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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 82)

Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 May 2011
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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Smileawsum part... n loved d date...Clap

mansim Senior Member

Joined: 15 October 2010
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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
nice partClapClap
glad that abhiya's date is a successEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
all thanks to mishaLOL
thanks for the pmBig smile
update soonWink
gangesegb IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Clap...beautiful part...
loved it
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged

:::Precap 21:::Romancing the moon:::

Tracker arrived with her boyfriend Angad in tow to check out Pia and Abhay in action. They sat in the corner table. She gave her coat for the waiter to put away for her keeping her bag in her hand. Angad was sporting a goofy smile on his face excited at the prospect of going out on their first real date. He couldn't stop primping his hair up. Angad alerted Kabir about his little promenade with Tracker and asked for luck. Kabir could give a toss about Angad's lovelife seeming as his own was barren. He'd been busy working for his Dad at his firm.
Angad was perturbed by Tracker's lack of interest at him while she'd spent a good five minutes scoping the entire resturant out-Ruhi is there something more interesting going on here that i'm not aware of?
Tracker made a face whilst twirling her hair rounfd her finger-No Janu i am just U know checking the place out. It's my first time here so taking the atomosphere in.
Angad was even more perplexed-By bopping your head over every few minutes?
Tracker rolled her eyes at Angad frowning-Don't spoil this for me Angad. Now let me go and freshen up.
Angad complained-But we only just got here!
Tracker sarcastically immitates Angads tone-We only got here. Girls like to look their best now sit still and behave while i powder my nose.
Angad blankly watched Tracker walking off to the ladies. While i had a look at the menu handed to him by one of the waitors. While Tracker was snooping around in search of Abhay and Pia in the kitchen.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

:::Update 21:::Romancing the moon:::

At Menzies Panchi was treated like royalty. She had ordered a platter of her favourite meals. Sid could see why Panchi was as curvaceous as she was. The girl sure enjoyed her food. She'd give him a run for his money if she were a vampire. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. Two for the price of one didn't hurt. It made this game a little more interesting. Sid had taken a bite of rare venison. It tasted quite gross but for show he'd have to make do with it until he found a more exciting prey on his way back home.

Panchi was taking in this new side to Sid. He was unusually rather attentive to her needs. He is eyes had always captivated her interest-U should try everything on this platter Sid. It is devine. (Panchi takes a sip of her Rose Wine) Your not hungry?

Sid clasped his hands together-I have eaten already. I just wanted to take U out. (He smiles mischievously) U caught my white lie. It was an excuse to get U to go out with me. I've tried being subtle but U don't take the hint so i've had to play this like i have.

Panchi's eyes lit up-Oh! I am enjoying myself. May i ask U a question?

Sid braced himself-Go for it Panchi.

Panchi mused-I erm have been having these weird dreams of erm U in another lifetime funnily with Abhay.

Sid tensed up a little but didn't show his discomfiture. Instead he teased Panchi-I didn't realise Panchi was such a naughty girl. Thinking of two men at the same time and i thought i was bad. What were we doing exactly in your dreams or is it a little x-rated?

Panchi found herself heating up-Sid U really are too much. I don't function like U. Abhay's like a kid brother. A very annoying kid brother. Both of U seemed like U are tight and then there's darkness. I saw Pia in the dreams. It all seemed so real like it had already happened.

Sid saw the signs-I think U just want to get inside my head. Its a place where i guard all my secrets. I don't know Abhay as a person other than him being Pia's overly protective boyfriend. What do U want to know about me other than what U already know about me?

Panchi took this opportunity-Do U have feelings for Pia?

Sid responded frankly-I could never have feelings for Pia. She's not to my taste. Too young for starters and too innocent. U on the other hand are another matter. U are what i need Panchi. Someone to tame my inner beast. Do U have what it takes to change me Panchi?

Panchi blushed-I er i don't think this is the place or time to discuss such matter Sid.

