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New FF Blood Ties Update 23July pg 150 (Page 77)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged

:::Precap 20:::Surprise Date:::

Tracker had cottoned on to Misha's grand plan to bring Abhay and Pia close together. Their very first date. She wanted to see this for herself. Afterall it wasn't everyday her friend got the guy she really wanted. It would be good practice for her to see how couples should really interact with each other. Her relationship with Angad was as flat as a pancake. He was always so cutsy. Tracker wanted someone more original than a copycat. She couldn't help wondering if there was a better guy out there. Maybe someone like Abhay but now all hopes were dashed. He was taken and in a way she was happy for Pia but a little envious. Tracker followed Misha to the secret location she'd passed on via text to Pia. It wasn't difficult. She was so used to floowing other people. This place was really romantic and also expensive. Tracker hid her bike behind the tree to avoid getting caught while she stayed in the shadows. She watched Misha get off her bike taking her helmet off. Then she disappeared in the refined venue.
Tracker thought thickly this was a cool place for a date. She might as well blow some cash just to get the front seat. She quickly got her smartphone out and searched for the number and got the info she needed. Tracker called up for a reservation for two with Angad for tonight. She had to go back home to get changed into something more fitting. Tracker texted Angad to meet her at the secret location and to dress smart.
Meanwhile Misha had prepared for a grand affair for her best friend in the world. Pia would have the best ever date possible. She deserved the best in life. She hoped the little spat Abhay and Pia had would blow over. It had to for this night to work out. Misha had sent a message to Pia requesting to come dressed in something elegant while Misha had sent Abhay an urgent message threatening to end his life if he didn't comply to Misha's demands. Threats often worked on guys like Abhay after all they walked through danger. Misha would make Abhay's life hell if he ruined this for both Pia and for herself. It was the first time she'd ever played a matchmaker. Misha was going to be the hostess for the night for Abhay and Pia hiring a VIP room for the two stubborn people she'd ever met in the world. Candles were all set in a love heart shape around their table. While roses were laid out on the table. The lighting was done just right. Misha was pretty pleased by her attempt. She'd taken inspiration from a few chick flicks Tracker had made her sit through at the cinema's. This whole scenery had stuck in her head.

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Smileawsum n nyce areangemet of date...ClapClapegerly waiting for d next part...Smile
poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
nice precapClapClap
her friend got the guy she really wanted nice line & the way u described angad & tracker relationship as flat as pancake so true & last paragraph just love misha preparations candles ,lighting & white roses
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Wow yaar Precap sounds gr8..eagerly waiting for it..
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged

:::Update 20:::Surprise Date:::

Abhay arrived at the swanky restaurant Misha had texted him to come dressed in his best suit. This was a date he was dreading with Pia. Since biting her Abhay had trouble getting a hold over his emotions. Her blood had left him wanting more. Damn this night was going to bite him real hard. He couldn't predict how this night would pan out. Pia was adamant in attaining him and there was no way he could make her hate him. She was experienced with all his tricks now. Misha was in no mood to put up with his incessant attitude.

Pi arrived in a tight red dress clinging on to her skin. It didn't leave much to the imagination and was pinning her hopes on sealing the deal with Abhay. The whole day Pia was living Abhay in her mind. All she saw was him. Its like he was inside her head. Like they'd merged with each other. Pia felt his presence wherever she went he lingered with her. she felt like she was going to go nuts if she didn't get a hold over her emotional state. Abhay had this pull over her but it has never gotten to this stage before. Pia saw little snippets of Abhay's life through a dream state. It was impossible to see Abhay in a stable boy's attire looking rather fetching from an era she wasm't familiar with yet it all seemed like it added up. Like this had already happened. Pia felt Abhay's inner turmoil. His love for her had been conflicted with guilt of loving again. Loving a girl he had no right to feel for. Pia hated the flashing images running through her brain. It had paralysed her in a sense. She had to get answers. Pia suddenly felt nervous. Her very first official date with Abhay.

Misha had gotten Abhay sat down in a room filled with scented candles. He was impressed by the effort Misha had gone to for both Pia and him-So Misha what does a guy have to do to get a drink round here?

