your prey but Sid can still out manoeuvre U solely by tempting Pia.

Abhay closed his eyes-He will not do anything to Pia. Sid would have done it by now.

Chand motioned-There is a three day window Abhay. Meaning Pia is not safe for these three days.

Abhays eyes grew alert-What do U mean?

Chand finished-There is a new player Abhay. She is very cunning. I have heard she has a connection to all of this.

Abhay questioned-Who?

Haseena hissed-Is she one of us?

Chand shook his head-We do not know Haseena. Its seems like she is but we have to be cautious. The superiors are investigating this theory. Only nobody can see her.

Haseena growled-This is impossible. Nobody is more powerful than his highness.

 Chand gravely answered-It would appear we are all under a false illusion. This person has come prepared to destroy us.

Abhay finished-Or rule us.

Back at the Office

Pia was given her very own smartphone along with T and the other apprentices. She'd never had one of these high tech phones before. It was imported from Japan as well. Sid showed his delight at watching the girls filled with joy little did they know he was buying himself into their affections only to finish them off one by one.

Sid on his success-I wish to give U all a little of my token to say how much i loved having U all here. I have been surrounded by girls all my life but U girls have won my heart. (He gave them a wink) Yes even U T.

T was pleased by Sid's admission and winks back at him.

Pia eyed Sid finding him immaculate like Abhay. She could hear their heartbeat around her as she covered her ears. Her temples throbbed. Pia walked off excusing herself heading to the bathroom trying to shut the world out. Pia inspected herself in the mirrors-What is going on with me? I can't shut the noise.

T insulted Pia-Some people are such attention seekers.

Sid excused himself-Would U all excuse me please while i check up on Pia.

T folded her arms in annoyance-Maybe she should have fainted then she'd have gotten mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Sid liked T's acid tongue. The girl was very dirty minded. Sid rushed to Pia-Are U Ok? Pia.

Pia washed her face with water and headed out-U didn't have to come after me.

Sid felt Pia's forehead-You're burning up Pia.

Pia was shivering-I feel fine. Just a little hot.

Sid checked Pia's eyes were dilated. The change was happening superfast. It meant Maithali was right. They didn't need to wait for the full moon. She was already in the process of transitioning-Look at me Pia!

Pia felt her heart race. She leaned in towards Sid but couldn't hear a heart beat-What's going on?

Sid supported Pia out of there and sat her down in the waitin room-I have a few errands to run but U wait for me OK. I got U this to drink. My own remedy works a charm.

Pia nodded watching her feet. She wondered why there was no heartbeat to Sid. His skin felt so cold to the touch. It felt like Abhay's skin.

Sid bid goodbye to all the girls leaving Pia alone in his office. Sid stormed out locking Pia behind while he took T and a few of her college buddies for a drive.

T moaned getting out of Sid's car-Why can't we get it on Sid? I won't tell a soul. Panchi won't have to know.

Sid let the other girls go out-T like i said in another lifetime. Right now i have a patient to tend to.

T hissed-Stupid Pia always gets the boys in a knot. Bloddy damsel in distress routine works like a charm for that girl.

Sid cautioned-Maybe U should try it T. Might get me to want U. Bye girls.

Pia checked her watch. It was almost 11pm but last she checked it was only 9pm. How was she still here? She must have nodded off or something weird was going on. Pia tried all the exit doors but all the lights were off. No sign of Sid or the girls. Pia was beginning to feel like the walls were closing in on her. She was in too deep. She started hyperventilating.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
awesome part.
loved it.
gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
awsome part...
tanx 4r pm
Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
nice part 
continue soon

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