Sid took Panchi's hands in his kissing them softly-U smell good enough to eat. This is exactly the time to talk about romance Panchi. U are the only woman who has ever questioned my authority. Made me see the light. I need U in my life. Only thing is do U need me in yours?

Panchi saw the desert table arrive with a trio of cheesecakes from chocolate, strawberry and vanilla-This is the best treat ever. (She takes a mouthful making these groaning noises) U have no idea what U are missing out on.

Sid read Panchi's mind (He likes me. I can't believe he wants me. OMG I am going to hyperventilate. Just play it cool. He likes a girl who takes the reins.)-It's perfectly fine if U want a day or two to ponder on what U want Panchi. I won't pressurize U into submission. I'm just laying my soul bare. I hear girls like it when a guy is honest. We'd better head back. I have to get up early for work. Now the apprenticeship will be over tomorrow i need to give out a few raises. Some recommendations to do so shall we? (Sid pointed at the waiter to come over) Can U pack another couple of these cheesecakes for madam over here? Thanks.

Panchi got up then faced Sid-U didn't have to do that.

Sid insisted-U loved the deserts didn't U? (Panchi nodded) There U go you'll have loads more lying in the fridge. Share them with Misha.

The waiter popped round with the bag. Sid paid up and left a hefty tip and off they drove back home. Sid gave Panchi a light kiss on the cheek and veered over to his secret location where he met up with his old friend.

Girl-Did U do as i asked?

Sid stepped forwards looking disturbed-Not quite. Abhay got to her before i could. (Sid watched her features change into a thunder cloud threatening to strike at the mention of Abhay) He's with her right now.

Girl laughed evilly-Good. It's better he bit her than U. He's not as powerful as U so his sting won't be as effective to counteract mine. I need him away from my plans Sidharth. Abhay must not interfere.

Sid let slip-I did however bite the girls sister.

Girl cackled hysterically-Even better. She will be under my thumb. U are dark so she stands no chance. Make sure U do as i ask Sid and i will always be with U. Always.

Sid held the girl in his arms loving the way she said his name-I better go. U will be Ok won't U by yourself? I hate to leave U.

Girl kissed Sid's cheek-I am used to it my love. Now go.

Abhay with Pia

The violinist played Hum ko Pyar Hua from the movie soundtrack Ready. It was romantic. Misha stood in the far corner hinting at Pia to get up and dance with Abhay. Pia simply resisted using her eyes to shoo Misha away. They both played a game of throwing daggers with their eyes. Misha stormed over to Abhay and Pia's table ordering them to get up and dance.

Misha had her hands on her hips while pointing angrily at Abhay-Dude seriously like have U ever been on a date before with a girl? U are meant to woo her with fine wine and serenade her if not at least dance with her. (Misha turned around to face Pia sternly eyeing her)And U missy. I have been ingeniously tried to get U to get off your cute butt and make the first move. Both of U are hopeless.

Abhay let out a laugh-It's not easy when U have a chaperone scrutinising your every move.

Misha huffed in retaliation-Well I wouldn't have to if someone was actually playing their part. Now Abhay hold Pia and Pia hold Abhay and just move to the beat.

Pia fumed-Ok Hitler.

Misha stomped out of the room while Abhay did as Misha asked-Now for desert.

Abhay moved with Pia as one to the violinist-Misha is a task master alright. I just wanted to get a rise out of her.

Pia giggled her eyes holding Abhay's-U really are cheeky Abhay. I thought she was going to chew U out.

Then there were rose petals raining down on them from the heaven's. Pia felt like she was in a fairy tale. A shower of petals around Abhay. Piya got lost in Abhay's eyes and he with hers. They both were lost in the moment in each others arms. Abhay stroked Pia's cheek with his left hand making Pia shiver at his touch. She could feel the goosebumps. Abhay kissed Pia lightly on her lips. Misha arrived to see the liplock. Her plan was a success. She could the desired effect. Now this cemented the deal with a kiss. Misha found herself feeling very emotional. Happy endings were so dreamy. Misha turned back to let the happy couple get on with their date and caught Tracker spying on Abhay.