Misha curtly answered-U are staying put till Pia gets here. I want to see her reaction.

Abhay wanted to run but he'd felt Pia's presence-U won't have to wait long. So you've kept this under wraps. I didn't think U had it in U Mish.

Misha let out a toothy grin raising her eyebrows up and down playfully-I shocked U didn't I? U should never underestimate me Abhay. I have a few tricks under my sleeve. U aren't the only one with hidden talents.

Abhay played dumb-U should be proud of yourself now can i get a drink? I need one for dutch courage.

Misha heard Pia's voice plastering an excited look-U can get one as soon as I see Pia. Its not everyday my girl gets to go on a hot date. Its so cute to see the ever cool Abhay looking flustered. Pia won't bite Abhay. She's as harmless as they come.

Abhay muttered under his breath-U don't know how harmful Pia is to me.

Pia entered looking like the siren she was. She had knocked Abhay away with the little slinky hot number she had on igniting the fire inside of him he'd been trying to blow out. Her smile was breaking all his boundaries he'd put up to protect Pia from him but who was going to protect him from her. Pia's motives were screaming loudly at him to surrender everything he has to her. To Abhay, Pia was a walking feast to drain her of her blood. His animalistic nature had his eyes stalking her from head to toe savouring every curve and every...

Misha clicked her fingers at Abhay-Earth to Abhay. U can shut your mouth now. I know Pia is looking sexy as hell man but cool down your hormone levels dude. (Misha let out a cheeky grin) He's been on edge sine he arrived. I must have have spooked the hell out of him with my threat but i think this has more to do with U babe.

Pia let out a nervous laugh-I doubt that Misha. Abhay never even wanted to come here in the first place. (Pia kept Abhay's eyes locked with hers drinking in his delirium) I can't believe U went to so much trouble for us Misha.

Misha blurted out-Someone had to get this party started between U two. You've both been dancing around each other. Its time U got your acts together. So for one night only Misha will play Cupid. I will be your personal waitress. So be warned in advance i expect fireworks from U both.

Pia's cheeks reddened while her eyes sparkled-U are too much Misha.

Abhay swore under his breath forgetting Pia could hear him now-Bloody hell.

Pia's features sank-Pardon me Abhay!

Abhay managed to save his bacon-U are looking very beautiful Pia.

Pia had Abhay's eyes fixed on hers again-So when did U arrive? I hope i didn't keep U waiting.(Pia sits down in her seat)

Abhay stared at Pia's luscious red lips which were teasing him-No. (He tries to avert his eyes away from Pia's lips still captivating him to a standstill) I'm sorry about earlier. I've been a little preoccupied with certain events accumulating in my head.

Misha rushed off her voice trailing-I'll go get the appetizers. U two chat and keep it strictly pg rated.

Pia blushed again-I am baffled by how Misha could have done this all by herself. I didn't think she had a romantic bone in her body. (Pia's eyes strayed away from Abhay briefly taking in the mood of the room oozing with sensuality) Something smells good.

Abhay's eyes danced with Pia's-I need a stiff drink.

Pia's features turned pale-U want a drink?(Pia touched her neck rubbing it gently with her fingers.)

Abhay noticed Pia's sudden change in behaviour biting his tongue-Sorry i am a little nervous. I haven't dated any girls over several years. I might disappoint U.

Pia bluntly stated-Never Abhay. U could never disappoint me. Hurt me maybe but le me down on a date like this never.

Abhay reluctantly moved his eyes while Pia grabbed his hands in hers-So how are U feeling in geneal health wise. U seem a little lost in thought?

Pia softly answered-I fell like i'm living someone else's life right now Abhay. It feels strange but i am loving this sense of serenity.

Abhay was surprised by Pia's reaction-U are?

Pia nodded-I feel like i am part of something. I've never had this before. It gives me great pleasure and it gives me discontentment at the same time. Very contradictory mix of feelings.

Abhay mused-So whose life are U living out of curiosity.

Pia ansWered frankly-Yours Abhay. Why is this Abhay? Why am i dreaming about U?

Abhay closed his eyes knowing the effects we're kicking in-U tell me Pia? U have been obsessed about me since day one. Am i worth the trouble? Do i excite U or do i scare U?