Misha held Tracker's ears-What do U think U are doing here? What did U see?

Tracker admitted-Just Abhay dancing with Pia. He's too tall. He blocked my view. They seem so happy.

Misha pushed Tracker out of the area to her table-Now U stay where U were placed and get on with Angad. Poor guy's been left for who knows how long.

Tracker moaned-But?

Misha wasn't listening-Go before i throw U both out. Nobody is spoiling my plans now get lost.

Tracker headed back to her table where Angad had ordered the starters and scoffed them all down by himself-U didn't save me any?

Angad with his mouth full-I was hungry. Where were U anyway?

Tracker moaned-Just order the main.

Misha took the chocolate cake Pia loved so much-Here U go the best part of A date. Desert. I ordert Devil's delight.

Pia hugged Misha-U are the best friend ever.

Misha felt chuffed-I know U liked my effects with the fan. My special touch with the petals. Copied it from an old movie. Enjoy the rest of the night. I am off duty. Heading home now. Fill me in tomorrow. Bye Abhay.

Abhay kissed Misha's cheek-Bye Misha.

Pia finished her desert-God This is good. U sure U don't want any?

Abhay declined-U ready to head home?

Pia nodded-I've enjoyed myself tonight.

Abhay dropped Pia off-So have i.                    

He planted a kiss on Pia's lips lingering a little longer then broke free. Pia was so beautiful in the moonlight. Her features were more defined than usual. The effects of last night were already doing their work. Pia's lips were more mesmerising than ever before. She was even more alluring than ever before. A sinful sight but Abhay had to refrain himself from ravaging her. She had no idea what she was going to go through in the course of a few months. It was up to him to be her coach. Take every step with her in her journey and stop her from turning into the monster he is. She was too delicate to become a hideous creature of the night. Pia still had her arm around Abhay for support took the plunge for another kiss using her spare hand grasping at his hair.

Pia felt the coolness of Abhay's lips still tantalizing her lips burning her inside on fire. Abhay broke it off again-Woah! (This time her lips felt like she'd been charged with a current of electricity running through her body) Did U feel it?

Abhay cursed under his breath-S**t! W*F? I have to get away.

Pia hurt by Abhay's words could feel her eyes stinging-U hate d the kiss?

Abhay groaned-U heard. I am cursing the situation Pia. This is too intense. If i could i'd kiss U all night long but some of us need our beauty sleep. And i don't think i'm ready for something as powerful as this. I've never felt this way before. Its all alien to me Pia.

Pia shyly locked her eyes with Abhay's thinking to herself if he was telling the truth or if it was all in her head. Pia watched Abhay's eye's dancing in the moonlight. She touches' his face with her hand-I love your eyes Abhay. They appear grey but turn purple. (Does he even love me? I want to see it in his eyes. I want to see it in his face. I'm so scared.)

Abhay kissed Pia's hands-I'm scared of U Pia. Of what U do to me. It's not normal for me to be this love a girl the way i do with U. I haven't felt this way about a girl in like forever. God U look so beautiful Pia. This night doesn't do U justice. U belong in the light.

Pia wondered what Abhay meant-I belong with U Abhay. I feel so scared Abhay. U won't ever leave me right?

Abhay cupped Pia's face-Where is all this insecurities coming from Pia? I will always be there for U. As long as i am with U there is nothing to be afraid of. Now give me a smile and another kiss so i can endure a night of sleeplessness with U in my head.

Pia obeyed happily giving Abhay another kiss but this time this one felt like more of a promise. With that Abhay watched Pia go to her hostel as she changed into her pyjamas. She was filled with Abhay's dreams.

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Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
AWw nycee storyline aw some job keep it up cant waite for the next part plzz picx too xx

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.Mehak. Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Awww how sweet abhay is scard of piya ... Soo cute ... Great update !!
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunnipwincessx

AWw nycee storyline aw some job keep it up cant waite for the next part plzz picx too xx
:::I am pleased U liked It. I worked 2 hours on thisEmbarrassed:::

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