Pia responded-Both

Abhay kissed Pia's hands-U shouldn't be so naive Pia. So innocent. U don't know the brutality this world brings into your life. U have so many options to choose from yet U are here with me. I'm not worth the trouble. I will only bring devastation in your perfect little world.

Pia let out a laugh-Stop selling yourself short Abhay. U keep trying to put me off of U but it only makes me want U more. Bring what storm U have with U to me Abhay. I am willing to face everything be it good or bad with U. My life was nothing until U walked in.

Misha brought in some warm Somosa's-Guy's dig in.

Pia thanked Misha-This is so weird Mish. I am used to hearing orders from U but not U serving.

Misha made a serious face-Lap it up Pia. This is only for your benefit U know. Anyway scoff this down and continue to woo each other. I'll go get the main.

Abhay let out a laugh-She really is on a mission. I wonder what she'd do if she caught us making out?

Pia went scarlet imagining the very thought in her head-(She chewed down the somosa) Ummm. This is really good. U should try one then again i guess U aren't into this kind of food. Italian is more your scene right?

Abhay didn't answer drinking neat vodka-I am drinking and feeding on U Pia. U are making me go wild.

Pia felt the goosebumps on her spine-I I I  make U what? (Almost choking on her food.)

Abhay whizzed around her to help her by patting her back-Are U ok now? (Pia nodded) I can't believe i almost made my date choke to death. See what i mean I am bad news Pia.

Pia hushed Abhay's Lips-U aren't bad news Abhay. I am just shocked at your words. They seem so foreign coming from your mouth. All i've ever heard is stop interfering in my life and stay away.

Abhay sat back down-My shields must be dropping around U Pia. They always do but i will be honest. I find U a little intimidating with your go get me attitude. It's a turn on and what the hell Pia. I want this to be special for U and i have no smooth lines to give U. Or any romantic little gestures but to give U my undevided attention.

Pia beams-It's all i ask for Abhay. I don't crave anything but U. I'm not scared of opening myself to U. Even if i face rejecyion i will take it. Even if U kill me piece by piece i will bear it.

Abhay moaned-It's U who's killing me Pia. I don't have the energy to fight U anymore.

Pia locked her eyes with Abhay-Just don't play games with my heart Abhay because i can't handle it if this was another one of your tricks. I swear i'll...

Abhay mouthed-You'll what Pia?

Pia firmly added-Finish myself Abhay. I really will. The way i'm feeling the whole day goes to prove i am capable of anything.

Abhay knew it was the heightened emotion talking-I promise Pia this is no game. We just have to keep it under the radar for a few weeks. Can U do this for me Pia?

Pia nodded innocently-Yes. If U go back on your words Abhay...

Abhay knew the drill-I know Pia. I give U my word i won't.

Misha brings in the main as she wipes away the sweat on her forehead-This labour work is so tiresome. Mind if i sit with U? (She takes a bite of the chicken) Very succulent.

Pia took a bite-This is really good. So U can count this date a success. Abhay and I are going steady but only if we keep this to ourselves. I want to see how far we get before we come forward to the world as a couple.

Misha eyed Abhay suspiciously-Fine but i have my eye on U Abhay Raichand. My girl will be treated with dignity and as a human. If U break her heart i'll break yours.

Abhay raised his arms-U have this threat mode going on today. I will treat Pia like she were my own life. So any chance of U leaving us so we can get on?

Misha giggled-Someone's keen. I have just the thing set out for U.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
brilliant part.
loved it.
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
awesome update...Thumbs Up
abhiya romantic date...WOOOW...Embarrassed
Pia hushed Abhay's Lips-U aren't bad news Abhay. I am just shocked at your words. They seem so foreign coming from your mouth. All i've ever heard is stop interfering in my life and stay away. hahaha...this was cute...even i can't belive my ears hearing these sort of passionate dialogues out of abhay's mouth...Wink
continue soon...
can't wait for the date to carry on...i hope abhay's  will crumbles into pieces...hehehe LOL
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
awsome sweets..loved it...misha is so adorable...loved her date mission...Abhiya convo was the highlight...looved it to bits..update soon

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